Chapter Eight - Fate; i'm counting on you.

Mischief and Love

With a nervous and forced laugh, along with a worried and fake smile, I quickly run towards Kai. "Y-you should go, I mean, you're missing the party and everything, r-right?"

"Oh come on, Taemin." Kai grins, sliding past me and into the room, much to my dissapointment. "We haven't seen eachother in ages and this is what you tell me? I mean-" His words get cut off as soon as he spots sleeping beauty Minho, lying under the covers. He then glances towards me with an impressed face, making me blush uncontrollably. "He already likes you? Hm, never knew you could be that fast."

"W-what?! N-"

"Wake up, sleepy pants." Kai grins evilly, before sliding to the side of the bed and beginning to shake Minho. With a swift movement, he rushes to me with a glint, more like an evil glint in his eye, just as Minho wakes up.

What on earth is he doing, like-


Kai's lips press to my cheek, right at the moment Minho sits up straight.

If that doesn't make somebody blush, I don't know what would.

I glance at Minho, who's simply staring at us with a rock solid expression. "Who are you?"

Kai pulls back with a sly smirk. "Oh, you woke up?"

"Who are you?" He repeats.

Kai's smirk widens as he slings an arm around my shoulder, making me stumble quite a bit. "Kai, aka Taemin's lover."

Minho's eye twitches. "Lover? But he's mine."

"Not exactly." Kai drawls, removing his arm from my shoulder and casually walking towards the bed. With each elegant step he took, my heart beats faster.

Suddenly, i'm regretting everything.

Not only the jealousy idea, but the entire thing itself.


"Don't ing even say you love him because he's mine!" Minho yells furiously, making me snap into the cruel reality, where he's about to forget everything. He has a hard grip on Kai's collar, with a hateful expression on his face, while Kai looks slightly shocked, yet determined.

I can't move.

"Oh, well, too bad." Kai spits. "Looks like you've got some competition."

Minho chuckles bitterly. "You're that , right, Key? Kai? Koo? Oh, right Kai. The one everyone's been talking about.. the one everybody's been saying how cute you are with Taemin. Well face reality, because Taemin's mine!"

"You're the one who should be facing reality." Key mutters. "I've known Taemin way before you have, I know some of the secrets he's never even thought about telling you. I've been there for him from the beginning and i'm going to be there for him till the end. Face it."

I'm frozen.

"You've known him before me." Minho begins, his grip tightening. "But that doesn't mean you've been there with him, every step of the way. I bet you haven't given him a shoulder to cry on, nor have you ever sat down with him for a full ing day when he had problems, no ounce of sleep. Have you even tried staying up an entire night just for him to come back home safely? What about crying over something so foolish because he didn't like what I did? You've been there, for him, from the beginning. But it doesn't mean that the bond between us is smaller than yours. I'll be there for him, forever. Unless some takes over my body. But you know ing what? That's never."

My breath hitches, my lip trembles and my eyes water.

Even Kai's silent.

"I-um.." He finally stammers. 

"Kai, leave." I manage to croak quietly, wiping my eyes with my sleeve. "Just go, please."

Kai glances at me, with a worried expression as Minho removes his grip. "R-right. Um. Taemin, i'll see you later, right?"

I nod stiffly, watching as he instantly scurries away, his chin down as he slams the door shut on the way.




I glance over at Minho, who's staring at me, completely expressionless.

And without a split second, I run towards him, frantically jumping on top of the bed and wrapping my arms around him. "Minho!" I cry, nuzzling my face into my neck as my tears rush down my cheeks.

"W-what?" Minho squeaks, his entire body stiff. "Taemin-ah, why are you crying?"

"I love you." I whisper in his ear.

"I love you too."

For somebody, that sentence would make their entire damn world.

But as heartbreaking as this is, I know he's just saying that in a friendly way and not the way I tell him.

What I can observe from love is that each time, no matter what that person does, you get excited. 

Each time that person hurts you, there's a stinging, deep pain in your heart that you're desperately trying to cover up with a fake smile.

Each time, you want that person to recognize you.

But how much have I tried to do this for Minho?

Even though.. I am one-sided on my part.. I will never, ever, stop loving him. Even if he hates me, even if he hurts me, even if he walks away from me, the love of my life will be Minho.

Even now, when i've been trampled on and replaced by Yuri, I always cover up how upset I am and continue loving him.

Because in my eyes, in my heart and in my mind, I believe one day, I will get my happy ever after. Maybe with him.. maybe with somebody else.

But this is the present and i'm trying to make the best out of it.

The saying, "fate will eventually bring you and that perfect person together" is entirely true. But fate wont bring you and that person together unless you don't try anything. You have to toughen up your game and do something about it. Otherwise, you'll be sitting in the same old rocking chair for the rest of your life; while that person is now married.

We have short lives, yet they aren't so simple. There's obstacles all around, one's we have to dodge, one's we have to jump over and one's we have to especially solve ourselves.

Lying; crying; hurting; screaming.

Laughing; smiling; loving; kissing.

I've always wondered why our lives are so short yet difficult. But I don't care anymore, because for me, life is like a game of Mario.


I blink my watery eyes, realizing that my pocket is now glowing brightly. With a shaking hand, I slide my phone out of it and check the fresh, new text message flashing on the screen.

To Taemin:

From: Kai

..taemin. as harsh as Minho's words sounded, most of it is true. we have a close bond, yes and i love you like a brother so much and never will i leave your side, but I know for a fact that the bond between you and Minho is unbreakable and undeniably more stronger than our bond. i'm sorry .

I swallow.

To Kai:

From: Taemin

kai.. i'm sorry. it's just minho and i.. you know my feelings for him. but i will always love you aswell kai, no matter what happened and what happens.

I'm about to keep my phone back, when my phone buzzes once again.

To: Taemin

From: Kai

it's fine, really. it just makes me wanna hang out with you more. :) but.. um, i'll still help you with the plan.

I bite my lip. But why.. even after all of this?

To: Kai

From: Taemin

kai, it's really okay. you have no intention to do it. minho doesn't love me.. it wont make a difference if you come along.


To: Taemin

From: Kai

you know why :)? because.. i saw that minho was drunk from how red his eyes were and the way he slurred. drunk people tend to be harsher and ruder than usual, yet, what he said was entirely true. even the drunk minho loves you taemin. if that's not love, i don't know what is. believe in your heart, because i have a feeling your happy ever after will be with him. xxx goodnight.

I smile to myself.

Life is a game of Mario.

You beat the bad guys, go through tons of adventures and get the love of your life at the end.


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