Chapter Thirteen - Badass.

Mischief and Love

  "Oh my god."

"Can't you hear me?"
"This isn't funny."
"Oh. My. God."
"Nevermind it w- HEY, I'M STILL OUT HERE!"
"It's cold. It's raining, hello?!"
"This is ing annoying!"
"I know you are doing this on purpose!"
"I'm gonna kill you guys later.." I mutter angrily, my fists acheing from all the endless fist-banging I had done to the door. It had been exactly fourty-eight minutes since I have been miserably locked outside the house, with nobody sweetly coming to assistance to let me in. I mean, at first I just thought they had all gone out; but when I heard the noise of sad music of a drama, I knew someone was inside casually watching TV; while i'm stuck outside.
And to add to the list of complaints; it began raining terribly.
I'm not exactly soaked, since the door has shelter above; but it's still ing cold. And nobody gives a .
And.. ugh.
My phone ran out of battery.
Next time, I swear I am going to get an extra key.
"Oh my god, I hate you! I hate you all! Every single one of you es!" I scream, proceeding to bang my fists on the door violently, while splashing the door with my not so nice words. If Key had heard this, i'd probably recieve a slap to the cheek and a kick to my ; and i'd be out of the door, while he slams it in front of my face. But I don't care. I'm outraged that nobody can hear me!
I'm about to insult them once again, but I am cut off by the muffled noise of high-pitched laughter coming from inside. Instantly, my eyebrows knit together and a scowl forms on my face as I press my cheek against the cold door, trying to listen to what's exactly going on.
"Gee gee gee gee baby, baby~"
My jaw drops.
I know exactly what they're doing inside, just by that simple line of SNSD's song.
Anger is instantly boiling inside of me; and all these sudden urges come rushing to me.
Urges like kicking a puppy, smashing a piece of beautiful artwork, putting bubblegum in pretty hair, ripping clothes, bombing places, killing flowers; all these things i'd never want to do.. well I suddenly want to now.
I'm so angry; i'm speechless.
They're playing the singing game, WITHOUT ME. While i'm stuck outside, cold and shivering from the pouring rain. Bastards, ALL OF THEM!
"Key, you're out! You got the lowest points!" I can hear Onew yell, before a noise of whining and complaining shoots out of Key's mouth. 
The room goes silent for a bit, so I make my move and begin banging on the door again. By now, my fists are all red and sore but I have enough energy to punch them all in the face's. I'm not that stupid. 
"Yah, there's some idiot banging on the door."
Key.. I will kill you one day. I glare harshly at the wooden block which you call a door; but right now i'm picturing it as Key's diva face. So I send my fist ready and out, all my energy going straight to my fist; I can just picture Key's scared face; my face is determined and pissed off and with a split second, I send my sore fist straight to the door.
Right as it opens.
And then I blink, as if the world has just paused, taking in my surroundings.
My fist; funny because it's not on the door anymore.
It's on Onew's nose.
And the world plays again; like we're on some sort of cruel, sick twisted DVD and I miserably, yet evilly watch as my fist collide's with Onew's happy nose. I can just feel his nose against my fist and right as they touch, I know 's going down.
"Holy effin' ! Onew, i'm s-" But I pause, right as my hand drops to my side again. I'm just standing outside the entrance of the apartment; watching blood slowly ooze out of a grimacing Onew's nose and then I realize.
Well, scratch that; my evil side realizes,
Why should I apologize? When these cruel, sick guys were happily playing a game inside the house while I was about to freeze to death?
"You better get that cleaned up." I decide to say toughly, before coming inside and pushing Onew with my shoulders like a jock who had just bullied some nerd.
Really, my insides are practically squealing. OH MY GOD TAEMIN YOU'RE SO COOL! 
Cue the tough, epic background music.
I hear a gasp, so my head instantly snaps to where Jonghyun is standing, his jaw on the floor while he shakingly holds a remote in front of the TV. I narrow my eyes, before turning my body position toward him like a robot; and with that, I begin to toughly walk towards him. His eyes widen. Mine don't. He looks scared. I look cool.
But then, my clumsy little self decides to pay a visit, so my tiny foot trips over the wire of the TV and I don't even know why; but my arm is shooting out to at least grab onto Jonghyun so I wont fall like a klutz, but instead..
I punch his stomach.
My angel Taemin is all like; ty , while my devil Taemin on the opposite shoulder is pretty much cheering me on with a huge smirk.
Jonghyun grimaces as soon as my fist collides with his stomach, and he stumbles back a few steps, his eyes the size of saucepans. 
"I'm so s-"
"You better go nap, to make that better." I mutter harshly, before rolling up my sleeves.
ASDFGHJKL TAEMIN YOU'RE SO COOL, I practically beam at my own self. Never in my life have I been so badass. Well, there was this one time when I didn't leave the toothpaste cap on.. I guess this is the second badass me.
"Taemin, what the hell is wrong with you?"
I blink. 
Out of all four of them, I suppose i'm most angry with Key. Sure, he's dealing with heartbreaking problems right now; but the way he had foolishly called his own son an idiot, is not forgivable. And really, Key's always on my side, protecting me and everything. But.. no, I feel betrayed.
But when I turn around, I freeze.
Because when Key is angry, you can't mess with him. He's worse than the Incredible Hulk. 
Right now, he's basically fuming. His fists are shaking, his eyes are shooting daggers and he has this expression which just says, 'taemin-i'm-going-to-kick-you-in-the-nuts.' And that's not a good sign.
And all those words I wanted to spit at him? Yeah, they're suddenly swallowed up. I cannot do this. Not to Key. He's too.. scary.
"Taemin- ahhhhhh!" I can suddenly hear Minho shriek behind me like a dying cat.
My heart stops. Is Minho okay? I quickly, and very worriedly turn my head to see what's going on behind my back, but I can only catch a glimpse of Minho tumbling towards me, his clumsily body going on top of mine, which makes my body awkwardly wobble and tip, which results in me, (very sadly) trying to grab onto Key for support, but instead..
I grab his neck.
His neck.
"Oh my god what t-t-the are you doing, Taemin?!" Key screams, trying to get away from my powerful grip on his neck. "Why the eff are you choking me?! Oh my god!"
And that, my friends, is the foolish tale of how I almost got my three best friends killed.
"Care to explain?"
I bite my lip, my gaze instantly diverting to the floor. I hate lectures from Key. They're the worst absolute things in the entire goddamn universe. 
"Taemin, I am very dissapointed in you."
I sigh. "Look, I can explain." I mumble. "Really!"
I can hear the shuffling of his feet, so I look over to see Key angrily sitting on the kitchen counter, his arms firmly crossed against his chest. His expression is one of pure dissapointment, anger and disgust. One of the expressions which could make a four year old cry. "Go on, then."
"I, I went to.. visit Yuri." I begin awkwardly, slightly shifting in my seat.
"And why?" He mutters, with a lace of confusion. "You hate her, so why go visit her? Taemin, did you go to murder her? Taemin, I swear to god if you did-"
"No, oh my god, no!" I shriek instantly, immediately cutting him off. I mean yeah, I hate Yuri, but I wouldn't as go far as that. "Can.. can you let me finish.. please?"
I sigh. "I went to Yuri's house because of the plan."
"Because of the plan?" He raises his eyebrow, sudden confusion etching on his face. "What?"
"I thought the plan would be smoother.. if um, Yuri and I were on better terms, you know?" I shrug lightly, slightly uncomfortable about talking to an angry Key like this. I have so many other things to tell him; like how sweet she actually is to me and all that, but i'll save it for another time because I really, really want to get the hell out of here. "So we were alright and then um, I came home.. and the door was locked."
"So, wh-"
"And," I narrow my eyes at him slightly. "My phone ran out of battery so I couldn't exactly call you. I was trying to get your attention for so long! I was banging my fists on the door for ages until they got sore and everything! It was even raining and I was freezing! Ugh and there was this huge beetle! You even called me an idiot, I heard you!"
"Taemin, Taemin, stop yelling!" He whines with a look of annoyance. "So for that, you decided to punch Onew in the nose, smash Jonghyun's stomach and choke me?! Really?! You immature brat!"
"Hyung!" I whine right back, stomping my feet on the ground childlishly. "Let me finish! Anyway.. I um, sort of got angry at you for calling me an idiot.. so.." I pause, shifting uncomfortably in my seat as my palms begin to sweat. , he's going to get even angrier at me.. "I.."
"I imagined you were the door so I punched your face and then Onew was there so I punched his nose accidentally and then I was about to apologize but then I remembered you guys happily being inside so I got angry again and didn't apologize and then I was about to walk to Jonghyun but then I tripped over a wire and then punched his stomach accidentally and then you yelled at me so I turned around and I was about to apologize but then Minho stumbled into me and then I accidentally choked you i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry I didn't mean any of that I was just so pissed and.." I breathe heavily. "I'm sorry."
Key blinks. "You.. you imagined me as the door?"
It looks like that was the only thing he had managed to catch in the entire thing, so my heart drops. "I'm sorry, o-okay!" I squeak nervously, fidgeting with my sweaty fingers like a shy child. "I-"
"Taemin, i'm dissapointed. TO YOUR ROOM NOW."
"I'm sorry!" I whine, before a strike of energy, almost like a bolt, hits me up the and makes me shoot out of the chair. I scramble straight to my room and as soon as i'm inside, I slam the door shut and pout. 
Key's lectures are the worst things ever, I repeat.
"Taemin, oh my god, that was hilarious!"
My breath hitches as I instantly turn around like a ninja, spotting Minho casually sitting on my bed, his feet perched up with a humorous expression on his face. "Hyung? What.. what are you doing in my bedroom?"
"I just.. well, we haven't really hung out for the past few days.. so.. um.." His cheeks redden slightly, probably recalling the night of our makeout session. "I um.."
"Yeah, I understand." I smile softly, silently walking towards the bed and joining him. We sit in silence for a few minutes, before we both break out into a loud conversation, making us both chuckle quietly. "You go first, hyung."
"I mean, I saw everything; everything was an accident. But why didn't you apologize to Jonghyun and Onew?" Minho raises his eyebrow, amusement leaking through his voice very clearly.
I look back in front of us; suddenly quite interested in the plain, blank white wall. "Can we just not talk about that incident?" I mutter smugly.
"Come on, you know i'm not going to let it slide so easily." Minho sighs, gently knudging my shoulder. "Onew's nose bleeded badly and Jonghyun went to the doctor because he thought it was serious. That's not funny, Taemin."
Even though i'm staring at the wall, I know he's quite serious and slightly pissed off with me. But I can't help it! It's not my fault i'm a klutz, for gods sake! So I continue to ignore Minho, until he sighs and flicks my forehead, making me scowl grumpily at him.
"What was that for?!"
"For behaving badly today."
"Can you just stop it?" I mumble quietly. "I don't like how you're treating me like a kid! So what, I injured them! It's not like they're going to die or anything, jeez.."
"Yeah but-"
"I don't care."
After a small silence, a sigh blows out of Minho's lips and he suddenly wraps his arm around my waist, pulling me closer to him; to my pure embarrassment. "Y-yah!" I mumble quietly, trying to hide the color in my cheeks as he makes me rest my head on his chest. "What are you doing?"
"I don't like seeing you angry." He smirks playfully; doing the action that makes my heart swell more than anything, even more than a kiss.
He ruffles my hair.
And that just makes my grumpy attitude vanish in a split second, and i'm now beaming at him.
Really, I don't know why I love it when he ruffles my hair. I guess it's just the way he does it. It makes me feel so happy, so loved, even though it's just a slight ruffle of a hair. Even though kisses are perfect, hugs are amazing, hair ruffles will always be number one. "I'm sorry, hyung." I sigh, deciding to be a little more comfortable as I snuggle up to him warmly, like a kitten. "I guess I was just stubborn and angry."
"It's not me who you should be apologizing to." Minho replies softly. "It's Onew and Jonghyun and then Key."
"I know, I know." I mumble, turning my head slightly just to take a good look of his face. His handsome face, I correct.
But then I remember his deal; on how we can casually kiss.. so with a loud, hammering heart, I squeeze my eyes shut and lean in, just to feel his lips against mine.
Surprisingly, he doesn't pull back, but he stiffens up. "Minho.. I thought-" I begin to whisper, but he cuts me off.
"I know, I know. It's just.. i'm still not used to it." He replies shyly, his lips still against mine.
I smile gently, but place another peck on his lips softly before going back to my earlier position. I listen camly to his heartbeat, only realizing it was loud and fast, just like my own. 
I'm glad i'm not the only nervous one.
A/N: So if you're wondering WHY ON EARTH I had such a weird, crazy beginning in which Taemin brutally beat up his friends, I don't know my readers, I really don't know. xD My mind has been so off focusing these days that I can't write straight for anything >w<, sorry. And yes, there isn't MUCH fluff, but the next chapter is JOYFUL and bubbly, it'll have fluff also. And Jongkey :3. Next update will probably come in.. grr, I don't know? Thursday or Friday but if not, then Sunday. I WILL UPDATE THIS WEEK. 
Oh and a shout out to Vahn who has been AMAZING to me these past few days! :D <3 GOODBYE! 
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