Tears of a Phoenix


Golden light twinkled in front of you. You knew it was close but your arm was too heavy to reach out to it. Scars across your body oozed out blood. As your eyes slowly shut, you felt drops of liquid fall onto your wounds; healing them. Those were the tears of a phoenix. 

You're lost. 

Your friend is dead. 

You don't know what to do. 

Get yourself out of the trouble that started or die. 


Hello you. ^.^ 

I hope you enjoy this interactive story!  

Chapter 7 is where the chapters split and you get to choose your path.

Please don't use the next button that moves onto the next chapter after chapter 7, but the links provided just above that 'next' button. If you continue to click the next button after Chapter 7, the storyline would be quite confusing for you. 



The background was made by shineecrazed. 

The poster was made by   Insane Desire: graphic shop~

Thank You and enjoy!

The story is now complete! Thank you my subscribers! Please go to chapter 53 for something special. (:

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Jungkoyoung #1
OMG wow… I'm wooooow……
Chapter 53: What can I say? This is incredibly awesome! I loved it so much! The craziness, dramaticness (is that even a word?), epicness are all so incredible!! Good job :D
-Star-Ra- #3
Chapter 1: I choose jongup
analise973 #4
Chapter 1: i pick zelo
hambrejoyce #5
Chapter 53: wow that was crazy
I can't even
Create more tabs, so more people can subscribe, and it's be easier to find~
But all in all
It's really good~
It's really dramatic and epic, but sometimes a little too dramatic but thats alright~
I really enjoyed it~
shayleely #7
Omg your story is so dramatic and epic HAHAHAHAH
eunki_kim #8
Chapter 7: Ok..I don't know what to choose..between believe that Yongguk is a nice guy or believe Daehyun is the right one... Please help me choose!!!!!!
juju95lc #9
This story is really good *o*!!! I think, I will keep the end story with Daehyun is my brother x)!!! it's a Happy ending no ? xD!!! I hope you make another story :p!!
Chapter 53: LOL!!! congrats on finishing!!!
I enjoyed half of it (since I also have been lazy)
It was good and I hope you make another story.