He's My Donut Boy!


Yong Mi Rae has crushed on the neighbor's donut store boy, Do Kyungsoo ever since the first grade. She'll never forget the day he gave her the heart shape donut, which was covered in strawberry frosting. That was her only and first gift from a boy, as she remembered how no boys wanted to accept her chocolates. Mi Rae was really sad, but when the young boy Kyungsoo gave a donut to her exchanging for the chocolates, Mi Rae couldn't be any happier.

Years passed, as both Mi Rae and Kyungsoo studied in the same high school together. Mi Rae wasn't upset at the fact that Kyungsoo was surrounded by other female students, because she knows that he's all hers. Well, they're not dating just yet, but she knows in her heart that they will. Mi Rae is just still very scared of confessing, since she's seen Kyungsoo kindly rejecting other female students.

However, not long before Mi Rae can make a confession, she found out that there was a rival she'll have to compete against with. Which that rivalry of hers is the popular Class Representative Choi Seo Hwa. She's been in love with Kyungsoo in forever also, and has been visiting the donut shop countless of times, and Mi Rae is very annoyed by her presence.

So in the end, will Mi Rae's confession work out, or will her happy land turn upside down, since she's gotten a rivalry on the side?

RatedRawr Presents: He's My Donut Boy!

No, it's not this mofo's birthday, LOL. But because I wanna thank my buddy Rays for getting me into EXO, I've decided to write this for her. As I will never choose ONE BIAS in EXO, as they ARE ONE, I love her for making them grow onto me. PLEASE DON'T PLAGIARIZE!


"Hi, I'm Do Kyungsoo," the little boy said, as he looked at the little girl who sat alone on the bench. 

"Hi, I'm Yong Mi Rae," the little girl introduced herself back to the boy.

"Your chocolates looks good. Is it okay if I have them? I'll give you my donut in return," the young Kyungsoo said, as he looked at Mi Rae with huge owl eyes, which drooled for the chocolates. 

"You...you want my chocolates?" The young Mi Rae asked, and the wide eyed Kyungsoo nodded his head.

"Here, you can have my donut in return," young Kyungsoo said, as he took out a pink heart shaped donut.

Mi Rae smiled, as she and the boy quickly exchanged the sweets.

"I'll see you around!" He shouted, and then ran off to play with the other kids.

"Do Kyungsoo~" Mi Rae snored in her sleep, as a smile crept on her face.


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Chapter 1: Shoooo cuteeeeeeeeeee
Waaa~~~ This was just so...so...awesome!! And I mean it!! How she replied to Seo Hwa in the end was just daebak, she totally deserved it.
Such a cute and fluffy story! <3 I think that you are able to nail every genre you write. Haha!
iceprincess08 #5
Uwaahhhh. This is cute, so cheesy OTL
Aawoo! So cute
you made me craving for donust and chocolates, author-nimm~ ._.
omgah i'm glad she warned that girl. that girl is so rude but woohoo together ;D