What Happens on the Internet..


This is my second fic [^w^ yay my unnie would be proud] Ok so now that that's out of the way:

I am basing this story on a day dream and personal feelings. So therefore I'm the main character. [But the best part about this is that you guys get to see it through my eyes ^^] An my unnies too because there are 2 main characters-both girls. Ok so the plot might be confusing so ima settle the confusion here and now.. [PLOT]

2 Girls living in Korea. One an ulzzang from Busan [me] and one a cute city girl from Seoul [my unnie Steffy] ^^

They are basically both es [excuse my language but there is no other way to get it across]

they fill out a an ad on the internet [boyfriend for hire basically] thinking that it wouldn come true. [like i said they are es]

it comes true [here is where FT Island comes in]

it basically is 2 lives going on at the same time and each experiencing their fill on one shots >.<






Shin Rin Young [this is me..yes my Korean name ^^]..we all have one~ 

ONE word: clueless

[more traits revealed later on in the story] 

Steffy [my unnie[korean name n/a at the moment ^.~]]

She is also your P.O.V!!!

And FTI♥

Okay now that we established that the preview:))


What happens when two clueless girls take an online quiz? We all know the "never give your password to anyone" one and the "never post your picture on the internet" one. But what happens when your umma forgets to tell you the "never take online quizes" one XD

Yeah that's right! Your umma told you never talk to strangers. Do you listen. [yeah I guess sometimes-wrong!] She told you to never post your pic on the internet. All you both say is "nee~ um~ma" 'Do you listen though?' [NOPE!!] The ONE thing you actually listened to was the password one.

What happens when you do all the above then some??

What happens when celeberties get involved?? All cuz you're a huge Pabo that plays by your own rules.  What Happens on the Internet..  XD

sorry it's taken me so long to update but i'm back !

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Congrats on the feature ^^
congrats dear :3
Congrats on the feature ^^
congrats gull
Congrats on the feature!
luhans-vaqina #6
Congrats on the feature!
Chapter 30: the plot is cute :))
Congrats on the feature!
Wait, isn't that girl meimei,( A taiwanese idol) I know about her so that's way...