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"OMMA??!!! He calls you Omma?!"

Dara cringed at my stern voice. I turned my back at her and blew some air to calm myself. Jeez!! Just the mere thought of it makes me want to throw something!

"Jiyongggggggggg ~ ~", I heard her call out but I ignored her. My back is still facing her as I continued to control the impending eruption of my temper. We were in the bedroom and damn it, there are multitude of things that we should be doing right now IN THE BEDROOM other than fighting! (Yes, including THAT thing that you're thinking).

Omma?! Can you believe that? What are they, husband and wife? GAHHHDDD! If Hyun Suk Hyung didn't remind us not to be involved with anyone at the moment because of the ongoing attacks against my name, I would've rubbed it in that ba$tard's face that the girl she's calling Omma is MINE!

I sighed loudly and raked my hair with my fingers in frustration. ARRRRGHHHHH!! I'm still hella pissed!!! 

"Jiyong, I'm sorry already. Don't be mad.", Dara hugged me from behind and kissed the back of my shoulder. I turned my head sideways to glance at her but I quickly withdrew just to prove my point that I hate it when some other guy is being mushy with my girlfriend!


"Ji, talk to me please...."

"Jiyongggggg", she is now standing in front of me with her arms wrapped around my waist. She lifted her head up, resting her chin on my chest and pouting her lips while purring like a cat. <*sigh> How can I stand firm on my resolve when every fiber on my body is cursing me to touch her already?

"He called you Omma", I whined while cuddling her.

"It doesn't matter whatever he calls me. It won't change the fact that I'm your girlfriend."

Smoothhhhhhhh. This ahjumma is slowly learning the moves without even realizing it.

"But I still don't like him calling you Omma!", I firmly protested.

"Arasso, arasso. I'll tell him to stop it. But even if he doesn't stop, just ignore him. Okay?"

Fair enough. I nodded my head. I won, yey!

We both smiled at each other and enjoyed the moment of closeness we were having. She bit her lips and bowed down, resting her forehead on my chest. I kissed her temple and d her arms.

I then cupped her face and lowered my head to claim her lips, impatiently coaxing her to part it. Once my tongue gained entry into her wet cavern, I started and tasting every part of . I possessively pressed her closer to my body as our kiss deepened. Before she can protest, we've already collapsed on the bed, with me on top of her. My movements were swift and impatient. I traced her jawline with wet kisses and feasted on her soft skin, every part until I reached the sensitive spot of her neck. I it and lightly bit the part, eliciting a soft moan from her. 

"Ahhhhhh...Jiyong, no", Dara tried to push me away but I grabbed her wrists and pinned them on top of her head as I continued tasting and teasing her. I nipped her earlobe causing her breathing to become labored. I nuzzled the crook of her neck and kissed the exposed upper part of her . 

"No, stop!", she tried to wiggle free from my grasp but I pinned her down with my weight and covered with mine to shut her up. I grinded my bulge in between her legs to let her know how much I needed her NOW. She moaned in between our kisses while I continued to her.


Thank you, doorbell, for ruining the moment. Did you miss the part where I said I needed her NOW? I am not kidding about it! ARGGGHHH!! Who the fcking hell dares to interrupt us at this crucial CRUCIAL time?!

And just like any sane, not to mention ually stimulated, human male will do, I decided to IGNORE whoever as$hole is ringing the doorbell.

"Ji, I think that's Minho", Dara pulled away from our kiss.

"SSshhh.", I tried to claim her lips once again but she dodged it.

"I invited him for dinner"

"What? No. Ignore him", I insisted and kissed the side of her neck but she's still trying to wiggle free, much to my utter frustration.

"Babe, please don't do this.", I hoarsely pleaded. For Pete's sake, Jiyong Junior is about to spit fire, HAVE MERCY!

"Ji...Some other time, okay? I invited him over to have dinner with us"

WHY?! Why should I eat with that freaking moron?! And most important of all, why NOW?! 

"Babe.. I'm going to implode and self-destruct if we stop now..", I threatened her. Sadly, it didn't work.

"You'll survive"

"No, I won't!"


DAMN IT!! Go away, Lee Minho!

"Ji, please? I invited him over since we haven't seen each other for a while"


GAHHDD!! You have no idea how badly I want to tie her up and drill her down! 

"I love you", she gave me a quick peck on the lips and caressed my face. Dammit..

I rolled over to the side, freeing her. Dara quickly stood up while I remained immobile, lying facedown on the bed.

"Come on, let's go out", she said.

"You seriously want me to march in there with this branch protruding on my pants?", I stared at her stonily while pointing down at my bulge.

"Err...okay, we'll prepare the dinner and just wait for you", she hurriedly scampered out of the room.

I looked at Jiyong Junior. Oh boy, I was so hard I can use it to beat Minho to death.

I buried my face in my pillow to muffle my annoyed growl.



When I finally went out of the room, Minho and Dara were about halfway done in burning my entire kitchen. Black smoke is coming from the pan on the stove while both of them were huddled in the corner, fighting over the contents of the cookbook.

I almost pulled out all of my hair. The combination of these two is proving to be a big challenge to my sanity. I'm baffled at how much trouble they can cause for a mere couple of minutes of being together. They sensed my presence and looked at my direction.

"YO!", Minho shot up his two fingers, forming a peace sign. I scowled at him. Hrrmpphh! 'YO!' your face! You have no idea what I've been through back there because of you! zz-num-22.gif

"Are you two going to set the whole apartment on fire?", I asked and turned off the stove.

"I told you we should boil some water first!", Dara slapped Minho's shoulder lightly. 

"Ahjumma, give me that cookbook. I'll prepare the dinner", I said.

"I'll help! I'll help!", Minho chanted while smiling broadly at me.

"No. You're just gonna be a bother"

"Pshh. Grumpy Grandma Jiyong is making an appearance once again", he scoffed.

"I dare you to say that again"

"GRANDMA Jiyong!"

I was about to pummel him to death but Dara stood between us. 

"Alright! Stop it, both of you!"

She pushed me back near the stove and instructed Minho to sit at the dining table.

"SHeeezzz! You're acting like kids!", she huffed.

"BABE! He's the one who started it!", I protested and pointed at Minho.

"Rabbit, he's acting like a cranky grandma again", he retorted and pointed back at me.

If I could hire the entire Inception Team to enter his brain and kill him over and over and over again, I would. 

"I'll cook dinner, you stay in your place. Get it?", I muttered under my breath.

"Sure did.", he replied while sitting royally at our dining table, tapping his fingers. I decided to ignore him, for his own well-being. Who knows what's gonna happen with these many knives lying around the kitchen.

I sighed heavily as I recalled the Super Junior incident this morning. I thought I'm the only who's largely affected by the fact that Dara is close with Super Junior. I was wrong. Seungri was making a big fuss over it the whole afternoon; Youngbae and Daesung were both consoling each other, convincing themselves how close they are to Dara as they read each text message they got from her; TOP hyung even called Jaejoong hyung to get insider info of Suju's schedule and reminded me to make sure that Dara won't be anywhere near them on those times.

And lastly, Big Bangers?! BIG BANGERS??? Even my testicle$ shivered from secondhand embarrassment. I thought Seungri was going to tear up right there and then. At least she remembered the name of our group. Imagine what she would've blurted out if she still thinks that our group name is Bang Bang, or Bling Bling. So what's gonna be our fanclub name then? Bang Bangers? Bling Blingers? How cool. Seungri would probably be suffering from mental trauma if she uttered those. Our poor maknae.

Dara and Minho were chatting when a certain remark caught my attention.

"DaRabbit, it's amazing you still have Tam Tam", Minho chuckled. I glanced at him and at Dara who seemed to be petrified.

"What about Tam Tam?", I asked while mixing the ingredients in the pot. He smirked and gave me the I-know-something-that-you-don't-know-and-I'm-not-gonna-tell-you look. I scowled and gave him the I-will-rip-your-head-off-so-you-better-start-talking look. He got the message.

"Tam Tam is Dara and Donghae's child. You better get Donghae away from Dara, it's bad enough that I'm sharing my rabbit with you", he answered while dodging Dara's punches.

"What?", my eyebrows immediately furrowed. I stepped towards them and crossed my arms.

"Ahjumma...Tam Tam is Donghae and your child?", I asked, not hiding my dislike for that particular bit of information.

"Aigooo, Ahjussi! He gave it to me when we were kids. We were just playing around.", she reasoned out.

"That's why he calls you Omma, huh? So you're the Omma, he's the Appa and Tam Tam is your child?"

"CORRECT!", Minho merrily answered. zz-num-29.gif

"SHUT UP!", Dara and I simultaneously yelled at him, he shot his arms up in surrender.

I looked at Dara accusingly. The jealous nerve in me has been hit once again. I don't like the sound of a happy make-believe family involving my Dara-ahjumma and that Donghae ba$tard! And Tam Tam! GAHD! I knew I should've thrown that pathetic bunny rag doll when I had the chance.

My blood is boiling once again, I can feel it. Donghae is like a stubborn big-as$ hurdle on the road that I have to overcome. The fact that he knew Dara before me, that they made kiddy promise to marry each other, that her parents approve of him, and that he has that fcking Marriage Registry Form with my girlfriend's signature on it are pushing me to the edge of my sanity. 

I blew some air loudly and turned my head sideways before looking at Dara again. I must be really in love with this ahjumma. My past girlfriends didn't even manage to make me jealous but Dara shatters me by a mere mention of another guy's name.

"Babe. Don't let me see Tam Tam again. I won't ask you to throw that damn thing but please, don't make me see that rag doll again", I said between gritted teeth.

She nodded grudgingly. zz-num-05.gif

"It's bad enough that he calls you Omma. Then here comes another great revelation - that you're keeping yourchild with that guy. What's next? Don't tell me you're calling him Appa when nobody's around"

"CORRECT!", Minho interjected again. My eyes bulged out as I looked at both of them. Dara was yanking Minho's ear while looking apologetically at me.

"Y-you're calling him Appa?", I asked incredulously.

"Jiyonggggg ~ ~"

"You're calling him...Appa", I repeated, more to myself. I clenched my fists unknowingly.





<*breathes in>

<*breathes out>

"AHJUMMA!!!" zz-num-31.gif

"If you don't want me to call him Appa, what should I call him?"

I huffed angrily and shut my eyes tightly. She's seriously asking me this? Like REALLY?!

"It's a joke. A JOKE. Do you know what a joke is?", she said while batting her eyelashes.

"I know what a joke is!", Minho chimed, and this freaking moron even raised his hand.

"Yes, Baby Minho?"

"J-O-K-E. Legend has it that you're supposed to laugh when someone tells a joke.", he proudly puffed his chest and lifted his chin while looking boastfully at me. 

Patience. Lots and lots of PATIENCE. 

Ignore him. Yes Jiyong, you can do it. Just ignore the fool by the name of Lee Minho. 

Back to the problem at hand, Dara-ahjumma is calling that ba$tard Appa? And they even have a child? Where the hell am I in that picture? Fck! If there's a jealousy meter, it must've already exploded hours ago with the way I'm feeling. My chest is constricting and I'm finding it really hard to breathe! I feel like strangling somebody right now! And Lee Minho is the closest and most available sacrifice at the moment!

"Babe, I don't want you to call him Appa.", I looked directly at her, making her understand how she's torturing me with these things about Donghae.

"Arasso. I'm sorry."

"It's okay, rabbit. You can always cheat behind Jiyong's back. I won't rat on you", said the resident retard.

"MINHO!", Dara yanked his ear hard and gave me a lopsided smile.

My anger is dripping too much, someone had to wipe the floor. I've already mentally murdered Minho multiple times in my mind.

"Lee Minho, you're such an eyesore. Even if I don't break your bones now, I know somebody will.", I muttered while looking at him with hateful eyes.

"Excuse me, I'm adorable. You're not"

I shook my head in disbelief. I think this freaking moron's attitude will earn him a sniper bullet in his skull someday.

"Can't he shut his mouth?", I asked, glancing at Dara.

"No. He always talks regardless whether or not he has anything to say", she answered and lowered her head.

"I'm adorable!", Minho butted in.

"STOP TALKING! YOU DON'T EXIST!", I shouted angrily.

"HUNGRY! Non-existent Minho is hungry!!"

"Have you seen the door? LEAVE! And never come back!", I retorted.

I gave him a warning look. I am so close to sending him to his graveyard.

"Food! Food! Food! Food! Food!", he chanted while continously slamming his fist on the table. 

ARRGGHH!! I want to throw a solid punch to his face! Dara rapidly hit Minho's arms and stopped him. Now, where was I? Oh right, the issue about my girlfriend calling Donghae 'Appa'.

"Babe, don't ever call him Appa again even if I'm not around"

"Arasso. I'm sorry already. Don't be mad anymore", she replied while pouting.

"Aisshtt. Seriously, Jiyong, it's no big deal. It's just a childhood nickname. You didn't strike me as a jealous type but you're worse than all my fangirls combined", Minho interjected. Does he really want to die? It'll be my pleasure to torture him but Dara's here that's why I'm restraining myself.

"You're still talking?", I asked.

"I'm non-existent, remember? You should not see nor hear me!"

I rolled my eyes and continued cooking while Dara rubbed my back to calm me. I sighed deeply and smiled at her. I must really be in love with this girl, I can't even stay angr-....

"Jiyong, if you want, I'll be your child! Dara will be the Omma, you're the Appa, and I'm Baby Minho! Everybody happy!", I should've known that he won't just shut his freaking mouth!

My smile faded. Ignore. IGNORE! He does not exist. 

"APPA!", he merrily called out.

Good grief. 

"Don't call me Appa! If I were your Appa, I would've spank some senses on your bare A$s ages ago!"

He pouted childishly and pretended to sob.

"Appa ~ ~", he repeated. 

Aigooo!!! What should I do to shut his mouth?! I looked at Dara and an idea popped into my mind. I pulled her closer and devoured her lips in front of the moron. A full-blown make out session was about to take place when I heard his voice, feigning to vomit.

"Gwarrrkkk!! Get a room!", he marched out of the dining area and sat at the living room. Hah! That'll teach him not to mess with the Kwon!



"WAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!", Bommie blew her nose and dumped the tissue unceremoniously at the table, together with the pile of scrunched up tissues that has been scattered all over. 

"Bommie-ah", I rubbed her back while smiling apologetically at the other customers in the restaurant. She pretty much managed to get all unwanted attention within 1km radius, what with the bawling and all.

This is one of those days. The day when Bom breaks up with her current boyfriend and I'm expected to be the shock-absorber for as long as she wants. And my duties include accompanying her anywhere - no questions asked. I'll just tag along for the entire freaking day and make sure nobody will be harmed by the walking Bominator. 

"D-Dara, <*sob> am I pretty? Tell me the truth. Am I pretty?"

I looked at her puffy eyes, red nose with fresh snot and swollen lips. She was a sight.

"Of course you're pretty!", I chirped. 

"Prove it!"

W-WHAT?! Uh-oh. Here comes the Crazy Attacks - Bom Edition. Prove it? How can I prove that she's pretty.

"Bommie, isn't it enough proof that you've got tons of boyfriends under your belt? I mean come on, these guys wouldn't be wooing you if you're not pretty."

"Dara, I need to find a new boyfriend. NOW! Find me one! PLEASE!", she whined. Now wait a minute. How can I concoct a new boyfriend PRONTO?! Like it can be ordered in a fastfood chain somewhere.


"I..I..I'M UGLYYYY!!! WAHHHHH!!!", she wailed bitterly as a stream of tears flowed down her cheeks. I'm quite used to this side of Bom whenever she breaks up with the guy whom she thinks she's in love with. She never fails to make a scene in a public place every single time. And I'm always there to share the humiliation. Being her bestfriend, of course I'm always there.

"Dara-ah!!! I'm gonna die alone! ALONE!! Wahhh!!!"

Here comes more drama...


The whole restaurant froze and stared at us. 

OMG!!!! Shut up Bommie! I started to back away slowly but Bom grabbed my hand before I could make my greatest escape.

"Accompany me in my date, bestfriend.", she said.

"Uhmm...sure. When will be your date?", I asked. This woman really doesn't waste time in finding a new man. She was just bawling a while ago and now she's planning to go on a date.

"Now. He's on his way here", she replied while reading the text message that she received.

NOW??! Wow. I I'm speechless. That's some fast recovery right there. 

Like the devoted bestfriend that I am, I stayed with Bom throughout the whole ordeal. She dated three different guys all on the same day! With me as her chaperone. I don't know if I want to smack her head or dig her eyes out with the torture she's putting me through. I mean, the guys she met up with are INSUFFERABLE! 

"Bommie, this should be the last one or I swear, I'll slit my wrist in front of you", I threatened her as I looked at the time. We're waiting for the fourth (and hopefully the last) date that she has for this day. Jiyong asked me to meet him at the amusement park later so I need to leave in a few hours.

"Arasso, this is the last one."

When Bom's date walked in, I facepalmed myself in frustration. 

Oh mannnnn. His very existence offends just about everybody. The number of customers in the restaurant diminished by half the moment he walks in. He was strutting his jewelries like he was expecting us to bend on our knees and worship them. And his outfit, gahhh!!! What's with the tight cowboy jeans and opened polo shirt showing us half of his chest? Ulk! A loan shark - that's what he reminds me off. With the brushed up gel-encrusted hair, aviator shades and gigantic jewelries that are so out of place.

He was looking at Bom like he wants to gobble her whole. I was petrified. His presence is quite....disturbing. I can't imagine how Bommie managed to tolerate these kind of guys on her dates. She always tell me this is part of the dating game so you always have to put your best face on regardless of the situation. 

"Hi Bom-ssi. I'm Nam Mung Won.", he introduced himself and shook our hands. The next couple of minutes turned out to be what I imagined it to be - BORING. He continuously spouted nonsense at our obviously bored faces. 

The guy practically told us his entire biography and qualifications against our will. I so wanna scream at his faceWe're not interested!

"I draw storyboards for TV commercials and Music Videos. Do you know what a storyboard is?", he cockily asked me while giving a side glance at Bom, perhaps hoping that my bestfriend is impressed with the nature of his job.

"I don't know.", I said. And I don't fcking care!. For Pete's sake, never have I met anybody that bored me to my skull! I looked at Bom and she's surprisingly handling this gracefully. 

"Oh, storyboards! They're like comic strips with each scene drawn to see the sequence of events before filming, right? I always want to see one!", she clasped her hands and beamed at him. She's faking it. I can tell she's faking it. I sighed deeply and rolled my eyes. I would never approve of this Nam Mung Won. My bestfriend can do better. 

Mung Won showed us a storyboard that he happens to carry around. Yeah right, because a big as$ storyboard is something we carry around during dates. He's obviously showing off! 

This moron is sitting at the highest pinnacle of conceitedness, I tell you.

I looked at the storyboard (with drawings like in comic strips) and in all honesty, I could swear it looks like it was sketched by a team of trained monkeys. He then explained each scenario in the board while he continuously wagged his finger, probably to make sure we notice the big ring ornamented on it.

I observed that he was making advances and trying to hold Bom's hand who was oblivious to what's happening since she was busy looking at the storyboard. I immediately placed my hand in between them to prevent Mung Won from what he's about to do. Ha! This creepy moron will not touch my bestfriend as long as I'm here! 

He looked at me dangerously and I stared back at him with equal hate. I want to vaporize him. I think we understood each other - he knows that I don't approve of him for Bom and I know he just wanted to get under Bom's skirt. This pig!

"Anyway, Mung Won-ssi, Dara and I have to go. It was nice meeting you", Bom declared after a while. Booyah!!! I didn't even hide my successful smirk at his disappointed face. Sorry Nam Mung Won kekekekekeke.



"I even saw his peeking on his opened shirt! Hahahahahaha!!"

Bom and I were giggling uncontrollably as we exited the restaurant. We were talking about her dates today and were having a ball making fun of them, especially her last date Nam Mung Won. Oh my... I'm already having tummy cramps from too much laughing!

I mean come on! That guy is a work of art, with the getup and all those shizz!! I almost fell in a deep coma when he was talking on and on about himself. And that storyboard pawns it all! He obviously brought it with him just to show off! Imagine what he'll do if his job is a midwife. I can picture him dragging a pregnant lady in labor and performing the whole birth delivery process in front of us while giving us a blow-by-blow account! OMO!! Hahahahahaha!

"You're so mean!", Bom slapped my arms while chuckling.

"I'm sorry! I just can't help it!", tears are already forming on my eyes, aigooo!!!

We were panting when we stopped. Then Bom and I stared at each other and was lost in a fit of hysterical laughter once again. WAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA!! I can't even...Please make us stop!

I accidentally glanced at the restaurant on the next street and almost choked on my own spit. Bom noticed my startled expression and followed my gaze, it was too late to stop her. I heard her sharp intake of breath as she saw what I saw - her ex-boyfriend (whom she just broke up with this morning) kissing another girl. 

I predict that an absolute mayhem is about to happen right

"Bommie, NOOO!!!", I screamed as she crossed the street and went towards the restaurant. I ran after her but hell, she was fast! zz-num-25.gif

Much to my (as well as everyone's) horror, Bom lunged at her ex-boyfriend and tried to tear his limbs apart. Then she climbed on his back and started pulling his hair in all directions while all customers, including the girl he's with, stared at them with indescribable shock. Bulging eyes, jaws dropping to the floor, surprised shrieks- yep, that's the reaction of everyone watching the scene.

The commotion ensues as Bom bit her ex-boyfriend's ear. Anguished screams filled the restaurant. 

"Get off me! Get off me!", he started spinning around while trying to wiggle free from the deadly claws of Bominator. I would've helped him immediately if I wasn't so busy hollering at the insanity before me. OH MY GOSHHHH!!! Bommie! How could you... This is INSANE! zz-num-20.gif

Things ultimately get rowdier when the girl that Bom's ex-boyfriend was kissing joined the fun. The girl pulled Bommie's hair and I just lost it right there. Nobody messes up with my bestfriend! Everything became a blur. I rapidly hit the b!tch's face and we both collapsed on the ground. We were rolling on the floor while trying to dominate one another in between pulling each other's scalp. 

Hands were trying to separate us but we were unstoppable! I could care less if I look like a looney right now, I will avenge Bom! This b!tch!!

I was on top of her but she managed to push me aside. We both stood up. She quickly grabbed a steel vase and hurled it towards me. I ducked down and it hits the wooden post. The freaking thing recoiled and almost hit me on the face but I ducked again. Then it hits the glass wall. 

A deafening crashing sound followed and the next thing I knew, there wasn't any glass wall anymore and on its place was a pile of broken shards. To make the long story short, WE ARE SCREWED. Our as$es are going to get fried in the immediate future - which is about 2 minutes from now judging from the speed of the security staff running towards us.

"Call the police", I heard someone say.

The police?! There's some good news right there. My mind is already weaving some weird scenarios like a group of SWAT team ready to be dispatched to take us down. Howlllyyyy Shhh!TTT!

[Moments later]

We were gathered up in the police station. I was sweating profusely from every damn freaking pore on my body. GAHHHDDD!! Hu Hu Hu!! 

"Sir, please, let's just settle this.", I pleaded to the restaurant owner.

"If you all will pay up the accumulated amount of the broken things on my restaurant, then I'm willing to forget about this", he answered. We all agreed to pay.

"How much?", we asked.

"1 600 000 won", he replied.

My womb dropped to the floor at the mention of the amount. OMMAAAA!!!!

"Okay", I heard myself say. Bom looked at me and whispered, "We don't have money". I just shrugged. We don't have any choice, do we?

Bom's ex-boyfriend and the girl paid a total of 800 000 won and hurriedly scampered out of the police station. So it's just me and Bom.

"Sajangnim, I'll just get the money and return here immediately", I said. I left Bom in the station and promised to come back with the money in hand. I hurriedly went to the apartment and retrieved the amount from the allowance that Jiyong always leaves inside the drawer which I promised never to touch. I have to borrow it for this emergency situation and just pay it up little by little later.

We successfully settled the whole issue and managed to get out of the police station, looking like crazy ladies with the messy hair and all. 

"I'm sorry", Bom sheepishly apologized as we walked slowly, totally drained from the whole ordeal. I smiled at her and swung my arm on her shoulder.

"It's alright"

"<*sigh> Another guy managed to break my heart"

"You don't love him, Bom."


"Your ex-boyfriend, you don't love him.", I told her.

"How can you be sure?"

"Your pride was hurt that's why you acted that way. But if you love that guy, anger is not the first thing you'll feel. You would feel sad and hurt. You would cry once you see him kissing another girl. It will be impossible for you to move or to even breathe. I know you, Bom. And you were not hurt when you saw him kissing that girl, you were just angry"

She stopped walking and stared at me.

"Who are you and what have you done to my bestfriend?", she said while chuckling.


"Dara-ah, you're starting to become a true earthling. Welcome to planet earth", she then hugged me and kissed me on the cheek.

"Aigoo!!", I muttered and elbowed her.

"Your stay with Jiyong is paying off.", she mysteriously said.


We were both laughing as we walked towards the bus station hand in hand. This monster of a bestfriend got us in trouble again. To the tune of 800 000 won. But it's alright. 

"Hey, don't you have to meet with Jiyong?", she asked.

OMO!!!! I almost forgot!! 



Jiyong's brows furrowed as he looked at me with scrutinizing eyes.

"What?", I asked while gasping for air. I ran all the way here and successfully made it on time. So what's with the bewildered stare? Jiyong silently stepped aside to let me look at the mirror mounted on the wall behind him. I looked at it and what I saw baffled me. Smudged eyeliner, hair in disarray, lipstick all over my face like a rodeo clown.

"OMG!! Who are you?", I shrieked at my own reflection. zz-num-20.gif

I'm a complete and utter mess! GOSHHH!!! Is that my hair? It looks like a bird's nest! WAHH!! 


"Yah!", I slapped his arm and tried to grabbed his phone. He took another picture of me while chuckling. I'm pretty sure he's going to add it up on his collection.

It's a little hobby of his. Capturing photos of me in a horrible state. He even developed the pictures and framed them to embarrass the living hell out of me. He already have a mini-gallery in our room to eternally remind me how much of a fool I am. Gahh! This guy!

I tried to fix myself to look remotely close to being a presentable human being.

"What happened to you? Why do you look"

"Like a total disaster?", I finished his sentence to save him the effort of grabbing for words. He smiled at me and pinched my nose.

"Jiyong, I borrowed some money from the allowance you placed inside the drawer. I'll just pay it up little by little", I said while fiddling the hem of my blouse. Then I told him about the ruckus initiated by Bom, which is the reason why I ended up looking this.

"AHJUMMA!", his voice hitched causing me and the people near us to jump in fright.

"Calm down", I quickly hugged him and d his back. He huffed and grabbed me by the shoulder.

"Are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere?", his voice was laced with worry while his eyes roamed around to see if I'm hurt, making me more apologetic towards him.

"I'm fine. I'm sorry"

"You should be! I told you to always be careful! What if something happens to you? Aigoo, this ahjumma, really! What will I do to you!", he took off his cap and raked his hair in frustration.

"Ahjussi, I'm fine. Stop worrying. Let's go have some fun since we're here", I grabbed his hand and tugged him. He sighed heavily and wrapped his arm over my shoulder.

"I'll just return the money when..."

"No. I told you it's for you", he cut me off.

"No, it's not right. I don't want to accept it.", I firmly said.

"Are we going to argue about this?"

"Yes, we are", I stubbornly crossed my arms and met his glare.



"A gift! Right. Think of it as a gift since I never gave you anything. Even during your birthday...", his voice trailed off at the mention of my birthday. I just knew he was thinking about what Donghae did for me on the ice skating rink. He always blames himself for not properly celebrating it with me when in fact, I'm the one at fault.

"Arasso, arasso. It's your gift. And a very expensive one. I'll gladly accept it", I kissed his cheek which is covered by a mask and beamed at him. 

"So this fight is closed?", he asked.

"Yeah, officially over.", I answered.


"How about our fight about the Inkigayo incident?", I asked.

"Oh, that ain't over. You're still not forgiven for joining the wrong camp and being mushy-mushy with Lee Donghae", he replied and walked rapidly, leaving me behind.

"YAH! I wasn't being mushy-mushy with him! YAH!"



"This is our FIRST DATE?", I asked incredulously.

NO WAYYYYY!! This is far from what I imagined it to be! WAHHH!! For starters, I look like an anime gone horribly wrong! What with the messy getup and all? No way! I want our first date to be perfect! Me wearing a cute flowy dress, shiny hair and all that she-bangs! 

"You're the one who suggested to have an official first date", he retorted.

"Yes! But not looking like this!", I whined while stomping my feet for added effect.

"You look fine"


He snickered and hugged me from behind while pushing me towards our next ride. I mean, I appreciate the amusement park date but I was hoping it wouldn't be like this. Him looking as cool as ever, me looking like I freshly crawled out of hell.

Good looks is kind of a requirement in this kind of situation, don't you think? It's our first date, people! GAAHH!!! I want to smack his head for not telling me beforehand! Stupid boyfriend!

I was still complaining when I saw where both of us were heading.


H-haunted house? zz-num-25.gif

HAUNTED HOUSE??!!! zz-num-32.gif

I quickly retraced my steps and went to the other direction.

"Not so fast, ahjumma. We're going THERE", Jiyong grabbed my wrist and pulled me.

"Uh, no. I don't think so", I wriggled from his grasp and walked away quickly. He strided towards me and I broke into an abrupt run!

"KYAHHHHHHH!! NO! I don't want to go there!", I screamed while running. He's getting near me so I increased my speed even if my lungs was about to explode. I need to escape!!

"Gotcha!", Jiyong wrapped his arms around my waist and lifted me up. I was screaming and kicking my feet trying to break free.

"AHJUSSI! Stop it! There is no way I'm going there!"

OH GOSH! I don't want to enter the haunted house! The last time I did, I literally peed on my pants! LITERALLY! I am sh!tting you not. Why the hell would I want to enter that gruesome place when I know their ultimate goal is to scare the bejeezus out of me! I.DON'T.WANT.TO.GO.THERE!

"Babe, please. Do this for me", Jiyong cooed. I shook my head vigorously.

"I want to experience this with my girlfriend.", he added, and I'm sure there's a cute pout hiding behind that mask. AIGOOOOOO...

"FINE! But you better make sure those ghosts and monsters won't go near me or you'll have to drag an unconscious woman out of that freaking haunted house.", I warned him. He nodded happily.

My palms were sweating and my breathing became ragged as we stood in front of the entrance. HOUSE OF HORROR - I read the name out loud. How comforting. 

"Come on, babe", Jiyong entwined his hands with mine and tried to pull me inside.

"I changed my mind. Let's just break up Jiyong. My love for you is only up to here", I declared while pointing at the spot where I was standing, which is a meter away from the entrance of the HOUSE OF HORROR.

"Don't be silly, come on"

"No, I'm being serious. I'm breaking up with you", I repeated while looking at the creepy door with bulging eyes.

"Really?", he asked.

"Really", I answered with conviction. I knew he would back down if I say that.

"I'll wait for you inside. If you don't come, then fine. I'll accept that you've broken up with me", he announced and marched inside.

"W-wait. I'm just joking. Ahjussi..."

WAHHH!! He's supposed to back down!! Hu hu hu!! 

"Ahjussi!", I shouted while cupping my mouth. I heard a howling sound emanating inside. I had goosebumps all over my body.

"A-ahjussi!", I yelled again. No answer.

Oh what the hell. Of course I'm not breaking up with him, that fool! I was just trying to point out how scared I am of the haunted house that's why I threatened him. But my threat fcking backfired and bit me in the as$. Is he mad? Omo! Jiyong wait for me!

I was hyperventilating like crazy as I took one step towards my possible death.

Ready Dara?

<*breathe in>

No, I'm not! Waaahh!! Okay, calm down. Breathe. Again, from the start. 


<*breathe in>

Get set...

<*breathe out>


HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" zz-num-32.gif

I screamed CRAZILY while running down the spooky corridors like my hair is on fire! I could fcking care less if Jiyong is behind me or not. The ghosts and monsters didn't have the chance to scare me because, well...I was already scared as fck! Plus they weren't able to keep up with my pace since I was zooming past all of them like a speeding bullet!!


The whole crew of 'House of Horror' didn't know what hit them. I mean, come on, I was literally FLYING while screaming my lungs out! I think I'm the one doing a good job scaring them.


"BOO!", a monster blocked my path and I punched him cold! I didn't feel any remorse at all. I was back to my screaming frenzy in no time! Flinging my arms all over the place - hitting every fcking ghosts who dared try to stop me!


I reached the haunted house's exit in a speed I would never dare admit. I was breathing rapidly in short gasps with a mortified look on my face. I survived! I SURVIVED!

I was unaware of the riot I caused until I saw Jiyong getting out while laughing his as$ off. It finally dawned on me - the whole fcking fiasco that I created....

OH MY GOSHHHHHHHHHHH! THE SHAME! I just ruined myself back there! GYAHH!! 

Jiyong's laughter made me redder than I already am, if that was even possible. My dignity spiraled downhill until nothing's left. All I wanted was for the floor to open up and swallow me.

Kill me. Kill me now. zz-num-05.gif

Then..Then....the ghosts and monsters in the haunted house started peeking through the exit and were pointing and laughing at me. WAHHHH!!

'There's the girl who completely lost her mind.', I can hear their collective thoughts while staring at me.

"Shooo!! Go away!", I waved my hands in an attempt to make them all go back inside of that nuthouse. A crowd was already forming around us as the news of the lunatic who zoomed like a lightning from start to finish while pummeling some monsters in the process traveled around the vicinity by word of mouth. 

And this moron of a boyfriend actually did what a loving boyfriend is supposed to do - pretend that he doesn't know me to save himself from embarrassment. Sweet, huh? Someone's going to sleep at the couch tonight.


"Kiko, how long are you going to stay in Korea? Come back to Japan, there's a lot of project offers waiting for you"

"Please hold them off until I get back. I'm planning to stay here longer", Kiko answered. Her manager voiced out his protests but in the end, her request was granted. She then looked at the calendar. She went to Korea earlier than expected to roam around and familiarize herself with the place. The date that she and GD agreed upon to meet again is nearing. 

She looked at her ring and memories of her and GD flooded her mind. 

Big Bang ran away from their manager to play around and that's when they met her. She was at a ramen shop while they were at the next table, fighting over how to order their food since they're not very fluent in Japanese yet. Kiko talked to them since she knew how to speak Korean. They became friends with her but she was aloof with GD since his reputation of being a bad as$ playboy turns her off. Both of them are complete opposites. Kiko is reserved and think things through before speaking. GD is a free-spirit, impulsive and says whatever he wants.

He was challenged with the cold treatment she got from Kiko and got drawn to her. He a lot and make her furious all the time. They always hang out together with their friends but the two bickers incessantly every single time. At one point, Big Bang tricked them so GD and Kiko went out without their friends tagging along. Surprisingly, they hit it off really well. They could talk for hours and have fun while doing simple things. 

"Don't you dare fall in love with me, Mizuhara Kiko. Love is not G-Dragon's thing", he joked.

"I should be the one telling you that Kwon Jiyong. Don't you dare fall in love with me", she retorted. They both laughed.

Their relationship blossomed while Big Bang was doing promotions in Japan. They were not a couple but everybody knew it's just a matter of time. Sadly, Kiko has to stay for one year in Texas because of some family matters. The night before Kiko's flight to US, she did the most daring and craziest thing in her entire life. She slept with GD although she knew they can't be together with the way things are going. 

They both wore a promise ring - both agreeing that they will not contact each other for a year but will meet in Korea at a particular date and start over again. Like it's the first time they're going to meet. GD was against it at first, but Kiko doesn't want to start a long-distance relationship so it's better if they stay that way.

"What if you already have a boyfriend at that time?", GD asked while looking at the ring.

"I won't", she replied.

"What if"

"We promised that we'll start over again, right? So if ever I have a boyfriend, there's nothing wrong since I'm going to meet you as a friend.", she said.

"A friend...", GD repeated solemnly.

"Do you think you're gonna have a girlfriend during the time I'm away?", she bit her lips and diverted her gaze.

"Me? Nah."

"Jiyong, if ever you have a girlfriend at that time, promise me that you won't tell me and still meet with me", Kiko looked at him pleadingly.

"I won't have a girlfriend", Jiyong kissed her forehead.

"What if"

"Fine. I promise. I won't tell you and I'll meet with you"

Theirs was a complicated situation. But Kiko was hoping that everything will turn out fine between them after a year. They'll start over - meet each other as friends and see where it'll take them.

After all, their promise rings bind them together - to their promise.


I think House of Horror is the one in Universal Studios Californina?

I HATE THAT PLACE!! There was a midget mummy poking me and I almost lost my soul right there and then! 

AGAIN, THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT GUYS!! I'll try to finish this fanfic as soon as possible since I'm going to be busy for the upcoming months =))

YGL readers and AFF readers - you are all jjang! I appreciate the COMMENTS and BANNERS and iMAGES, woohoo!! THANKS!!




Lotsa Love
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