I love you, you you you.[DISCONTINUED]


How a relationship can bloom naturally from a We Got Married show?

She is from YG, He is from SM.

She is an actress, He is an idol.

She is cold from her dark past, He is oozing with warmness.

She likes to stays in her comfort zone, He likes to push pass his limit.

She already adores him as the ideal type but she has no intention to actually fall for him. To even be in relationship with him.

He likes to be in the WGM relationship, to enjoy most of it. To all out for a reality show.

Can they sort out their relationship and be on good terms on and off camera.

And when the show ended, what will left of them?

Friends? Past lovers? or a Mere Stranger?




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Kris and You
Updated. Guys, please comment *Do aegyo* I need to know If I'm good or not. Yeah,since it has been a long time I haven't write.

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UKISS128 #1
Chapter 30: Please update soon!!!!
143 streak #2
Chapter 30: Return it,hahahahaha
143 streak #3
Chapter 29: 'Be mine' kyaaaaa! This is so happening!
teentopbapshineefx #4
Chapter 27: French is not a country but a langage. France is the country
143 streak #5
Chapter 27: They have saw each other after the WGM ending. This is happiness
143 streak #6
Chapter 26: I am so giddy! A booster in the morning! Hahahaha
Got700 #7
Chapter 3: Cool like this story!!!.... ><
143 streak #8
Chapter 25: the story is so cute!! Please update authornim :D
diannan #9
Chapter 20: Well you now have a new subscriber and please update!!!! This story is daebak!!!!
Chapter 19: i love the story and the spinoff but... aish i hate Jessica and kristal haha only here though they're my bias in snsd and f(X) hehe XD