That Stupid Bet


You attend  highschool, or as you call it "hell", with the same life. Nobody likes you. You only have two friends. Your best friend is named Myungsoo. You have another friend named Ailee. Yet, she doesn't talk to you much since she wants to keep her popularity. On the outside you're blunt and don't care about anybody but yourself. But actually, you're dying inside to have someone there for you. One day, a new kid comes to school and changes both you and Ailee's lives.

This fanfic requires some mild language. Fair warning c:


You/Park Seohyun ( ~~~  in the first couple chapters cuz i was too lazy to change it, LOLOL.)

-Blunt, Careless, Fierce. Only on the outside though. On the inside, you're dying for someone to know the real you.

-Your best friend is Myungsoo. You like him but you're not sure if he likes you back.

-You have one other friend, Ailee, but she only hangs with you when the popular crowd isn't there.

-Your parents are always out of town, so you are alone.

 -Cocky. Player. That's just his appearance though.

- He's actually really sweet on the inside, just doesn't show it.

-He's Mr. Popular

-He isn't sure if he likes you, but he thinks he does.

-Best Friends with You

-One of the most popular guys in school due to his looks.

-Doesn't care what everyone else thinks because he's known you since elementary.

-Nice, sweet, wants to be a singer.

-He likes you.

-He treats you just like a best friend though. In reality, he wants you as his girlfriend. But he doesn't know if you like him.

-One of the popular girls.

-Is your friend but doesn't get seen hanging out with you.

-Boy crazy.

-Really cares for you, just doesn't show it.                                                                                   



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