"AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" ljoe screamed but he was been ignored by d latter

"YAHHH!!!!  STOP!!!"


"STOP I SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"shut ur chicken mouth byungari n just follow"

"i won't!!!!!" ljoe tried to free himself by chunji grabs but d latter is tooooooo strong for him as he didn't managed to escaped

then they suddenly stopped in front of d basketball court

chunji let ljoe off

" with me" chunji took a ball n kept pumping it while ljoe was only stared on him

"let's go home" ljoe said faintly

"play first"

"i'm not in d mood"

"manage urself to catch d ball from me...then we go home"

"channieeee" ljoe whined

"come on baby"

"r u deaf??? I SAID I DON WANNA PLAY!!!!!" ljoe protested while chunji pretend to not hearing him as he keep pumping d ball

"if u don want to...then i'll go home by myself"

"u scared huh??? u scared of losing on me??? mr CHAMPION" chunji voice out his challenge on d younger as he knew ljoe never hold himself back from any challenges

"i'm not scared, moron!!!" he's frustrated by chunji words

"so....come catch d ball COWARD!!"

"U!!! U WILL REGRET BY USING THAT WORD ON ME!!!!!!!!!!" ljoe run toward chunji n d game in 20 minutes of play then finally ljoe managed stealing d ball from chunji hand

"ahhhh...finally" chunji smile "it's quite hard on beating me rite???"

"u cheater!!!"

"well excuse me...i'm not cheating"

"excuse me basketball, u can't held d ball yaaa know" *crossing arms* "n why with that holding it high ...u know i can't reach it!!"

"hahaha...u shortie"

"don call me that!!!"

"why can't i??? u my little smurfy...cutey dwarf...of coz i can called u whatever i like"

"SHUT UP!!!" ljoe turned away with his lips carving a loooong pout

" tiger is already pissing off" chunji teased

"keep ur mouth shut, u jerk hyung...n i'm goin home now!!!" ljoe begin to steps out of d court but he was stopped by getting pulled by chunji into his BIG tight embrace

"yahhhhh!!!" ljoe's struggling

"stay still byungari" chunji buried his face deep on d younger shoulder "i beg u...lets stay like this for awhile"

ljoe felt his upper left side shirt begin to wet..he realize that chunji is currently crying

"cc-channie hyung" ljoe called in dimmed voice

"i miss ur warmth byungari" chunji said as sobbing accompanied along with his words

"sweetie" ljoe turned himself to face d crying he lifted d older head, it's revealed chunji face was puffy n his eyes were totally red as tears kept falling down on d path of his cheeks

"don cry hyung...i'm sorry...i'm really really sorry" *wiping away chunji falling tears*

"please....stop...i-ignoring me...."

"i stop crying kays" ljoe tighten his bearhug on d older as he circling brush chunji on his back...soothing him until he stop crying

half n hour had passed n chunji sobbing finally ended...while they stay keep hugging each other in more minutes as it was satisfying their longing toward each other for over a week ago...

"feeling better???" ljoe asked concerned on chunji condition

chunji nodding "thanks baby"

"don have to"

"i'm sorry for teasing u earlier...i called u coward...shortie...smurrr.." "uhhh stop!!!" *cupping d older mouth*


"don say it!!"

"ummm mian"

"forgive me too...i shouldn't ignore u....i'm very very sorry"

"r u insane???"

"HUHHHH?!!!!" *raised eyebrows*

*smile* "of coz i'll forgive u, my baby byungari" *pinching d younger cheeks*

"ouwwwwww" ljoe groaned

but suddenly...d illness is coming back...ljoe felt his stomach was in tense of pain as his throat pushing him to thrown out

chunji noticed d sudden pale face that create on ljoe "byungari...u ok???" he asked concernly

"i....i... *almost vomit* toilet????" ljoe said as he run forward...leaving d confusing + half dazing chunji behind

chunji followed ljoe from his back as he found d latter was in d toilet...he tried to spun d knob but it was locked "byungari....r u ok in there???" he stamped his ear closer d door as he heard a sound of coughing n vomitting create from d younger

knock knock knock " d door!!!"

knock knock "baby!!!"

knock knock knock "byungari!! open IT!!!!!!!"


KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK "OPEN D DOOR!!!!!" chunji raised his voice when he heard no sound in d toilet anymore

finally d door was opened...revealing d soreness ljoe with pain held in his stomach

"byungari..what happened??? r u throwing out???"

"let's g-go ho~~me" ljoe almost collapsed...luckily chunji was pretty fast to catched him in his arm

leaning d baby on wall "U OK???!!! WHY DID U VOMITTED JUST NOW???"

"i wan-nna go home" *whisper*

"al-alrite then...i'll bring u home" chunji squat as he gestured his baby to jumped on his back

"i-i can walk"

"when ur currently like this?!!! crazy i am if i let u walk in sucha horrible condition..."

"but i'm fin...mmmmmm" ljoe was cutted off by a sudden smooth lips landing on his

"UR NOT OK LJOE!!! u just just let me giv u a piggyride"

"hyung...u know i'm throwing out my guts"


"don u taste it disgusting??? why did u kissed me just now??"

"whatever on u is taste sweet for jump on my back!!!"


"aishhhh...kid nowadays is soooo STUBBORN~!!!" chunji stood up...pinching ljoe on his cheek while snaking his arms around d younger back n legs


chunji pretend not to hear ljoe whining as he lifted his baby bridally n kissed him once again in passionate way before walking him home










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so enjoy...^^

luv u all luvlies





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