Surviving School
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Chapter 22

Jiyong could not sleep that night. After the talk with Seunghyun made Jiyong feel uneasy. He was highly suspicious of Seunghyun and Bom’s relationship especially since the incident at the basketball game where Bom disappeared right after Seunghyun left the court. The weird coincidence troubled him. Maybe it wasn’t a coincidence? Jiyong did tell Bom to stay away from Seunghyun. Would she break the promise? That’s why he needed to know how Seunghyun feels about her. Seunghyun didn’t actually confess that he like Bom but the way his face lit up when he mentioned Bom was enough evidence for Jiyong . Jiyong decided he should wash his face, he just couldn’t sleep.

Jiyong headed towards the bathroom and along the way he heard loud rustles coming from Seunghyun’s room. Jiyong peeped through the keyhole to Seunghyun’s room. Jiyong could see Seunghyun tossing and turning. He wasn’t the only one that couldn’t sleep properly. Jiyong could hear Seunghyun mumbling. Jiyong listened carefully. It surprised him to hear Seunghyun weeping.

“Father… give me another chance…..” Seunghyun uttered.

Jiyong entered the room to see if Seunghyun was awake. He checked his eyelids to see if they were shut.

“Seunghyun are you ok? Are you awake?” Jiyong whispered.

There was no reply, just an awkward silence. Jiyong sighed and realised that Seunghyun was sleep talking. Jiyong was about to step out of the room until Seunghyun started to sleep talk again.

“I’m sorry Bom…”

Jiyong went up to Seunghyun and gently tapped his shoulder.

Seunghyun was definitely sleep talking.


Jiyong pulled his sleeves and tightened his tie. Jiyong pushed his fringe to the side as he stared at a handsome man in the mirror. Jiyong walked to Seunghyun’s room and noticed Seunghyun was still soundly asleep while he was all dressed up.

“Seunghyun I’m going to school first. You can use of my cars to go to school, just ask my mom for the keys.” Jiyong’s voice alarmed Seunghyun. Seunghyun rubbed his eyes and titled his head so he could see the clock in the room.

“Dammit Ji. Why are you going to school so early?” Seunghyun mumbled as he struggled to get out of the bed.

“That’s because I need to pick Bom up.” Jiyong replied before he started to head outside.

“Wait Ji! Why don’t we go to school together?” Seunghyun instantly jumped of his bed looking for his clothes.

“But I don’t want to keep Bom waiting. You’re not even dressed up yet…” Jiyong mentioned in an annoyed tone. Seunghyun immediately searched for his clothes.

“Just give me 5 minutes and I’ll be ready.” Seunghyun snapped.

Jiyong sighed. He should have kept his mouth shut. Now he has to wait for Seunghyun.


Bom waited patiently for Jiyong. He was never this late before. It worried her. Is he ok?

“Jiyong’s late today?” Minzy interrupted Bom’s train of thoughts.

“Yeah…maybe I’m bothering him too much. I should just walk to school every day instead of making him drive me to school!” Bom cried.

“Bom! Jiyong doesn’t mind driving you to school. I’m sure he likes it!” Minzy screamed at the worried Bom.

Knock Knock Knock

“I’ll get it! I want to greet Jiyong first!” Minzy chimed as she raced for the door. Minzy was so excited and quickly opened the door, only to find someone else. Minzy heart stopped beating. She recognised this man. It was the same man that brought her home safely when she ran away.

“Hi Minzy.” Seunghyun was the first person to speak up.

“Seunghyun?” Bom blurted from behind. Seunghyun gave an awkward smile but then suddenly Jiyong pushed him off the door step.

“Sorry Bom! He was very stubborn so he will be joining our ride to school today. Sorry for arriving late!” Jiyong gave Bom a 90 degree bow. Minzy face turned tomato red and quickly hid behind Bom.

“Minzy, what’s wrong?” Bom asked as she could feel Minzy clutching her uniform from behind.

“I’ll tell you later Bommie…” Minzy whispered.

Bom waved Minzy goodbye before following Jiyong and Seunghyun. This was rather awkward for the three. Seunghyun took Bom’s usual seat at the front besides Jiyong. Bom sat at the back of the car, looking troubled.

“What’s wrong Bom?’ Jiyong asked when they were travelling to school.

“Am I a burden? Am I causing you trouble for you when you drop me to school?”

“Bom I’m willing to drop you to school every day. Don’t worry about it!”” Jiyong laughed.

Bom sighed of relief.

“Jiyong, are you friends with Seunghyun now?” Bom asked.


No one talked after that.


As soon as the three friends stepped inside the school, people just started whispering. Bom gulped, she hated this experience. She would have never thought to experience this again.

Where everyone is staring at you.

Everyone is giving you the cold look

Everyone is starting rumours again.

What is it this time?

Bom released a huge sigh and hung her head low, hiding behind Jiyong. Seunghyun’s eyes were glued onto Bom, he realised that the crowd is hurting her.

“If I hear any false rumours about Bom, you will see me in detention!” Seunghyun yelled at the crowd.

“You can’t do that anymore Seunghyun. You’re not the school captain anymore!” Someone yelled back.

Then it suddenly hit him, they weren’t spreading rumours about Bom. The rumours were directed at Seunghyun because he’s not the school captain anymore. Seunghyun stood in front of the school gates with his jaw hanging open. Everyone was staring at him as if he was some sort of a monster. Seunghyun never had this experience before. He was the one that controlled the students, now he doesn’t have the same power as before. Bom suddenly grabbed Seunghyun and Jiyong’s hands. She dragged the boys away from the crowd finding the isolated chemistry lab.


Bom and Seunghyun entered their class together. It was very awkward, especially since everyone was staring at Seunghyun. However his fan girls are still very loyal and still loved Seunghyun. Seunghyun hesitated on where he was going to sit but in the end he decided to sit next to Bom again. It looked like Bom gave Seunghyun the silent treatment. Was she angry about the argument they had yesterday?

“Bom….I’m sorry if I have made you upset yesterday. I was angry and I didn’t think straight…” He mumbled.

“It’s alright Seunghyun. “ Bom mumbled, but she was concentrating very hard on her work and not even looking at his face. Seunghyun groaned because she preferred to study than hear his apology. Seunghyun eventually snatched her sheet.

“Hey! Can’t you see that I’m working here?” Bom exclaimed.

“Can’t you see that I’m making an apology here?” He snapped back.

“I already heard it! Now give it back!” She whined.

“Hmm how about a no? Let’s make a deal. I’ll give it back if you give me your number. Jiyong wouldn’t give it to me yesterday. We’re friends we should have each other’s number.”

“That’s so cheap! Just give me my test paper back!” Bom pouted. Seunghyun could not resist Bom’s cuteness and eventually handed her test paper back. Bom sighed and wrote her phone numbers on Seunghyun’s sheet of paper.

“If you call me for stupid reasons, I will hang up.” Bom warned Seunghyun. Seunghyun smiled at the numbers and wrote his number on her worksheet.

“You can call me any time you want.” Seunghyun joked. 

“Seunghyun . Stop asking for girl’s numbers and come up here and solve this equation.” The teacher demanded. Seunghyun gave the teacher a death stare. He knew that the teacher hated him. He never paid attention in class and acted like he was the king, now that he isn’t the school captain anymore the teacher took this opportunity to mock Seunghyun. The people in the class stopped what they were doing, just to see Seunghyun answer the question on the board.

Bom looked at the question. She taught Seunghyun how to solve this question before but knowing Seunghyun made her nervous. Seunghyun snatched the whiteboard marker of the teacher’s hand and his mind went blank. The numbers were giving him a headache. The boys in the class started snickering at Seunghyun, they also hated Seunghyun so they took this opportunity to laugh at him as well.

“Stop laughing I bet you guys can’t even do it!” Bom screamed at the boys laughing at the back. The teacher suddenly told the class to be quiet and to let Seunghyun ‘concentrate’. Seunghyun turned to face Bom, his eyes were pleading for help. Bom sighed and mouthed the first step. Seunghyun suddenly remembered everything she taught him and began working out the question on his own. Bom smiled and realised he did pay attention to her tutoring. The teacher at the front was speechless after seeing Seunghyun answer.

“How can this be? You never listen in class…” The teacher murmured.

“I have a tutor that can teach better than you.” Seunghyun grinned. The girls all started giggling. Bom looked at him, was he referring to her?

“Choi Seunghyun, you will have a lunchtime detention with me for disrespecting the teacher!” The teacher snapped angrily.


Bom arrived home after a long day of school.

“Minzy I’m home!” Bom shouted.

Minzy jumped off the couch to give Bom a tight hug. Bom raised her eyebrow at her sister’s sudden affection.

“Bom, you like Jiyong right? No one else right?” Minzy asked immediately.

“Yes. “ Bom replied.

“You know that handsome boy with Jiyong today-“


“Yeah! Well Bom I like Seunghyun very much! Please help make him fall in love with me!” Minzy pleaded.





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