MY CELEBRITY ROOMMATE - fanfic by huntress
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"PUAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHHAHAHAHA!!!", Jiyong's laughter resonated on my ears as we were walking as far away as possible from the House of Horror. My love for him is diminishing by each passing minute.

I have so many embarrassing moments under my belt but this one is so close to winning by a landslide. I imagined the way I must've looked SCREAMING hysterically from the entrance up to the exit while pounding the ghosts and monsters on my path and I must admit, it must've been quite a sight! I would've laughed as well if that crazy woman was not me. Aigoooo...THE SHAME! I want to die right now. Kill me please.

"Shut up", I scoffed at Jiyong, who is doing a very good job embarrassing the hell out of me. I'm quickly morphing into a giant tomato.


"Where were you when I needed you?!"

"I was running after you - laughing all the way here! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA!!!"

"Stop laughing!"

"I can't! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA!!! I'm sorry!!", he is already turning red while slapping his knee and holding his tummy. 

"I hate you", hell, I was on the verge of tears. This is our first date! First dates should be almost perfect! Andthis, this is a DISASTER! The moment I met with him looking like an escaped asylum inmate up to the haunted house scene. GAHD! 

"Oh come on, babe.", Jiyong rubbed my arm and caressed my cheeks. I met his eyes and...great, judging from his expression, he's just trying to stop himself from bursting in a fit of laughter again.

"You better NOT laugh again"

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I'm sorry! I really can't stop!"

"I freaked out, okay?"

"Hell, you did. You sprinted your way from start to finish in FULL panic mode HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

ARGH! I want to strangle him! I sighed exasperatedly and stared stonily at him. Now I'm pissed.

"I told you I don't want to go there. If you didn't insist on going there, I wouldn't be humiliated! This is all your fault!", I said in defiance. I knew my reasoning is off but the hell I care! Everybody's making fun of me because of that riot I made and I wanted someone to blame! 

"My fault? I didn't tell you to run around the haunted house like you're being chased by a hundred demons.", he calmly explained while trying to stifle another round of laughter.

GAAHHH!!! I will BLOCK that experience from my memory! It officially did not happen! 

I scowled at him, crossed my arms and snappily turned my head away from him.


"Aigooo, look at this ahjumma. Okay, I'm sorry. Stop throwing tantrums, neh?", he swung his arm over my shoulder and pulled me closer. I glanced sideways and looked at his smiling eyes. He quickly gave me a peck on the cheeks, puckering behind his mask.

I pouted as we continued walking, his arm still draped around me. I was still mumbling incomprehensible words because of annoyance.

I just hope there's no more catastrophe in store for me for this day. And I'm also hoping that Jiyong will forget that haunted house chaos I stirred back there coz I swear, I will combust if he ever mentions it again. No, seriously. I will burst into flames.



I love kids. I do. But not these kind of kids. You know, little jerks that are rapidly becoming big as$holes of society? The ANNOYING ones? The ones who are fast-approaching puberty? You get the picture? Good. So on to my rant...

We were sitting at the mini-theater within the amusement park and we were waiting for the show to start. It's a show where they will present the cool stuffs used to make a movie like Computer Graphics, prosthetics, make-ups, props, movie effects, etc. I was excited since this is part of Theater Arts which is what I'm taking up in the university.

I will learn new things and my boyfriend is with me - things couldn't be perfect, right? Well, that's what I thought. I was actually hoping that I can redeem myself from the embarrassment I did a while ago by showing off a bit to Jiyong. Afterall, I have a little idea on the things behind creating a movie since it was discussed briefly in class. Yup, I only knew a little about it since the whole movie-making process is for the students taking up Filmography.

The mini-theater was a bit dim since the show was about to start. They're just doing some last minute preparations. I was pointing out some things on the stage while explaining to Jiyong the purpose of those stuffs and he was listening intently, obviously interested on the bit of knowledge I'm imparting. I was elated and I was feeling kinda cool. Like there's a bright light surrounding my head like a halo - I'm beaming with WISDOM! Come on, I'm imparting knowledge. And you must've probably figured out by now that this is a big accomplishment in itself.

Here's when these kids came to picture. I was busy showing off to Jiyong when the kid sitting directly in front of me snickered and whispered at his seatmate. These group of kids (who are all boys) occupied almost three rows in front of us. I think it's a class field trip or something.

I ignored him and continued showing off. At this point, my brain is already bleeding and I'm quite sure I've given Jiyong some twisted explanations on which equipment is used for what kind of movie effects. 

"You're wrong", a tiny voice interrupted my marvelous presentation.

"Huh?", I glanced at the row in front of us. Almost all of the kids are staring at me while smiling mischievously.

"Hyung, don't believe this noona. What she's teaching you is wrong", the kid told Jiyong.

"Yah! You know nothing about movie-making! How dare you say I'm wrong!", I hissed.

The kid scoffed and started pointing out all my mistakes. I was literally shrinking because I realized he was right all along. Of course, I won't admit that he's right! I think these kids are from a Science Middle School - the nerds. We were bantering for a couple of minutes. The little monsters are ganging up on me while Jiyong was comfortably leaning on his chair, seemingly amused by the whole chaos that I initiated.

"You're taking up Theater Arts? You're obviously not learning anything"

They all giggled and high fived each other. I seriously want to rupture their ribs!! GAHHH!! Kids these days! I was so close to starting a murder rampage when the whole mini-theater dimmed indicating the start of the show.

I was still fuming and can't even fix my gaze on the stage because the baby devils are still snickering and whispering at each other while pointing at me.

"Babe, they're just a bunch of kids", Jiyong whispered.

"They're a bunch of little jerks!", I angrily retorted. He just chuckled at my annoyed face.

"Any volunteers?", the amusement park personnel leading the show asked.

"This noona! The noona here wants to volunteer!", the kids started pointing at me, much to my utter shock.

"No. No!", I waved my hands in front of my face but the entire audience is already looking at me. I looked helplessly at Jiyong but he just shrugged his shoulder.

"Come on, miss. This is going to be fun", the personnel said. Fun? I highly doubt that.

"Go ahead, you're probably going to just hold something or push a button. It'll only take a few minutes", Jiyong's calm voice appeased me. I sharply looked at the mischievous bunch of devils in front of me and mouthed, "You're all dead!".

Little did I know that my mini-stint onstage will be catapulting me to a whole new level of humiliation.

I climbed up the stage and shyly bowed at the personnel.

"We're going to demonstrate the use of robots and the use of hydraulics", he started.

When I saw the machine, I knew something bad is bound to happen. Am I supposed to operate this?

The personnel started explaining how hydraulics were used in movies like The Fast and the Furious to get a good shot of the cars, blah blah blah. As for the demonstration, he instructed me on what rods to use and what buttons to push. My mission is to operate the machine so that the human-size robot in front of us will appear like it's dancing.

"Ready, Sandara-ssi?", he asked.

"Uhm. Yeah, I guess"

"Music please!", he shouted at his microphone and the music started playing.

I started moving the rods and pushing the buttons. The robot only moved a bit. I did it again but it only made a slight movement like before. I was getting frustrated while the little devils are having a ball teasing me.

I knew it. I knew those mini-jerks are meant to give me a bunch of mini-disasters.

I yanked the freaking rod and pushed the buttons but the freaking robot wouldn't budge! I'm clearly doing this wrong. *sigh

"It was not supposed to be that way.", the personnel said.

"Not supposed to..then what am I doing?"

"You're doing exactly what you should NOT be doing.", he chuckled. Then he provided me with more detailed instructions.

I tried it again and this time, the robot successfully moved his hips. I was overwhelmed when the audience applauded. I looked at Jiyong's direction, then I made the robot waved at his direction. He was clapping his hands as well and cheering for me. Kyahh, this is fun!

I yanked the rod some more and I was able to fully operate the robot, making him dance to the music. Everybody is now cheering for me. Then it happened....

It was probably due to overexcitement or perhaps Bom's monstrous strength has been rubbed on me, I didn't realize I was yanking the rods forcefully and was pushing the wrong buttons. The robot started to move in a bizarre way. I tried to correct it but I just made it worse! The damn thing collapsed facedown on the floor and started humping! The freaking robot is now doing some ed actions ON STAGE and in front of a bunch of kids! 

This whole experience would've been hilarious if not for the fact that I'm the one who is taking the toll of embarrassment. 

As if the humping robot is not catastrophic enough, another round of misfortunes awaits me. Sparks started appearing from the wires of the freaking robot! A great shriek of terror escaped my lips while the personnel was frozen on his spot, stupefied as to how things turned out to be a perfect Oh Crap! moment. When he was awakened from his trance, he started helping me out and that's when we smelled the STENCH emanating from the machine. My panic meter was about to explode!

The stench is growing stronger than ever and my heart is pounding faster than normal. I was yanking the rods forcefully and to my utter shock and horror, the rod disengaged from the machine. I broke it!!!!


I was gawking at him with a broken rod in hand and with whatever's left of my dignity (if I still have one). My mind went BLANK! My hands automatically went to my temple as I turned my head and stared in disbelief at the humping robot. 


The little brats were laughing uncontrollably at my mishaps. In a desperate attempt to make it slightly less embarrassing, I ran towards the robot and tried to push it back to its original position. I was trying to make it stand but the damn thing kept on hip-ing that it lost its balance again and landed...guess where...ON TOP OF ME - while HUMPING!! GGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! 

"HELP!!!", I screamed at the dumbfounded personnel who was frozen on his spot watching the robot hump its way on me. OH MY GOSHH!!! I can't believe this! IT'S UTTERLY EMBARRASSING!!

When I was finally able to get out of the compromising position, I immediately fixed myself and just stood there. I glanced at the audience who were murmuring and discreetly chuckling at me. Waahhh!! 

"Uhm...<*cough>...Thank you, Sandara-ssi. You may now return to your seat", the personnel's voice mercilessly slashed through my panic-stricken mind. 

I didn't move. I don't want to do it - the walk of shame. WAAHHH! Jiyong, help me!!

I looked at where Jiyong was seating and was surprised to find the seat empty. The group of kids were nowhere to be found as well.

"Sandara-ssi?", he called out again.

I bit my lips and tried to look for Jiyong. All eyes were on me. I can't move due to extreme humiliation. Please, someone, help me!

"Noona, come on"

I spun around and saw the kid who was mocking me earlier, extending his little hand while smiling kindly at me. I was confused but I took his hand nonetheless, happy that someone took pity on me. 

We climbed down the stage quietly, his tiny hand securely enveloping mine. My gaze was fixed on the floor the whole time. I don't want to look at anyone from the audience, it was too embarrassing!

I sighed heavily thinking where Jiyong might be. Were he unable to contain the secondhand embarrassment that I'm constantly giving him? After this date, he probably won't be going anywhere near me.

This day is a complete and absolute failure. One disaster after another. That's the Ahjumma Curse. And yes, the curse is strong.

"Noona, we're here", I heard the kid said.

I lifted my gaze and was surprised to realize that we went out of the mini-theater and were standing at what seemed to be the back of a building lined up with trees, like a park. There was a concrete path in front of us. It was dark but I can barely make out the silhouette of trees, and...OH MY GAHD!!! what the hell are those little things moving under the tree!! I squinted my eyes and realized those were the same kids inside the mini-theater - one kid was standing at each tree which were lined up at each side of the concrete path.

What the hell is this?

I looked at the kid beside me, who was fumbling in his pocket. He found what he was looking for and happily looked at me while unfolding the post-it note. He then read the note out loud.

Dara-ahjumma, do you still remember the first time we met?

Huh? Dara-ahjumma? How dare this kid call me Dara-ahj...Wait..

The kid gave me the post-it note and I immediately read it. It's Jiyong's handwriting!

W-what is this?

The little punk held my hand and walked me towards the nearest tree. A soft music started playing, it was surreal. I recognized that sound, it was Pachelbel's 'Canon in D', a classical piece. As we were walking towards the first tree, the small lights (like Christmas lights) which were wrapped around the trunk and were hanging on the branches lit up, revealing the other kid standing under that tree. My little gave my hand to the second kid, bowed at me and ran away.

(Writer's Note: Pachelbel's Canon in D <-- play this !!)

You were trying to open the wrong door and barged in my apartment, puking all over the place.

The second kid read the post-it note out loud and gave it to me. Just like the first kid, he escorted me towards the next tree. Like before, the small lights surrounding the tree lit up and the tiny hand of the third kid enveloped my hand.

My peaceful life was put in turmoil because of you. You were and you still are a walking disaster.

The soothing music, the soft breeze, the lights, the little kids. I can feel my heart twisting. Tears started streaming down my eyes. Fck is he proposing?!

By the way, this is not a wedding proposal. Just wanna clear things out because I know how your mind works

I chuckled as the kid gave me the post-it note. We walked towards the next tree and at this point, I was a crying mess. Damn! Jiyong, where are you? What is this?

I told myself I'm not going to fall in love with you because you're my roommate. And, well....because you're a crazy woman

That guy! Aigooo... I shook my head in amusement as I folded the note and pocketed it together with the rest. A warm feeling crept through my body. Remembering our first weeks together. The troubles I caused, the fights because of the bed barricade, my kung fu moves whenever he tries to sleep beside me, the first time he went to my university, the time when Big Bang made a surprise visit to the apartment and busted us...

Then I found myself worrying too much about you. I found myself finding comfort and peace whenever we're together.

I took a sharp intake of breath. My sobs are getting louder as we were nearing the last tree.

I questioned my sanity. I came up with a thousand excuses to explain what I was feeling.

The music was nearing its end. We arrived at the last tree and the hand of the last kid held mine. He was smiling sweetly at me as he read the last note.

But it turns out there is only one reason why I always want to be with you. Why I always think about you. And that is because...

Eh? This is supposed to be the last note. Why is the statement cut off? I looked at the kid questioningly. He tugged my hand and guided me towards the backdoor of the building. We went inside and he pushed the elevator button.

"Go up, noona. To the rooftop", he said.

"Is he there?", I asked. He just smiled at me as the doors closed.

I wiped my tears and hurriedly fixed myself. Gahhh!! I look like a total mess!! 


The elevator opened and I stepped out. There was a door in front of me and I opened it. I was greeted by.....silence. And darkness. The cold wind blew making me shiver.

"Ahjussi?", I called out. Nothing. 

I took a few tentative steps. I was standing in the rooftop - nervous and utterly clueless. And ALONE! Where the hell is that good for nothing boyfriend?!

"JIYONG?!", I shouted while darting my eyes around. Okay, I'm getting scared now. 

I jumped in fright as fireworks started springing out of the metal rods at the corners of the rooftop. They came to life one by one, eventually lighting up the whole place and revealing Jiyong in the middle. His hands were shoved in his pockets, looking at me with a gentle expression in his eyes. We were surrounded by fireworks as I gawked at him.

Then pyrotechnics started and fireworks of different colors filled the night sky. I took a deep intake of breath and covered my mouth with my hands. I was in awe at the extravagant display. What is this? 

The music started playing again. It was magical...

I walked towards him. My heart is pounding loudly in my chest and I can feel the butterflies in my stomach. I couldn't even talk when I reached him. He was just staring at me, a smirk forming on his lips. Then he pulled out something from his pocket and gave it to me. A post-it note. I unfolded it and read the last message.

.....because I already fell for you.

I lifted my gaze and met his eyes with a fresh stream of tears running down my cheeks. 

"Be prepared, Dara-ahjumma"

The fireworks ceased and to my surprise, a bunch of red balloons were released surrounding the rooftop. I covered my mouth again to stifle my sobs. This is just too much. I....I love him so much.

"I'll make you fall in love with me over and over again"

I threw myself at him and he enveloped me in his embrace. I was sobbing and chuckling at the same time as I lightly pounded his chest.

"Belated Happy Birthday", he whispered to my ear. 

"I love you, Jiyong. So much."

"I know", he tilted his head and smiled cockily at me.


He chuckled and bridged the gap between us. I closed my eyes and anticipated for the kiss....which never came. I peeked slightly and saw him squinting with amused expression. He was hovering his lips above mine, just an inch away. I can already feel his hot breath but he continued teasing me. I puckered up and was able to graze his lips but as soon as he felt it, he pulled away slightly with an evil smirk, making me whimper.

I pouted and was about to back away in annoyance but he firmly held my waist. 

"Dara", he huskily said and crashed his lips into mine. I obligingly parted my lips at once, feeling the warmth of his flesh. I moaned in contentment as I felt his tongue probing. He gently nipped my lower lip while I d the back of his neck. We were lost in our world, sharing a very passionate kiss.

I can't believe everything that has happened so far. I can't believe this is our first date and I've managed to embarrass myself pretty well the entire time. I can't believe we've come this far, being roommates to lovers. I can't believe I finally found him, the guy whom I'll fall for. I can't believe he is G-Dragon of Big Bang, the celebrity cherished by a lot of fans but the Kwon Jiyong at home, cherishing me.

My eyes became misty again as our lips parted. I stared at him, unable to believe that a man of his stature will fall for someone like me.



"Tell me you love me"

"Tch. I'm spoiling you too much"

"Jiyonnnngggg ~ ~", I pouted and wiggled my body in defiance.

"Stop it. Let's go. The kids are waiting for their ice cream."

He started walking towards the door but I remained on my spot. He looked back at me and rolled his eyes dramatically.


"Tell me you love me, pleaaassseee!!! I just want to hear it.", I repeated. Yes, he often text me saying he loves me but it seldom come from his mouth. He only blurts it out whenever we have a big fight or something.

"Ahjumma", the warning tone. Uh-oh.

"Fine", I gave him a lopsided smile and walked towards the door.

I was walking past him when I heard him whisper.

"I love you, you stupid ahjumma", he muttered. I bit my lips to stop myself from smiling giddily. I turned my head towards him and asked with innocent eyes..

"Huh? What? I didn't hear you. Can you repeat it again?"


"Kidding!!", I swiftly ran towards the door with a fuming Jiyong behind me.




I think my eyes are playing tricks on me. That or Yu Hee is really standing at the corner outside of the bar.

My shift has already ended and I was about to get a cab when I caught sight of a familiar figure of a woman I least expect to see. I wanted to pretend I didn't see her and hide but my conscience got the better of me. 

I sighed heavily and walked towards her. She spun around and saw me. She then looked at me from head to toe and rolled her eyes. OMG, just a few seconds of facing her and I want to scratch her eyes out with my bare hands!

"We need to talk", she said and walked away, her high heels making a loud, irritating sound at each step. I followed her, my mind spinning a thousand scenarios of why Yu Hee wanted us to talk. My imagination amazes me sometimes. I managed to scare myself to death by just thinking of the possible things she planned on doing to my helpless self.

She then entered what seems to be an abandoned building that's nowhere near accomodating. What the hell is in there?

"Hurry up!", she yelled. Should I go? I exhaled loudly and started trailing behind her. We passed through a narrow hallway and descended the stairs leading to...I dunno...hell maybe? It was so creepy! Some spooky theme song is already playing on my mind as we continued descending. 

Then, I heard a faint music playing behind the walls. That's when I saw a door by the end of the stairs and a long line, with a couple of bouncers guarding the door. I looked at the sign by the wall - Upper Basement. I think I've heard of it before. Oh, it's the underground club where most of the celebrities hang out. Well, the VIP section of Itaewon Hiphop Bar is where most of the celebrities unwind - just drinking and talking most of the time. The Upper Basement club is almost the same, except the vibe is really for partying. 

"What are we doing here? I'm warning you, I don't know how to dance", I threatened her, my eyes bulging out from the thought of dancing. The last time I did it with Tabi, I embarrassed myself pretty well.

She looked at me incredulously and continued walking. Great. I have been ignored. The idea of abandoning her is very tempting right now. She proceeded to the door with a sign 'Elite Members'. 

She showed what I presumed to be her membership card to the men in suits while talking to them. She then looked at me and motioned for me to come as they opened the door for us.

Once we're seated on one of the tables overlooking the dance floor below, she stared at me - a deep penetrating stare. I thought I'm already bleeding from her sharp glares. I diverted my gaze and studied the area. The tables in the Elite Members area are far from each other. A circular couch with a tall backrest cocoons each table, giving a sense of privacy for the guests. The dance music is barely heard on this floor since a thick glass wall envelopes the area, which makes it conducive for talking.

I stole a glance at Yu Hee. Good grief, do I really have to endure being with her? Some places of my body are already itching, I think I'm literally allergic to her!

"If you just plan on staring at me for the whole night, I can just give you my picture.", I said. It obviously annoyed her. Hah! One point for Sandara Park!

"I can't believe Jiyong will fall for someone like you.", she retorted. Hmph! At least now she knows the real deal between me and Jiyong.

"You dragged me here just to tell me that? Psshh", I gulped down the drink before me and grimaced. What is this odd-looking liquid?!

"That's a cosmopolitan. Jeez, seriously. What did Jiyong see in you?", she sipped her cocktail and continued to belittle me. Blah blah blah blah. I rolled my eyes and just let her do the talking.

"...and look at your body? Gosh, that's the body of a teenage boy! Your s are so tiny, do they even exist?", I slumped comfortably at my seat as I tuned her voice off my mind. In my 4 years at the university, I've trained myself not to pay attention to boring lectures.

"Yu Hee, I'm just going to the restroom. You pretty much talk to yourself so just pretend I'm still in front of you, neh?", I cut her off and stood up. She shook her head in frustration as she followed me with her gaze.

As soon as I finished, I walked towards our seat. I stopped midway when I saw two girls standing at our table. 

"Aren't you even ashamed of yourself? Designer Kim chose you to walk at the runway just because of your family name.", the girl wearing a skimpy violet outfit glared down at Yu Hee, who is deliberately ignoring the two. I can tell they are models just by the way they carry themselves.

"I bet you're the reason why we weren't chosen during the go-see. How much did you pay to make it to the cut, huh?", the other girl in blue dress said. 

The two girls continued on ranting while Yu Hee focused her eyes on the dance floor below. 

"Yah Seo Yu Hee! Don't you dare ignore us", the girl in blue dress was about to pour her drink on Yu Hee's head. I sprinted towards them and pulled the girl's hair with my free hand, stopping her from pouring her drink on Yu Hee. 

The girl half-screamed in shock. Yu Hee and the girl in violet outfit also stared at me in disbelief.

"You b!tches have nothing better to do, huh?", I muttered under gritted teeth. I tightened my grip on the girl's hair and she squirmed in pain. 

I released the girl's hair from my grip after a while. They stared at me with a mixture of awe and fright while Yu Hee is on the verge of dying from laughter.

"SHooo!!!", I yelled at the two b!tches. They frantically scampered out of our table. I took my seat in front of Yu Hee who is trying to catch her breath from too much laughing.

"Yah, for someone as b!tchy as you, why didn't you fight back those two retards?", I scowled at her.

"I don't want to waste my time on them.", she replied. I grabbed Yu Hee's drink.

"Hey!", she protested.

"Just order another round. Since you're paying, might as well enjoy ourselves", I said and gulped down her cocktail.

"You're unbelievable!"

"You're the one who dragged me here! I want the mudslide cocktail!", I chirped and pointed excitedly at the picture on the drink list.

"Yah Dara. Don't forget I'm your enemy", she said in an intimidating voice.

"Arasso! I won't back down if it's for Jiyong.", I retorted. Silence engulfed us as she ordered our drinks.

"Don't think that I owe you anything. I didn't need any help with those two b!tches", she said afterwards.

"Hmph! So, what do you want to talk about anyway?"

A serious expression crossed her face. She leaned forward on her seat before she continued. 

"When Minho and I were trying to find who took those photos of you and Jiyong, we also found out that whoever is doing this is desperate to ruin Jiyong. The producers and songwriters who worked with him before were even contacted and were coerced to file a plagiarism case against Jiyong in exchange for a large sum of money. It doesn't matter if the plagiarism issue is true or not, what he wanted is to just make a noise and drag Jiyong's name down. The sales of Big Bang's album is already affected with the ongoing internet campaign against him and it obviously won't stop there."

I remained silent, absorbing everything she said.

"Dara, Minho and I can only do so much and we already hit a dead end. Whoever is doing this probably has the proper resources to even get the names and contact numbers of all the people who worked with Jiyong. It actually surprises me that he didn't publish those photos of you and him. But if ever it comes to that point, be prepared."

I nodded solemnly. 


Shall I tell you why my life is complicated? Two words - KWON JIYONG! But I love him so....ottokae! What can a poor old me do to protect my boyfriend from an unknown person or group of people with ill intentions? Honestly, I don't know. But this I can guarantee, I will fight alongside Jiyong. 

Anyway, I decided to change the topic to know more about Yu Hee. I'm not actually fond of her but she's gradually getting on my good side.

"What's the deal with your family name? I overheard those two talking about it.", I asked. It was just a simple question, and she ended up ranting endlessly on how she was misunderstood by everyone just because she carries the Seo family name. Oh my effing goodness, this is going to be a longgggg night!

"...and they started to treat me differently. Like I'm going to use my dad's connections at every chance I get!"


Okay, I'm actually listening to her but the alcohol is already sipping through my system. She continued talking and talking and talking until we're both tipsy.

"Hey, just so we're clear. You're not my friend", she said, slurring every words.

"Yup. You're my arch nemesis!", I chimed.

She then lifted her glass and proposed a toast.

"Arch nemesis!", she merrily said.

"Arch nemesis!", I repeated and we both clicked our glasses.


"For your last class activity, you all need to assume a certain role and act. The production will be up to you. You can create a mini-movie or organize a theater play. I just want to see you apply what you learned in your four years here in the university."

A collective groan escaped their lips and the whole class started voicing their complaints to the professor.

"Sir, that's too vague. Do you want us to produce a play like Romeo and Juliet? What do you mean we should assume a certain role and act?", Dara asked.

"Let's say for example you chose to create a mini-movie. You guys decide among yourselves who will be the scriptwriter, the editor, the director, the actors and actresses, etc. Apply what you learned. Don't think you're college students anymore and make use of this opportunity to explore your potentials and determine what job you wanted to pursue after you graduate which, may I just remind you, will be a few months from now.", he explained.

At the thought of their impending graduation, everyone fell silent. Memories of the university life will surely be missed. They are about to embark in a different journey after they graduate.

"Yah, Dara! Can't we have Big Bang in our graduation after-party?", one of her classmates asked.

"Uhhh..I don't think so. Jiyong barely talks to me because they're so busy nowadays", she lied. Barely talks to her?? They were sleeping on the same bed last night! Just the thought of her dark little secret makes her feel giddy inside. Kekekekeke.

The bell rang indicating the end of their class.

Dara sprinted towards her locker. She opened it and a pile of gifts and letters came crashing to her body. This scene is becoming quite normal. Ever since GD visited her and announced that she's his friend, students started filling her locker with gifts and letters for GD. Of course there are also those gifts given by her fanboys after her successful makeover but that's just a small percentage compared to those that were addressed for GD.

She sighed and started picking up everything. She doesn't have the heart throwing them away and ended up always taking all the gifts home. GD already told her to talk to those girls and tell them to stop. But you know how fangirls are.

"Omo, those fangirls really won't stop stuffing your locker with gifts for GD, huh?", Bom remarked as she bent down to help me pick up the things scattered on the floor. Lee Jongwan, who was trailing behind her, did the same. It's good to see these two becoming friends even after their little drama before. Actually, Dara's vote goes to Jongwan as Bom's next boyfriend! Just the thought of Bom having a date with another nutball (like Nam Mung Won, ulk!!!) makes her shiver. "Gaahh!! No! My bestfriend deserves a perfect guy!", she thought.

"Dara, did your professor give your class the last activity before graduation?", Jongwan asked. She immediately groaned when she remembered their professor's instructions. It's like a university tradition - giving each class their last activity as a group which is so freaking hard to accomplish because the professors expect them to pack all four years of what they've learned in the university in that last class project.

"Yes. Aigooooo", was the only thing that she managed to say.

Bom and Jongwan let out a sigh as well since their professors gave them their last project and they also have no idea how to accomplish them.

"AISHT! That professor really wanted to make us suffer! If my class can't think of anything to perform, I swear, we will just chirp like birds onstage and claim that its a classical music!", he bursted out. 

The three of them laughed as they imagined the whole class of Lee Jongwan tweeting like a bird while performing a Beethoven piece.



GD grabbed his phone and looked at it with creased forehead. He thought somebody texted him but it turns out it was his calendar alarm. His eyebrows connected when he read it. It was a calendar reminder he saved in his phone almost a year ago. A reminder about his supposed meeting with Kiko which will take place a week from now.

His eyes immediately darted to the ring on his left hand. He sighed heavily and placed one arm over his forehead as he stared blankly at the ceiling. He was waiting for Dara to arrive before sleeping but judging from the situation, he surmised that he needed to tell Dara about Kiko first before they sleep. But what's there to tell? He can't possibly tell Dara that he and Kiko slept together. She will crumble! And besides, it's all in the past. He slept with her BEFORE he met Dara, and he was single that time.

And he's not the type to tell whom he slept with. That's so ungentleman. He may not be the most chivalrous guy in the world but he still has some values. His mind traveled back to the time when he was with Kiko. He must admit, he was smittened by the girl. She was cold and aloof and it challenged him. And when they finally hang out, they totally clicked. Their way of thinking is almost the same and they don't seem to run out of things to talk about. 

He was crushed when Kiko told him that she has to go away for a year because of some family matters. The night before she left for the States, they slept together. They were at her apartment in Japan. GD kissed her and to his surprise, she responded to his kisses. One thing led to another. He asked her to be his girlfriend but she declined since she doesn't believe in long-distance relationship. Instead, both of them wore a promise ring and agreed to meet each other as friends and start things over - like it's their first time bumping at each other. It sounds ridiculous but he agreed since he also need to concentrate first on their Japan promotions. He thought his feelings for her won't waver. Now, he doesn't remember the feeling anymore. 

Will he feel something when he sees her again? Hmmmmm..Nah. But he felt that it's his obligation to show up at their rendezvous since he gave her his word. But what about Dara?

Dara will understand., he thought. They already discussed those things before, when Dara went back after the Yoona incident.

"I'M HOMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!", Dara's loud voice echoed all over the apartment. GD heard her footsteps as it neared the bedroom. The door opens revealing his tired girlfriend.

"Welcome home.", he smiled at her.

She gave him a quick peck on the cheeks and immediately proceeded to the bathroom to take a shower.

As soon as she finished freshening up, Dara threw herself at the bed making it bounce. She immediately wrapped her arms around GD while resting her head on his arm. She nuzzled the crook of his neck playfully and the familiar manly scent plus the fresh smell of GD's soap filled his nose.

"Hmmmmmmm", she sniffed him hungrily, puckered her lips and planted a small kiss on the side of his neck. GD immediately forgot about THE TALK that they have to do.

"Babe, do you want to get some tonight?", he tilted his head and winked at her.

"Get some? What do y-...", her voice trailed off when GD bit his lips and wiggled his eyebrows like a .

"YAH! Ahjussi!"

"What? We've done it many times. Omo, you're blushing", he pinched her cheeks while chuckling.

"Well...It comes naturally whenever we do it...I!! Let's sleep!", she huffed and pulled the covers over her head. GD's laughter filled the room.

"Babe", he tugged the blanket away from her grasp and pulled her closer. He pecked her lips and tasted it gently, tracing the contours of her lips with his tongue.

"Does this mean you don't want to do it tonight?", he huskily whispered on her ear while nipping her earlobe.

"We can't.", she answered. He stiffened. 

"I've got my period"

GD groaned in frustration. Great. Just great. 

It was Dara's turn to chuckle.

"Sorry, the red flag is up tonight", she joked and kissed his cheeks.

"Let's sleep", she said afterwards. She closed her eyes and comfortably draped his arm around GD. That's when he remembered that they still have something to discuss.



"I'll meet up with an old friend next week. She's from Japan - Kiko Mizuhara. She's also friends with the Big Bang members.", he carefully said.

"Okay", her eyes were still closed as she replied sleepily.



"The thing's like...she's not actually my's complicated but..."

Dara's eyes fluttered open. Her gaze drilling a hole at GD's skull.

"Not actually your EX-GIRLFRIEND?!", she shrieked, now fully awake.

"Babe....we promised to talk about things, right? Will you hear me out or not?", he sighed exasperatedly. Dara tried to normalize her breathing. Unable to speak, she just nodded her head grudgingly.

"She's not my ex-girlfriend. Kiko is a friend of Big Bang and we met her when we were promoting in Japan a year ago. We became close and everyone thought we're compatible. I actually....liked her before. I was about to pursue her but she has to move back to the States for a year. I asked her to be my girlfriend but she declined and we just agreed to meet as friends when she comes back."

"As friends...Really now.", she scoffed. She can't stop the brewing jealousy within her.

"Babe, I'll just meet her and catch up. We're friends. She's never been to Korea before and if she really did come here to meet me, I should at least have the courtesy of showing up."

Dara sighed defeatedly. He has a point but the gnawing feeling in her stomach didn't subside. GD is going to meet up with a girl whom he formerly liked. What if he wavers? What if he suddenly realizes that that girl is the one for him? She bit her lips in worry.

"Don't you trust me?", GD asked after a few seconds of silence.

"I do. But this is not about trust, Jiyong. I just...I always feel that I'm not good enough for you. That you'll someday find the girl that better suits you. And who knows maybe the girl you're meeting is..."

"Babe..", GD cut her off and looked intently at her. 

"I thought we're through with self-esteem issues?", he asked.

"Let's get real, Ji. Even if I have a high self-esteem and whether you are G-Dragon or Kwon Jiyong, I would still feel a tinge of jealousy whenever some girl proves to be a challenge to our relationship. Oh gosh, I'm getting melodramatic here. Just forget what I said.", her forehead creased as she massaged her temple. Her breathing is becoming ragged and she had to stop before she burst into tears.

Her heart pounded painfully. She then rolled over to her other side, her back now facing GD.

"So what you're saying is, you don't want me to meet her?", he asked while entwining his arms around her and while resting his chin on her shoulder.

"No, Ji. Meet up with her. All I'm saying is, I'm jealous"


All I'm saying is, I'm jealous


Dara gagged and almost spat her coffee all over the floor when she remembered her ridiculous, cheesier than cheddar line last night. How in the fcking hell were she able to say that line and lived to tell the tale?!


She turned her head to the snickering Bom.

"Stop smiling like a psycho. You're creeping me out", Dara said in annoyance.

Question: What do girls do most of the time that they even dare to admit?

Answer: Gossip around like there's no tomorrow

And that's exactly what Bom and Dara were doing over coffee while throwing random comments about the people walking past by the coffee shop. Dara told Bom about Kiko Mizuhara - GD's friend

"So what are your plans?", Bom asked after making fun of her.

"I don't know Bommie. Having a boyfriend is really tough, how much more if it's a celebrity boyfriend.", she said in a distressed tone.

"Dara-ah, in case you haven't checked the mirror lately, you're gorgeous!! So stop fretting about Jiyong meeting this girl. As he said, she's just a friend. Need I remind you about your little 'excursion' with Lee 'lover boy' Donghae?"

Dara scowled at her and sighed heavily.

"Donghae's just my childhood friend", she defensively said.

"And Kiko Mizuhara is just Jiyong's old friend.", Bom replied.

She has a point. But Dara's worries does not just end there.

"What about the new Big Bang MV that they're about to shoot? A club full of hot girls dressed in as little clothing as possible.", she whined. Earlier, she received a text from GD informing her that the Big Bang MV that was canceled before will resume filming at the end of this month so he might be away for a couple of days since the MV location was changed.

"Oh come on.", Bom rolled her eyes.

"Why do I have a very hot boyfriend? I mean, Jiyong can practically lure girls to his bed by just yawning!", Dara dramatically gasped and twitched her lips.

Her phone rang and her brows furrowed when she saw who the caller was. Seo Yu Hee.

"Yeoboseyo", she answered.

"Hey. Uhm. I want to eat out. Let's meet. It'll be my treat.", Yu Hee tried to sound intimidating, but miserably failed.

"No thanks. I'm already having coffee with my friend", Dara answered.

"But..But I want to have coffee too", she said in a tiny voice.


Omo, is it the end of the world? Dara looked up at the sky and checked the surroundings for any sign of armageddon. She covered the mouthpiece and asked Bom if it's okay if Yu Hee will join them. Bom excitedly nodded in agreement. It's the famous model, Seo Yu Hee after all! Dara scowled at her. Bom is supposed to be her bestfriend and she's not supposed to be fangirling at her arch nemesis.

"If you want to hang out, we're here at Beanery Cup", Dara gave her the directions on how to get there.

Yu Hee arrived in just a couple of minutes and after introducing her to Bom, Dara and Yu Hee were already bantering. Another couple of minutes and the three of them are gossiping, throwing comments about anything, etc. Girls...

"Well, if you're really worried, then apply as one of the extras in Big Bang MV", Yu Hee suggested while sipping her coffee.

"Oh no, I can't do that. You know how Jiyong is when angry", Dara replied.

"Let's just think about it later Dara-ah. Come on girls, let's go window shopping!", Bom exclaimed.

The three of them went to the nearby mall while chattering.



I was spacing out the whole time. My mind is wandering, thinking about what could possibly happen after Jiyong meet that girl. And that Big Bang MV! Gahd! Why is my life so complicated!

Bom and Yu Hee forced me to wear a mini-dress. Then, they urged me to don a pair of high heels shoes that I'm sure will make me lose my life if I somehow trip over them (which I know I will!).

After changing, I stood in front of them. They exchanged knowing glances and high fived. I grew suspicious and quickly looked at the mirror. My mouth gaped open in pure shock. The dress has a plunging neckline that challenges the allowable cleavage threshold level and it is barely covering my as$! I was flabbergasted, squeaked at the unacceptable display of skin and covered my chest with tissue napkins!!!


They ogled at me for what seemed like an eternity before bursting into uncontrollable laughter.

"I'M GONNA DIE! I'M GONNA DIE!", Bom squeaked in a tiny voice, mimicking me exaggeratedly.

"MY S ARE ABOUT TO SHOW!!", Yu Hee followed suit.

I so want to slap their faces. I was about to march back to the dressing room but both of them grabbed my arms.

"What?!", I hissed.

"That dress is great for clubbing. Look carefully.", Bom spun me around and made me look at the mirror again. 


The black dress is made of soft fabric that shows the contours of my body and the color really complemented my skin. It falls above my knee, showing my thighs. The upper part is being held by tiny strings wrapped around my neck so the neckline hang loosely like it's about to fall off. It really is a very y dress and I must say, it's gorgeous but I just can't think of myself wearing this in PUBLIC!

"It looks good, yeah. But I don't have any use for this", I said.

"Come on, Dara. Every girl should have at least one LBD in their closet", Yu Hee argued.


"LITTLE BLACK DRESS!", Bom and Yu Hee chorused incredulously. I scratched my head and shrugged my shoulders. After I changed back to my clothes, Yu Hee grabbed the dress and shoes from my grasp. She did the same to the dress and shoes that Bom was carrying.

"Come on, let's get these", she said.

"Errr....Yu Hee, as much as I want to sell my kidneys to pay for those, I still can't afford them", I said.

"I'm paying, silly. Think of it as a gift since you invited me over", she nonchalantly said.

We were on our way out of the mall when we passed by a group of guys. One of them purposely bumped Bom.

"Ouch", Bom whimpered.

"Sorry miss. Can I take you home to nurse you", the guy cockily said. And the even winked at us! 

As Bom always say - if you can't beat them, hit them! And run away reallllyyyy fast!

Before I knew it, Bom smacked the guy's head really hard. A loud sound was heard as Yu Hee and I stood there, hollering at the insanity. Then the guy growled in anger. We were screaming frantically as the three of us scurried away from the scene, running like our as$es are on fire.


"Are we fighting again?", GD asked as he prepares himself for his meeting with Kiko. Dara was sulking in the corner of the bedroom while staring at him.

"No", she somberly answered.

"If you don't want me to go..."

"No. It's okay. It will be rude if you don't show up. She's your friend after all.", Dara sat at the edge of the bed and started playing with her fingers on her lap.

"Babe. She's just a friend.", GD crawled on the bed and hugged her from behind, sitting at the edge while Dara is in between his legs, trapping her. He kissed her cheeks and rested his chin on Dara's shoulder.

"Arasso", she simply replied.

"My ahjumma is jealous", he teased and tickled her sides. She chuckled and slapped his hands away. GD planted a soft kiss at the side of her neck making Dara shiver.

Her phone started ringing. She reached out at the bedside table and looked at the caller id. It was Donghae. She felt GD stiffened behind her, his grasp on her waist tightened.


"Answer it", he softly said. 

"Yeoboseyo?", Dara held GD's hand while GD maintained a blank face.

"Omma, is GD your boyfriend?", Donghae's hurt voice filled her ears.

"Is GD my boyfriend? GD of Big Bang?", she asked and looked at GD who shook his head.

"Yes. GD of Big Bang", Donghae replied.

"No. Why do you suddenly ask that?"

"I'm just..well..I don't know. You've been avoiding me lately. I thought we were friends", he said pitifully.

"Appa, I mean..Donghae-ah...", Dara shot a peace sign at GD who pinched her sides as soon as he heard the word 'Appa'.

"Let's meet tonight? We haven't seen each other for a while", he added.

"Tonight?", Dara bit her lips and looked at GD. 


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