Onew babo! *What did you just call me? *Jagiyaaa


You somehow just got closed to Onew after he ate the fried chicken that you made in your chicken shop. He said he fell in love with your cooking and want to be your dongsaeng forever. He is a good dongsaeng plus with him, more customers came to your shop thanks to his ocassional visit to your shop.  You somehow got more closer after your routine jogging with him. Ocassional skinship is a must for him and you are comfortable with it since you see him as a dongsaeng or at least you thought so. After one accidental lunch date with Onew which was published by some netizen in some trash website, you feel like being followed by his sasaeng fan.


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Please also enjoy for Taecyeon bias (my first)

for kyuhyun bias (one shot)

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awwwwww so sweet <333
i love it <33
awww cute story =) I can´t wait for you to update and se how it ends =)