Chapter Fourteen - Losing Innocence

Mischief and Love


"We have a few minutes left before we have to meet the others." Jonghyun tells me, as we sit in a small, but comfortable Cafe as it rains outside. I simply nod and take a sip of my orange juice. He then looks at me, seriously.
"I still don't forgive you for punching my stomach, you know." He mutters, with a hint of annoyance in his voice. "You have such a baby fist, yet that punch really did hurt."
I duck my head in embarrassment, letting my finger twirl around the rim of my orange juice glass for any type of occupation. I had already apologized to him; more than five times, yet he still continues to bash me and tell me how terrible the pain was, and how he almost died; and how the doctors cried for him and told him he was so strong for surviving that 'powerful' punch. As if i'd believe that .. "I said I was sorry. Plus, it was accidental."
"Yeah, but you didn't apologize at that time." He points out, with a stern look. "And nor did you apologize to Key and Onew."
"I apologized to Key." I correct him quickly, before he starts to fuss. "I'll apologize to Onew when we get to the mall, okay?"
"Whatever." He mumbles, before grabbing out his phone.
And then.. since he's annoyed me to the limit, I quickly and mischeviously lean foward, raising my eyebrows in such a way, that makes his eyes flicker over towards me. He swallows uncomfortably. "What?" He squeaks.
"I heard.. something happened between you and Key?"
Jonghyun's cheeks go bright red. "N-no!"
"Taemin, no!"
We both laugh lightly, before Jonghyun's expression morphs into a serious one, but with slight uncomfort. "I don't want to talk about it."
"Key's told me everything." I sigh, taking another sip of the juice. "You.. really upset him. You made him cry, he doesn't even want to look at you anymore."
"No , sherlock." Jonghyun mumbles under his breathe, but loud enough for me to hear. "I know that, already Taemin."
"Why did you walk away, then?!" I snap, my voice becoming more irritated by the second. "If you already know, why haven't you apologized?! Why haven't you realized what you've done?! He may have this tough, little shadow towering over him at all times, but that doesn't mean he's some stupid robot! He has feelings, Jonghyun-hyung, just like you! Yet.." I pause, closing my eyes. "You hurt.. you hurt him to the limit."
I can hear Jonghyun's breath hitch. "Taemin-ah.. when did you care about Key so much?"
"Ever since I met him." I reply, slamming my fist down on the table and opening my eyes. I have no idea where this new grown confidence has came from; but i'm glad I have it. Being the little fluffy bunny rabbit, always hiding in the background isn't exactly what I wanted to turn out to be. Now, maybe, just maybe, I can protect the others; for that's what they've been doing for me. "He's been taking care of me and looking after me for so long. I've been doing nothing for him. So it makes me so angry, to know that he's heart-broken, but trying to hide the pain away, with fake smiles. The pain isn't given to me, yet I feel equally as hurt as he does. So if you ever.. ever upset him again, I will.. well, let's just say the next punch I blow to your stomach wont be accidental."
He swallows.
"So as soon as we go to the mall, you apologize. Okay?" I continue, my voice much more calmer than before. "Somehow.. we'll seperate you two alone. And that's when you apologize, got it?"
"F-fine." He stammers, before abrubtly standing up and yanking his wallet out of his pocket. "You have never been so scary in your entire life.." He mumbles, before quickly rushing to the cashier.
I smirk slyly.
When we finally reach the mall, Minho, Key and Onew are impatiently waiting for us. As we walk in, I send a warning glance towards Jonghyun, letting my eyes flicker over to Key for him to understand the message. With a defeated sigh, he rushes up to Key, yanks his arm and drags him to god knows where.
"What was that about?" Onew raises his eyebrows, watching as a very nervous-looking Jonghyun drags a complaining Key away from us. "I thought we were going shopping, together?"
"Hmm, I don't know." I lie, shrugging lightly as I step besides Minho. He smiles at me; and I simply smile back, as if this was any ordinary day.
Well it is, any ordinary day. Besides the fact that I just threatened Jonghyun and now he's pretty much scared of me; it's an ordinary day! 
"Why were you late?" Minho questions, stuffing his hands down his pockets as we begin to walk.
"Jonghyun.. was taking a while finishing his food." I decide to say, innocently smiling up at him. He simply nods his head and proceeds to look front.
"So why did we even come here anyway?" I ask the two, once we had arrived at some pretty giftshop. 
Minho looks through the shelf of pretty necklaces. "Since.. we got invited to that resort, it seemed fair we'd get.. Yuri a gift."
My smile falters, but I simply nod. 
I can't let the whole 'Yuri' deal get to me. I've passed that.. right?
No. No, I haven't. Which is why, the name Yuri, is still bitter to me even after I talked to her. "What are you getting her?" I ask, folding my arms behind my back and following him all around the quiet, pink store.
"I dunno." He shrugs lightly, before picking up a small, white box. I raise my eyebrows, going on my tip-toes to get a better look at what he had just retrieved.
It turned out to be a breathtaking necklace; with a beautiful heart-shaped locket in the middle. The chain was a gorgeous, shiny silver and the locket itself was magnificent; even if it was simply plain; but glowing. I knew right then and there, he'd get it for Yuri, no matter how expensive it was.
"Wow, this is amazing." He breathes, swallowing nervously.
I try to hide the pang of jealousy in my chest, as I perfectly picture the scene; he romantically puts the necklace around her neck, she gushes and they kiss. This all happens while i'm simply in the background, like always.
"I'm.. getting this." He mumbles quietly. "And something else. This necklace can be used for something more.. special."
Like your wedding day?, I think to myself miserably. But I shake off all the jealous thoughts and help him choose more gifts.
"Jonghyun and Key haven't come back yet." Onew sighs, checking his watch for the tenth time in irritation. He swipes a bit of his hair back to his ear and looks around, growing quite impatient; just like Minho.
"I'm sure.. they're just shopping. Nothing could've happened to them." I assure them, with the simplest of excitement leaking through my voice. What if they had learn to forgive; or what if they're having a steamy makeout session in the boys bathroom?
"Yah.." Minho mumbles blankly, everyone turning to look at him. "Is that.. Yuri?"
I mentally slap Minho for looking in that direction; where clearly, Yuri was standing with a girl; who I soon picture out to be Sunny. They were both sitting on the fountain edge, ice cream like two, casual buddies and not two famous Korean superstars.
"No, hyung, I don't think it is." I lie miserably, even though Minho is entirely convinced that is them. I mean, even from a distance; you can see Yuri's smile and Sunny's aegyo explosion. "That must be look-alikes."
"Taemin, don't be silly." Minho laughs, quite nervously though. "That is them."
"How can you be sure?" I raise my eyebrow, wondering why on Earth he hasn't rushed up to them and grabbed Yuri in his arms, spinning her around by now. In fact, this could be an illusion or a trick of the light, but he looks slightly uncomfortable, seeing his own girlfriend at the same mall. "Go up to them." I decide to challenge him.
He swallows, giving me a warning look. With a glance sent to Onew, he bends down and whispers the words, "Taemin, you know exactly why I don't want to go."
"I don't." I innocently lie, blinking up at him with large, confused eyes.
He sighs in frustration and narrows his eyes at me before simply replying, "You're annoying. Like seriously."
I smile sweetly back at him. 
Soon enough, Jonghyun and Key arrive, and we go right back home; with a relieved Minho.
"What happened, umma?" I whisper, once Jonghyun had left the room and we were currently packing for the resort, which we had to go to tomorrow. To say I was excited; would be quite a lie. I really don't mind staying here comfortably and very lazily at our house; but it's a benefit for Key and Jonghyun, so it's a must to go.
Key smiles gently at me, bends down and begins to fold a few shirts before tucking them neatly inside his own suitcase. "He apologized to me. He said, he needed to sort out his feelings and he was truly sorry. I mean, he didn't confess his 'undying' love to me, but it's better than nothing."
"You took that long to come back, just for that?" I mumble in disbelief, even though my voice was leaking with relief at the new fact that they're on better terms now again.
He chuckles mischeviously, placing a few lotions inside. "I told him to repay me by buying icecream. So he did."
I laugh lightly. "You know why he apologized to you?"
"I threatened him before we came to meet you guys at the wall." I explain, with a sly smirk on my lips. "He was terrified, which is why he immediately went out of my sight, taking you away aswell."
A loud roar of laughter escapes Key's lips. "Oh my god, seriously?! The dinosaur is scared of a fluffy bunny rabbit?!"
I grin widely. "The fluffy bunny rabbit isn't so innocent anymore~."
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