Yes . I'm a vampire


There live a family , a vampire family. The Kims. . Most richest & powerful among vampires . Well , they are the the 'ROYAL BLOOD FAMILY' after all . 


Perfections .. It's what human or vampire lable them as . 

Their basic powers are : Reading Minds, erasing memories, can do stuff ( magic stuff ) with their eyes and hands, move at the speed of light , Teleporting & well , strong .  

They are feard and respected by all the citizen and korea or even everywhere . 







Infos about the Kim family.


The kim family are what human/vampire describe as 'perfections'.  Reasons . Their are reasons after reasons ... well , the list won't stop . 

Long ago , they used to live on the land of  ' Kingdom '  A/N : I made that uup =_= .

The citizen there respected them , feard them because of their richeness , royalness ..  After years , the citizen started to suspect them . Rumors went around sayiing they are 'vampire' , which is true . But than , Mr Kim and Mrs Kim denied , saying that it was just rumors . The citizens didn't believe themat first but after seeing them , walk around the suun , eat like normal human , cross or garlic didn't affect them , they started believeing them . The citizen forgot about the rumors and respected the family more and more .


And now after 1,000 years later , The family moved to seoul , Korea . At that time , they had 3 child . Kim jaejoong , Kim yuhamin & Kim Park bom .

Mr kim and Ms kim own the biggest , richest company . They don't go around blood .. well ... not everyday , and even if they do , they don't drin all the blood , they let them live . The Kim sibling went to a human school . Which is  'international Seoul High '    A/N : Just made it up . keke .

The Kim siblings , Kim jaejoong and Kim yuhamin were the kingka while Kim Park Bom was the queenka . At first when the students saw them , they just stand there as a statue , staring at the Beautiful creatures in front of them .  

Their looks are basically .... perfect..or exotic ... , with their sharp nose , their Porcelain doll like-skin , beautiful eyes , well built & slim body and they have every attractive sides you could ask for .


ANYWAY . After years . Mrs kim got pregnant and had Kim Minji . When she was 1 , Mr kim and Mrs kim sent minji to her aunt ,  Kim Hyuna & Kim G.Na in [A / N : Pretend that G.Na is a Kim instead of choi ]

Transylvania  , but after 4 years , Hyuna , chearin and minji moved to Romanian .When Minji was 4 , Kim Ryu was born , and Mr and Ms kim sent him to Minji and her aunt , Hyuna.






Characters :



Mr Kim & Mrs Kim


Kim Family . Consisting.

- Kim Jaejoong

- Kim Yuhamin 

- Kim Park Bom ( Pretend that bom's last name is KIM )

- Kim Minji 

- Kim Ryu


Infos :


They are 40's in human age , while 6,000 in vampire age.

They love their child , very much . They own the world biggest , richest and most popular company . They may seems like the 'strict' parents type , but honestly , they're really playfull when they're with their children . Mr kim is the most powerful one in the family . Don't make him angry ... or else .. dame , but you won't even have time to plan your funeral or time to hide. His powers are .. well , strong , controlling your body . 

They are VERY VERY good looking .

Height :  Mr kim ; 188

Height : Mrs Kim ; 180

Mrs Kim . Her powers : Move at the speed of light & Moving stuff with her eyes. Just like Mr Kim , do not mess with her anger.


Kim Jaejoong .


The beautiful annoying oldest brother .





Oldest son .

23 in human age .  4,500 in vampire .

He's what you define 'perfections' ... at least what humans and vampires sees him as .. but his sibling sees him .. as a person who nags a lot .. a dork & a person who scared of bugs. .. Yep , that's 'perfections'

He really loves his siblings . If you ever dare to do anything to them , he'll tear you apart .. literally.

He lik- No . He LOVES nagging . That's like one of his 'talent' .  Other than nagging , he has a beautiful voice . 

His powers are :  teleporting , erasing memoriese , reading mind &having the best fighting Senses

Body/face of a godess 

Hight : 186

His personality : He's funny , carring , motherly , a diva , and a dork .

But at school , he's different . He acts cold .. well , to the students and teachers . He doesn't like human that much . But he acts really caring and loving to his siblings .... which made the students awe at him. He comes off as the cold guy , reasons why girls would get on their knees and kiss his feet, even guys .. they go gay for him . 



Kim Yuhamin 



2nd to oldest .


22 Human age , 4,200 vampire age .

He too , is cold .. well , to other people . He's the teasing type , likes teasing his sisblings . He's caring , loving , charismatic & most of all ... A choding . 

He may come off as the 'bad-boy' type ... reasons why so many girls would actually kiss his footsteps.... and boys fear him , respect him or even go gay for him.  He nearly gets angry , but when he does . It may be one of these reasons , someone has badmouth/hurt his siblings .. or someone had stolen his pokemon cards. Yep . 

Body/face of a goddess

Height : 182

His powers : Controlling Everything only with Mind , moving at the speed of light, teleporting & having the best fighting senses .


Kim Park bom .



Park bom ... the over-protective sister and the corn-lover sister .


She's 22in human age , 3,700 in vampire age .

Park bom ... like jaejoong .. a diva . She's caring , loving , fun and motherly .

Boys whould do anything just to talk to him .. even it means to secerfice himself .. crazy .. right ?

Boys bow down to her when they see her , droll over her or just frooze there , too lost in her beautfy .

While girls ? ... Some girls admire her , likes , loves her while .. some girls envy her , hate her or are just jealous of her . 

In school , she doesn't smile to anyone but her bestfriend and her siblings .  

Body/face of a goddess.

Height : 171 

Her powers : Make the opponents feel numb, so they can't move , teleporting & healing/curing anything.



Kim Minji       A/N : The main character .



Kim Minji . 


17 in human age , 1,000 vampire age . 

She may look like she's cold... which she is cold .. to people , but not her family . Behind that cold mask of her , she's childish , cute , caring , sweet & person who like's to tease . She have a anglic smile .. which she only shows to her family members . A puppy eyes that you can't EVER say no to . She loves her brothers , sister & parents .. very much. Just like her family , she doesn't get angry that much .. but when she does .. oh , you just dig your own graveyard.

Boys would do anything .. anything to even see her , talk to her or even by her side , even if it means death or whatever.

Height : 174

She's the most scariest when she gets mad .. Only person who can calm her is Kevin...

Her powers :

Creating illusions so the opponet think they are where ever she plans to make them think , controlling/providing fire & weather , move at the speed of light & telesporting. 


Kim Ryu


The youngest son



He's ... like his sisters and brother .. he acts cold . But at home .. He's the cutes boy on the dame universe . He's cute , adorable , sweet , caring , protective of his siblings . 

He loves his family very much . His ageyo is to die for . 

His power  : He can tell if someone is lying or telling the truth , he can sense when something bad is going to happen & teleporting.





Bom's bestfriend .

Age 22 in human age and , 3,600 in vampire age . 

She's a vampire herself . She loves the kim family as her own family . 

She knows why the kim are so cold to the people in school .. she is too , cold to the people .

But when with the kim , she's the , dorky , weird , funny , sweet , caring and a motherly person.







More infos later .


Other character are surprises . 










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