My White Valentine

Just by minutes, I arrive at her shooting location. As I walk, I see a lot of reporters in that place. Ah yeah, it’s we got married shooting location, of course it will be a lot of reporters. So I just go in from the secret place. The crews help me. They know me too well since I’m always play around their shooting location if I don’t have any schedule.



“She is right there.” One of the crews who guide me told me.



I smile then I walk into the place. It’s a hidden park actually. I walk in till I found her sitting in a bench. She is crying now and I wonder what was happened.




“Seohyunnie, are you okay?” I asked her as I sat beside him.

“Oppa.” She suddenly hugs me without looking at me once.

“Hey I’m not your husband.” I was joking but she seems to be serious.

“Of course I know you are not him. I know you are Kyuhyun Oppa.” She let out the hug.



“So tell me what have been happened?” I asked her seriously this time.


“He cheated on me.” Seohyunie told me. Her tears keep falling down.

“You mean Yonghwa cheated on you? How come?” 




Even though they are in a virtual marriage but I know how much Seohyun loves him. She always says everything that they’ve done and everything about him that made her love him. She never said that she loves him but from what I see and I hear, I can say that she really in love with him. Even it makes my heart hurts, but if she is happy I can let go of my feeling. 



“Jjinjak? I thought he loves you.”

“It’s because of the devil Hara who came out and ruined it all.”

“Oh I heard about that. Heechul si said to me. He said he saw it on the internet. So is that really true?”

“Yeah. They’ve been dated. You know what the worst part is.” Seohyunie start to cry again.



I wipe out her tears. I can let her crying like this. Her beautiful face is not beautiful if it full with tears. I just want her to smile. Her smile will make her more beautiful.



“He used me to increase his popularity, my Girls Generation image. I hate to be a SNSD member now.”

“Seohyunie, don’t say it! It’s a bless to become a SNSD member. You all are the best nation girl group now. You must be proud of that.”

“Yeah, I know. But all the boys want to become my boyfriend because I’m a SNSD member.”

“It’s a risk. Just let go of it.”

“I can even stay to this anymore. I think I ruin out my career because of this last reason.”

“The last reason?”

“Yes, the last reason why I’m crying now.”

“What is it?”

“You, Oppa.”




“Me? What did I do till I make you cry like this?”

“You didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just me whole stupid thing by telling him that I love…”

“That you love him?” I guess it. No I can make sure it’s right.

“Anneyo Oppa. It’s not him.”

“It’s not him? It’s someone else then?”




I got shocked in a moment. I never thought that she will love someone else, someone that I don’t know.



“Yes. Neorago.”



This time I’m totally in shock. I never imagine that she have a same feeling as me. She always said things about her virtual marriage and her virtual husband. But then she told me that she love me. It’s way too impossible. 



“Me? I’m not him.”

“Oppa. I know you are not him.”

“So you mean you are in love with me? It’s impossible.”

“Why? I know you love me too.” She smile.

“I can hide it right?”




She is smiling. She knows me too well. I thought she didn’t know that I love her since the first time we met. But it’s a surprise that she is in love with me too. But I still don’t get it. Why she must to cry because all of this.



“Then why do you have cry?”

“Because I told that stupid thing to him and he told everyone in front of the camera.” Seohyun begin to cry again. “He even told the reporters about it.”

“Then why should you cry? Are you sad because of this?” I smile.

“Why are you smiling? This is a big problem Oppa.”

“Is it because of the anti fans?”



I just realized it. She is really afraid if someone not likes her. I remember when I hold her hand in our performance in SM Town last year. It became a trending topic everywhere. The next day she came to me and told me that her anti fans risen up twice than before. She became really sad and she told me not to hold her hand in the next performance we had. But I ignored it. I even did something more romantic than just hold her hand. I patted her hair. It’s became a huge topic everywhere. My member and the crew didn’t know that I would do it too. They thought that I just wanted to hold her hand, but indeed I made some action that made them surprise.


I laugh. I thought it was something serious. Yes it was serious matter, but it can be solved anyway.



“Don’t cry, okay? You know even if that jerk didn’t tell the reporters, they will found out too someday.”

“I know that you won’t mad at me. But how about the company?”

“Don’t worry. I will solve this problem. But what am I worry about is our group.”




“You mean I ruin our members’ career too?”

“Nope. I just afraid they don’t accept us as a couple.”

“Yeah, you’re right. I’m also afraid of that. Why don’t we keep our relationship from them?”

“Pardon? What kind of relationship we have?”

“So after this long talk and my confession to the public, we still not a couple?”



She stands up and walks away from me. I was said it jokingly. But she took it seriously. I stand up and chase her. Then I hug her from behind. She is surprise.



“Oppa!” She said it with her beautiful voice.

“I’m just kidding. Saranghe Seohyunie.” I whispered to her.


She turns to me, and she said something that made my heart thumping faster and faster.


“Nodu saranghe Oppa.”



I kiss her as she has finished her words. It was a passionate kiss. I think she is shock because of my sudden action but then she kisses me back.



“Wait a second!” I broke up the kiss. “I want to know why did you keep talking about your virtual marriage in front of me? I thought you do that because you love him.”

“I just want to make you jealous.”




She didn’t answer by any word. She kisses me and it is another passionate kiss. I never want to let go of it. Indeed if I can stop the time, I will do it. But I can’t.


“So let’s go then.” She said as we’ve finished kissing.

“Where will we go?” I asked her.

“We will go to our favorite place, Leeteuk Oppa’s KTV. Yoona said that the party has over, but they still want to enjoy the night so they went to KTV.”

“So that’s how they spend their valentine day right?”

“Valentine? I haven’t said it to you, right? Happy Valentine Oppa!”

“Happy Valentine too!”

“Let’s go then.”

“Yeah, my stupid little girl.”

“Hey I’m not stupid and I’m not a little girl anymore.”


I smile and I grab her hand. We then walk to the car. I think this is the best valentine day that I ever have in my life.




This chapter should be the final chapter, but I add two more chapters to make it more complete. Thanks for all the subscribers and the readers. Your subscriptions and your comments are means a lot to me. Gumao!


PS: Sorry for the late update. Hope you enjoy the story so far!





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Lyzza1726 #1
Chapter 10: Nice ending...hopefully it will happen in reality...
Stand4SeoKyu #2
Chapter 10: Good job Chingu for ending the fic, so funny but makes me curious what would happen next..
Seobb so brave at the end and Kyubb soooooo romantic and gentleman!!! ;)
i finish it, frenz
so sweet n adorable...
adeloveskyu #4
Whooooaaa.. Evil maknae turned to be romantic maknae.. Seokyu couple so sweet and brave.. Soooo proud!!!
I love this story ;)
cryingangel012 #5
kyaa!<br />
The ending is so romantic. I mean seohyun is the one who told that in the public t.v.<br />
I'm looking forward to your stories XD
Waa, I loved this <3<br />
So sweet O3^~<3
little_princess #7
@cryingangel012: Oh Gosh! Thank you for your compliment. I really hope you can read another story of mine too. Thanks
cryingangel012 #8
wow. <br />
IT REALLY FEELS LIKE HEAVEN. hehe they're so sweet! Whoo i really love this story.XD <br />
one of the bestest stories i've ever read! XD
cryingangel012 #9
wow. <br />
IT REALLY FEELS LIKE HEAVEN. hehe they're so sweet! Whoo i really love this story.XD <br />
one of the bestest stories i've ever read! XD
little_princess #10
@strawberryposh: thank you. I am so happy after read your comment