[ONE SHOT] Hopeless

Eunjung slowly open the dorm’s door and lazily drag herself to the nearby coach and throw herself to the comfy sofa. She closed her eyes tiredly, when she almost gets into her dreamland but some noise came from the kitchen had waked her up.

‘Unnie, what are you doing?’ Eunjung pop her head out from the kitchen’s door and wondering why the leader is busying in the kitchen in the early morning

Its 4 am now and Eunjung just came back from her tight schedule. She is lack of sleep of course which can figure it out from her sallow face. She almost get 2 hours sleep every day because of the crazy and exhausting schedule but she still can stay strong and show out her brighten smile every day in front of the fans and media.

‘oh.. Eunjung a~ you scared me, aren’t you suppose washing yourself and rest well in the room, you have another tight schedule tomorrow..’ Soyeon turned her back when she heard someone calling her and soon she backed her when she knew who it is.

‘But unnie, you haven’t answered my question’ Eunjung felt something wrong with her roommate, she is obviously avoiding her question just now. And Eunjung is a kind of stubborn sometimes, she will not give up easily when she doesn’t get the answer that she wants to.

‘er… I just feel starving in this early morning so I decided to get off my bed early and prepare myself something that can eat’ Soyeon knew Eunjung well too so she finding something can cover her lies towards the younger girl

‘oh~ really? But why did you make yourself a white porridge and….. what is this? Ew…. Its smells weird!’ without Soyeon’s notice the younger girl had got into the kitchen and starts surveying the food that the leader is preparing. Lastly she found something in the pot that came out with a weird smells.

‘I think I can’t lie to you this clever baekgu… haiz, fine. I’m sick and I have sore throat and slightly fever so I’m preparing this, satisfied?’ Soyeon really get to know this stubborn girl but suddenly she felt a hand is on her forehead.

‘What are you doing?’ Soyeon exclaimed.

‘checking your temperature’ Eunjung said bluntly as she continued place her hand on her forehead and trying to figure it out how high her body temperature is.

How come this sleepyhead suddenly so smart at once Soyeon thought in her mind while finding some excuses to force the younger girl get out from the kitchen.

‘Aren’t you tired? If manager oppa found out that you sleepyhead didn’t wake up in time tomorrow morning, I swear you will be nagged by him again’ Soyeon said as she push away her hand from her forehead and continue her work.

‘Not until you telling me the truth’ Eunjung’s word had surprisingly shocked her. Soyeon turn back and face to the younger girl again.

‘What did you want?’ Soyeon asked, sometimes she doesn’t know what’s wrong with the younger girl. Sometimes she might be dumb at a moment and sometimes she might be smart when things come and this time she is smarter as she thought before.

‘A truth, you can’t lie. I knew that you are preparing this to somebody else but not for yourself because you don’t like white porridge, you think that white porridge is tasteless and this you don’t like ginger at all, if you aren’t prepare this for yourself and I’m sure that you are preparing this to someone who had sick in this house, so tell me who is the person is sick in this house?’ Eunjung stared at her and the older girl look at her with a shock expression. She doesn’t know that Eunjung will know about this and she is guessing it correctly just except the person that she is preparing the food for.

‘I wonder what mind do you have in your brain, you are acting weird. How come you suddenly become so smart?’ Soyeon still avoiding her question and continue looking at her with her unbelievable expression

‘not again my lovely unnie, don’t forget I’m a leader before. Of course my investigation can’t be weaker than yours, so a-n-s-w-e-r-m-y-q-u-e-s-t-i-o-n NOW!’ Eunjung begin frustrated when the older girl is trying to avoiding her question again and again. She can sense something wrong in this house, she knew something is hidden behind soyeon and probably there is something related to her also.

‘yea, you guess it right, there is someone sick in our family but there is no worry my dear, I can take care of her well and go get rest I beg you, I don’t want you is the next person who get sick later on’ Soyeon ordered but is more sounded like pleading the younger girl not to ask too much and go back to the room and rest.

After Soyeon saw the younger girl’s back slowly move towards the room that they have shared about three years, she slowly release a long sigh after that.

‘unnie!’ Soyeon startled again as she heard her voice. Not again

‘the more you try to hide the person the more that I can know who is the person’ Eunjung smile charmingly but for Soyeon that is smirked she can swear.

Damn, this girl is really smart and stubborn as I thought

‘you just prepare well for the food and I will take it to her room, you can rest yourself unnie, you had been tiring yourself in this early morning’ Eunjung added before she disappeared herself in front of the leader with a wink.

Soyeon stunned at there and speechless, she totally beaten up by the younger girl. She gets back to her work and ready to serve to the patient.

Jiyeon ah, don’t blame me… is the girl that you love is too smart to guess it correctly, I didn’t split any words, I swear 

Soyeon sighed as she placed the tray that had filled with a bowl of porridge, a cup of warm hot ginger tea, and a bottle of the medicine beside it on the table. She remembered what the younger girl said to her just now, she just can obey her because she doesn’t know what will happen to her if she doesn’t follow what she tells her to do. She yawns as she slowly drags herself into her room and gets some time to sleep.


Eunjung who just washed herself clean is getting out from the bathroom. She went to her room and dry her hair with the hairdryer. She gets out from the room after Soyeon get into the room and laying on the bed without saying any words because of the tiredness.

‘make sure that she had taken the medicine, that’s help her to feel better, arraso?’ except this, Soyeon last sentence or instruction before she drift into sleep. Eunjung smiled as she heard her voice coming out from the room, they are lucky because of the consideration of the leader in the group

Eunjung take the tray of well-prepared food on the table and standing outside the room. She is looking at the door which had owned by ‘MinYeon’s’. Although she doesn’t like the name that their fans had given it to them but she still believes that the girl she loves always love her no matter what.

She knocks lightly before she gets in to the room.  She saw two figure still sleeping on their respectively bed with their blankets on and she slowly walks beside the younger girl that she had ‘expected’ that she had sick. She placed the tray that she had been holding on the floor beside her and pushed it lightly away from her so she wouldn't knock the things that was on top of it. She placed her elbows on the bed beside the person that was resting before she leaned closer to the person.

She smiled when she saw the sleeping beauty who currently still in her dreamland

She took one of her hand put on her forehead and another hand put on hers to compare the body temperature.

A little slight fever, that’s lucky 

Eunjung watched the girl's sleeping features and smiled by the person's messy hair. She studied every single hair strand of the hair and couldn't keep her hands away from it and ended up stroking her fingers through the smooth hair

How can I wake up this beautiful girl who had sleeping peacefully in front of me? 

Eunjung continue stare at her, she wish that time can stop at this moment letting her staying at her beside her always and forever.

Its time to wake her up and take her medicine, if not Soyeon unnie will nag me until I’m deaf

‘Jiyeon ah….’ Eunjung release a sigh before she wake the sleeping beauty

The younger girl stirred a bit that makes Eunjung thought that she will wake up in anytime but she just change another position to sleep more comfortable.  The older girl chuckled a little with her cute action. She again wakes her up with shaking her body.

‘Jiyeon, you need to wake up and take your medicine’

Jiyeon slowly turned her body and opened her eyes and stared into two brown orbs and watched her. A smile appeared on her face as well and she re-closed her eyes again.

‘what are you doing here, unnie?’ Jiyeon asked groggily and we can heard a slightly cough after the question she asked and it became worried for the older girl.

‘come and eat something and take your medicine after all you can sleep again’ Eunjung the girl’s hair and Jiyeon slowly sit up and laid on the older girl’s shoulder.

‘but I don't have any appetite right now’ Jiyeon pouted as her eyes are still closed

‘baby you need to eat something and take your medicine, it makes you feel better’ Eunjung is like trying to persuade a little kid to take her medicine

‘a little?’ Jiyeon open her eyes again and look at the tray that the older had handled her.

‘so which one you prefer first? Porridge, ginger tea or medicine?’

Jiyeon frowned when she heard to the last choice.

‘I prefer my sushi in my dream’ Jiyeon again pull up her blanket and cover all over her body. Eunjung doesn’t know what to do with this girl. She is no longer be the person who that determine and stubborn just a few minutes ago, she turning become like a soft and kind mummy persuading her kid to eat before taking the medicine.

‘Owh, come on.. or…..’ Eunjung finding another way to coax the younger girl who still laying at her shoulder with her eyes closed.

‘or what?’ Jiyeon sit up again and rub her eyes, she cough a little and Eunjung slight rub her back to hope that she is feeling better after it.

‘or you want a morning kiss from the nurse’ Eunjung whisper into her ears and make her aegyo in front of the sick girl.

Jiyeon feel that her cheek had reddened because of her words. She wonders will her fever getting higher because of the heat of the words that the older girl had given to her. Looking her blushing face, Eunjung giggled a little and move another steps to succeed to make her eat in this situation.

‘you will get sick too’ Jiyeon mumbled with her blushing on her face.

‘I won’t, you knew I’m stronger than you’ Eunjung flash her charming smiles to her again.

‘Don’t said that, because I knew you will end up getting sick with me together again’ Jiyeon couldn’t help but chuckled with her girlfriend’s silliness but end up she coughing but still can laughing at the same time. Eunjung quickly pat her back and handed her a bottle of water that placed beside her bed.

‘What are you laughing at? You see, you end up with coughing again’ Eunjung sounded a bit mad but worried about her more than anything

‘You are silly that’s make me laugh even more and end up with coughing instead of laughing’ Jiyeon ‘explained’ as she can see her girlfriend is frowning with her words.

‘Okay then fine, lets back to main topic, so what did you want to take first? Porridge or ginger tea?’

Eunjung looks mad but Jiyeon knew that she is sulking with her

‘Can I have third choice but not the medicine’ Jiyeon pouted

‘Third choice?’ Eunjung asked as Jiyeon nodded as respond

Eunjung lean closer and look into her eyes. She grinned before she answered her question.

‘Sure, a kiss then’ Eunjung smile widely like a kid who saw a lollipop in front of her

Jiyeon shut and cover her body up to avoiding the older girl take the chances to kiss her.

‘My little princess, I just want a peck, that’s all, please….’ Eunjung pleaded her like a kid who pleading her mummy to buy toys for her.

Eunjung try to remove the blanket but Jiyeon hold it tightly. They remain this situation about few minutes and Eunjung at last getting tired to fight over the blanket. She sit at edge of the bed and look at her with sulking face. Jiyeon knew she had made the older girl mad at her and she come closer her and whisper.

‘I don’t want you get sick, if you will and there will no one can take care of me’

Although Eunjung is agreeing with her statement but still she doesn’t satisfied with not get a peck for her girlfriend in this fresh morning.

‘Just a peck, and I’m sure that I’m strong and will not easily get sick, if yes I also able to take care you and myself also’ Eunjung look at her sincerely and hoping that she will get in and let her kiss

‘Fine, I prefer choose the porridg’ Jiyeon is giving up fighting with Eunjung. She prefer eating now, she take a spoon of porridge and blew it before get into but stopped by the older girl.

‘You are the patient, I suppose to feed you because this is my responsible’ Eunjung take over the spoon and blow it before she says ‘AH….’ Jiyeon obey her and open , Eunjung take this chance and feed the spoon of porridge into .

But then Jiyeon still can saw her girlfriend who is still sulking with her. She wonders why since she had obeyed her to eat something.

‘why are you still being like this? I’m eating like what you told me just now’

‘you choose the porridge over than a kiss for me’ Eunjung said as she pout

When Jiyeon had swallowed her food, she starts laughing badly on her bed but again she ended up with coughing attack instead of everything. Eunjung handled her a bottle of water again and patted her back. Her coughing had worried her girlfriend very much.

‘you are so cute, getting jealous over the porridge. Aigoo, why are you so cute’ Jiyeon pinch her cheek while Eunjung pouted as she know the reason why she is laughing.

‘is the porridge taste better than my lips?’ Eunjung mumble and continue pout

When Jiyeon heard what she said, she continue laugh like just now, some tears coming out from her eyes, is not that she cried is because she is laughing so badly because of her silly girlfriend and always she will choke herself with her coughing.

‘Get easy my dear, your coughing still sounds bad’ Eunjung look at the ‘patient’ who trying to stop her laughing and coughing at the same time.

Eunjung handed her a cup of ginger tea. Jiyeon take a sip of the tea and it had made her feeling better than before. After she had finished half cup of the tea, she give the cup to the older girl and close refuse to eat and drink anything.

‘baby, do you feel anywhere unwell?’ Eunjung concerned and check the younger girl.
‘I’m just tired’ Jiyeon yawn a little and close her eyes and open again. Looking at her tiring girlfriend, Eunjung felt disheartened.

‘okay, take the medicine before you rest’ Eunjung caressed her cheek while Jiyeon take the chance shook her head and lean back to her bed, she again cover her whole body with her blanket. Eunjung forcefully drag her blanket away and pull her up again.

‘you can’t act like this, come take this, say AH…’ Eunjung reached the spoon with full of the liquid medication towards Jiyeon’s mouth.

Jiyeon shook her head while her lips are sealed when the spoon almost reaches to Jiyeon’s mouth.
‘Aish this stubborn girl.. you are more stubborn than me’ Eunjung complained while Jiyeon stick her tongue out with a second and cover with the blanket.

‘If you don’t take the medicine, you will get scold and nag from our mummy leader afterwards’ Eunjung had no idea with this stubborn girl but Jiyeon shook he head as respond

Eunjung had ran out of ideas to persuade or force the younger girl take her medicine and suddenly something flash in her mind. She smile widely while Jiyeon frown and puzzle with her action and still have her blanket on .

Jiyeon look at the older take the spoon of the medicine put inside her own mouth then she forcefully grab Jiyeon’s hand and pull her from hiding under the blanket. The older girl look at Jiyeon who still puzzle with her own action so she take the chance and kissed her. Jiyeon moaned in the surprisingly kiss and this is the important chance for the latter transfer the medicine into the patient’s mouth. She wait until she swallow all of the medicine.

Jiyeon hit her shoulder as they break the kiss.

‘you! Cunning!’

‘finally Jungie can get a peck from my baby dino’ Eunjung said with a cute voice. Jiyeon's eyes widened when she heard Eunjung is using aegyo on her. It ended with the younger girl laughing instead.

Eunjung frowned when Jiyeon started laughing but couldn't help but smile when she saw Jiyeon being so happy. Her smile soon faded when Jiyeon started coughing again. She patted Jiyeon's back and tried to make the cough subside.

‘Ya, you stop laughing again, you will end up with coughing at last’ Eunjung said while she is still frowning.

‘Stop using aegyo with me then, and don’t blame me when you get sick too’ Jiyeon pouted and at the same time she is worrying that will her girlfriend get sick because of her.

‘no worry, my immune system is better than yours and don’t you forget the medicine still in my mouth while I ‘feed’ you just now, that’s mean I won’t get sick because I’d taken the medicine at the same you will transfer the ‘virus’ to me’ Eunjung give her a dorky smile.

‘you are hopeless!’ Jiyeon exclaimed

‘yeah, hopelessly falling in love with this kiddo’ Eunjung said as she pinched her nose.

Jiyeon blushed and looked away from the other girl in the room. A smile appeared on both of their lips.

‘Satisfied now? I’d taken the medicine and now I need to sleep’ Jiyeon try to cover her blushing cheek, although Jiyeon is one hundred thousand times don’t want to separate with her girlfriend since she haven’t seen her about three days and she was missed her so badly.

‘Sure my princess’ Eunjung move herself beside Jiyeon and pat the space beside her while Jiyeon again puzzle with her action.

‘Unnie, you have another tight schedule tomorrow early morning, you should rest well in your room’

‘Jiyeon doesn’t want Jungie sleep with her?’ Eunjung act her cute expression and using her aegyo again.

‘Not again, b-but you should rest well my dear’ Jiyeon face palmed when she saw her girlfriend using her aegyo but she will not forget to worry her at the same time.

‘Don’t worry, I had cancelled tomorrow schedule and will have enough time to rest with you’ Eunjung said as her eyes are half closed.

Jiyeon frown as she heard her. ‘y-you cancelled?’

Eunjung nodded as she pull the ‘patient’ down to bed and cuddling together under the same blanket. A smile appeared on Jiyeon's lips as well. Eunjung placed one of her arms around Jiyeon's thin waist. And Jiyeon leaned her head against Eunjung's and soon both of them fell asleep. 


Two days later…

*cough* *cough*

A slightly cough sound came from EunSo’s room.

‘Did Eunjung unnie get sick too?’ Hyomin asked the leader who concentrating watching the drama is their living room. And other than Eunjung, Hyomin can guess correctly since Eunjung had come back from her schedule and her only and one roommate is sitting beside her now.

‘I think so, I knew it at the first time when she get into you and Jiyeon’s room to take of the ‘patient’’ Soyeon answered the younger girl while her eyes doesn’t leave the sight of the television.

Hyomin get up and walk slowly towards the room who filling full of cough sounds. She peeked outside the room before knock at the door that already opened but when she is prepare to go inside someone harshly push her aside and storm into the room. The person closed the door hardly, seems like ignoring the presence of her that standing outside the room.

‘What’s wrong with Jiyeon?’ Hyomin asked while she is still can’t cover her shock expression on her face.

Soyeon shrugged her shoulder as respond while she still can get into the drama that she had been watched about hundred times before.

Hyomin relieved a long sigh before she get into her own room.

‘YAH! Ham Eunjung’ Jiyeon turn her chair around to force her to meet into her eyes.

‘Waeyo?’ Eunjung inhale a deep breath after her words to suppress her cough but she already make her mind up when she saw Jiyeon’s mad expression when she came in.

‘YOU KNEW THAT’ Jiyeon shouted, she sit at the bed beside her with her folded arms.

‘What did I knew before you?’ Eunjung pretending that she is an innocent kid in front of her.

‘Argh…. You are hopeless!!’Jiyeon groaned as she fell back on the bed

‘You knew it too’ Eunjung stand up and look at her cute girlfriend when she is mad.

‘know about what?’ Jiyeon looks away to avoid eye contact with another girl in the room.

Eunjung crawl on top of Jiyeon and cupped her face to force her to look into her eyes.

‘I’m the eldest so I’m always the one who take control-’ Eunjung give the girl who under her a quick peck of kiss on her cheek and move away fast before the girl can do or speak anything to her.

‘So you can’t kiss me on lips until I’d fully recover’ Eunjung continued as she sit down her chair and continue focusing what she had done just now.

‘That is not fair, Ms. Cunning’ Jiyeon exclaimed and pouted as she sit up on the bed.

‘I’m hopeless as you said before’ Eunjung grinned.

‘b-but why you can when I was sick and I can’t when you are’ Jiyeon mumbled

‘Who said that I’m sick?’ Eunjung look at her.

‘Hyomin texted me that she heard you coughing all the time in the room’ Jiyeon explained.

‘You mean her?’ Eunjung point the actress in the drama which playing her MacBook.

The actress seems pale and we can hear she is coughing in the drama.

‘Eh? What’s happening now?’ Jiyeon is confused with this type of situation.

‘The main female lead here is suffering throat cancer, she always cough because of her sickness, that’s why Hyomin was misunderstanding that the cough sound is from me’ Eunjung explained to the younger girl who focusing on her explanation.

‘t-then you j-just now….’ Jiyeon still cannot fully understand the situation.

‘My lips are cracked because of the cold weather and it became worst compared to yesterday, you see- it is still bleeding, I try to cover it with lip balm now so it will not too obvious’ Eunjung show her cracked lips to the latter.

‘You’d worried me’ Jiyeon slapped her shoulder playfully and pouted.

‘You worried for nothing, my cute baby dino’ Eunjung pinched her cheek because of her cuteness when she pout.

Eunjung hugged her cutie girlfriend tightly and so does Jiyeon. They hugging like there is no tomorrow, they remain silence all the way because they can heard each other when their heart is linked together when they are hugging. There is no words can describe their feelings towards each other in these few years that they had been together.


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