Robot Boyfriend: Insanity Level 1000


Luhan is perfect.

He's amazingly cute, stunningly handsome, extremely intelligent and just the Mr Nice that every single girl falls in love with. He's just virtually perfect, so perfect, it's like he's not human!

But wait.....he isn't.

Luhan is a robot.



Hello! :D I'm Goddess and I'm here with a new fic for you!

And this time, featuring one of the prettiest guys I've ever seen....LUHAN!!!

Whoohoo for EXO-M lovers (: I thought I wasn't fair that I kept using EXO-K so here you M lovers are! ^^



Haejung was dumped.

Harshly, unmercifully, cold-heartedly dumped. And expected of every hopeful girl that got dumped by the man of her dreams, her heart was crushed and brokened into a thousand pieces.

But this girl was exceptionally stubborn in her pursuit of her ideal guy, and she couldn't find it in herself to hate this cold-hearted boy who had broken her heart.

She wallowed in her sorrow, crying, sulking, until....

Robot Boyfriend. Guaranteed satisfaction of 1000%


What the hell is that?

Dating the guy of her dreams for a mere two weeks isn't exactly what you'd call dating experience, and our dear Haejung's pretty much a green bud in love.

And that's exactly what her robot boyfriend is for.

Luhan is everything a girl wants in a guy. He's extremely cute and considerate, the perfect boyfriend. And this boyfriend is going to teach her the ropes of love.


That is, if he knows about it himself. Which is actually: barely.

This boyfriend is here to help her get the guy of her dreams. This boyfriend is going to make any girl jealous of Haejung. And this boyfriend is going to help her get the love of her life.

But what the RB company didn't tell her was how insane her life was going to be with the addition of this cute robot.

What they didn't tell her was how difficult it was to NOT form emotional attachments to her robot boyfriend.

And what they really failed to tell her was what she's supposed to do if she falls in love...with a robot?



Heheeeeee how's the background? I couldn't find any decent robot backgrounds so I tried making my own on microsoft paint. The resolution is baaaaad and I have no idea why but oh welllllll


Luhan is perfect.

He's amazingly cute, stunningly handsome, extremely intelligent and just the Mr Nice that every single girl falls in love with. He's just virtually perfect, so perfect, it's like he's not human!

But wait.....he isn't.

Luhan is a robot.




Age: 19


A little on the nerd side, a little too blur, a little too ignorant of everything happening around her. That's Yoo Haejung.

She hasn't any dating experience except for the two blissful weeks she had with her one and only boyfriend of all time Yoon Doojoon.

She couldn't even remember when she started liking him. Her heart had always been his in her memory and she thought it would remain that way for the rest of her life.

When Yoon Doojoon asked her out, she was brought to the heavens, she was floating so high she found it hard to breathe. Could happiness taste better than this? She thought she had died on the spot with exhileration.

And likewise when he dumped her, she crashed all the way from the highest of the heavens to the lowest of hell. Longing for him silently to herself was vastly different from getting her heart broken publicily, she realized.

But she didn't hate Doojoon for what he did, because she loved him. And might always do so.

That was, until a certain robot walked into her life with that bright ceaseless smile of his and lit her life up in ways she cannot imagine.

He would be there to help her get Doojoon and what's so bad about having such a cutie face at home hmm?

But what she didn't expect was how insane her life would become with the arrivial of this cutie robot. How feelings might change. How everything she was certain of suddenly became unsure.

What is she supposed to do when she falls in love with a robot?




Age: -Manufacture date uncertain-


His IQ seemed to extend beyond human capabilities. His smiles so bright and charming that they seemed to glow brighter than the sun. His perfectness radiating from every inch of his perfect skin.

And what did you expect, he's a freaking robot.

He's supposedly manufactured by The RB company and is one of the company's first successful productions. Renting a Robot Boyfriend like him isn't too cheap, but he's given to Haejung for free since there's a need to gage the performance of this Robot #0001.

The company boasts of 1000% satisfaction if you rent this particular boyfriend, and he can help you acheive any of your romantic dreams. Get that guy you like, try out for a date, pretend boyfriend. You want it, you got it.

Luhan got assigned to Haejung, his first client girlfriend.

The slightly introvert girl that was extremely stubborn at the wrong times. The cute girl that stuck her tongue out when she did something wrong and knocked herself on the head. The stupid girl that continued loving a guy who had dumped her.

Wanting to be a great robot, Luhan promised to help Haejung get Doojoon and his heart.

Is he able to succeed?

What happens when Haejung's heart no longer belongs to Doojoon any longer?

And what happens when this cutie pie robot of ours that barely knows what's love finds himself developing....strange feelings that weren't programmed in him in the first place?

Is it possible for a robot to fall in love?







One of the Mr Populars in Kyunghee University taking media as his course together with his friends.




Five Mr Populars bundled together to make a VERY POPULAR group of five stunningly handsome guys. They would later add Luhan in their collection of pretty faces.



As you can probably see, Yoon Doojoon is going to be the bad guy here. He's my bias from Beast and I really wanted to put him here but there's only the bad guy role yeah :D
If you're his No.1 fan or something, beware alright? Don't say I didn't tell you.





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#RobotBF: Read carefully and notice my choice of words and details. There are clues :)


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Chapter 71: Wow l really enjoyed this story!!
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enjoyed this one.great authornim (◠﹏◠✿)
i really enjoy this story
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Chapter 71: This is an amazing story. I really enjoyed it a lot. The robot idea was really interesting. Thank you Ms. Author.
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Chapter 71: That cute maknae sehun lol Hunhan jealousy xD
'I lurb you' ..............can't take anymore lmao get a room *infinite loud cackles*
Thank you for writing this amazing fic. I myself love Lu Han X OC fics with whatever genre and here you're Goddess made it awfully amazing so I couldn't ask for more. I wonder what your brain is made of like how this kind of amazing plot comes out. I got my inspiration. Thank you for that.
Honestly, when I witnesses the chapter name list, I saw 'turning human' and kinda confused how would you do the transformation. It's not sci-fic so I had to wonder till the last. I loved and obsessed with the way you mashup-ed the topic with robot to human thing. Representing those murderer like Dr. Yang(s) are out here in reality. They are scary and do this kind of experiment for real tho not like this but I, myself sometime think like this since I myself a student of 'Sciene' lol
The genre was unique to recommend.
I kind of got disappointed that there's not many readers reading till last chapters. I don't get why either. Whatever, Thank you again for writing for this warm story feeling real. In OC X Idol stories, I myself don't compare with my own self with the OC bcos it doesn't get along with my character but I love to think the way story goes with different AU with another person (exist or not)
Always loves your mind blowing fics.

Well done! Have a nice day/life! Take care, author!

- A Loyal & Loud reader.
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Chapter 70: *gasps* 6 months unconscious?
Author, you know you're amazing when it comes to making fun. I really love it when EXO-M cracks jokes. My tummy hurts haha
Wait, Lu Han made a comeback to his life? asdfghjkl! Just let those love bird get married already Jungie X Lu lu
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Chapter 69: 'You're killing all the trees so the mountains won't have any trees and I won't no longer meditate on mountains' - Tao (best line)

Lu Han's gonna wake up. Lu Han's gonna wake up. Lu Han's gonna wake up. Lu Han's gonna wake up. *prays* Don't hurt me pls my poor heart T.T
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Chapter 68: aww my bias got a line "No, we won't" ---Happy! Yay!!! Chanyeol FTW~

I don't think Lu Han's gonna die. Just replace his generator with his own heart.
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Chapter 67: OK, I can be a robot a robot instead all of them. This is so heartbreaking! T.T Not that much talking but can feel the bitterness.
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Chapter 66: Nokia?????? man, thanks to Finland!
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but it's not safe for them yet. Gotta leave