Paper Cranes


 He spends his spare time in class writing line after line of his thoughts onto perfectly square, delicate, sheets of paper. Whether it’s just a single sentence written while the teachers copying more text to the chalkboard silently; or in-between answering questions on a sheet of class work, he makes sure each spare second isn’t wasted. Page after page, the sheets fill up; even faster than one would expect, as he never writes on both sides. Sometimes he’ll only write a single line in the dead center of the pristine white, other times, he’ll write so small and so much that the words are nearly illegible. He does this because he’s nervous. He does this because its habit. He does this because he’s afraid to think.


Hello. Just a oneshot.

The way Kyungsoo feels and acts in this is really an outlet to how I am myself, only a bit more.. dramatized, I suppose.

( Guys, now that i'm sure all the pre-subscribed readers have read both parts, I am going to combine it as one like it was originally supposed to be.)

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Chapter 1: This is wonderfuly written and your style is quite unique. I do hope that you'll write more stories cause you're actually good at it^^
Chapter 1: this is Beautiful <3 !
your style of writing is special, you should write more stories .. I'm surprised that this's the only one out there!
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Chapter 1: It's so good <3 <3
Awesome_gurl #4
Chapter 1: I like it, this fic deserves more recognition. Thanks for the awesome story:)))
saranghae_exo94 #5
It is beautiful,....
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Chapter 1: A great story! I enjoyed reading it :)
This is seriously perfect <3
Chapter 1: mah kaisoo feelzzz~
Chapter 1: I felt warmth in this story ~
It's beautiful.
Chapter 1: This is absolutely adorable ;____;
Omg I loved it so much