Kiss In The Rain ♥



Kim Taeyeon came from an abusing family that gave naything but love. Luckily, she got a chance to move to the states for college and she did. There she met , young Yunho. Cold and mysterious, she can't help being attracted to him. Falling in love was easier than she thought, but saying goodbye was harder than anything she has ever done before...
5 years later....
Kim Taeyeon comes back to Seoul, and has forgotten Yunho, until she had to marry one of the most important people in the country.
What will she do ? 
Will seeing him, make everything better... or worse when his older brother falls hard for her?
WARNING: I have very corlorful and heavy language, to your precaution.



S N E A K P E E K ♥
Do you not remember me ? How we fell in love so hard, we couldn't get up ?
Now that we are together again by fate , you can't even look into my eye.
I can't seem to be able to let you walk out that door, I don't have the courage to loss you again.  Because , if that door opens,I might never see you again, but I was happy once.
So I should endure this...
Please just stay with me...
Remember our Love...♥
S T A R R I N G♥
K I M T A E Y E O N : 18 & 23 - The Sweet Girl 
J U N G Y U N H O: 19-24 - The Gorgeous Guy
K W O N J I Y O N G: 25 - The Older Brother
Y O O N E U N H Y E: 24- The Evil Step-Sister
D B S K♥
♥B I G B A N G
G E N  R E : Love | Romance| Drama | Tragedy | Slight Comedy 
B E G I N N I N G D A T E :  February 21st, 2011
E N D I N G D A T E : ?
A U T H O R' S  N O T E♥
So, I am back with another story , I'm deleting Max and Juliet , but you could say that this is practically the same idea but with a twist to it, but not exactly like Max and Juliet.
Also this time, it's YUNHO's Turn ^^ 
 Yeryeryer !
Welcome my old readers :D and my new ones , or potential !
I really hope you will enjoy this story and comment a lot AND show me lots and lots of love <3
D I S C L A I M E R♥
This story is 100 percent pure fan fiction.
In other words, none of it what so ever is real.
I do not own Dbsk or anything of that sort.
And this story does NOT have any
real relevance to the character used in real life.
Poster and Background made by :
©Dbskislove 2011; All rights reserved.
Distribution is prohibited without proper consent.

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Chapter 10: Update soon
Chapter 10: OMGGG !! I thought you're update :(
it's good now you want to continue this awesome story :3 I WILL BE WAITING !!
Chapter 10: OHMYGOD. Whohoohoo
ah_thien #4
Chapter 10: Yayyy!
I'll be waiting!
So, how's the the story goin'. I've been waiting for this for more than half a year already. I really hope you'll continue it, or else i'll cry TT TT Fighting author-nim :)
wow! nice fanfic...its great :))<br />
please update soon because <br /> really looking forward to this one...<br />
thankyouu thankyouu <3
UPDATE <33333<br />
I just curious is Yunho had amnesia >_____< i just fell you gonna make sad fanfic kekeke XDD<br />
update soon ^_^
UPDATE <33333<br />
I just curious is Yunho had amnesia >_____< i just fell you gonna make sad fanfic kekeke XDD<br />
update soon ^_^
donutworld #9
Stupid eunhye--;;<br />
I hope taeyeon teaches her a good lesson