Another Kiss From You


This would be a short fanfic about Sehun!!! should I describe this..okay..the story goes like this..

You are just a normal 18 year old girl.Your mom own a kindergarten and she herself is the headmistress, you will help her to take after the children when you have free time and during the weekend, and there is this little boy name Oh Sehun, who is 5 year old that is one of student in your mom kindergarten. He likes you a lot and wish to marry you when he grow older. One day, your aunt come to the kindergarten to entertain the children with her friends, your aunt gave Sehun a candy and told him that this isn't just a normal candy but a magical one, if he finish it, his dream will come true the next day he wake up, but he must not tell anyone about it...


SEHUN! SEHUN! SEHUN! LMAO, my sehun feels are back!! Honestly, I was thinking of ideas for our Lay, and baby Kyungsoo, but then I saw this little boy name Lei Hao Wen, who is Sehun look-alike. He is so freaking adorable and looks like Sehun, they even have the same habit! their lips..and because of this little boy, I got this idea of writing this fanfic, and also there is this little boy call Chris who is a Luhan look-alike , he also is so ADORABLE!!OMG..MY HUNHAN FEELS...always wanted to wrtite a hunhan fanfic but I don't think I'm good at it

I can't guarantee that this will be a good one, but please read it for the sake of I'm desperate and I know it

The poster is all thanks to my gorgeous chingu xDanax!! Credits goes to her!! ;D thanks a lot!!

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Enjoy!! -thehunlover- :D



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Chapter 5: I loved this story so much. I hope you write more. :) :D
faraelia99 #2
Chapter 5: I really love it ^.^
Raenyeo #3
Chapter 5: Awwwww awwwww love your story! It's super cute! Do write more! :DDDDD
Chapter 5: *knock knock* this is the police, you are under a rest for murdering ExoSehunKai because of the cuteness in the story you have made. Sehun and Luhan baby looked a like really killed meeeee~~~
ratanadaneth #5
Chapter 5: update please...
I'm looking forward to next chapter
joon_sung #6
Chapter 5: wow,the kid are too cute...the story is good..
ggaepssong #7
Chapter 5: Omg they're so cute!! Update soon author-nim;)
seyongi-sshi #8
Chapter 5: Omoo!! Cute story >< *thumps up*
Chapter 5: omo MOSHIE why so cute, great job author nim
HanShinDae88 #10
Chapter 5: omo omo I wish I was in that kindergarten, I met a bunch of idols there ahahaha ^^