MY CELEBRITY ROOMMATE - fanfic by huntress
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Dara stared blankly at the ceiling. When she walked away from GD, it pained her. What is she aiming for anyway? How much time does she need? Isn't it enough that GD apologized for his mistakes already?

She breathed deeply and sat up, unsure what to do next. Dara gathered her things and decided to take a walk. She needs to clear her mind. 

It's been more than a week since the accident happened and yet, it seemed like yesterday. During the time she spent away from GD, did anything change? Will she not be jealous if she sees her with another girl again? Sadly, the answer is no. As long as she's in love with GD, immature things like being clingy and possessive will always arise. It's just a matter of controlling how to deal with those emotions.

Is she confident enough to be GD's girlfriend again? Will she not be paranoid if GD needs to work with some girl groups or models? Again, the answer is no. Dara sighed heavily. So, this staying-away-from-GD extravaganza is a big failure, huh? Hmmm, maybe not.

Dara kicked the small rock in front of her. What did she get out of the whole experience, then? Well, she actually found out that the world is still revolving whether she's hurt or happy; that whatever drama she's facing, she needs to rely on herself and stand strong; that days pass by quickly or slowly depending on how you see it; that the time and space that she asked to be able to think are merely excuses, she's just scared to confront Jiyong and confront herself in the process; that whatever problem she's facing, it wouldn't solve itself; that she really loves GD.

She really loves GD.

So what is she doing there again in the little hostel at the corner of Seoul city? Dara stopped from her tracks and stared at nowhere in particular. True, she needs to grow up. She's childish and a total noob when it comes to relationship. She needs to find herself. But can't she grow up beside GD? Shouldn't she face all their troubles together to have a better understanding of their relationship? What does finding one's self means? Is she really lost? Once she finds herself, then what? It just seems like she's running away. Is staying with GD really that bad?

Her head throbbed. She massaged her temples as her face contorted in pain. It seems her mind is not used to this kind of serious thinking.

Dara turned around and started walking towards her hostel. But as soon as she saw a cab, she found herself waving at it. When the cab driver asked for her destination, she can only think of one - home.


Dara stood in front of the apartment, her hand was hanging in midair and was about to enter the keycode but she stopped herself. Doubt overcame her. She looked at the time, it's pretty late. Is he already asleep? She bit her lips and remained on her spot, trying to figure out what to do.

In the end, she decided to enter the apartment cautiously - afraid to make the slightest sound.

The feeling of belongingness welcomed her. She belongs here. She roamed her eyes around the apartment, feeling a lump on .

She turned the doorknob of their bedroom and saw GD sprawled on the bed, sleeping facedown. An overwhelming feeling enveloped her as she walked towards him and sat at the edge of the bed. A strong smell of liquor filled her nose. She looked longingly at GD's haggard face and caressed his cheeks.

She then lied beside him and planted a soft kiss on his lips. Just like that, she made her decision. There is no need for overly dramatic display of affection, no running on the seashore in slow motion, no waterfalls of tears, no chasing under the rain. Just like that, she knew what to do.

"I'm home", she whispered. GD stirred and draped his arm around Dara's waist.

"Welcome home", he mumbled in a drunken state and drifted back to slumber. Warmth washed over Dara's entire being. She found herself at last. This is her place. It was and has always been beside GD all along.


Dara felt something warm and wet all over her face. Her eyes remained closed as she furrowed her eyebrows. Something warm and soft landed on her lips again with a faint smooch sound. 

Feeling disoriented, she forcibly opened her eyes and squinted.


Dara was about to sit up but GD quickly s his arms around her waist and pulled her closer to him.



GD held onto her she's going to vanish if he let her go. He planted his face at the crook of her neck and continued smoldering her with sweet little kisses.

"Jiyong, I'm not going anywhere", Dara softly said like she's talking to a kid since GD's tight hug is almost strangling her.

"Just give me a moment. Please", GD pleaded while squeezing her closer. She just let him be. GD alternately kissed and touched her, continuously mumbling 'I'm sorry' and 'I love you' in between. His hot breath blew on her almost healed wounds, feeling his heart constrict at each wound that he laid his eyes on.

Dara teared up at the broken state of GD. She knew she's at fault too. He d her face and kissed her, his lips moving gently on her lips. The longing for each other mirrored on their kiss.

"I'm glad you're back, ahjumma", he rested his forehead against her forehead and breathed in deeply. He rubbed his nose against her nose and pulled back a little - taking in every tiny detail of her face.

"I'm glad, too. I'm glad I'm back, ahjussi", she smiled.

They stayed on the bed, talking about the things that needs to be laid out in the open. GD confessed about the predicament he's facing with his career, which led him to meet Yoona in the restaurant. He apologized for leaving her in the restaurant, on the belief that Minho was actually waiting for her outside. He showed Dara the pictures that were sent to Yu Hee and told her about Minho and Yu Hee's search for whoever took those photos. 

Dara discussed her insecurities being GD's girlfriend. Her worries, her fears. She told him the things that happened after she was left in the restaurant - that she was saved by his childhood friend, that she stayed in the hospital to accompany him and catch up, that they were just good friends and he was just cheering her up especially since it was her birthday. She told him about the things that went through her mind when he didn't listen to him. That she's actually trying her best to be a suitable girlfriend for a celebrity like G-Dragon. That it's not easy being in the shadow. She knew she's childish for most of the time but that's just the way she is. That she doesn't mean to embarrass nor offend GD.

It was the longest talk they had. They were finally able to meet each other halfway. He talked, she listened. She talked, he listened. It's funny how things can be resolved with just a few minutes of discussion.

They paused momentarily and simultaneously chuckled. Then silence filled the room.

"I was scared. I thought you're going to move out", GD admitted.

"I thought so, too", she truthfully replied.

"Why didn't you?"

"Because this is where I want to be"

"What a crappy reason", GD smiled.

"That's the crappy truth", Dara shrugged. 

"I thought you'll go poetic on me declaring your love and all", he teased.

"Well, I do love you and all"


"That and because the food in the hostel is disgusting"

"I knew it"



L-Lee Donghae? LEE DONGHAE?!!

Fck! I already got my hands full with TOP Hyung and Lee Minho. Now, we have Lee Donghae of Super Junior on her list?!

"You never told me you knew Lee Donghae!", I accusingly said while throwing the wet towel on the hamper. I just took a shower but what she revealed makes my skin itch with irritation, I think I need to take a shower again.

"I didn't know he's from Super Junior until he mentioned it.", she nonchalantly answered while combing her wet hair.

"Lee Donghae", I whispered and sulked. Why? WHY?! Why are there stupid guys running around the planet and being entangled with my Dara-ahjumma?!

"But you saw Super Junior on TV before! You should've recognized him", I snapped.

"Well, I didn't. Who knew he will become so HOT"

Oh no, she did NOT! She did NOT just say that! Another guy's name and HOT in one sentence from the mouth of my girlfriend? zz-num-31.gif

"YAH! AHJUMMA!", I strided on her direction and towered over her. She was sitting in front of the mirror while I was standing with puffed chest, hands planted on my hips in an attempt to intimidate her. 

"Yes, Superman?", she smirked.

My chest deflated in surrender. I gave her a death glare and marched out of the room. GRRRRR!! 

I opened the refrigerator and gulped down a glass of cold water. Something tells me that Dara being acquainted with Lee Donghae will bring more complications in the near future. And that fcking guy even prepared that cheesy event on the ice skating rink for her! ARGH! 

I closed the ref and found a smirking Dara behind the door.

"What?", I frowned at her.

"For someone who claims to NEVER get jealous, you overreact wayyyy too much.", she grinned and wrapped her arms around me.

"Who says I'm jealous? I'm not. I was just surprised that your childhood friend is...him"


I turned my head elsewhere to cover up my lie. Dara's hands gently rubbed my arms and I can feel my annoyance ebbing away. But....

"Donghae is a nice guy", she cooed.

Gahhhhddddd!!!!! I.DON'T.WANT.TO.HEAR.HIS.NAME!!!!!!!!!! I could fcking care less if he's nice! I DON'T WANT HIM TO GO ANYWHERE NEAR YOU!

That's what I actually want to say.

"Well, he saved your life", my voice came out of my nose.



You pawned me this time Lee Donghae! But don't you ever lay your hands on my girl or I'll kick your a$s!

"Yes, he did. And he's a family friend.", she added.

Thank you, Dara, for rubbing it in my face. I hate him already...

"So your parents knew him, huh?", I deserve a Daesang Award for successfully acting like I don't give a sh!t even if he obviously has an edge since her family favors him. I decided to fix myself a cup of coffee to distract my mind from devising an intricate plan to completely obliterate Lee Donghae. I grabbed the kettle while she continued spouting nonsense about that ba$tard.

"Yes. We're both from Busan and went to the same school. His father saved my father and they became bestfriends. Donghae and I practically grew up together. Aigoo, my parents even want me to marry h-...."


The kettle slipped on my hand. I stood there, motionless, gawking at her. Okay, Jiyong. Calm the hell down. Think of rainbows and unicorns, of kittens and puppies. 

"Y-your parents want you to marry...that guy?", every word is slicing my throat. 

"Oh, you know how parents are. They will just pair me with just about anyone who's close to me. Ha ha", she chuckled awkwardly in an attempt to lighten up the dark clouds forming above my head.

"Did you agree...on marrying him? Of course you didn't. Right?", I picked up the kettle and stole a glance at her. I did a double take when I saw her biting her lips and looking guiltily at me. I can even smell her fear.

Everything went downhill from there.


"I didn't know what I was signing, I swear! I didn't know it was a Marriage Registry Form! I thought it was a Health Insurance Form! They tricked me into signing it and..."

My brain came to a screeching halt. It just refuses to process anything. Marriage Registry Form? MARRIAGE REGISTRY FORM?!!

"WHAT?!!" zz-num-12.gif

My booming voice, capable of awakening the dead, echoed all over the apartment. She immediately cowered at my steaming figure. It's quite possible that smokes are coming out of my nose right now.

"How the fcking hell did that happen?!"

Oh Gahhhddd!! Please come up with a good answer. And that answer better be the one I want to hear or else, he should prepare for a world of hurt. 

Dara was stuttering as she tried to explain the entire messed up situation. All the while, I was stopping myself from storming to the SME Headquarters armed with any available pointed object. The knife in the kitchen is very tempting, like it's begging me to stab and kill someone with it.

Lee Donghae. ~ ~

Question: How can I eradicate that fcktard? We don't need him in our current population! 

I HATE HIM! I HATE HIM!!! I hate all the men with the Lee surname! Minho, Donghae! Yes, even Lee Seungri! I hate him now!!

I sat on the chair and ran my hands on my face. This is getting so complicated. 

"Ahjussi, don't be mad. Didn't we talk about this a while ago? And it's not like he's going to sign that form and have it registered. Come on. That's preposterous. He's just my childhood friend.", Dara sat on my lap and entwined her arms around my neck.

I stared at her and gave her a quick peck on the lips. <*sigh> If I could only lock herself up so I'll be at peace that no one will take her away from me.

What's the name of Donghae's anti-fan cafe again? I suddenly had the urge to lead that crew. zz-num-22.gif



I happily ate while telling Jiyong about the things I need to do. I had to go back to the hostel to settle my bill, visit Bom, call Itaewon Bar, etc.

He insisted on accompanying me but I knew he had more pressing matters to attend to. I am acting nonchalant about it but those pictures really worries me a lot. And his current situation as well. I have to have a word with Minho. 

"...and I still have to talk to Donghae to properly tell him that I've left the hostel.", I finished. He loudly sighed in annoyance.

"Well, I guess you at least owe it to him", he exclaimed, almost inaudibly.

Jiyong lazily stirred his coffee while cupping his face with his other hand propped on the table. I smiled inwardly and watched him. I just miss this. These mundane interactions between us. 

"Someone's jealousssss", I teased. 

He just quizzically looked at me. Eh? This is the part where he usually says 'You wish', but I'm not getting my expected response. So I persistenly .

"Do you know who that jealous someone is?", I asked with a playful tone.

"Yes....Jiyong", he replied, to my utter shock and astonishment.

W-what? My heartbeat raced to the maximum allowable speed. I think my ears are playing tricks on me. 

"Uhm..what?", I asked, just for good measures.

"Jiyong. Jiyong's jealous", he answered.


My ovaries are HISTORY. He just blasted it to smithereens with that sudden revelation. 

Kwon Jiyong admitted that he's jealous?!!! Omo omo omo!!! This should be documented and passed down to the future Korean generations! 

"That was a...shocker", was all I managed to say even if I actually wanted to do cartwheels all over the apartment. My heart is rejoicing! BOOYAH!! 

He then gave me a side glance (that is oh so y!). Jiyong, you already exploded my ovaries, what more do you want?

"You're so dense. I had to spell it out before you can take a hint. Of course I get jealous, you're my girlfriend.", he poked my forehead and sipped his coffee.

Is my still intact? I guess not! 

"Babe, promise me one thing. I know Donghae saved your life and he's your friend but please make sure you'll maintain your distance. You can really be over the top once you get closed to someone, do you know that? Take Lee Minho, for example", he carefully said.

"But..Minho is my bestfriend". I mean, seriously, if Minho and I ended up together, the whole world will crumble!

"I know, that's why I let it slide. He's still alive, isn't he? You just don't know how much I want to punch him senseless. But I know that Minho understands his position that's why it's now fine with me. But with Lee Donghae, please babe, promise me you won't get too close."

I need a new heart. My current heart can't cope with all the giddiness I'm experiencing. 

"Arasso", I sheepishly said.

"But no more secret meetings with girl group members too, okay?", I said.

"Arasso", he replied. 



"Are you an ELF?"

Uh...what? Elf? Like those mythical creatures that are in the same crew with leprechauns, dwarves and unicorns?

I randomly got in line to enter SBS Inkigayo when this weird girl approached me. 

"Are you an ELF?!", she repeated impatiently, as if it will make more sense if she repeats it. Durrrr, hello. I'm human, not an elf.

I just stared blankly at her, wondering if she is a newly escaped inmate from a place where strait jacket is an everyday fashion - a place called asylum.

"Uhmm..I'm not really sure what you m-"

"Whatever. You're an ELF. You're wearing blue, see? Get in this line.", she instructed.

Okayyyyy.. I think the easiest way out of this bizarre conversation is to agree with whatever she says. All I want is to watch Big Bang live on stage. And Jiyong permitted me to go, yey! Too bad Bommie can't come with me this time.

My phone rang. A smile formed on my face and my eyes automatically roamed around before I answered the phone like what I'm about to do is a sinful act. It's kind of exciting that GD of Big Bang is calling me while I'm in the middle of a sea of fans worshipping him, kekekekekeke!

"Yeoboseyo?", I whispered while smiling giddily as I smugly looked around. If only I could scream I'M TALKING TO G-DRAGON!! Haiisshht, but of course I can't do that. I don't want to give these ferocious fangirls any reason to butcher me in broad daylight. 

"Babe? Are you in front of SBS now? Are you with Bom?"

"Bom can't come. I'm already in line."

"You're alone? Yah! Go backstage, I'll ask our manager to pick you up"

"No, I want to be with the audience."


"Ah, no buts ahjussi."

"Tch. Arasso. Be safe, okay?"

"Okay". I hung up and pocketed my phone.

<*poke poke>

What the...

I looked at my right and saw the weird fangirl again. She's still here? 

"Hold this", she gave me a folded blue cloth.

"What's this?", I asked.

"We're going to wave it later", she mysteriously answered.

I unfolded the cloth and it turns out it's a banner with big letters. I read it and frowned.

A3B9B4 ♥ B2B7

What? I don't understand why we have to wave this good for nothing banner with random letters and numbers.

"What does this mean?", I asked. She looked at me and sighed dramatically.

"You're a baby ELF, aren't you? A3B9B4 ♥ B2B7 means ELF ♥ SJ." still didn't make any sense but I just kept it to myself.

"Why do we need this?", I folded the cloth again.

"So they can read it? Duh."

"Who are they?"

"SuJu, who else."

Su-what? Is that the lunatic slang for aliens from outerspace? It's official. She's gone bonkers. zz-num-23.gif

"Wow, you're really a baby ELF. Before we enter the building, here are some rules..."

She continued on and on like what she's saying is the key to human salvation. Thank you, unknown fangirl, for showing me the light. I can now die in peace.

"Our official color is sapphire blue. SAPPHIRE blue. Whenever you go here or other music stations, remember to bring your lightstick or wear blue at least"

Hahahahahha! She's really serious about this, isn't she? I thought she's going to convince me to wear blue (or SAPPHIRE blue!) forever! Yellow? Pink?? Pssshh!!! Sapphire Blue is the holy color of enlightenment, hallelujah!!! 

"This banner..", she paused dramatically and ran her hand on the cloth that I was holding, "...this banner represents US, remember that baby ELF. It's an honor to wave this banner", she earnestly declared.

I'm desperately trying to suppress my laughter. 'This banner...this banner represents US', puahahhahahahha!!! 

"Hold this with pride, baby ELF. And before I forget...this is kind of awkward but can I tell you something?", she whispered and clasped my hands. 

Sure, go ahead. Because this is not awkward AT ALL. (I'm being sarcastic, in case you haven't noticed)

"Uh. Okay"

"I had a dream last night that I will meet a lady in blue and both of us will be able to talk to SuJu. I think you're the one I dreamt about. I believe this is our lucky day so stick with me, okay?", she whispered cautiously, as if we're plotting something extraordinary.

Lady in blue? I darted my eyes around a bunch of girls around us who are wearing, yes you guessed it right,blue! Where the hell did she get her brain? Aigoo, some people should learn the difference between reality and fantasy before learning how to turn on the TV.

"So what can you say, huh?", she asked.

What can I say? How about LOL!, hahahahaha! Yeah, but I can't embarrass her in front of her legion, can I? They might burn me alive or worse, snatch the blue banner away from my grasp! <*shiver>

This girl. This girl should be banned from all computers. Or all viewing devices for that matter. She's totally out of it. Her fangirl enthusiasm is off the charts.



"BIG BANG!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!"

I shouted and clapped enthusiastically. I was sitting with crazy fangirl and her blue legion but surprisingly, they were well-behaved unlike those other fans seated at the right side waving yellow crown lightsticks. Weird. 

I didn't pay much attention to it since everyone is obviously enjoying the show. I just concentrated on Big Bang's performance. I stared at Jiyong and I can't help but feel proud again.

It amazes me how cool he acts. His movements, the way he raps, his stares...


My heart is about to burst from too much spazz attacks. I think my wounds reopened from his sheer awesomeness. 

Big Bang captured the audience once again. The fanchants are getting louder. I browsed through the printed piece of paper that crazy fangirl gave me but I can't find the corresponding fanchant. Hmmmm...whatever.

I was too engrossed with their performance and was lost in my own world.

WOW! Just wow! The crowd is going crazy because of Big Bang! These 5 guys whose leader is none other than....wait for it....MY BOYFRIEND!!! And not just my boyfriend, he's my roommate! Yes fangirls, we sleep in one bed every night! Here's my handkerchief, go wipe your drool in the corner MWAHAHAHAHHAHA! <*evil laugh>

I can think of various reasons why I personally like Big Bang. And again, this is just my PERSONAL opinion so please excuse my biasness.

Here's my list of why I like Big Bang. In no particular order <*drumrolls>:

1. Hello, G-Dragon, anyone?

2. Big Bang is an amazing group...and G-Dragon is their leader

3. G-DRAGON!! Wheee!!!

4. Imma rub it in your face and say it again - G-DRAGON!

No, there's nothing wrong with my list. 

The song approached its finale and Big Bang assumed their final pose with their signature 'goodbye-ovaries' deep stare, capable of making females blush for the rest of eternity.. I heard the collective shrieks from the audience. 

Woohooo!! BIG BANG!!

"I didn't know you like Big Bang that much", crazy fangirl looked at me as if I've betrayed the nation.

I just shrugged and kept my eyes on the stage. I want to familiarize myself with other KPop groups so I could relate to Jiyong. The MCs went to the stage to introduce the next performers.

"Hold the banner!", she nudged me and pointed at the blue cloth on my lap. What? Oh right, I completely forgot that she gave me the banner.

"Here", I gave it to her.

"We're going to wave it!", she excitedly exclaimed, her eyes glued on the stage. Wait... I think something's not right. What are we...

"....SUPER JUNIOR!!!!!!!", the MCs announced. I almost jumped from the loud shrieks as the crowd surrounding me went into a screaming frenzy. Super Junior? Wait...Crazy fangirl held my hand as she frantically waved the banner. ELF ♥ SJ? Super Junior? SuJu? OH.CRAP. zz-num-20.gif

Jiyong should NOT see me in here!

I immediately hid my face behind the banner! GAAAHHDD!! Dara, you dimwit, Why are you such an ignorant fool?! 

How did I end up at the wrong side of the audience?! WHY DID I FCKING WEAR BLUE TODAY?! zz-num-17.gif

I looked at the stage and my eyes immediately landed on Donghae. Thankfully, he has already recovered from his injury. He was insisting on knowing where I currently live but I was able to dodge his questions. Although he's still persistently asking me to meet up. 

I watched him as he danced and sang together with the other Super Junior members. I can't help but smile. They were somehow similar to Big Bang, only more than twice as many members. They treat each other like brothers and goof around like kids offstage. When I visited their dorm, they were running around trying to clean the places that I could see. As expected, when I looked below the couch, I saw unimaginable things that might probably ruin Super Junior's reputation if others will see it. 

Yes, they are impressive as well. But my boyfriend is in Big Bang! I don't even want to think of the repurcussions I would have to face if he sees me sitting here in the middle of Super Junior's fans waving this BLUE BANNER! 

I felt my phone vibrate. I pulled it out and read the message.

Babe, where are you? I didn't see you in the audience

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course you wouldn't see me, I'm at the wrong camp! Huhuhuhu, forgive me... 

I pondered for a while before replying.

I'm among the audience. Don't look for me, it's quite hard to see where I am

LIES. Just look for the moron hiding behind the blue banner and yep, that's me. Easy to spot. 

The fanchants grew louder since the end of Super Junior's performance is drawing near. My eyes are rapidly darting left and right, making sure that Jiyong is nowhere in sight. I was able to breathe again when the show ended. I didn't realize I was holding my breath, that's how nervous I was.

I let out a relieved sigh, thinking that my whole ordeal has ended as well. I was sadly mistaken...

I forgot that there's a mutizen award after Inkigayo and all idol groups will be gathered on the stage. The entire crowd erupted in simultaneous cheers for their bias group. Crazy fangirl beside me was waving the banner enthusiastically while I hold onto it for my dear life. I-MUST-HIDE. That's what's going through my brain the entire freaking time. I looked at the stage and I saw Jiyong roaming his eyes over the audience. CRAP!! Please don't let him see me, please don't let him see me

"And the winner is...Super Junior!"

I was lost in the middle of rejoicing Super Junior fans. The rest of the idol groups applauded and Super Junior went on the middle of the stage. I saw Jiyong staring heavily at Donghae. If looks could kill, Donghae would've probably dropped dead by now. Then he shifted his gaze towards the audience again. GAHHHH!! Stop looking for me Jiyong!

In an attempt to make myself disappear, I ducked behind the fangirls on top of using the blue banner as my shield.

"SUPER JUNIOR OPPAS!! SARANGHAE SARANGHAE SARANGHAEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE LET ME GET YOUR AUTOGRAPH!!! PLEASE!!", crazy fangirl's voice startled the hell out of me. Sh!T!!! Stop it, crazy fangirl! 

If it wasn't enough, she even climbed over the seat, tugging the other end of the blue banner with her. She then started jumping up and down, frantically waving her arms and screaming at the top of her lungs. 


I was flabbergasted! OH GOSSSSHHHHHHHH!!! Stop drawing attention! I desperately covered my face with the other end of the banner while shrinking my body in a futile attempt to hide.

I was too late. I can feel it. The heavy stares of the entire studio is casted upon us amidst the noisy music. I focused my gaze on the floor, too scared to lift my head. The hairs at the back of my neck started to rise, this is a bad sign. 

"It's Dara...", I heard a faint murmur coming from the stage. OH NO!!! zz-num-25.gif

I started praying like crazy. My heart is pounding loudly that I can't even hear my thoughts anymore. I slowwwwly glanced at the stage and was welcomed by Jiyong's powered-up blazing glare. WAAAHH!!! 

Then he glanced at his left side, I followed his gaze and saw Donghae smiling from ear to ear while looking at me. He even casually waved at my direction. I felt a strong murderous aura emanating from Jiyong.

Super Junior's song started playing again for the encore and the other idol groups left the stage one by one. Before Big Bang can even exit, Donghae, Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun started to descend the stairs and headed towards our direction.

I started to tense up. me from a possible humiliation.

Then...they were beside us, inviting the blue legion to go to the stage. I was absolutely mortified while crazy fangirl was almost having seizures from too much spazzing. Donghae grabbed my arm and coaxed me to go with them as well.

I looked at where Jiyong was and saw him visibly drawing a sharp intake of breath.

Damn. There is gonna be one hell of a fight in the immediate future.



I am always caught up on humiliating situations. And I'm quite sure this one is no exception.

I was backstage, standing in front of Super Junior and Big Bang. Crazy fangirl got what she wanted and we went on separate paths. She was bouncing with happiness while I'm here, facing the two KPop boy bands, unable to explain myself.

"Pretty noona, you're an ELF?", Kyuhyun excitedly asked.

"I...I...", OH GOSH! I need to come up with at least ONE coherent sentence.

"No, she's not. Right noona?", Seungri countered. 

GAAHHDD!! Seungri-ah! Why must you be like this?!

"Omma, you didn't tell me you know Big Bang", Donghae interjected.

"Omma?!", Jiyong's voice hiked up. 

"Hahahahaha! Donghae is my childhood friend. That's just how we call each other BEFORE. Right, Donghae?", I glared at Donghae but he just frowned at me.

"Nuclear Fart! Miss me?", Tabi! Thank heavens for Tabi!! He smirked at me and gave me a slight nod.

"Nice to see you again, Eyeshadow Man.", I smiled back at him.

"You're an ELF, right? I saw you waving the banner! I saw you!", Eunhyuk insisted and tugged my shirt.

"Dara noona is hyung's g-mpphhhhh!!", Youngbae covered Daesung's mouth and flashed his signature eye-smile at us.

"SHE'S-NOT-AN-ELF! Go tell them noona! Go tell them!", Seungri is on the verge of having tantrums while Kyuhyun just looked at him amusingly.

"Well....", I swear, I'm gradually shrinking from the stares of Super Junior and Big Bang combined.

"Then, what are you?", Donghae asked indignantly.

"I'm a....", CRAP! What the heck is the freaking name of Big Bang's fanclub again?! Jiyong mentioned it to me before! Think! C'mon brain, please don't fail me!

"You're a what?", Jiyong tilted his head and crossed his arms. I'M DOOMED! I looked at him with pitiful eyes. 

All of them are staring at me. I can even hear their minds saying...We're waitinggggg

"I'm a....Big Bangers", I said in a tiny voice. I took a shot. I blurted out what I thought was the most possible name of their fanclub. All of their jaws dropped to the floor. An eerie silence enveloped us, I think I even heard the swooshing sound of the wind from a faraway distance.



"B-Big Bangers?", Seungri is almost choking - unable to fathom why a dumb creature such as myself exist in this world. 

I looked at the SuJu members and judging from how their faces are contorted, I can tell they're trying their very best not to burst into a fit of hysterical laughter.

"It's okay, you can laugh", I said to end their agony. And with that, the corridor was filled with their chuckles. They were having a ball, my expense. <*SIGH>

I started biting my nails while looking apologetically at Big Bang.

"Looks like you're not a VIP either, Omma", Donghae exclaimed in between giggles.

Jiyong's eyes turned into tiny slits. This is not good.

"Yah! Donghae! I told you to stop calling me that!", I slapped his arm.

"OUCH! Arasso, arasso."

"Well, Seungri maknae, looks like pretty noona isn't an ELF nor a VIP.", Kyuhyun snickered. No, Kyuhyun. Not you, too! Don't jump into this nonsense fight!

"DARA NOONA!!!!", Seungri whined. 

I facepalmed myself. I looked helplessly at Jiyong who is busy trying to kill the laughing Donghae with his glare. I sighed audibly.

"I'm going home guys. I really enjoyed watching all of you", I loudly said, catching his attention.

"I'll drive you home", Donghae and Jiyong simultaneously exclaimed.

"No, I'll just take a cab"



I shut my eyes tightly.


After a few more minutes of bickering, Dara was able to get out of SBS building and hail a cab. As soon as she sat, her phone beeped and she has no doubt the message is from GD.


Dara smiled and replied. 

Ahjussi!! wahhhh T_T I'm sorry already! love u too.

Instead of going home, she decided to go to Itaewon. She still needs to confirm her work schedule and thank her manager for allowing her to take a sick leave.

GD smiled upon receiving Dara's text while Big Bang and Super Junior are still having their mini-competition on who is closer to Dara. He pocketed his phone and swung his arm around Seungri's shoulders.

"Let's get going, guys", he called out to the Big Bang members.

"Congratulations on winning the Mutizen", GD bowed and coaxed the unwilling Seungri to do the same.

They went on separate ways. Donghae and GD's eyes met for a split second when they pass by each other, seemingly gauging.

Since it was a weekend, there were a lot of people in Itaewon. Dara got off the cab and sprinted her way.

"Miss!", a voice called out but she continued walking.

"Excuse me!"

Dara spun around and saw a girl running towards her. She was panting when she finally caught up with Dara.

"Whew, you run really fast! You dropped your wallet", the girl said and handed the wallet to her.

"OMO! Thank you, I didn't notice", Dara exclaimed and bowed to the stranger.

"No problem", the girl adjusted her sunglasses, smiled at her and walked away.

Kiko strided on the opposite direction, happy that she was able to help someone. She sighed and looked at the sky. She's so excited to meet GD but it's not yet the right time for that. 


Sorry. I'm too tired to even explain. I just hope you still like the chap even if you're from the Move Out Team.

*sigh.. I'm too tired, really. =(

Thank you to all the readers who commented and voiced out their opinions. I read all of them and they are sincerely appreciated.



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