MY CELEBRITY ROOMMATE - fanfic by huntress
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My predictions turned out to be quite accurate. This is indeed a very long night. I didn't let her sleep until we properly place all the stuffs that has been knocked off the shelf. She is indeed a walking disaster! Yes, no doubt about it. Not once did I lose my patience coz she keeps on banging on things on my apartment. I swear I almost grabbed an axe and dropped it on her skull due to extreme annoyance! :angry: 

How did she manage to survive all these years with that clumsiness? Beware of Sandara Park. If you see her on the street, stay on a safe distance. I cannot guarantee your safety if you're within her orbit. 

She has been on my apartment for just about an hour and so far, my inventory list says there are 3 broken displays and 2 broken CDs. Gahd! Not even the other Big Bang members dare touch my CD collection but she was able to break 2 CDs accidentally while spazzing using my pillow? I don't even wanna ask what she was thinking while she was spazzing coz I have a feeling it will just make my skin crawl. 

I'm a little obsessive-compulsive, my body itches if something is not in place. That's why she seriously has to leave tomorrow after spending the night here coz I will definitely not be able to bear sharing the same roof with her for one more night!

Dara-ahjumma (yes that's what I'm calling her and she doesn't seem to mind), is standing on the side behind the coffee table. I asked her to stand still why I try to fix and clean up the mess that she made. My back is facing her. She has been apologizing nonstop but I just ignored her. I was still ignoring her until I heard a big 'THUD!!!!' followed by 'CRASHHHHHH!!!'. The two sounds that I don't wanna hear at this time. 

FCK!!!!!! Not again!! I pray that THAT was just a pigment of my imagination coz if not, I am going to hurl her tiny as$ out of my window!!!! 

I slowly, VERY SLOWLY, turned my head to look at the NEW MESS that she made. My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw the current situation. OMMMMOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! :blink: 

Remember when I said she's standing behind the coffee table? Well the surface of the coffee table is made of thin glass. She was simultaneously apologizing and bowing a while ago and it turns out she bowed so low that she banged her head on the coffee table surface, breaking it into gazillion pieces!

BRILLIANT!!!! Now I have a broken coffee table to attend to!!! She really is a record breaking catastrophe. I mean, care to tell me WHEN in the history of our planet did anyone able to break a coffee table glass surface while trying to apologize??? UNBELIEVABLE!!!

"DARA-AHJUMMAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!", I yelled like a madman. Never did I feel like beheading a woman until today. She better not let me catch her coz I am going to break her neck!!!! :angry: 

"I'm sorry", she muttered meekly while trying to pick up the broken glasses. It just took me a few strides to reach her. She glanced at me and I immediately stopped on my track. There was a big lump on her forehead due to the impact and it looks like an undeveloped tiny horn. It's really weird. Now she looks like a mutant ahjumma.

She continued to pick up the broken glass while I continued staring at that weird looking lump on her forehead. EeewwwwW! I didn't even dare go near her in fear that something might just sprung out of that tiny horn. But I noticed that her fingers are now bleeding as she continued to pick up the broken glasses. I sighed heavily. She's hopeless! HOPELESS, I tell you.

"You're bleeding. Stop that.", I said. She just stared at me with a bewildered look. Then she looked at her fingers and just shrugged it off as if it's an everyday occurrence to her. 

I impatiently pulled her up and asked her to sit on the couch as I searched for my first aid kit. She is still looking at the floor with that apologetic dorky expression of hers. Damn it!!! What have I gotten myself into?? Seems like I adopted an ahjumma with the clumsiness of a 4 year old kid!

I tended her wounds and as I do this, I can feel her gaze on me as if I'm doing something totally illegal. 

"WHAT?!", I abruptly asked her. That startled her alright. 

"Uhhmm, I'm sorry again...And thanks for letting me stay..", she said. 

"Yeah yeah, whatever. Just please stop knocking things off, will you?!! And remember not to tell anyone that I live here..", I looked at her carefully as I said this. It turns out she just found out recently that I'm a celebrity when someone showed her a magazine. She really is something, totally ignorant of the Korean entertainment industry! 

I also placed a cold compress on her forehead and tapped it rather harshly that her head was thrown backwards. She almost rolled on the floor because she wasn't able to quickly regain her balance. My gosh! How pathetic. 

Afterwards, she still insisted on cleaning up the mess that she made but I strongly declined. I knew better now. Whenever she cleans something up, a new mess just evolves from that old mess. No, thanks. I'll clean them up myself.

I grabbed some pillows and blanket from my room and tossed them to her. She wasn't able to catch them and they went straight to her face, knocking her over. Jeez, even her reflexes are ahjumma-like!

"Sleep on the couch! Tomorrow, please find yourself another place to trash!", I went inside my room and slammed the door. Darn, there goes my rest day! ARRGHH!



I woke up early and I felt reaLLYYYY good!!!! I slept on a celebrity's couch, with the celebrity's blanket inside a celebrity's apartment! Everything looks amazing, not to mention everything smells great! I wonder why my apartment never smelled this good?

I did a big yawn, jumped out of the couch and did my morning stretches. I placed my hands on my hips and bent to the left, to the right, backward, forward. I did this slowly at first then I hastened up my pace, which makes me look like a spinning top that lost its mind. Then I did my facial exercises. I widely open my mouth then I pout. I open my mouth so wide as if I'm going to take a bite off the world's biggest burger, then I pout my lips afterwards. 

"Ahhh-rrr-Ahh-ee-yyoooo", I was making weird noises while doing my facial exercise, I figured it wouldn't matter since he's probably asleep. As I turned towards the kitchen, I instantly screamed my lungs out! Holy crap! Since when was he sitting there?! :blink: 

He just looked at me with disgust. Great, he saw me doing my weirdness again. This will shoot me up on his A-list of weird people, I'm sure I'm already at his number one spot. Why do I always end up doing the most awkward things in front of him, Aigoooo!!!!

"Eat...then, LEAVE!!!!", I heard him say. Hmph, so grumpy! I looked at the table, it's full of these yummy looking food. He doesn't need to invite me twice, I immediately planted my on the chair at his right side and instantly shoved food on my mouth. Boy, I AM SO HUNGRY! I wasn't even able to acknowledge him or anything, I just focused on shoving everything that I could grab inside my mouth. Wowww, he is a good cook!! I can get used to this kekekekeke.

I can feel his heavy gaze at me, that's the only time I looked up. Seems like he's scrutinizing me. I did the same. He is really good-looking! I wonder if all celebrities look this good even if they're fresh from bed. His disheveled hair makes him look even more manly. His skin is so radiant and <*sniff sniff>, he still smells soooo effing good!! 

I didn't realize my face is so close to his until he placed his pointing finger on my forehead and pushed my face back to my body. I can feel my blood rushed to my cheeks. Crap! He's looking at me again as if I developed a second head. I just realized I'm a horrible sight indeed! My face probably doubled its size by now since half of the food on the table are already tucked inside my mouth. And whenever I chew, I think some juices ooze out of my mouth. That explains why he looked so grossed out..Darn it! <_< 

I swallowed hard and punched my chest to help the food make it's way on my stomach. I saw him shut his eyes firmly and placed his hands on his face, wonder why he's so frustrated this early? Is it because of me? Why? Did I do anything wrong?

"Do you always eat like you're under time pressure?", he said. Huh? What does he mean? 

"I was hungry. Sorry. But I didn't touch your food, look!", I said while beaming proudly. I really didn't touch his food, promise! And that's an achievement in itself. If it was Bom who's in front of me, I will definitely snatch her share.

He took a sip of his coffee. My, my..I didn't know sipping coffee can look so elegant. Celebrities are not humans! My eyes must've been twinkling while looking at him because I saw him squint his eyes.

"Here, eat my share too. Then leave. You still have to look for a place to stay", he said. All I heard is 'eat my share too' and didn't pay attention to the other irrelevant words. In the speed of lightning, I happily grabbed his food and stuffed it again on the pits of my mouth - immediately forgetting all the problems in the world!!! ^_^ 

After eating, I grabbed my backpack and thanked him like a million times. As I was about to leave, he called me again. I looked at him questioningly as he walks towards me. He stopped in front of me, goshhhh he's really handsome, ain't he?! Then...he started closing the gap between our faces. OMMMOOO!!!! I'm not prepared!! Please Mr. Kwon Jiyong, not now!! I closed my eyes firmly, thinking that he will...<*cough> kiss me. Then I felt something on my forehead. Dang, he just placed something on my forehead to cover the lump. 

I can still feel my heart beating way too fast. I felt..weird..I looked at him with fright, bowed my head for one last time and ran the hell out of his apartment! Phew! Being with Kwon Jiyong is not good for my heart! :wacko: 


Dara went to her former apartment on the next building. She grabbed some clothes and left a note on her pile of stuffs. 

She carefully placed the note then she sniffed herself. Ugh! She smells awful! Due to her confusion a while ago, she forgot to take a shower on GD's apartment. Forget it, she'd rather stink than face the wrath of GD again. He was pretty pissed off last night because of her and she doesn't want to add another reason for him to hate her. She still has to invite him to the University Ball, for crying out loud! She needs to get on his good side. Yup, that's right! She'll just show up on his apartment again another time, once his head starts to cool off.

Dara smiled to herself. She clasped both of her hands and looked at the sky, then she shouted her favorite expression to encourage herself while throwing her right fist on the air.

Dara: BOOYAH!!!!!!!

She faced the door of her former apartment while smiling brightly, bowed her head as a sign of her gratefulness to the new owner whoever he might be and then made her way towards the university. Unknown to Dara, there's a pair of eyes observing her behind the peephole on the door - it's the new owner of her apartment. The guy opened the door and made sure that no one is outside. Then he picked up the note that Dara left on her stuffs. The guy smiled when he read it:

Dara's note:

Dear New Owner of the Apartment,

Hi I'm the former tenant and I am deeply sorry that my things are still in front of your door. Thank you for not throwing them out. I promise to get them later. I will just pay you or something, but I'm dead broke. Please just bear with it for a while. 

Yours Truly,

I promise I'll get them later! I promise!!

Yours Truly,
Sandara Park

The guy shook his head in amusement. Yours truly, Anonymous? Yours Truly, Sandara Park? So much for being anonymous. The note looks like something an elementary student will write. 

The new owner chuckled a little and went inside his apartment. That girl sure is silly. But, she's the only one who has made him smile genuinely after a long while.



I was humming while pulling out my books from my locker. I'm really hyped up! And I'm not telling anyone why, teehee!! It's a secret! A secret between me and....KWon Ji to the Yong! <*throws confetti!!>

Man, I'm really in a good mood today. I entered my classroom and flashed a smile on everyone. Kekekekeke. I'm definitely holding an ace up my sleeves and I'm definitely not telling anyone!!

One of my b!tchy classmates approached me. "You seem to be in a good mood today Dara-ahjumma. Anything new from your boring existence?", she said. Again I just flashed my winner smile. Is she saying something? Coz all I heard is quack quack quack.

Another classmate from the b!tch crowd got curious and asked me, "Yah, don't tell me you've managed to meet Kwon Jiyong himself?". As soon as I heard the name, my smile grew even wider. Did I manage to meet Kwon Jiyong? Good heavens no! I didn't just get to meet him! I just slept in his apartment and he even cooked breakfast for me! Kekekekeke. But I'm NOT TELLING!! 

"Omo, you really did?", my classmate asked again while eyeing me with surprise. Kekekekeekke. NOT TELLING!!!

"Forget it, it's impossible. Even if she gets to meet him, he'll probably think she's just a freak who needs some help. Dara-ahjumma obviously bumped her head somewhere that's why she's acting a bit CRAZIER than she actually does. Look at her, she hasn't taken a shower", I heard one of the guys (or ba$tards) explained to the b!tches.

My defenses were automatically activated and my mouth started its attack before I can even think!

"Yah, FYI! We slept together and he even made breakfast for me!", I quickly covered my mouth after I said this. Holy smokes!! An awkward silence enveloped the whole room. Yikes! D8 

"Okay, we didn't TECHNICALLY sleep together, I...", my words were cut off with a round of laughter. Huh? What happened? What's so funny? I looked at my back, then to my left and right hoping to find something 'funny'. It turns out they were all laughing at me. GRRRRRRRRRR.

Nobody believes me. Well, FINE!! Let's see who'll get the last laugh! Har Har Har.


As soon as her classes ended, Dara ran towards the bus stop. She needs to go to Bom's house and ask her parents for help. She decided to go there instead of just calling since she figured it will be better to talk to them personally than ask a favor over the phone.

It's already dark when she arrived at the Park's residences. Dara pushed the doorbell and tried to peek through the gates. That's weird. Bom's parents are usually home at this time. She continued to push the doorbell.

Boy: Excuse me...

Dara looked at the young boy who called her attention. She recognized him, he is the one who delivers the milk in the neighborhood every morning. 

Boy: Are you looking for Mr. and Mrs. Park?

Dara: Yes. Did they go out?

Boy: Actually, they went to the States this afternoon. Their daughter gave birth yesterday night so they flew there to help. They might be away for a while coz they informed me to stop delivering milk for a month temporarily.

Dara's eyes almost bulged out of their sockets. No. NOOOOO WAYYY!!! What will happen to her now??

Dara: OMIGOSHHHH! Bommie! Why are you abandoning me at this crucial time!! Hu hu hu hu 

Dara thanked the young boy and walked aimlessly. She hopped on a bus while still lost in her own thoughts. She doesn't have a mobile phone right now coz her ancient mobile phone was broken not too long ago and she still hasn't saved enough money to buy a new one, that's why Bom wasn't able to contact her. Plus, she's a computer retard. She doesn't even have an email address. She's probably the only girl in Korea without a mobile phone AND an email ad.

Bom's unnie gave birth at a very bad time! Why now???!! Arrghh!!! Dara thought about getting an advance pay from her part-time job. Then decided against it. Afterall, the reason why she wasn't able to pay her rent is because she broke a bottle of expensive liquor and her boss deducts it to her salary - that's two months of her salary down the drain. If she asked for an advance pay, there's a hundred percent chance that her boss will bite her head off. And she can't borrow money from her co-workers since they are all on the same boat - all of them are working students.

When Dara hopped off the bus, she realized she's at the bus stop near her former apartment. It's amazing how you tend to gravitate towards a familiar place. She sighed heavily and walked on the direction of the Apartment Compound. In front of Building 22 (the building where GD's Apartment is), she looked up. She's been a nuisance to Kwon Jiyong eversince they met. And eventhough he's a hot-tempered, cranky guy, he still is kind enough to take a total stranger in for the night.

Dara retraced her steps and walked back to the bus stop. GD doesn't have any obligations on her, she doesn't want to entangle him to any of her problems anymore (well except for the Univ Ball dance, that's a totally different story). 

Dara searched for 100 won on her pocket and went to a public phone near the bus stop. She started dialing their home number and her Omma picked up. After talking to her mom for a few minutes, Dara surmised that she can't bring up her current situation to her Omma. Tsk, the curse of being the eldest child is at it again. 

When Dara moved to Seoul, she was so happy because the pay for her part-time jobs was able to finance her personal expenses and it was such a great help for her family since her parents need not worry about her anymore. Durami and Sanghyun, her siblings, are still studying and her parents' earnings are just enough to get them by for their daily expenses.

Omma: Sandara, is there a reason why you suddenly called?

Dara: Uhmm, no Omma. I just wanted to know how things are back home.

Omma: Are you sure? Don't hesitate if you need anything. You're already graduating this year, I'll do anything that I can if you need something.

Dara: I really don't need anything ha ha ha. Omma, stop worrying. I'll graduate and find myself a good job to help you out with the expenses.

Omma: You don't need to do that, we're getting by just fine. I'm more worried about your well being, you're living alone in the city.

Dara: I'm fine. Please say hi to Appa for me, and to the two little brats.

Omma: I will...and Sandara..

Dara: Yes, Omma?

Omma: Always take care of yourself, stop eating ramen. Aigoo, I told you to learn how to cook but you're always escaping from me. And always lock the door, and wear thick clothings since it's getting cold, and...

Dara covered the mouthpiece as her mom continues enumerating the things she needs to do. She fought back her tears as she listened to her mom's worried litany. Except for Bom, only her family is concerned of her well-being. That's why she was taken aback when GD tended her wounds, she's not used to some stranger helping her out.

She's already used to taking care of herself since she was little, given that she's the eldest daughter. Although she's clumsy, she's been through all the hardships and managed to survived. In Seoul, she's used to being invisible. Nobody cares about her, nobody pays attention. Which is fine. She's already numb.

But hearing her mom's concerned voice, she can't help but feel sorry. Dara can't tell her mom that she's nothing but a loser. She went to Seoul with a promise that once she graduates, she'll find a good job and treat her family to an exclusive restaurant that they saw on TV. She remembered Sanghyun jumping up and down the living room when she made that promise. Look at her now, homeless. 

Dara said goodbye to her mom and placed the phone carefully back on the rack.

No, this is certainly not the time to give up. Dara cleared and smiled. Hwaiting!

She walked out of the phone booth and sat at the bus stop, still smiling. Then she remembered something. Something important...Eehhh?! So, where does she go now? :blink: 

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