Where Are You? [REVAMPED]

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Din-Ah, an ordinary girl. She wasn't a 'Mary-Sue' or a 'Wallflower'.
She has a decent life, living with her sister and friends

Her parents died in a supposedly 'car accident' when she was young.
Her life was pretty normal, never really experienced love and all that other stuff.
 But that all changes until she meets Chen. From that moment on everything changes.

Everything begins to change, not only for Din-Ah but for the people surrounding her.
When the past is revealed, the present changes and the future is unpredictable.
Will it hurt someone? Where will they go when they're stuck?


[2020 - i swear, this is the best i can do to describe this story; i started this without any idea or plot planned out -- young me just wanted to publsih a story]


Hello, everyone!!!! This is my first fan fic!!!! I had to re-write this because it got deleted. :( but I'm here to re-write it again :)!! Sorry for spelling errors. Do not re-write this fanfic in another website and claim it as yours!!!!!!! Hope you enjoy!!!! :D Oh and this is an AU Story (Alternate Universe. In this story our EXO boys aren't really idols~)

2020: After looking through the story, I realize that this is such a meh story. As an upcoming senior in college, looking back at the story makes me want to cry xD. It's not the best, so I would like to thank everyone who decides to subscribe and actually read it. I spent the my June and July working on it, and revamping a lot of things. The plot is the same (cause I honestly don't want to fix it; I'm not even sure if it can be fixed lol) I did take out a lot of chapters and made some slight changes so things would make sense (to some degree). I was a dumb middle schooler when i wrote this story, so I would like to warn you in advance that it's kind of xD Feel free to check out some of my other stories (way better than this since I was a bit older when i wrote them).

Oh and there will be lots of typos and some grammatic errors. I'm honestly to lazy to fix them 


Poster Credits- 


Unknown (I wish I remebered who created this poster -- I was editing the foreward and somethong went wrong, resulting in me losing the username of this beautiful masterpeice)



Characters Girls-

   Din-Ah  18

   Mi Cha  18 (Dinah's best friend)

   Sang Hee  21 (Dinah's older sister)

   Hyo Ryung (Hyo)  17

     Hei Ryung (Hei) 16


   Eun Mi  21

Characters Boys-


Exo Members

  • Xiu Min  22
  • Lu Han  22
  • Kris  22
  • Suho  21
  • Lay  21
  • Baekhyun  20
  • Chen  19
  • Tao  19
  • Chanyeol  19
  • D.O.  19
  • Kai  18
  • Sehun  17
WAY officially has come to an end! 131011
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