Got That Supa Luv


so this just popped into my head as me and one of my cousins were talking. My cousin and I like Teen Top so i decided to write a fic about them. This is about how me and two of my cousins audition for Top media and we made it :) 




-18 years old 

-She loves to party, hang with friends, shop, sing, dance, and have fun. She is smart, outgoing, pretty, talented, nice, friendly, gifted, caring, sweet, helping, loving, and outspoken. 

- She can be a at times but thats when you get on her bad side. 

- Siblings: Older Sister and older brother and two cousins 

- Best Friends: Angela and Aycel 

- Loves to sing and dance 



- 15 years old 

-She is quiet, loves anime, loves k-pop, loves to sing and dance, hang with friends, and have fun. She is smart, shy, boyish, talented, gifted, pretty, nice, friendly, caring, sweet, loving, and helping. 

-She loves Teen Top thanks to her two cousins.

-Cousins: Ella and Aycel 

-Her dream is to be a Korean Idol 



- 17 years old 

-She loves to party, shop, sing, dance, hang with friends, loves k-pop, and have fun. She is smart, talented, gifted, pretty, nice, friendly, caring, sweet, helping, and outgoing. 

-Cousins: Ella and Angela 

-Dream is to be a Korean Idol 

Other characters

-Teen Top 

-Teen Direction 

Angela, Ella, and Aycel are three cousins from the Philippines who audtion for Top Media. They made it and went off to Korea to train under Top Media. This story is about their life as Korean Idols. Can they handle it? or will they lose it? 

Hope you guys like it. suscribe and comment :)

I am also going have an application for this story too. so if u want to apply to be a member of Teen Direction then feel free to apply. Me, Aycel, and Angela is going to be members of Teen Direction also and we will be choosing three new members to join our group. 

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Chapter 8: I'm in love with this so far. Keep the good work up!
ImHot1130 #2
what about the super bass?
Chapter 3: The story looks oh so interesting. Please update.^^
Nathypipz #5
..chapters are too short... try to read other fanfics...
..But i think the story will be interesting..
RedAngel500 #6
yay! cant *thumbs up* cant wait!!!! XD
RedAngel500 #7
hahahahha cant wait to read the whole story!