Arrange Marriage

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He's a star and she's the wife. How will their life be, living in secrecy?









This story is inspired by the filipino novel "Secretly Married"




“Can Yul ride with you tomorrow?” Woori.

“Why?” Yoong looked unpleased.

“Because she needs to be at the university before 7:00 am, Boom said he’ll be late for work, so he can’t drive Yuri to school.” Woori reasoned.

“But—” before he could say anything, Yuri cutted him off.

“It’s okay unnie, I can ride a bus to school, no need to bother HIM.” She snorted after getting a glass of milk.

“Rule number 1, keep our marriage a secret. Rule number 2, stay away from him.” She recited before going back to her room. Woori then glared at Yoong.

“What?? You know it’ll be a fuzz when people saw me with Yuri, I might lose my career.” He defended.

“Whatever.” Woori rolled her eyes, as she continued cleaning the dining table.


“I'll be at my room.” Yoong stated before leaving, as he walk towards his room, he passed by Yuri’s. He heard mumbles and other weird noises, since the door wasn’t fully closed, he peeked through it. There he saw Yuri, hitting her human sized stuff toy.

“Arghh… I really hate you!!.” That was the last thing he heard before proceeding to his room. He slumped his body on the bed and stared at the ceiling. He pulled out something from his wallet and the..

“I'm sorry.” He said, as he eyed the girl on the picture.

“Yuri, I'm really sorry.”


Chapter 58 is up :)

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achie86 #1
Chapter 62: gosh....i thought you were forget this story
grc_grace #2
Chapter 62: Finally u update author and my yoonyul getting back together again :')
-TT-YY- #3
Update soon please
forev9 #4
Chapter 61: I've got a feeling that they already have a child. If this is real, Yoong will be definitely shock
1 points #5
Chapter 62: Thanks for updating ! Glad that everything is sorted out and YoonYul is back yow ! Bye Stan you dont even stand a bit for competing with Yoong :p

Nawww , I thought you will write those repeat moment in Paris too :)))))
Khairunjiha #6
Chapter 62: Here we go, an update i've been dying waiting for. You always make a good job author. YoonYul was already back together and cyrios to know what will happen next. Till then, FIGHTING !!! (^_^)
Durgajrd #7
Chapter 61: Author plz update ur story plzzz...
yoonyulsic_22 #8
Excited for the next update ?? hope you update soon
BumbleY #9
Chapter 61: I miss ur story... i want to know what happen next... * . *
grc_grace #10
Chapter 61: It's already 2years they don't meet even contact each other :0
Ohh I smell a jealousy :D