How to Tie a Tie (Or What to Do With a Sleepy Jinki)

Of Ponytails and a Disinterested Jinki

Minho winced as the alarm clock began to blare in his ear. They’d move it to his side of the bed after a couple of close calls when Jinki had hit the snooze button one too many times, but he still expected the sound to drift across the room rather than scream like an ambulance siren was right next to him. He jumped up in bed and hit the off button, the other hand patting Jinki’s .

“It’s time to get up, babe,” he called softly.

Jinki groaned and turned to the side, burrowing his head deeper in his pillow.

Minho’s hand fell a little harder. “Babe.”


He sighed. “You need to wake up. How are else are the children of South Korea supposed to learn math?”

“Jungsu-sunbae can teach them.”

“You’re hilarious,” he deadpanned, hand moving to tap Jinki’s head. “Now get up.”

Jinki groaned some more and rolled away from Minho’s hand right off the bed. He shrieked as he fell and landed with a harsh thud on the carpet.

Minho chuckled. “Good morning,” he said to the heap on the floor, voice full of warmth.

Jinki wormed his head out from underneath the comforter and glared up at his boyfriend. “‘Morning’ is an antonym for ‘good.’”

“I guess I’ll make breakfast then.” Minho slid off the bed and padded on bare feet to the kitchen, popping a few slices of bread in the toaster and turning on the coffee maker. He smiled as Jinki finally appeared, rubbing his eyes sleepily and hair standing on end as if he’d just been shocked by lightning. The sight made his heart melt just a little. He’d never admit it, but sleepy Jinki was his favorite.


Minho shrugged. “I’m feeling American this morning.”

Jinki grunted, swiping a mug off the counter and plopping down into a seat at their table. Minho filled it with their favorite South American stimulant as Jinki continued to grumble about the state of the world. “How do people function without rice for breakfast?”

“You’ve gone without rice for breakfast before. And, as I recall, you didn’t die either.”

Jinki glared around his cup of coffee. “You are not helping.”

“Honestly, sunshine, you have so much energy I can’t keep up with you.”

“Why am I in love with a morning person?” Jinki bemoaned his fate while the toaster dinged and Minho prepared their meager breakfast.

“Because I’m the only one who puts up with your grouchy bull,” Minho replied easily as he sat back down next to Jinki and passed him a slice of bread.

Jinki muttered darkly, “I’ll show you grouchy bull,” biting into the piece of toast like he had a personal score to settle with it.

Minho chuckled again and pressed his toes lightly against the front of Jinki’s foot. Jinki responded by stepping on both of Minho’s feet. Soon, their little game had turned into an all-out war. A truce was called only after all of the food was finished and they realized that, if they didn’t get going now, they’d be in danger of being late.

Jinki silently moved to clean up the dishes while Minho walked back to their bedroom, picking out the dress shirt, slacks, and tie he would wear. His school wasn’t particularly strict about teacher’s appearances, but he liked to look professional. Except for all this hair. He flicked it back from his face and looped the tie around his neck, smiling at the ends hanging limply across his chest.

“Jinki!” he called.


“I need your help.”

He heard a good-natured sigh of exasperation, followed by footsteps, and then Jinki appeared in the doorway, shaking his head. “You know, I teach you how to do this every morning,” he said as he reached for the ends of the tie and began to form the knot around Minho’s neck, standing on tiptoes to get a better view.

Minho smiled. “And I promptly forget.” He watched Jinki wrinkle his noise in concentration, hands deftly weaving the silk until it formed a perfect Windsor knot. When Jinki was finished, he patted the knot firmly and smiled. Minho leaned down to kiss his boyfriend, the older man’s lips still slightly puffy from sleep and tasting faintly of coffee and buttered bread. “Thank you.”

“You know, sometimes I think you make me tie your tie just so you have an excuse to kiss me.”

“You should get dressed. Don’t want to be late.” He wandered out of the room.

Jinki shook his head, shouting into the bathroom, “I knew it. You’re such a dork.”

“Sheys da man who tripsh over everyting,” Minho taunted around his toothbrush. He was startled when Jinki appeared behind him, lacing his arms around Minho’s waist.

“At least when I want to kiss you, I just do it,” he replied haughtily, pressing his lips to the underside of Minho’s jaw before going back to their bedroom to change into his work clothes.

Minho smiled and spit into the sink, not saying a word.

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eskulapka #1
Chapter 2: Nice read. I enjoyed it!
Chapter 2: And now they're going to be late xD!
But so cuteee!
And those Taemin moments when he dropped something LOL
darkangel11421 #3
GAHH! cutee!! XD lol... onew ... as always the awkward one :P
that is all. Thank you ^^
“Why am I in love with a morning person?”

“Because I’m the only one who puts up with your grouchy bull____,”

So fluffy I can't breathe lol!
Loved it! So very cute.
cute >.<
you should definitely write more onho kekekeke
'Alright, so I have no idea what the ____ is going on, but you’re kind of freaking me out, especially Jinki-hyung what the ____, and the neighbors can see you so please stop. Please. Like, my brain and my social standing in this neighborhood are literally begging you.”

LOLOL THIS LINE <3 XD I really laughed at this~ I laughed and flailed at the whole story! Me gustaaaa~ \O/ Fighting!
Aw this was so cute~ its to bad that this is the last chapter :(