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Saturday morning. You woke up early, early than ever. You can't sleep properly last night.

"Arrggghhh! My head hurts!" you muttered.

"Kris? are you already awake? Jae and her friends are waiting for you in the living room." your mom knocked in your door.

"Ne... I'm coming!" you said from the inside. And rubbed your eyes.

You had a quick body wash and changed your pajamas into casual clothes.You exited the room and headed to the living room. You saw Jae, Kai and Min sitting on the couch.

"Yah...what's up?" you greeted them.

"Good morning Kris oppa!" Jae greeted back.

*Geez. Kris calm yourself please.*

"So early guys!" you said.

"Ne.. We came here on purpose.." Kai said.

"Waeyo?" you asked.

"Is Hye Jin home?" Min suddenly asked and raised an eyebrow.

"Aniyo. She didn't sleep and stay here since the day of the incident." you said.

"really?!" they asked in unison.

"Ne. we don't have any connection either." you said.

"Hmm.." your mom sighed.

"Jae, is there any pain you felt past few days? after the incident?" you asked.

"Ani. I'm okay. Thanks for your concern." she smiled.

"Well. we're going now... Thanks again oppa!" she added.

"Oh.. Ne, it's okay!" you smiled.

"Bye oppa!" she waved her hands while opening the door and exited your house.

You just waved back and smiled. You sighed and your mom noticed you.

"Son? Is there something wrong?" your mom asked.

"N-nothing." you simply answered.

"Do you love Jae?" she suddenly  asked.

"Huh?" you widened your eyes and shocked.

"do you love jae?" she repeated.

You slightly sighed and nodded.

"Why don't you confess to her." she said.

"How can I confess if she already had a boyfriend?" you asked.

"And so if she had a boyfriend. You're just going to confess." she said.

You brightened up your mind when your mom says that.

"You are right mom.!! I love you mom!! Thank you!" you smiled and kissed her cheeks.

You ran towards your room and texted Jae.

"Jae, are you free tonight?"

"Ne, oppa..waeyo?"

"Can we have a little bonding just the two of us?"

"oh sure oppa!"

"so 6pm sharp? in our favorite coffee reastaurant?"

"Ara. see you!"


"Welcome ^^"

"Yes!" you jumped in to your bed and relaxed.

The whole day you just finished your house hold chores.

6 pm:

You were getting ready for your friendly date with Jae.

Ignore the person LOL :))


























You changed your clothes ^ and you exited your room with a big smile on your face.

"What happend to you? are you my son?" your mom teased.

"Aigooo.Eomma!" you said.

Your mom laughed. "Just kidding kiddo. My son is soooo handsome!" she said while pinching your cheeks.

"Eomma.. I have to go. Wish me luck!" you waved your hands.

"Bye son. Good luck!" she smiled and waved back.

You walked towards to the Coffee restaurant to wait for Jae. You finally arrived at the restaurant and called her.

"Yah. I'm here."

"'m on my way oppa. wait for me."

"Ara! Be careful."

You hang up and slided your phone into your pocket.

After 5 minutes of wating...

"Oppa!" Jae shouted. She is beautiful...she's wearing:

*I wish I am Kai!* you thought. A big smile appeared in your face and waved at her.

The trafic light turns to color red, that means the walker can start walking in crosswalk. You saw a black car that is familiar to you, you saw the plate number and your eyes widened up. The car is speeding faster....and...faster. You ran towards Jae.

"Jae!" you shouted and pushed her away.

and then...


"OPPAAAAA!" she shouted.

Your's POV:

You were shocked when you saw Kris running towards to you.

"JAE!" he shouted

"Huh?" he pushed you away and...


You saw everything! Your eyes widened when you saw the car hit Kris’s body.Everyone started to panic and surrounded Kris, and even tried to chase the car. You can saw from the crowd, Kris was shed tears and he smiled at you. Bloods, he was full of blood. Your body shivers, you covered your mouth with your hand and screamed his name as you ran toward him.

"Oppaaa!!" you shouted.

"Someone please help me!" you yelled.

Kris held you hands.

"Good thing you are safe J-jae." he said.

"Oppa..please please be strong!" you said while crying.

"J-jae...I-i j-just want t-to c-confess to y-you." He coughed, blood coming out from his mouth.

"What are you talking about?" you sobbed.

"I-i liked you J-jae! Since the d-day we'd met!"He said with a gasping breath.

"Oppaaa!!" you cried. "please call the ambulance. palli!!" you shouted.

"No Jae. I-i think this is my last mission for you! To save my d-dongsaeng from my c-crazy sister who is driving the car that makes this accident!" he said.

"No!NO..PLEASE OPPA!" you shouted while crying.

"Excuse me..Please aexcuse me.." you heard a familiar voice.

"Kai!" cried.

"Jae! Kris!" he shouted and kneeled down.

"K-Kai...please take care of Jae for me. I-i think i can not make the hospital alive.: Kris said.

"No. Hyung, be strong!" kai said.

"Please oppaaaa!!" you shouted.

"No Jae... I-i think t-this is...g-goodbye..Please Kai take care of her! I-I Lo-ve.... you.... JAE!!" his last breathe signaled us that he passed out.

"OPPAAAAA!!! OPPAAAAA!! WAKE UP OPPAAAAAA!!! PLEASE WAKE UUUPPPP!!!" you cried while shaking his body.

And finally the ambulance arrived. They lifted Kris up and bring him to the hospital. Kai get his car and you jumped in and followed the ambulance.

"I-i need to call auntie.." you sobbed.



"Yes Jae dear?"

"Kris...Kris oppa"

"What happend to my son? And why are you crying?!"

"He is in danger auntie! Lets meet in the hospital."

"Ne..I'm coming!"

You hang up and continue crying.

"He will wake up!" Kai said.

"Ne..I hope so.." wiping your tears away.

You finally arrived at the hospital and you immediately exited the car.

The doctor already checked Kris...

"Please oppa! Be strong!" you said while sobbing and Kai hugged you.

"He will be fine!" Kai said.

"JAE!" Kris's mom shouted.

"Auntie!" you run towards her and hugged her.

"What happend? Where is Kris?" she asked.

"He save me from your daughter that I was supposed to be inside the emergency room. He pushed me away and.." you can't continue your words, you were very weak.

"Hye Jin?" she begun to cry and looked at you.

You hide your face with your palms and fell on the floor. Kai hugged you and helped you to stand up.

The doctor exited the emergency room.

"Who is the relative of the patient?" he asked.

"Me. I'm his mother." she said.

The doctor took off his mouthmasked and lowered his head.

"How is he?" you asked.

He shoked hi head and you begun to cry again.

“I’m sorry, we could not help him…” the doctor said.

"Please HELP MY SON..HELP HIM! PLEASE!" she shouted.

you hold her shoulders to signaled to calm down. You just continue to cry.

"I'm sorry!" he repeated and left.

You sank on the floor. You covered your mouth and cried again.


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