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Kim Him Chan!




Full Name: Kim Himchan,

Position: Sub-Vocal,Rapper, Visual,

Birthday: April 19, 1990,

Height: 180cm,

Weight: 69kg,

Blood Type: O,

Education: National School for Traditional Music,

Trainee Time: 1.5 years.




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Chapter 3: Wow!!!!!!!!!
[deactivated] #2
Chapter 20: I hate the fact that i'm older than Zelo, lol. by more than a year. damn it. OTL and stupid companies, they don't know what they lost. At least Baby Zelo became a BAP member. *u*
What kind of idiot would reject Zelo cuz of his young age?! YG accepted people who are younger than 16!
I am so into BAP although a new, recent fan. This will help me out a lot. Thank you *bows*
I totally in love with this group ^^ like really ^^m
Baby Jello is so cute >.<
And the photo of Jongup's abs T^T I Love You!
Please update ^^
Lol Chapter 19 :D AH~ He still has time to grow, but he's adorable! The way he is now is cute~
lol Jongup gets his muscles by dancing >~< Interesting... And poor Jongup~ He got lost in America!
Jello and Jongup sleeping together either because of nightmares or can't sleep is cute!
Aww~ I like how Youngjae prefers his girl not to wear showy clothes >~<
Need more! :D
Fade123 #9
Loves <3 chapter 17!!! (>_<)
Fade123 #10
Thx for adding Zelo facts (>_<)
As usual he is so cute...