Did You Say SHINee?


One morning in the year 2010, I received a call from him.
I did a little mental calculation and realized that he hadn’t called me in months,
due to our busy lives and mainly his uprising fame as a Kpop idol, which in other words,
he had more schedules to attend to and was probably 10x busier than me.
Before I take notice, I had let the phone ring for a couple of seconds as I space out for a moment.
I quickly answered his call after clearing my throat.
“Jinki.” I called.
“Hey EunMin, everything alright?”
We talked for a bit on the phone, sharing about our lives and the things that have been happening around us.
It didn’t take long before he finally spilled the beans as to why he suddenly called me.
“EunMin-ah, I know this is going to sound weird, but can you listen carefully to what I’m about to say?”


Sequel of

Falling In Love With A Chicken Maniac

The story doesn't really connect with each other much, so you can start reading this with no issues at all. xP

In this story, you will be playing as Jung EunMin.

Anyways, it has been years since I've last written fanfics, and "Did You Say SHINee?" was actually completed years ago.

However, the previous version wasn't very satisfactory, so I re-wrote alot of stuffs and improved the plot.

Do enjoy! :)

Things to take note:

1. Since I've completed this story wayyyy back then, there will be no EXO/Red Velvet/NCT in here.

2. MBLAQ will come in real late, they are not part of the main characters.

3. I may mess up the timeline here and there, please bear with me. xD

4. English is not my first language, so please also bear with me if there are certain grammar mistakes.

5. Appreciate if nobody plagiarize this, thank you!

Hello! Happy 2019 to all, and yes, I am back xD It's been ages, I've actually just finished my undergraduate degree last December so I have a lot free time right now, so I decided to start writing again.
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