MY CELEBRITY ROOMMATE - fanfic by huntress
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Dara: Hi I'm Sandara Park. I live on the next building until today since I was evicted by the landlady. I'm sorry for what I did last night. By the way, may I stay here tonight?


GD slammed the door on Dara's face. Honestly, any sane person will do the same given the circumstances. Here she is standing on GD's doorsteps asking him if she can sleep over after her vomitting extravaganza last night, hello???!! 

GD was about to turn his back when Dara knocked on the door again. Bloody hell! This girl is really asking for trouble! 

GD: ArgghhhH!! I need to call the security! 

He heard the knocks on the door again. GD decided to open it. If this ahjumma doesn't listen to him, he can always just throw her out of the window or something. She's quite petite, he can actually stuff her inside a luggage and throw her corpse at the Han River without breaking a sweat.

To his surprise, nobody was standing on his doorstep. Then he lowered his gaze and found the subject of his frustration in kneeling position while her arms are stretched forward and her face are almost touching the floor - as if she's worshipping him.

GD: It's official. She is INSANE. huh.gif 

Dara: Please, I'm begging you! I don't have any place to go tonight! sad.gif 

Dara knew that this is a long shot but she has no other choice. Her friend is a few thousand feet up in the air right now, going to Busan is not an option either and living on the streets is not a very welcoming thought. Plus, she's dead broke!

Dara looked at GD with pleading eyes. GD gave Dara death glares that can burn a hole right through her skull.

GD: Excuse me, but I don't know you.

Dara: I'm Sandara Park!!!

Now he's giving her incredulous look.

GD: Gosh!! She's insane AND stupid. blink.gif 

GD: I'm not referring to your name. I don't personally know you. We just met last night because you got on the wrong apartment. So, will you please stop this.

Dara: I really have nowhere to go tonight. I can sleep on the couch, on top of your cabinet, or anywhere! Just please let me stay over tonight! I'll find a place tomorrow!

GD: Stay on a hotel, then.

Dara: I don't have any money either! 

GD: You don't have any money? Then how will you find a place tomorrow?

Dara fell silent. How indeed??

GD: I'm really sorry, but this is ridiculous. 

There was finality on Jiyong's voice. Dara looked at him and stood up. She bowed her head and apologized for the trouble she caused. And walked away.

GD: Tsk. Crazy ahjumma. <*whisper>



I felt numb as I was walking out of his building. Now that I think about it, what I did back there was CRAZY.

Great. Now he thinks I'm borderline mental patient.

Let's do a quick recap, shall we? I've agreed on the change of bet, have ruined my miniature chance of asking GD to be my date and am now homeless. Life cannot be more exciting than this.

I stopped and shouted at the top of my lungs "This ssssssss!!!!!!!!!!". I heard howling dogs from a distance. 

I sighed heavily again. I've been doing that constantly for the whole day. Where will I stay now? I actually have no money for food until payday but I figured I can always eat Bom's luchboxes since she's pretty much forever on a diet.

I sat on the bus stop. It's already almost midnight and is really really cold. What am I going to do now? 

I was trapped in my own little demented world when suddenly, a couple of drunk guys sat on the bench as well. I cowered at the corner, praying that they will not take notice of me. Suddenly, the drunkEST of the drunk guys pointed at me and started laughing. I guess the heaven is not really in favor of me right now. 

"Ha ha ha ha!!! I thought she's an ahjumma", he said as he continues pointing while nudging his pal. They were now having a ball at my expense, laughing non-stop. I don't really mind as long as they keep their distance. Crap, they're moving closer!!!! 4l0rvk.png 

"Yah! You!!! Why are you dressed like that?? You're an eyesore!!" I remained silent and tried to ignore him but he kept on pestering me. I can even smell his foul breath, GwwaRRkk!!!

I finally stood up to leave, I should've done this earlier but I initially thought that they would just leave me alone. Turns out I was wrong. As I was about to leave, the drunk guy grabbed my arm! I was absolutely mortified!!!

He stared at me intently. "Hey, you're kind of cute!", he said. His face is so close to mine. I don't know what happened next but the next thing I knew he was screaming in pain! I also screamed in shock! 

Apparently, my knee instinctively connected to his groin when he tried to move nearer to my face. At this point, I knew I have to run like my as$ is on fire.

But, the drunk guy won't let go of my arm!!!! KyahhhHH!!!!!!

"Let go of me!! HELP!!!", I screamed as I tried wiggling free but he's a lot stronger than me! And the streets are already deserted so no one's there to help me. His friends just kept on laughing at us the whole time. I was near tears and was backing out when I suddenly bumped into something...Or someone.

"Let go of her", the hooded man said. The drunk guy didn't listen and turned to the hooded guy with mask. "Who are you? She's my wife, this is a family matter. Mind your own business!", the drunk said. I was flabbergasted! This fcking prick claims to be my husband??? I have standards, you know! 

The hooded guy grabbed my other arm while muttering in firm tone, "She's my girlfriend. Let go of her or you'll regret having met me."

EhhhHH? I have a boyfriend? Since when? blink.gif 

The drunk man immediately loosened his grasp and the hooded guy dragged me away. I was really grateful but then, I don't know him!! Where is he taking me??!!

Due to fear and confusion, I grabbed the small folded umbrella stuck in my backpack and I pulled my arm from his grasp while pointing the umbrella at his head. He turned around as I shouted in panic, "YAH! Who are you??! Where are you taking me?" He just stared at me and my pseudo-weapon - with annoyance if I may add. When I recognized who he is, my finger accidentally pressed the button of what I'm holding and the umbrella shoots up straight to his forehead!!!!!!! 

The top of the umbrella made a loud 'TOINKzZ!' sound as it connected and his head went flying backwards! OMOOOOOO!!!!4l0rvk.png 

Good thing he didn't lose his balance and remained standing but when he regained his composure, he was giving me death glares as if he wanted to carved my eyeballs out of its sockets.

"Ooooppppss", was all I managed to say. Oh gosh! 



A couple of minutes when the girl left (what's her name again? Sandara Park?), my conscience started bothering me. I'm battling with my conscience on whether to let her stay for the night coz you know, it's already late and it's really cold outside. 

But she's a stranger! I'm sure all of us have been taught by our parents not to trust strangers even before we were potty-trained! And isn't it really suspicious that she just barged in here asking for help? Maybe she does recognize me! Maybe she's a fangirl!

Okay now I'm having these creepy thoughts of her in a room full of my pictures plastered on the wall. My brain is sending red signals while chiming 'Stalker alert! Stalker alert!'

But a part of me believes that she really just needs help. ArrRRgghh!!! I just met her last night but she's already giving me too much headache!! I swear that Sandara ahjumma spells TROUBLE! Nothing good will come out of associating with her!

I decided to go downstairs to get my mails, not forgetting to wear my hooded sweater. I'm sure she knows other people in town who can help her. I wonder why she thought of asking help from me? Is she really that stupid? 

As I was on my way towards the mailboxes, I saw our landlady talking to a man who is also wearing a hooded sweater and is holding a luggage. He might be a new tenant. I wonder why he has to move in the middle of the night.

"Yes, I've prepared your apartment since this afternoon. I'm sorry if you'll see some stuffs in front of the door. They belong to the former tenant." The landlady continued to brief the man on the rules of the apartment compound. She gave him the keys and the man left.

I opened my mailbox and grabbed the letters in there. I was about to walk away when I heard our landlady's conversation to the maintenance staff.

"Aiishht!! That Sandara Park is really a scatter brain! She didn't even clean her apartment before moving out!", she said. I immediately stopped, I pretended to be fiddling with my mails. The maintenance guy answered back, "I saw her here a while ago. She went upstairs. Maybe she's staying with her friends here coz I didn't actually see her come down. Or maybe I just missed her when she went out." 

For a minute there, I thought I heard my conscience telling me "I told you so! You heartless ba$tard!" 

The landlady looked at the staff and said, "That's good then, I thought she doesn't have a place to stay coz I heard she really doesn't mingle much. I was actually kind of worried since she's living alone here in Seoul. Well, I'll head out. Please lock the doors when you're done fixing the wirings."

I can taste guilt at the tip of my tongue. I'm still battling with myself whether or not to look for her. In the end, I decided to go out since my damn conscience just wouldn't shut up!

I just walked aimlessly. I'm actually not expecting to find her, but I did. And she is in trouble, AGAINNN!!! Gahd! This girl never runs out of bad luck. She just left a few minutes ago and she managed to entangle herself on yet another problem!

So what am I to do? I helped her of course! 

"She's my girlfriend. Let go of her or you'll regret having met me." GwaaarRRRKK!!! I wonder what's gotten into me. Why did I say the 'G' word? dry.gif 

I managed to save her from the drunk ba$tard but as we were on our way back to my apartment, I didn't realize I was still dragging her. I was too preoccupied with getting back home quickly coz you never know who might see me on the streets. Then she pulled her arms and she threatened me with this lonely-looking umbrella of hers.

I so wanna grab the umbrella and slam it to her head! Thankfully, I still have some patience left. I just looked at her irritably when suddenly, 'TOINKzZ!' 

My brain shook from the impact of her umbrella with my forehead. SH!T!! Now I'm pissed! angry.gif 


Dara: OoooOOpppsss....

GD stared at her in disbelief. He is oozing with murderous intentions right now. Perhaps if Dara isn't a girl, GD would've punched her straight on the face.

Dara: Sorry!!! 

GD: You are hopeless!!

GD grabbed her backpack and Dara, who is still wearing the backpack, was also dragged along. Thus, she was walking backwards. She didn't even protest since she knew GD is about to explode.

As soon as they reached the apartment, GD threw her at the couch and crossed his arms while standing in front of her.

GD: Fine, you can stay here tonight. But, just for tonight! Tomorrow, ask some help from your acquaintances. I would've just given you money so you can stay at a hotel but it's really late now so I guess, we don't have any choice.

Dara brightened up immediately! Yay!! At least she doesn't have to worry about where to sleep for tonight. 

Dara: THANK YOU!! You're an angel!

GD: Start thinking where you can stay for tomorrow, coz I definitely won't be so kind to let you stay here for another day.

With that, GD left Dara and went in his room. Dara was thinking of what to do tomorrow. She has classes in the morning until afternoon. Fortunately, she doesn't have work tomorrow night. She can probably go to Bom's house at night and ask help from Bom's parents. Dara actually thought of that a while ago but she's a little hesitant since Bom's house is an hour away from her house and she's embarrassed to ask a favor. She's just not sure why she decided to ask help from GD who is a total stranger, and a celebrity at that!

But at least all things ended well. She recalled what happened a while ago. "She's my girlfriend!", that's what he said. Dara doesn't know why but she's having butterflies on her stomach whenever she remembers that scene. It's like a scene from a movie! And it's the first time someone called her his girlfriend! Dara smiled to herself. She must admit she liked the idea kekekekke. Who is she to complain if her 'boyfriend' is none other than the guy who, as Bom said, is tagged as 'Korea's Most Desirable Bachelor'. Kyahhh!!! wub.gif 

She hugged the throw pillow by the couch and started spazzing while muffling her girlish screams. She didn't notice GD had been standing on the door all along and he's giving him suspicious looks.

GD: Okay, that was creepy.. 

GD leaned on the door while observing Dara, who is still oblivious to his presence. Dara is still daydreaming and is racking left and right while hugging the pillow.

GD: Yah, when did you start having a relationship with my pillow?

Dara almost jumped in surprise. She quickly sat straight and threw the pillow to - heaven knows where. Unfortunately, the pillow flew at a shelf knocking the things that are neatly stacked there.


GD closed his eyes firmly. 

GD: Somebody, please wake me up from this nightmare!!! 

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