MY CELEBRITY ROOMMATE - fanfic by huntress
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Writer's Note:

I'm surprised that many are annoyed at Jiyong on the last chap hahahahahha!! Please read the last 2 sections of the chap again, I actually gave the reason why he's acting like that for one week kekekekeke. But to set things straight, I also included a flashback at the last section of this chap. Enjoy! Two (?) chapters left after this!

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"Y-you'll move out? Tonight?", Dara asked, not wanting to believe what she just heard. GD nodded his head.

"You can stay here. I'll move out", she offered but GD declined.

"Are you moving out for good?", she asked, her breathing is becoming ragged as a surge of emotions enveloped her.

"Of course not! Do you really think I want to be away from you? This is just temporary, I'll think of a way to be with you again. Right now, I just need to comply to Hyun Suk Hyung especially with all these things happening", he replied gloomily.

"W-well, we can still see each other, right? We can always call or ..."

"We won't be able to see each other until this whole issue settles. We're guessing the pictures will be sent to the magazines and newspapers within the week or when the plagiarism issue has been released. Whoever's doing this will surely try to bury me with all this mess. My phone has already been confiscated by Hyun Suk Hyung as one of my punishments. But I've memorized your number so whenever I have the chance, I'll call you."

"But Jiyong.."

"Babe. This is harder for me. So please, I need you to be strong. I need to lean on you this time. Can you do that for me?", he d her hand while locking his eyes with hers.

Dara pulled her hands from GD's grasp and nodded somberly.

"Okay, I can do that. I'm okay. I'll be strong", she muttered, more to herself. Her eyes are becoming misty as she fixed her gaze on the floor.


Tears started streaming on her cheeks as she kept her head bowed down.

"I'm okay, Jiyong. I'll just cry tonight. But tomorrow, I promise you won't need to worry about me."

He can feel his heart being squeezed at each of her sob.

"H-hug..Hug me", Dara said in between sobs. He willingly complied, enveloping her in his arms. He gently patted her back in an attempt to calm her down. She buried her face on GD's chest, questioning the things that are being thrown at them. Their relationship is already complicated as it is, why would fate want to pummel them down with yet another complication?

"Let's wait until this whole issue pass.", he whispered on her ear. She tightened her hug, never wanting to let go.

They just want to be happy. To live like a normal couple. To fight over miniscule things. Is that too much to ask?


Suffocating silence enveloped the apartment after that night. Dara can't believe GD is not with her anymore. How can things drastically change so much for just one night?

Their final school activity is adding up to the stress that she's already bearing. She's starting to fall apart.

Day after day, she does things mechanically, not showing any emotions. She goes to school and to her part time job like before but she's just like a living shell.

"Dara-ah, you're not eating again?", Bom pushed the food towards Dara. She's already getting worried with her bestfriend's behaviour. And she really doesn't know how to help her. When Dara told her about GD's predicament, she can't even utter a word. Her heart aches so much for her bestfriend but all she can do is to offer words of support.

"I'm not hungry, Bommie. Here, you can eat my share"

If it was on a different situation, Bom would be jumping for joy right now. But her worry for Dara is far beyond her greed for food.

"Please eat", she begged.

"I'm okay. Go ahead"

Bom was about to insist again but Dara's classmates interrupted her.

"Dara, can we talk to you for a minute?"

"Bommie, I'll just catch you later. It's probably about our final school activity. We haven't decided what to do yet", she weakly bade goodbye.


The whole South Korea and other parts of the world were buzzing at the latest gossip released on the newspapers, magazines and online articles. Plagiarism case was filed against G-Dragon. Then a day after that, a picture of him getting out of a girl's apartment spread like wildfire. In the picture, GD was about to leave the apartment while clutching a paper bag that the girl gave him.

YG Entertainment has not released any official statement regarding the issue. K-netizens were claiming that the one in the picture is the same girl that Lee Minho brought to the Awards Ceremony. Yang Hyun Suk placed the whole Big Bang off the radar as their company tries to implement risk control because of the issue that GD caused.

After a few days, YGE announced that the girl is just GD's friend. But the rumor has already ballooned out of proportion. Because of YGE's late response, speculations began springing out. Others say that GD and the girl were living together, some say that the girl is a paid , while some claims that they've seen the girl before but with another celebrity.

Dara has received a great deal of hate from the fans. Her me2day posts gathered some attention as well. The eagle-eyed netizens were at it again, saying GD is the guy on the pictures eventhough it was just his hair that was shown.

Instead of gifts, her locker is now filled with dead animals, dead flowers, hate letters and so on. Students from other schools wait at the gate to throw things at her like eggs, rotten tomatoes, etc. Fortunately, Dara's classmates are now on her side, helping her out. Bom and Yu Hee were also on a campaign of their own, battling the haters in their stylish stilettos.

It was getting dangerous for her to walk on the streets. Donghae is throwing a fit since Dara wouldn't let him accompany her to wherever she goes, telling him that it's going to be dangerous for him too since he's a celebrity. She said the same thing to Minho. But being the stubborn butthead that he is, Minho would just pop out of nowhere and walk behind her, ensuring that she's safe. He would always toss her inside his car and take her to school, scare away the mean fans like a lunatic, and just be the annoying bestfriend that he is.

It's a relief that the fans have no idea where her apartment is. And even if they know, since the apartment buildings and apartment doors are identical, they wouldn't dare risk to do anything stupid in fear of being sued.

Oddly though, Dara doesn't really seem to be a bit affected by the hate she's receiving. What really worries her is that she has not received a call from GD ever since he moved out. She tried to call the other Big Bang members but she can't contact any of them. Yu Hee decided to fish for information using her connections and she found out that the other Big Bang members were in trouble for covering up for GD. The YG President confiscated their phones as well and they were sent to Japan until the whole issue cools off. GD on the other hand was said to be traveling between Japan and Korea with Kiko Mizuhara, fixing up things because of the plagiarism case.



I never imagined I would be in this kind of situation.

Having a celebrity as my roommate, falling in love with him and losing him because the world he belongs to wants him back. As much as I want to be with him, I can't let Jiyong sacrifice his career for me. He has struggled so much to get where he is now.

I opened the apartment and roamed my eyes around. So many memories came rushing through my mind as I stared at each corner. I ran my hands on the couch, on the dining table, on the kitchen. This place is my slice of heaven. I thought nothing and no one will separate Jiyong and I. This place is filled with our memories together. Just a couple of weeks ago, Jiyong is sipping coffee on that chair, telling me that he's jealous of Donghae. And a couple of weeks before that, we were bickering when I tried to cook food and failed again.

I went inside the bedroom and looked at our pictures together. My tears started falling as I stared at them. We were happy. We were smiling like there are no problems that we couldn't surmount. Why are they doing this two us?

My knees wobbled and I sat on the bed as I clutched my heart. This is so painful. Why us? I covered my mouth as I sobbed loudly. This is just so painful. My heart. Is it still there? I clutched my chest firmly as tears kept pouring from my eyes. I terribly miss him.


A call in the middle of the night startled Dara. She was still wide awake, sitting on top of the bed with bended knees, hugging her legs and lost in deep thoughts. She looked at her phone but there was no number registered on the caller id. She answered cautiously.


"Ahjumma", GD's voice filled her ears. Her grip on the phone tightened and her heart started pounding heavily on her chest.

"Jiyong", she whispered. She has a lot of things that she wanted to say but she can't even utter a word.

"Hey, you don't even miss me?", he asked playfully in an attempt to lighten up the mood.

"Of course I miss you. I miss you so much. Jiyong....please come back", Dara started sobbing. The hurtful events of the past days and the fact that GD is not on her side are now sinking in.

"Oh God. This is why I don't want to call you yet", he sighed audibly. The pain in his heart is becoming unbearable as her sobs resonated in his ears. He's currently in Japan but hearing her voice, he wanted to hop on the next plane and be with her.

"I miss you too, babe. But I really have to settle these things first. You don't know how much I wanted to be with you right now", his voice became tight. He wanted to see her badly. To touch her and kiss her, to have her in his arms. But circumstances prevented him from doing so.

"I understand.", she tried to compose herself.

"Don't worry about me, ahjussi. I'm okay", it took a lot of effort for her to sound fine.

"Were there any fan attacks against you?"

"Pfftt! No! I have a very common face, they won't even recognize me", she lied.

"Babe, call the police if anyone tries to harm you, okay? Always lock the door, don't walk alone on the streets, don't skip meals, always have your phone with you....", he continued enumerating his endless reminders. Dara cupped the mouthpiece as a fresh stream of tears flowed down her cheeks.

"...and most importantly, don't get too close with Donghae!", he firmly said. She chuckled at his jealous fit.

"Oh, I don't know. Since you're not here, I might as well invite him over.", she teased.

"Ahjumma, don't you even think about it", he hissed. His chest constricted painfully by just imagining Donghae inside their apartment...taking his place.

"And maybe, if things get out of hand, hmmmm... You know how you always kiss me at the side of my neck, what if he does that to me? Oh no, I might not be able to resist!", she dramatically declared while trying to stifle her laughter. GD, on the other hand, was paralyzed. An indescribable pain shot through his system. The mere thought of other man touching her is killing him. It was as if air has been knocked out of his chest. His heart ached as he visualized Donghae kissing the crook of Dara's neck, nuzzling her, caressing her. It was suffocating. He felt like he was being stabbed continuously.



"That is so not funny, ahjumma", he angrily said.

"Arasso, arasso. I'm sorry. Don't be mad"

"No! How can you even joke about that!"

"Hey, I said I'm sorry already."

"What if I tell you that I have a crush on Kiko and...and...and I'm going to do IT with her?! How about that, huh?"

"Oh yeah?", Dara's eyebrows furrowed in irritation.


"Okay, go ahead. Do that! Enjoy your time with Kiko"

"Reallyyyyyy now? Let's see who'll drop dead of jealousy!", he exclaimed furiously.

"Oh, you are so on!", Dara abruptly hung up and breathed exasperatedly.


Dara's blank eyes stared out of the window. They were in the classroom but she felt like she has already detached herself from the real world.

"Dara, we need to show you something"

Her classmates pulled her from her seat. She lazily followed them, not caring where they were going.

After a couple of minutes, she was storming out of the university with alarmed eyes. She can't believe what she just found out. Dara walked aimlessly on the streets until she reached the park near an orphanage. She sat on the swing and tried to calm herself. She tried to call any of the Big Bang members. She tried to call Jiyong. But none of them can be reached. Their phones are still probably in the hands of their YG President.

'What should I do?', she thought. She fixed her eyes on the ground as she slowly moved the swing. A pair of small shoes stood in front of her. She lifted her gaze and she saw the little rascal from the amusement park who was mocking her at first, then helped her get out of the stage.

"Hi Noona", he said.


"I saw your picture on TV! You're with Hyung!", he exclaimed. She smiled bitterly. The kid furrowed his eyebrows.

"Why are you sad? You should be happy you and Hyung are on TV"

"A lot of people hate it. You see, that Hyung is a celebrity.", she somberly replied.

"Yes, I know. Jiyong Hyung. He's one of the donors in our orphanage."

Dara was stunned. The kid doesn't strike her as an orphan. And she didn't know GD is into charity.

"Are you an orphan? How about the other kids that you're with at the amusement park?", she asked.

"Yes, I am. But my classmates, the ones you saw at the amusement park, are not. All of them are rich kids.", he sat on the other swing and started rocking himself.

"I didn't know. It's a good thing you were able to easily fit in with them.", she added.

"Oh, they bullied me before. Then I challenged them to live my life for one day. They slept over at the orphanage and I made them experience what it's like to be me. Since then, they understood."

"Wow", Dara was really in awe at how deep the kid's perspective is.

"Maybe that's what you also need to do. Make them understand. I dunno", he shrugged his tiny shoulders.

Dara bolted her head sideways and stared at the kid. Make them understand?

"By the way Noona, Jiyong Hyung really went into a lot of trouble preparing that surprise event for you. So, what have you done for him?", he asked and looked innocently at her.

'What have I done for him?', she asked herself.

"Maybe....there's something I can do for him", she mumbled.


Dara looked at her classmates one by one. Determination can be seen in her eyes. Gone was the rowdy and moronic Dara-ahjumma. Standing before them is a capable and decisive woman who is resolute in attaining her goals.

"So, what's your plan?", one of them asked.

"We're willing to help, Dara. Just tell us what to do. That's the least we could do for all the crap we did to you"

"I'll be the overall director for our last school activity", Dara announced. Confusion crossed their faces.

"We're going to kill two birds with one stone", she added. And she explained to them in full details what her plan is. But they will need a great deal of help.

She went out of the room, pulled out her phone and called Bom.

"Bommie, do you still have the number of Nam Mung Won? The weird guy that you've dated who creates storyboards?"

After talking to Bom, she called Yu Hee.

"Arch nemesis, do you have connections with the tv networks, magazines and newspapers? Next week, I'll release a brief statement about the rumor."

Then she dialed Minho and Donghae's number.

Dara was on a roll. She met up win Nam Mung Won and after a few minutes of bantering, he was able to convince him to create a storyboard for them. She even surprised herself on how she was able to manipulate him.

A day after that, a number of people in hooded sweaters with mask and dark sunglasses came over to Dara's university. They all headed to the makeshift studio in the University Theater. Other students were getting curious at what the Theater Arts class were up to but their lips were sealed. Their class were also seen carrying the camera and props at different parts of the school, on the street, etc.

Several days passed. There were a lot of activities going on and Dara was in the middle of the entire production. She was focused and was able to handle her position magnificently despite the predicament she's facing. Even the professors were surprised at this side of her. They never thought that an introvert and social retard like Dara would be able to manage people and organize things like a pro. The way she carries herself during meetings and the way she leads the class is truly impressive.

Guided by Dara's directorial concepts, they finished filming their class project and were able to accomplish other things.


Yang Hyun Suk read the back of the envelope.

To: YG President Yang Hyun Suk

From: Anonymous

Objective: Give me back Jiyong!

He lightly chuckled while opening the envelope. He has a pretty good idea from whom the letter is. Inside were a couple of things - a CD, a letter addressed to him and a document of Dara's official statement that she plans to release to the press.

He unfolded her letter and after a few minutes of reading, the room became filled with his laughter.

Dear Sajangnim,

Although I want to strangle you, rip your limbs apart, feed your internal organs to animals and incinerate you with bolts of lightning - I wanted to thank you for taking care of Jiyong. I'm really sorry for the trouble brought about by our relationship. I'm trying to fix things with the little capability that I have.

Included in the envelope is my official statement to be released to the press tomorrow. I must've twisted some facts but this is the only way I could think of to pacify the raging fans.

The CD contains the last class project that we did with the help of my friends. Some of the YG artists also took part and lend their support.

Lastly, I will meet up with the guy who initiated this whole mess a few days from now. I've written down the time and place below. I am not sure if I'll be able to completely stop him from doing any more damages, but I'll try my best.

I'm hoping the plagiarism case against Jiyong will quickly come to an end. Please continue to take care of him.

Thank you.

Sandara Park

p.s. Give me back Jiyong!!! You're such a meanie!!!

Yang Hyun Suk placed the CD on his laptop. It was a short film, like an infomercial with a Music Video format. His amused expression was replaced with a serious one. His brows furrowed and his whole concentration was directed on the short film that Dara and her classmates did. After watching, he waited for the ending credits and was surprised to see that Dara was the one who directed and conceptualized the whole thing. He dialed the extension number of Teddy and Kush, they just have to see this piece of art.

After talking to them, he dialed their PR department to take the necessary steps in supporting Dara's official statement that will be released tomorrow.



Celebrity Roommate rumor was proven to be....TRUE! The unnamed girl seen on the picture with GD coming out of her apartment released an official statement regarding the whole issue. She claimed that she indeed has a celebrity roommate but it was not GD of Big Bang. Her roommate is none other than Seo Yu Hee who formerly starred in the Big Bang MV and is known to be GD's childhood friend. G-Dragon was photographed coming out of the apartment during the time of the MV shooting but he only picked up some stuffs that Yu Hee needed since he's on his way to the YG Building. The unnamed girl is said to be friends with other celebrities as well since her roommate is on the same circle as them.

[ YG Entertainment News Release ]

As stated in our previous news release, the girl on the picture is GD's friend. We are hoping that this rumor will die down and speculations regarding the whole matter will stop. There are more pressing issues that needs our attention, specifically the plagiarism case against GD. Please give us your support.

After the press releases, a short film like a Music Video spread on the internet. It was so viral and inspirational that it was even featured by various TV networks. To top it all, official sites of YGE and SME also featured the said short film supporting the campaign.

It was Dara and her classmates' last project. They filmed an infomercial which is a campaign against fan attacks, invasion of privacy, etc. which suffocates all celebrities. The slogan was Live my Life and the Theater Arts students did a great job in acting out their roles. It even featured the prominent idol groups, actors and actresses like Super Junior, SNSD, Lee Minho and his costars in Boys Over Flowers, Seo Yu Hee, YG artists like Seven and Gummy, etc. These celebrities participated as word of mouth were passed when Lee Minho, Seo Yu Hee, Donghae and Yoona announced that they'll be supporting the campaign for the said cause.

In the infomercial, the celebrities were shown one by one in a monochromatic and melancholic background. Each celebrity morphed into a common person and was replaced by a Theater Arts student who'll act out the hardships faced by being in the public eye 24/7. They depicted the fan wars, fan attacks, the struggles of an idol, emotional battles on oneself, suicide, the challenges faced by their families and loved ones. It was an eye-opener that depicts the sufferings behind the fame.

The attacks against Dara drastically decreased until no one even dared to harm her since fan clubs implemented some strict rules against it in support of their bias group who in turn supported the campaign. With ELFs, SONEs and VIPs behind her, Dara became untouchable.


Dara sat on the front row audience seat in the University Theater facing the stage. She was waiting for someone. A faint light illuminated the theater. She crossed her legs and leaned back on her chair, exuding an aura that is full of authority.

"Hey Dara, why did you want to meet up here?", a voice asked.

Meanwhile, Yang Hyun Suk together with TOP and Seungri inconspicuously entered Dara's school while looking for the University Theater. When they were about to enter the theater, they saw a man hovering outside of the door. YG's brows furrowed when he recognized the man despite the big scarf covering his face.

"President Lee Soo Man?", YG asked.

"Omo, President Yang Hyun Suk! What are you doing here?"

"Well, I'm here because Sandara Park told me she found the guy that has been causing us troubles.", YG replied.

"She also asked me to come but this is regarding my nephew", Lee Soo Man said.

Confusion crossed on both the CEO's faces. TOP and Seungri exchanged bewildered glances as well. They all decided to enter the University Theater quietly and saw two figures seating at the front row.

"Jongwan, what's your reason for doing this?", Dara placed the picture of her and GD that was leaked out of the internet. Jongwan's face became grim as he sat on the seat next to Dara's. He fixed his gaze on the stage as he leaned back comfortably.

"So you knew, huh? To be honest, I was actually not going to release those pictures since you're Bom's friend", he said.

"Should I thank you for that?", she countered but Jongwan ignored the sarcasm.

"Dara, you already stopped the fan attacks against you. So don't meddle into my business if you don't want to be involved again", he threatened.

"I was talking to your bandmates the past week. I found out that you're a former YG trainee and has really worked hard to debut before but YG decided to let go of you. You really wanted to accomplish something without the help of your uncle, Lee Soo Man, don't you? Unfortunately for you, you didn't make it to the cut", Dara turned her head sideways and cocked her eyebrows. Jongwan stiffened and his fists immediately curled into a tight ball as the painful memory was rubbed on his face.

"Your point, Park?", he asked.

"Luckily, you're the nephew of SM's CEO. So even if you don't like the idea of achieving your dream with the help of a family member, you have no choice but to accept it. I heard that you and your band are set to debut after graduation? You must be really excited, huh? Finally, your hard work will pay off. You've been eyeing the big stage ever since trainee days. But, what if I ruin your dream? Just like how you ruined Jiyong and I", her voice trailed off.

Jongwan bolted his head sidewards and met her penetrating gaze.

"Ruin my dream? Oh, come on. What can YOU do?"

"The question is, what can WE do?", Dara threw a set of pictures on his lap. Jongwan browsed on them one by one. Color started to drain from his face. Each picture shows him on a compromising situation. But in reality, those were just Dara's classmates acting out a role to frame him. In one of the pictures, Jongwan was clutching the shoulders of a guy with a bloody lip and bruised eye. It's as if he was the one who beat the hell out of the guy. In truth, that was one of Dara's classmate with makeup who purposely bumped into Lee Jongwan and pretended to collapse and Jongwan was just helping him to stand up.

He was astonished at each photo that he laid his eyes on. One was taken when he was nonchalantly walking towards his classroom with a bag over his shoulder. Behind him were two girls kneeling on the ground - one was holding her red right cheek while crying and the other girl seemed to be helping her while looking in his direction with furious eyes. It looked as if he was the one who hit the girl.

"T-this is preposterous! You obviously framed me!", he exclaimed.

"We obviously did. We're Theater Arts students. Acting is what we do best.", she smirked. Lee Jongwan was perplexed.

"Don't think that these useless pictures will work on me, Park", he hissed.

"Oh, but I'm pretty sure the public won't be very accomodating to a violent jerk, don't you think? If these pictures are published, are you confident that you'll be able to debut successfully? I'm just going to tell you once Lee Jongwan, stop your stupid attacks or I'll surely use these against you.", she tilted her head and crossed her arms over her chest.

Jongwan's knuckles turned white as he was gripping his seat firmly.

"Sandara Park, I didn't know you can be this cunning"

"Lee Jongwan, I didn't know you're capable of ruining someone for no apparent reason", she retorted.

"For no apparent reason?! Kwon Jiyong was the one who ruined me! He was the reason why I was kicked out of YGE!", he shouted as he abruptly stood up.

"You're wrong, Jongwan. Jiyong is the reason why you're not in prison right now. He didn't even know your name and has not met you but he willingly settled things out when the Hongdae band threatened to file a plagiarism case against a YG trainee, which turned out to be you. The reason I let you go is because your greed for fame overshadows your passion for music", Yang Hyun Suk interjected.

"Jongwan, I'm so disappointed in you", was all Lee Soo Man managed to say.

"U-uncle", Jongwan was perplexed.

"Oh! That's why Lee Jongwan's name sounds familiar! I saw his name on the list of our trainees before!", Seungri looked at TOP who just elbowed him to shut him up.

TOP strided towards Dara while the two CEOs talk to Jongwan.

"Very impressive, Nuclear Fart. You won. But how were you able to do all of these?", he asked.

"I got loads of help.", she smiled.

It was Dara's classmates who found out that Lee Jongwan was behind all the attacks when one of them saw the pictures of Dara and GD in his locker. They were pictures of them that were released on the net and other stalker pictures which were a bit blurry. They also found an address book where all the contact numbers of the famous producers, composers and other artists that GD has worked with were written.

After talking to the kid from the orphanage, Dara came up with an idea on how to give Jongwan a dose of his own medicine while finishing their school project. She then started rounding up her own team and fortunately, everyone was more than willing to help.

"Why are you here, by the way?", she asked.

"Noona, Jiyong hyung is staying in YG Building! And our punishment has been lifted! Come with us!", Seungri excitedly announced. Her heartbeat increased at the mention of Jiyong's name.


She was clasping her hands nervously as she strided towards the YG room where GD is temporarily staying. TOP and Seungri remained on the rehearsal room and told her to go ahead and meet him.

Dara knocked on the door and waited. When it finally opened, she was shocked to see Kiko.

"Oh, Dara. What brings you here?"

"Uhm.. Is Jiyong there?", she felt her heart being squeezed as she followed Kiko.

"He's going to arrive soon. I just asked him to buy some groceries coz we're running out of stuffs", she smiled at her. Jiyong is buying groceries for her? Dara's feelings are in complete turmoil because of jealousy. She wanted to spin around and get the hell out of there but she controlled herself. Maybe she's just overreacting.

"Make yourself at home", Kiko said as she placed a glass of juice on the table. Dara timidly sat on the couch and thanked her. She roamed her eyes around the place.

Unknown to Dara, Kiko's hateful eyes were scrutinizing her. She still can't accept the fact that GD was snatched away from her.


"You came!", she exclaimed and buried his face on his chest.

GD's arms hang limply on his sides, surprised at the sudden warmth that enveloped him. Warmth that is so different from what Dara is giving him.

It doesn't make his heart flutter, unlike whenever Dara hugs him. He must admit, Kiko's beauty is really admirable. His heart thumped loudly as he was mesmerized by his beauty. But that's about it. He really doesn't feel anything special for her anymore.

Just like before, it was so easy to talk to her. Everything just flows smoothly. They were able to catch up about each other over dinner. Then they went to the bar where they saw Donghae and Dara.

After Dara and Donghae left, Kiko became quiet. She was quite aware of how GD treated Dara differently. He knew that she already have an idea so he decided to come clean about it.

"Kiko, Dara is.."

"Stop. You promised. You promised me you wouldn't tell me. You promised we would start over", she cut him off.


"You're still wearing our promise ring, right? That must mean something. Please Jiyong, don't do this to me", she was almost begging.

"This is not our promise ring, Kiko. I took it off the moment I realized that I'm in love with Dara.", GD calmly said and showed the ring to her. It was indeed a different ring.

Kiko was stunned. She felt betrayed. This man who claimed her heart, this man whom she waited for a year to meet again because of her personal circumstances, this man who said he'll not have a girlfriend, broke their promise.

"I'm really sorry, Kiko. You and I can only be friends", he continued. Kiko lowered her gaze, unable to accept what GD said.

After taking her home, GD dropped by YG building to pick up some of his materials. That's where Teddy found him who immediately told him to go to YG's office. It was then that President Yang Hyun Suk informed GD of the bad news. A plagiarism case was filed against him by a producer he has worked with before. The painful thing is, that producer is close with him and he regarded him like his older brother.

Writer's Note: For the confused apples, I'll just explain this part briefly since on the last chap, many are so heartbroken with how GD behaved hahahahahhaha!!! GD met Kiko and admired her beauty but that's just about it. Then he told her about Dara. Then he dropped by the YG building where YG told him about the bad news (plagiarism case). You should imagine the next series of events. GD become agitated for one week trying to take care of the problem until YG received the pictures and asked GD to move out immediately. So you see, GD is also suffering here. You might've noticed that GD didn't ask Dara to move out as well, because he wants to keep the apartment since for him, this is just temporary (and remember on the first chapters like chap 3 or whatever, he said that it is his sanctuary?). Just wait for the next chap.


"If you want, you can just leave a message for Jiyong. I'll just tell it to him", Kiko offered.

"Oh, thanks. But I'll just wait for him"

"Dara, I'm sorry to say this but Jiyong already stepped out of your life.", Kiko suddenly blurted out. Dara was dumbfounded. She couldn't even utter a word.

"We decided to start over. I'm sure Jiyong told you that we liked each other before I went to the States. I'm really sorry to break this news to you, but Jiyong doesn't have the heart to do it."

Dara recalled what GD said on her last conversation with him.

What if I tell you that I have a crush on Kiko and...and...and I'm going to do IT with her?! How about that, huh?

"I'm sorry, I.."

Dara immediately stormed out without letting Kiko finish her sentence. Her heart was broken into pieces. She angrily wiped her tears as her footsteps thundered in the YG corridors. When she reached the elevator, she continuously pushed the button while trying to fight back her tears.

The elevator doors opened and the person she least wanted to see came out.

"Ahjumma!", GD happily exclaimed but was surprised to see her current state.

"What happened to you?", he dropped the grocery bags and quickly came to her to hug her.

"Don't touch me!", she slapped his hands away.


"If you want to break up with me, you should've just said so."

"What the hell are you talking about, Dara?", confusion crossed his face.

"If you don't have the guts to end it, then I will. Let's break up, Jiyong", she exclaimed in between sobs.

"Just like that? You're not even going to tell me what happened and let me explain?", there was pain in his voice and Dara almost wavered. But remembering what Kiko told her, anger surged within her once again.

"Explain? Sure. Tell me Jiyong, did you sleep with Kiko?"

"Huh? was..last year..."

Dara entered the elevator and quickly pressed the button. She has heard enough.

Still blinded by anger, Dara immediately packed up her things as soon as she reached the apartment. She then placed something on top of the bed and hurriedly left. It was a Jiyong Coupon where she scribbled a note saying:

Don't look for me.


So, please don't hate Jiyong, lolz!

A lot of you were asking if this is gonna be a happy ending. I told you it will be. =)

Just enjoy the ride for the remaining chapters. I'll turn this upside down and we'll all be happy applers.

And Lee Jongwan! Yeah, it's him. I've placed I think 3 hints all over the fic. Chapter 12 (Lee Minho) and I forgot the other two but it was Lee Minho and Seungri who somehow recognize him.



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