Pedo Himchan,Cute Zelo,Daehyun on a diet,one pissy Young Jae,a not really interested Jong Up and a really confused Yongguk.



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jessy-lee-taemin #1
Please update soon! This is a good Himlo story :)
HannieGoreDoll #2
@kacichan: haha you'll see in the next chapterrr <3 @deathnote290595: haha i had to,the whole tongue guy kissing people made me think of both o.o well i agree i think himchan is probably the only male person bang has a thing for,zelo is like his little brother from what i've seen....thats why i just don't see banglo.and the rest are family too....for me it's like in naruto when they make itachi and sasuke a pair....god no XD and for himlo,himchan seems to really adore zelo,and i like how zelo looks at him.they have chemistry.the people that fight the most i figure like eachother most haha @whitecolour: haha yeah,zelo aint gonna be a baby trust me don't worry i see zelo as a top as well,himchan is just plain....divaderp too pretty to top
whitecolour #3
FANGIRL SCREAMS!!! Bang n Zelo fighting for channie!! I love this!!! Can't Zelo top? He's no innocent kitty like in other fanfics anyway.. hehehe..... I love the 2nd gif! I didn't realized channie was looking at himlo pic till i saw the gif! OMG!!! Can't wait for update!
sugaswife #4
Miyavi? Seriously Zelo? LOOOOL XD All the HimLo feels, when I saw on my dash that Himchan was looking at HimLo pics I was like: Daaamn~ BangHim has some concurrence ahead...not that I mind, I can't chose between those two >.< They are like...TITANIUM SHIPS!!! I SWEAR! Update soon~ ^^
Kacichan #5
Kekeke, bad boy Zelo and sweet Channie and depressed Bang and _______ed Daejong :D. Is JaeJae waiting for Bang? :D
dubufiedfiza #6
Ohmygursh zelo is so innocent haha!who just barged in!?that bish!HIMCHAN ____ HIM HARD.XDsorry.i blame you for making zelo so innocent!gohd.
Kacichan #7
omo omo, kawaii HimLo. They are so cute together!
sugaswife #8
HIMLO FINALLY!!!!!!!! YONGGUK/WHOEVER YOU ARE, YOU COCKBLOCK! update soon~ please, I haven't read a HimLo fic since I wrote one XD