He's not just possessive of food



"Yes, Youngjae-ah?" Yongguk smiled softly at his dongsaeng, gathering the last of his things before walking out of the radio station with Youngjae. He sighed in relief, glad that they were finally going to able to go back to the dorm to get some rest.

"This is kind of an awkward question, b-but..." Yongguk looked questioningly at the younger male when he didn't continue his sentence. Youngjae rarely stuttered or hesitated. Hell, a few hours ago, Yongguk was sure he was going to have to sedate him to stop him from jumping around the room.

"Youngjae-ah, what's bothering you? You know you can always tell me what's wrong." Yongguk placed his hand on Youngjae's shoulder reassuringly, patting his back a few times before moving his hand away. Yongguk was slightly worried when he saw Youngjae glare slightly at his hand before deflating slightly, wondering what could have caused his most level-headed dongsaeng to change moods so quickly.

"Do you dislike me, hyung??" Out of all the things Yongguk could have imagined Youngjae saying, that wasn't one of them.

"What?! Of course not!" Yongguk couldn't suppress the surprised tone in his voice, absolutely shocked that Youngjae would think such a thing. Sure, he didn't show Youngjae that much physical affection and rarely voiced his affection, but that didn't mean he cared about him any less than the others.

"But every time you touch me, or I touch you, you move away as if I was carrying the plague!" 

"W-what? You're imagining things." Yongguk waved his hand dismissively, a bit of cold sweat rolling down the side of his head. He silently wished Youngjae phrased his statement differently, scared that a certain someone might be spying on them and would take it the wrong way.

"No I'm not, Yongguk-hyung!" Youngjae went to grab Yongguk's hand, only to miss when the elder moved his hand away behind him.


"Youngjae-ah, you know I don't like holding hands with anyone, not just you." Yongguk backed up slightly, unsure of how to handle the situation. He never realized that the fact that he tried to avoid physical contact bothered the other so much. He wanted to comfort the other after seeing how hurt he looked, but he was afraid that he might be watching them.

"But other than holding hands, you seem to avoid me in general, like now!" Yongguk didn't realize how far he was backing up until his back hit the side of the van, eyes wide as Youngjae approached him.

"Like when we were taking photos in the radio station, your hand was hovering behind me when we were taking those photos together. You used to have no problem hugging me before!" It was true, when they first debuted Yongguk had no problem wrapping his arms around Youngjae's shoulders, but ever since his rather... excessive skinship with Youngjae while they were filming an episode of Ta-Dah, he seemed to unlock a very scary side of a certain member.

"And every time I hold your hand, you look like you're either about to , yourself already, about to cry, or all three!" Yongguk made a small undignified sound in the back of his throat, wanting to chastise Youngjae about his language, when Youngjae suddenly seemed to calm down before looking at Yongguk with wide-eyes.  

"Do I smell funny or something?"

"Wha-no! Aish, Youngjae-ah..." Yongguk shook his head, amused at how the intelligent man could be so adorable sometimes. He looked into Youngjae's doe eyes and felt guilt pang in his chest, knowing that what the younger man was saying was true. He had been trying to have as little skinship as possible with Youngjae, but not for the reasons Youngjae was thinking.

"It's... very hard to explain..."

He couldn't just tell Youngjae that a certain member had confronted him after filming an episode of Ta-dah, saying something along the lines of 'I don't like it when other people hug Youngjae'.

"I'm just very uncomfortable with touching, even with Himchan and the others..."

And that this same member had looked like he was on the verge of crying after Yongguk brushed off the statement as an odd joke and hugged Youngjae from behind during that one time they were at the amusement park for another Ta-Dah episode.

"But just because I don't hug you often..." 

Or that after that, he had threatened to steal his Tigger doll and show Himchan his collection.

"Doesn't mean I don't care about you as much as the other. So don't worry too much, alright? I care deeply about you, even if I don't show it." Yongguk flashed Youngjae a small smile, sighing in relief when Youngjae smiled softly, seeming to be satisfied with the answer for the time being. Youngjae rubbed the back of neck awkwardly, suddenly feeling guilty for going off at his leader like that.

"S-sorry for losing my temper, it's just that it's been bothering me for a while."

"It's fine, I'm sorry, as well. I didn't realize this was bothering you so much." Yongguk opened his arms, offering a hug to Youngjae, who eagerly accepted the invitation. Youngjae reminded Yongguk of an overly-affectionate cat sometimes, and even if he wanted to tell Youngjae the real reason why he was avoiding skinship, he knew he'd get punished much more severely if he did.


"Hey, Yongguk-hyung." 

"O-oh, hi, Daehyun-ah." Yongguk shifted nervously on the couch when he saw the rather malicious look in Daehyun's eyes. Before Yongguk could react, Daehyun had swiped the bowl of ice-cream from his hands and started walking back towards his and Youngjae's bedroom. 

"Oi! Give that back, Daehyun-ah!"

"Nu-uh, I saw you getting friendly with Youngjae today." Yongguk gaped at his dongsaeng.

"Oh come one- it was one hug-" Daehyun slammed the door to his room before Yongguk could finish his sentence, leaving the older man to grumble to himself on the couch. Although he found how protective Daehyun was of Youngjae slightly cute, Daehyun was more possessive of the young man than he was of food, and that's saying something.


A/N: this Idea popped into my head when I saw all of those gifs of Yongguk looking like he was about to crap his pants every time Youngjae tried to do skinship with him xD I mean, there has to be a reason why Yongguk looks so scared whenever Youngjae tries to hold his hand or why he has a hoverhand whenever taking pics with Youngjae. 

it's 6 am OTL sorry if the end is rushed @[email protected] I can't think clearly anymore

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