Exposed: The Secret Lives of EXO


Secrets are meant to be told, not kept. Especially secrets that were never yours to begin with...                         





| Posted on Apr 20, 2012  | 8:57 pm |

This blog is for entertainment purposes only. It is not meant to ridicule or defame the persons mentioned.

(Just kidding, it is.)

Names have been altered to protect the privacy of the subjects as well as the livelihood of this author (whose friends will no doubt hunt him down like a buffalo should they ever discover the existence of this blog).

Now let's get the show started...


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I'm so sorry this isn't an update but I logged onto AFF on whim and started reading some of the comments (new and old) that you guys have left and the nostalgia is real T__T I know it's been 2 years but I really do want to finish this for those of you who have shown so much love for "Exposed" ;-;

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hello your fanfic was recommended here:

203 streak #2
Chapter 28: I knew it was gonna be Sehun! Great fic btw :)
Chapter 28: aww it was sehun all along Writing the fanfis I wonder how Tao would react finding out that it is Sehun

I do hope you can update (whenever you can) I would love to know what other shenanigans the members get in too.
Chapter 16: omg this is amazing
Lay Blackmailing Kris to take them to Disney
I love it
Chapter 6: Poor Junmyeon :P
Chapter 28: woah~ so it was Sehun all along?....
ohmagash!! i really love this story!!! it's mysterious and funny... i love how Lay dig up information and manipulate people!!! thanks to you i get to see Lay in whole new light XD
thank you, Author-nim ^^ you are the best!!! <33333
Chapter 25: OMG.... RUN LAY!!! RUN!!!!
Chapter 23: Evil Lay!! is he planning to show their requested story to Kris? hahahaha XD
Chapter 22: detective Lay mode on!!! "You might think you can keep secret from me. but i'll find out- eventually" So cool!!