Jinhyun and Minhae

I Got Married... To Teen Top?!
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What To Do - Chocolate
Narrator’s P.O.V:
You were staring at the mission card in your hands. Teen Top was also crowded around you and the card as well.
“Someone I know is coming over for a week to stay here with me and Oppas?” You asked the PD, who nodded happily. “Since you guys have been living together for a few months now, fans are anticipating a new twist in the show!” The PD replied excitedly.
Chunji piped up, “Who is it?”
The PD shrugged, “You’ll find out soon. They’ll be here in a few minutes.” As soon as the PD said that, your heart beat in anticipation. *I wonder if it’s Junhwa Oppa!* You beamed in happiness.
A few minutes passed and the doorbell rang. You were reading a book beside CAP when it rang. “They’re here!” You cried in excitement and hopped to the door.
“Whoa there, baby. Calm down.” L. Joe laughed and opened the door.
Everyone interestedly stared at the two figures that stood at the door. “________-AH!!” They chimed as your eyes widened. No, it wasn’t the mysterious Junhwa, but it was the other two people that were dear to your heart.

You gasped loudly, “Jinhyun-ah! Minhae!”
You quickly pulled Minhae in a tight hug, then Jinhyun. Teen Top grimaced when you hugged Jinhyun, since he was a guy.
“My baby boo~!” Jinhyun chimed and hugged you. CAP glared at him, but he didn’t notice. “Kyaa! I can’t believe you’re really here!” You squealed happily and jumped up and down. Niel and Ricky chuckled at your giddiness.
“Yup! Now you’re stuck with us for one whole week.” Minhae winked. Jinhyun nodded with a huge grin on his face. You invited them in quickly and soon, everyone was seated on the sofas.
Jinhyun straightened up when he saw the camera. You chuckled, “Just relax, Hyunnie.” “Yah, how can I? It’s embarrassing!” He pouted and you poked his cheek. Teen Top grew more irked at your close relationship with Jinhyun, but you didn’t notice.
“________-ah~ Aren’t you going to introduce us to your friends?” Changjo questioned as he picked you up and you yelped happily. He placed you onto his lap and hugged your back.
“Aigoo, Changjo Oppa!” You laughed. Minhae raised an eyebrow, “I can see that you’re already really close.” You smiled, “Yup!”
You began, “These are my two best friends from USA, Kang Minhae and Jung Jinhyun. Guys, this is Niel, Ricky, L. Joe, Changjo, CAP, and Chunji Oppas. My husbands.”
“Hey, nice to meet you.” Jinhyun grinned, “By the way, if you guys hurt _______, I will personally hurt you.” He warned. Teen Top stared at him in disbelief and you shook your head. “Jinhyun!”
“’Sup. I’m Minhae. _______’s closest friend. And also, I already got your names down.” She did a nonchalant wave. “Pinky.” She pointed to L. Joe, then Niel. “Lips.” CAP was next. “LID.” She looked at Changjo, “Manly-boy.” Chunji was “Girly”, and she finally pointed to Ricky. “Maknae.”
The boys just stared at her with their jaws slightly open. “Pinky?” L. Joe asked in disbelief. “Lips?! God, why does everyone always tease me about my lips?” Niel whined. “Hey, at least you’re not called LID!” CAP retorted. Everyone laughed.
“Hey, it’s too much trouble remembering your names, so I’ll be calling you those nicknames. They’re simple enough to remember.” Minhae shrugged and lay back on the couch.
All the boys except Changjo and Ricky protested. “Being called Manly-boy is fine by me.” Changjo grinned and hugged you closer until Ricky plucked you out of his arms. “Maknae is fine by me.” He giggled and rested his head on your shoulder until Chunji jealously pushed his head off.
“By the way, how’s mom, dad, and Junhwa Oppa?” You asked the two. They grinned, “They miss you so much. They wanted to come and visit you too.”
L. Joe furrowed his eyebrows. *Junhwa? Who is this guy?* He thought but decided to keep quiet for now. “Oh and by the way,” Jinhyun cut in. Everyone stared at him.
“We came here to test Teen Top on whether they pass the test to be your… husbands.” He replied, a bit awkwardly. “Pass the… test?” Chunji raised his eyebrow.
“Yeah, Girly. We’re going to check out if you boys are seriously capable of having _______ as your wife. If you guys mess up your chance and hurt _______ in any way… well, just know that I’m a black belt in taekwondo, and Jinhyun is a master in Judo.” Minhae smirked as Jinhyun nodded curtly.
Niel stared at Minhae, “You’re not like normal girls. Usually, girls apart from our _______ would squeal over us.” He replied, smiling in amusement.
Minhae stared him down. “Let’s be clear on one thing, Lips. Kang Minhae isn’t your average girl, and Jung Jinhyun isn’t your average guy. We would do anything for ________, since she’s our best and first friend. Oh yeah, and one more thing too.” She paused, giving Niel and the others a minute to sink everything in.
Minhae and Jinhyun both looked at each other and stated bluntly, “You boys are in for a hellish week.” 
Entering Minhae and Jinhyun!
Minhae seems cool, unlike her cute appearance.
And Jinhyun seems like an adorable and kind boy!
But the real question is... who's Junhwa?
Find out all this in the upcoming chapters!
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Chapter 17: Its amazing! Iloveyour stories! :) My bias are Ljoe and Chunji xD i would like to have more interactions with Ljoe haha. My favorite song of the moment is Supa Luv ! :) my favorite chapter is "Call me Oppa"
Pairings will be "You and Infinite" :) hehe

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