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There were two eras in Minseok’s life; pre-Lu Han and post-Lu Han – and the moment those two ages collided was the pivoting force that aligned every instant of his existence.

Until the end.


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Including various EXO cameos, such as:

  • Chanyeol's indie band, Urban Blackout - Baekhyun, Kyungsoo, Tao.
  • Lu Han's Seoul & Beijing back-up dancers - Jongin, Sehun, Yi Xing
  • Maybe more.



April 2012

Post-Lu Han

He hadn’t opened the curtains in 2 days. Or was it 3? He didn’t know anymore. The days had a habit of melding into one long, numb interlude that caused the rest of reality to fade away. Remembering that it was only April was painful enough. Post-Lu Han.

He didn’t know what time of day it was, but he presumed it was morning. Can you define the morning as the moment you first open your eyes? He lay on his back, cushioned by his quilt, and stared up at the rogue beam of pale light that escaped through the window, like a gap through the bars. He watched as dust and fluff particles danced in the seemingly non-existent breeze, sailing through the stale air like smoke.

Getting up was always the worst part. He clung to any insignificant distraction to delay the inevitable.

Once he’d hauled himself into the living room, something caught his eye. Through the sea of empty cans, nightclub wristbands and baijiu bottles he didn’t have the heart, or courage, to throw away, a bright green sticky-note shone from the lid of his beloved laptop. He walked over and plucked it off, reading: 


He sighed. Jongdae always did have a way with words. Though he silently wished he hadn’t blessed him with a spare key to his apartment.

But he did have a point – despite everything, there was still an article to write, an issue to publish and a frustrated editor to satisfy. Maybe now it was time.

He pulled out a chair and sat down, opening his computer. It whirred and hissed in irritation from lack of use. Minseok sympathised; he knew how that felt. As he pulled up a new document, his fingers lingered over the keyboard with uncertainty. Where do you even begin with something like this? How do you even start putting the entire experience into words?

The title. He knew from the moment he was seated what the title would be. That was the easiest part.

With a deep breath, he started typing; tapping his fingers against the keys to spell out the only word worthy to explain such a…well, such a phenomenon.




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Okay so I started reading this since Thursday and went on a spree because I decided I just had to finish it. And I don't regret binge reading at all. This is absolutely marvelous. The poster always fascinated me for sure haahhaha but after reading the fic the whole concept of supernova being the title makes even more sense and honestly, it's so amazing. This fic. The concept. The pair ofcourse (my hart bleeds for xiuhan ;A;) and most importantly, your writing. It made my feels go up and down a constant emotional roller coaster and I also couldn't help but squeal during the 'mine' and 'yours' part because ???? how to even say haha the FEELS MAN DAMN YA GOT ME RIGHT IN THE FEELS. I can't collect enough words to say how much I love this fic. I knew I was right when I put it the first on my read list :) Thank you so much for blessing us with this xiuhan glory.
alamela040401 #2
Chapter 9: And I found myself reading this again for the nth time.... Masterpiece! :)
baozi007 #3
Chapter 9: I love this fic. Thanks for creating such a masterpiece.
baozi007 #4
Chapter 9: I love this fic. Thanks for creating such a masterpiece.
luucaiey #5
Chapter 9: this was so beautiful a tear fell from my eye thank u so so much for writing it!!!! i'm so honoured to read such a work of art and i hope ur proud of urself for writing it! well done and thank u <3 this is not a story i'll easily forget
peacemaker18 #6
Good story!!
Wow, this was so beautiful... I almost cried, such an amazing story! Wish I could upvote, but don't have the karma for it... But as soon as I do, I'll come back and upvote, because this wonderful fic deserves it!
Xiuhanisloveok #8
Chapter 9: I have no words for this.
Love you,author nim for writing this, I love this fic with all my heart xx
MiszCJung #9
Chapter 9: This is so beautiful and ... so much more. I get confused with the dates at first, but all is good. Im happy that good things did comes after all the torture and they get to achieve their dreamsssss~~ and the fact that they did that while staying together. ♡♡♡♡
mimi2048 #10
Chapter 9: I just found this story and I read it in one go. This is so beautiful and I really love this story omg :""" your writing is so good, thank you for writing and sharing this story!