Still With You


It's difficult to keep a relationship alive, and it's so much more difficult when you're keeping it away from the public eye. Kim Bum and Kim So Eun are two Korean celebrities who are trying to stay together despite college, distance, show business and their own insecurities. Will they be able to endure everything?

Kim Bum/Kim So Eun - Still With You



This started out as chunks of scenarios based off of real life news revolving around Kim So Eun, Kim Bum and their relationship. It has been a problem of this author, however, to keep up with that premise. I am not Korean, and I haven't been very good at tracking news regarding Bum and So Eun, especially because they don't have projects together (at least, according to my knowledge) at present. I have decided then to make my own SoEul story depicting the usual cycle of teenage relationships that I have witnessed in movies, TV and in real life.

Forgive me for not updating as often as most authors do. I have university and my life, and I hardly find any inspiration to write. I do, however, promise to try and try to finish. I personally know how frustrating it is to love a story and eventually learn that the author has left it hanging on the line.

Do you have any comments? Suggestions? They may inspire me! 


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Chapter 5: nice fic! Keep it up :)
untamedshrew #2
Hi haaachu! I'm not sure if you've heard about it, but Kim So Eun talked about Kim Bum in an interview that came out a couple of weeks ago. She said that they recently exchanged text messages. I hope it can give you some inspiration to come up with a chapter. I'm missing your updates. :)
untamedshrew #3
Chapter 5: Wow thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I love it!!! Kim Bum is the sweetest boyfriend ever. :) I love how he truly understands his girlfriend. He's so considerate knowing that it's her time of the month. Kim So Eun shouldn't be insecure. It's clear that Kim Bum loves only her.

I'm sure Kim Bum isn't dating Eunji. Everything is just for publicity to promote their drama. It's all scripted. ;)

Thank you for this update! It really made my heart swell with joy. Also, thank you for taking my suggestion. I think it would also be nice to include the whole Eunji thing in the story, like So Eun getting jealous and all and the sappy boyfriend making it up to her. :))

What's with Kim So Eun's mom? I hope she won't be a hindrance to their relationship.
FolderName #4
Chapter 5: yup~ keep it coming ^^v the campus couple and what is her mom wants?
Chapter 5: Loved this chapter! Omo, what does her mother want?
camayxxx #6
Chapter 5: love it... can imagine the two in chung ang uni as campus couple :))
LumosStorm #7
Chapter 5: an update!! thank you soo much!!! i missed reading this.
untamedshrew #8
I miss this story. :( I hope you write another chapter soon. I've been on allkpop a lot lately and it's so frustrating how people are starting to ship Kim Bum with Eunji. Maybe you can write about a chapter about this recent development? Like how Kim Bum is giving Kim So Eun assurance that she's the only one for him? :))
untamedshrew #9
Chapter 4: Oh my God. Oh my God. Your update made me jump from my seat. You don't know how long I've been waiting for this!

I LOVE this chapter. Everything just seems to be so believably REAL! Awww Go Ara is so cute, she's like So Eunnie's wingwoman and our couple's number 1 fan. Thank you so much for this! Hope you update soon. :D
I think it's time for kimbum to do something!
BUMSSO ftw!!!
thank you for this!