You Make Me Tingle


Adrienne Choi is a normal English girl. The differences in Adrienne are her mother is Japanese, her father is Italian, her grandmother is Chinese and her grandfather is Korean. When Adrienne was two years old, her family moved to Japan, she could speak English but she was being spoken to in Japanese by her mother. Then when she was eight, they moved too Italy, this gave Adrienne another language, putting her up to three, then when she was 14 they moved to France adding her total to four Languages before she was 16.
Adrienne found travelling fun, but when she was 15 and they moved back to England, she didn't want to leave.

Now 19 Adrienne is told she is moving again, this time to South Korea. She sad at the thought of leaving her friends and her beloved England, but once in Korea things start to look up when her mother tells her of an audition for none other than K-Pop band U-Kiss.

This is the story of Adrienne Choi and Kim Kibum. Of love, fun, hurt and joy


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