The Difficulty Of Being Kim Sung Gyu



Behind that happy and perfect illusion of Idols Infinite hides way too many secrets. WooHyun can't stop worrying about his image, SungYeol reached bottom with his painful secret, DongWoo won’t stop comparing himself with others while SungJong keeps craving for company, HoWon seeks for perfection and MyungSoo on the other side disconnects completely his feelings from life.

Taking care of six people isn't an easy task, SungGyu knows best. 




- Sneak Peak

Something was bothering him. He wasn’t sure what it was...until he heard a buzzing sound. It was his phone that wouldn’t stop vibrating on the floor. With difficulty, he managed to open his eyes and grab it, all the while, wondering who it was that would be calling so late at night.


“Yeah?” He said, his voice heavily accented from sleep. His half closed eyes caught sight of the hour from a nearby clock, it was only 3:24 in the morning.


“…H-Hyung?” A feeble and hurt voice replied on the other end. He recognised that voice and was now completely awake. His attention was caught by a small sob, something was wrong.


He sat up instantly as he whispered, “SungYeol? Hey, what’s wrong?”


“I-I just—I’m s-sorry…” SungYeol babbled more apologetic words between sobs. The sound of cars could be heard in the background.


“Where are you?” Quickly he jumped out of bed grabbing his jeans and wallet.


“Help me p-please… I ed it all up...”


That instant, SungGyu knew something was very wrong…














- Author Notes

This might be a ridiculous long fanfiction since the story develops at its own rhythm.

Warning: there will be Boy Love and some swearing but I won't bother in posting (M) since there will be no actual .

Now, if you don't mind that, you're completely welcome to read.


- Editor:xxidpeace, please show her lots of love for her care for this fic! 




Just so you know... I'm almost done with the last chapter :3

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yongloverevolution #1
Congrats on getting featured!
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suddenly i just remember about this ... and re-read it again in 2018 ...
hope you well author-nim ^^
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I cried so hard the first time I read it and cried equally as hard if not more the second time. It was amazingly written.
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I loved this story and I honestly cried a lot too haha
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i read this fic maybe around 2 years ago? It's really good. I'm happy this fic got featured because that's what it deserve. Congrats, authornim!
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Congrats :)