Red Snow Front (war story)

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Red Snow Front



Red Snow Front is a war story heavily inspired by World War 2 - and by that industrial war...dictatorships...massive amounts of bloodshed, tragedy, angst and oh whater else you'd find when reading a war story or history book.


WARNING: Due to the fact that Red Snow Front will contain a considerable amount of gore and darkness up to the point that some of the SNSD members won't be portrayed in a positive light, it is highly advised that only those who are able to stomach such an amount should read the story. As said, there will be a heavy amount of insanity, grittiness and the like so and by the author's himself, Red Snow Front is NOT for everyone to read (and for those under 15, it is particularly advised this is not your cup of tea). Thank you.


But anyways, hope y'all enjoy!


Plot Background

So forth, became the Black Depression Era from the year 990 PW (post-war), 10 years since the end of the devastating First Global Empires’ War, a war that cost the lives of dozens of millions of men and women fighting in the vast plains and static trenches. Entire countries suffered from severe economic depression as a result of failed economic policies and mistakes while also trying to recover from the effects of the global war.

Political turmoil also resulted in severe changes within entire nations, composing of radicals and reactionaries.

Among the countries that lost the war was the Black Star Empire, a superpower prior and during the First Global Empires’ War. As a result of being militarily, economically and politically crippled in its war against the Core Continental Union and its allies at the time, the Black Star Empire fell into complete disgrace.

Anti-CCU attitudes developed heavily amongst the Black Star Empire’s population and far right-wing nationalist parties took immediate opportunity of this, culminating in the dissolution of the Black Star Empire in 985 PW. The subsequent constitutional successor of the Black Star Empire became the National Germanic Empire, led by the single party known as the National Iron Fist Party and its leader, Grand Chancellor Heinrich Ludendorff.

It was from 983 PW, when the National Germanic Empire began its miracle of economic recovery, widely benefiting in arms production and rearmament while also reforming and strengthening its armed forces, the Imperial Germanic Armed Forces at an alarming rate. Other nations took wide notice of this as they too began rearming their forces out of fear to match potential NGE aggression.

On 9380 PW, the Second Global Empires’ War broke out as the National Germanic Empire invaded its neighbors, overrunning and occupying a total of twelve nations in its southern, northern and western borders, even defeating the formidable Western Federal Dominion in just a matter of six weeks of fighting. By late 9380 PW, the National Germanic Empire had become the sole continental powerhouse of the entire Western Continent and set its eyes out east, determined in its conquest of the Core Continental Union.

The Core Continental Union had been during the NGE’s rise, also took notice of the aggression of the latter and begun its own policies of rearmament and strengthening of its armed forces, the Union Red Defense Force. However, preparations became hampered by the collapse and execution of the entire royal family and subsequent takeover by extreme nationalist senior military officers led by Marshal Kim Kwang Soo.

Consequently, the Union Red Defense Force suffered from political interruption from its own command – thousands of officers that were considered to be loyal to the royal family were purged by the newly-formed State Security Corps, which quickly became to have a feared reputation of political suppression through violent means. Anyone who was considered an enemy of the state through political means were more than often either executed or sent to concentration camps in the furthest corners of the Core Continental Union, ultimately giving way to the formation of a heavily authoritarian society.

On spring, March 9379 PW however, a massive revolt from the armed forces itself erupted in the western regions of the Core Continental Union. The rebel forces, under command of the elite and prestigious 88th Army denounced Marshal Kim’s rule as unconstitutional to the country and to be fighting for the vengeance of the deceased royal family.

The scale of the revolt in the western regions almost doubled as the rebel forces gained increasing numbers of defectors and volunteers in turn of toppling Marshal Kim’s regime, forcing the latter to resort to mass conscription of all fit men and eventually women, aged 19 to 35 fit for service in an effort to crush the armed insurrection as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile the National Germanic Empire took close observation of the conflict, determining when to strike...


Main Characters (will be expanded as story progresses) 

Kim Taeyeon: A 23-year-old country girl who grew up in the small and peaceful town of Pyeonghwa Ridges, located in the far east of the Core Continental Union. Taeyeon is among the many hundreds of thousands of those drafted against her own will. Given her upbringing, Taeyeon is highly compassionate, honest and has strong moral code of conduct she follows, despite being somewhat lacking in intelligence and occasionally having moments of dimwittedness. Has a strong dislike for war and all else related to it.

Jung Sooyeon aka Jessica: A 23-year-old city girl hailing from the central regions of the Core Continental Union, growing up in the metropolitan city Core Francisco. Despite being the daughter of a highly successful businessman in the food industry and of an upper class status, Sooyeon is also conscripted and pressed into the frontline. In comparison to Taeyeon, Sooyeon is well-educated but also shows a rather snobby attitude and is sly and quick to adapt to whatever situation she is in.

Park Soyeon: Best and longtime friend of Kim Taeyeon, having grown up together in the same town. Together with Taeyeon, both are conscripted to war. Soyeon’s tougher personality often at times comes in conflict with Taeyeon though also serves as a strong central point for Taeyeon when the latter is in a state of indecisiveness. Also has a tendency to make witty or humorous remarks whenever possible, even in the most unsuitable situations.





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AcidBlackCherry96 #1
Would you happen to have a map of the countries mentioned in your story?
nikeskylark #2
i just read about how you've decided to discontinue this story... it was one of my favorite stories. i had been a reader since almost the beginning and was looking forward to how taeyeon would deal with her leadership responsibilities.

i reread the story about a month ago and was about to reread it again when i decided to check to see if you had made any comments about future updates. i'm disappointed i won't ever get to find out what heppened...
L0stinjapan #3
Chapter 59: Wow, I don't think I've ever read something as intricately written as this... a perfect blend of action, drama, and... gore xD his truly is an amazing war fic involving my fav group :) Keep up the good work and update soon author :D
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Chapter 57: finally finished reading this, took 2 months, i cant read it in one go because it is too long lol. i just hope that jessica wont do something even more crazy later!
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Chapter 45: You just murdered my heart. This was too cruel. How can you kill the innocent baby boy?
Poor Taeyeon. I couldn´t live with something like that. Is she going to be ok?
Oh, i´m still crying. I see all blurry right now. HOW CAN YOU DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT.
ystnsh-kikyou #6
Chapter 25: Just started reading this fic. Sorry hehe
Right now is still not clear why Jessica did it.
But oh well. Back to reading. Pretty interesting I must say. Got me hocked on.
Thx for sharing
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Chapter 56: Huh, no reaction this time? :3
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Chapter 9: I'm just at chapter 9, but i'm curious and wondering why this story is tagged with 'Taengsic'? :O

By the way.... what a f**king story!!! :O geez
Cococuco #9
Chapter 24: My SooSic heart is utterly smashed at the ground right now. My heart could never accept the fact of Soo ever hating Jessica. NOOO.
My Soo died. T.T nooo. So painful! I´m on tears almost sobbing and i don´t care if people is staring at me. And Jessica finding Soo. I´m speecheless. All she went through to find Soo and now she´s dead.

I think Boram needs to give that letter to Jessica. It´s not on her damm business. If Soo wrote the letter to Sica, she´s the one who needs to read it. No matter how painful.