Love Should Go On!



Main Characters :




Park ____ (Picture your Self )

22 years old

About YOU:

Beautiful but Cold-hearted, Very Calm but Become Wild when  you are With Key ( Your top 1 best Friend) ,Over Protective about your friends ( Even if they are few, Talking about true ones)  Don’t like to see them been hurt, and you Will do anything for them, A Hater When peoples judge you Without Knowing the Real you, Friendly if they take time to Know you, Honest and Will Say what you think when it’s needed.

Since Your Young Age, you Were very intelligent and Very into the field of architecture (there’s a reason, Personal reason .. You will know about it Later) When you graduated from High School, You Signed to Study it, Soon, you were Known as The Special Designer. Even if you were still at your 3rd Year at College; But you managed to not Mess With any details.

Many people came asking for you to Design for them, and Yes, you did But it wasn’t for free, Your Reputation Became Wider, and you became richer.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


 Kim Key Kibum (Your top 1 Best Friend)

23 Years Old                 

About Key :

He is that Gay Hot Friend of yours, that With him you can do anything, He has that Free soul that With him you can be yourself, he Live With you , Since you were the one who asked him too, he even Sleep in the Same Bed as you, he Look like a cat, a Diva,.. He can be like a Mother sometimes; he is Very Honest, sensible, fragile, emotional… But sometimes he Become Very Manly When You Are In Trouble.

When He begin talking about his Relations you ignore him, because he annoys you to hell, Peoples think You are a couple since your are almost always Hugging each other’s and Playing around and laughing and sharing food.

Him and The SHINee Like They Call themselves, and Are like your Bodyguards. ( You Will Know About their position in the Story).


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Do Kyung Soo. (Known as D.O)

22 Years Old

About D.O :

Comes With The Story Later


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Kim Jun Myeon. ( Known as Suho  )

23 Years

About Suho :

Comes With The Story Later.



Flash Back


 I wasn’t even able to look at her straigh in the eyes, I said I didn't Love her, was I saying the truth!! Once I and Finally looked at her, I Smirked at her and said that she were burden for me... I felt Like crying my Heart because I said That to her,... but I Couldn't, Not Now and She Was Here, infront of me... I wanted Her to slap me, to yell at me, to curse me But... No! She didn't!

She only said '' hm.. I understand '' Smiled that Smile that Melt me, and it wasn't a fake one!!... than Went Off, With no turning Back ! ... I Wanted To Run After Her, Pull her in my embrace and Say That I was Sorry and How Much I love Her... I..I...



* * * * * * * * * *


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Chapter 3: why kibum is a gay...........:""")