Adventure and romance in America


Shinee comes to a school in America along with another mystery group. Two members of Shinee fall for the girl and try to win her heart. Will any members of the mystery groups want her too?


It's the first day of senior year for Rose who thought this was going to be another boring school year. Every year so far in high school and even middle schhool and were very uneventful. Study, homework and sleep is all she seemed to do every year, Rose strived for good grades and to stay on honor roll. She was surely mistaken when she thought that this year would be like all the rest. Now comes the fun part for Rose let's see how she likes it when she has guys fighting over her. Rose had only one boyfriend ever who broke up with her for a hot new freshmen when she was in tenth grade. She never had men fight over her like so many of the other girls she went to school with. Rose always wanted to know what that felt liek. Rose knows some Korean, she decided to take the language class so one day she could eventually travel to Korea maybe even move there to escape her family. So Rose understands Shinee, but taemin is different he has truly caught her attention. Taemin may just steal her heart and make her feel like someone truely cares about her. So will she fall in love with taemin?? Then there is this mystery group that will come to the school and may make things even more of a challenge and add more of a twist in Rose's life. Will any of them want to catch her eye? Will they cause conflicts with Shinee?




By the way this is my first fan fiction ever. Comments would be very much helpful. Thank you for reading and subscribing to those of you who decide to.

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Izzy1333 #1
Chapter 17: awesome way to go with the story! Keep up the good work.
Izzy1333 #2
Chapter 16: Still liking the story line. Keep up the good work.
Chapter 15: I really hope all my readers are enjoying the story so far. Please don't be shy comment if you like it and if you would like Rose to work with any specific group. I am open for ideas
Chapter 11: To all my readers sorry for the delay of posting I just got a new job at a brand new store that had its grand opening last Sunday and my computer was having some major issues the next post will be up soon. Thank you all for your support
Izzy1333 #5
Chapter 10: Key is really fuming!!
Chapter 9: I hope you can update more.I like the story lines
Izzy1333 #7
Chapter 8: Liking the story line.
Chapter 8: Oh ok... Thanks!!
Chapter 6: I understand what you mean but I did it this time that way due to I wanted different thoughts going on through that. It will make sense later.
Ok so now I don't even know for sure who I want with Rose.... But.... You keep repeating the same sene like 4 or 5 times.... It makes the story much less interesting... Sorry but I thought u should know my opinions.. Sorry for the long comment....