MY CELEBRITY ROOMMATE - fanfic by huntress
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"Appa..", she whispered. Donghae smiled at her.

"Start counting, Sandara Park"

Dara's eyes became misty as she watched the rain of roses. The white ice skating rink is continuously being drizzled by red petals making a litter of red all over the place. It was a marvelous sight. He did all these for her? A crowd was gathering around the rink watching and whistling at them. 

"Go get her, young man!!", the onlookers burst into cheers and applauded at the extravagant display of affection by Donghae.

"Booyah!", Donghae shot his fist up in the air and waved at the crowd and the cheers grew louder. Both of them chuckled. Then they became silent and stared at each other.

"Happy Birthday, Omma", he said, obviously smiling even if his face is hidden by the mask he's wearing.

"Huh? Is it my birthday today?"

"Aigoo, even forgetting your own birthday", Donghae poked Dara's forehead. She stiffened, remembering how GD always pokes her forehead whenever she does something stupid.

"Sorry if the celebration is a bit late. This morning, I was busy preparing this.", he said apologetically.

Dara remained silent. This is supposed to be her first birthday with her first boyfriend, but what happened? Her eyes roamed around. There's a void feeling in her heart. 


"I didn't buy any gift. Instead, just tell me your wish and I will fulfill it.", he continued while cupping her face, gently caressing her cheeks with his thumbs.

She stared at him. 

"Anything?", there was desperation in her voice.

"Anything", he reassured her.

"Make me forget. Even for just a day.", she vaguely said without even blinking. She wanted to forget the pain, even for just a day. She wanted to be her old self, the uncaring Dara who doesn't give a damn about what people think. She wanted to go back in time, when she can smile like a moron. Free from problems, from heartaches, from confusions. 

There was a momentary pause between them. Dara sighed as she realized how crazy she sounds.

"I don't know what I'm saying. I just..."

"Okay", Donghae cut her off and gently looked at her.

"Okay, Omma. I understand", he repeated. Somehow, Dara believed he does. He does understand.


GD was frozen on his spot, unable to believe what is unfolding before his eyes. His heart mercilessly pounded on his chest as he looked at Dara with another man, in the middle of the ice skating rink being showered with roses and petals. 

"Dara..", his voice was almost choking.

It's as if air has been knocked out of his chest. He gripped the steel railing firmly as he stared at the two figures in the middle of the rink.


GD started to walk. Slowly at first, then he broke into an abrupt run. The ice skating rink is a far distance from where he was standing since he's at a high area overlooking the rink and to get there, he needs to go through a zigzag path. 

"DARA!", he screamed but he was still far away. A heavy feeling is enveloping him as he continued running. Too many questions are rapidly whirling on his head. Who is that man? Why is Dara with him? What's with this event that he prepared? Is he proposing to her?

"DARA!", he can feel his insides doing a backflip. His chest is about to explode from jealousy. He can feel his heart being pierced repeatedly as he looked at the scene again while running. The thought of another man holding her is already driving him insane. Witnessing it before his very eyes is ten times more excruciating, like his life is being out of him. It was intensely painful to watch her with another man. No. He can't bear it. He needs to get her back.

'Oh God, Dara. Please don't do this. Come back to me. Please', his breathing is becoming labored but he did not dare slow down.

"DARA!", he yelled in desperation. But his voice was drowned by the cheering crowd gathered at the side. He quickened his pace. When he saw Dara and the guy leaving, he felt helpless. For the first time, he didn't know what to do. His mind is in pure chaos.

By the time he reached the side of the ice rink, they were no longer in sight. 

"Dara", he whispered, searching for her among the crowd.


So this is how it felt like to be left alone, huh? GD shook his head and lightly chuckled at his own situation. His chuckles became more and more inaudible as he felt a bitter taste on his tongue - jealousy, pain, guilt. His gaze fell on the ground as he placed both his hands inside his pockets. So this is how it felt like to be left alone? It fcking hurts like hell.



I blinked twice.

Is he really standing inside my hostel room AT 5AM IN THE FREAKING MORNING? Heaven help him if he does. 007.gif

I blinked again.

He's still there, smiling widely at me.


Somebody's going to get killed. FIVE AM in the morning?! Fcking 5AM?! Who on their right mind will wake up Sandara Park at this unholy hour?!

I pulled the blanket and covered my head to resume my interrupted sleep. But this fool pulled the sheet off me and started rocking my body. ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!! I am so going to kill him! He's DEAD! zz-num-31.gif

I glared at him with my this-better-be-good-or-i'll-slash-your-throat expression.

"Omma, wake up. Today is the day I'm going to fulfill your birthday wish", he said.

Say whuttt??! I shut my eyes in utter shock and frustration. He's lucky the knife is out of my reach or I would've stabbed him with it!

"Get out", I groggily said and weakly pointed at the door. I then rolled over the other side, my back facing him, and tried to drift back to slumber.

"GET UP!", he loudly exclaimed while pulling the covers out of my sleep-deprived body. OH GAHHHDD!! WHAT THE HELL??!! At freaking 5AM in the morning? He'll drag me out of bed to fulfill my birthday wish at freaking 5AM in them morning?! Good grief!

"Come on, Ommaaaaaa"

I tried to ignore him...for his own safety.

"GET UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", he screamed.

That's it. Lee Donghae is history.

I abruptly sat up, eyes still half-closed, grabbed my backpack on the floor and started pulling out my ammunitions. I threw whatever I laid my hands on at his direction with unimaginable force - hurling random things towards him while aiming for his head. I swear, I am going to knock him cold for ruining my sleep!

"STOP IT!!!" zz-num-12.gif

When I ran out of things to throw, I lunged at him and rode on his back while pulling his hair on all directions!


We collapsed on the bed. He tried to get up but I pulled him again and started hitting and kicking him, unmindful where my blows landed. I heard him whimper in pain but I didn't stop. He then crawled on top of me, pinned both of my arms on the side of my head and pressed his weight on my body to stop me from kicking. He was hovering above me while breathing heavily at my face, his hair fell down in disarray and is tickling my cheeks. He was looking directly at my eyes. It feels...weird.

"I said stop it, Omma", he sternly said while panting. His hot breath blowing on my face is very unnerving. His stares is sending shivers down my spine.

"A-arasso", I said and tried to wiggle free. He didn't let go of me and continued staring.

"Appa, get off me", I whispered. His gaze traveled from my eyes down to my lips. Oh boy.

He slowly lowered his face, bridging the gap between us. My eyes widen in shock and my body froze. I couldn't even voice my protests, everything happened in a blur. I felt his lips tentatively brushed on mine. He pulled away and looked at me for a few seconds before claiming my lips once again. My eyes blinked rapidly. I'm still unable to fathom what's going on. His kiss was gentle, soft, and reassuring. Like he's telling me everything will be alright. It was overpowering that I can't help but be succumbed to it. I closed my eyes and parted my mouth to give access to his tongue. He began exploring inside my mouth, touching and teasing every part. My heart was pounding crazily with the new experience. The sound of our lips moving against each other, , nipping filled the room.

I must admit, a little part of me is curious too. And a part of me just wanted to forget - to forget the pain brought by Jiyong.

'Jiyong!', my mind screamed. And that's all it takes for me to regain my sanity.

I abruptly stopped the kiss and lightly pushed his chest.

"Stop", I said.

He looked at me, bewildered. Then I thought I saw a hint of pain in his eyes but it quickly disappeared. He sighed heavily and sat at the edge of the bed, his back facing me. I sat up and was about to reach for him but I stopped myself. I felt really guilty. 

"Appa...", I called out but I don't know what to say. My gaze fell and I nervously played with the hem of my shirt.

"Sorry. I forgot my place", I heard him say. I lifted my head and our eyes met. A smile curved on his lips. I smiled back. He lifted his closed fist and I bumped my closed fist into his, like thugs. Everything was forgiven and forgotten just like that. Just like how we were before, when we were in middle school. 

"But Omma, you almost broke my ribs! Look, look! Ugh! I'm full of bruises!", he whined like a kid and collapsed on my lap. I cradled his head and combed his hair with my fingers.

"Aigooo. That's what you get for waking me up at this hour", I shot back.

"Which reminds me, you better get yourself prepared. We have to go!"

"Huh? Exactly what do you plan to do today?", I asked.

"I told you, I'm gonna fulfill your wish", he exclaimed excitedly and got up. I let out a sigh and lied down on the bed again.

"I just blurted it out, you don't have to take it seriously. You don't understand..", I said. He then pulled me up again and held my shoulders while lightly shaking me.

"Just trust me, Omma. Neh? Don't be hardheaded and prepare.", he muttered and pushed me to the restroom. It took me a couple of minutes to shower and get dressed.

We stormed out of the hostel room running towards the train station as soon as he told me to leave my things behind including my purse and handphone.

"Hurry!", he grabbed my hand and quickened our pace.

Little did I know how catastrophic things will ultimately get. 



"Can you say that again?", I mumbled in fear. I swear, his ideas are starting to frighten me. I do hope I just heard him wrong, because nobody in their right mind would even dare try to do what he wanted us to do. It's plain absurd!

He just flashed his boyish grin and covered his face again with his mask.

"Come on, you'll do the talking", he said and tugged my arm.

"NO WAY!!!", I screamed and was about to walk away but he grabbed my wrist again and started dragging me to the train ticket counter.

"Are you out of your mind?!", I hissed and wiggled free from his grasp. I turned around to leave but he s his arms around my waist. I grabbed the nearest pole with my two hands and held onto the pole like my life depended on it. Both of us were yelling at each other as he tried tugging me by my waist. To say that we looked like a pair of lunatics is an understatement. 


If I knew that my stupid birthday wish will make me end up in this kind of ridiculous situation, I should've asked for something else instead. Make me forget. Even for just a day. Fck, what was I thinking? GAAAHHH!!! 

"Appa, let go!", I yelled. But he was too stubborn.

"Oh gosh, this is ridiculous! Let's just go home!", I stomped my feet in annoyance.

"NO! I told you, just trust me! Just one day, Omma! We'll get through this!", he shot back. Aigooo....AIGOOO!!

You might be wondering what his plan is to make me forget. True, I wanted to be blissful even for just a day. To not think of things, especially the situation I'm currently in with Jiyong. But Donghae's plan is just...STUPID! There, I said it. 

He told me to leave my purse and my handphone at the hostel. I didn't suspect anything when he told me that, thinking that he has money with him. WRONG. He didn't bring ANY money or card either. He also didn't bring his handphone. And he wanted us to go to Busan and survive a day without ANYTHING except the clothes that we're wearing. HE.IS.CRAZY. Beware of Lee Donghae.

You think his plan is easy? I dare you to go out the street and hail a cab and tell the driver that you don't have any money. Or to ask anyone to give you food without paying for it. Go ahead, try it!

So now you see the predicament I'm in. Who would've thought my birthday wish will get back at me and bite me in the as$. Dammit! 

"OMMA!!!", he whined and sat on the floor while kicking his legs and flailing his arms. I'm pretty sure he's pouting as well. OMO! He looks like a big kid having tantrums. 

"Get up", I sternly said. 

"No!", he crossed his arms and snappily whipped his head sideways in defiance. Omo! He's so cute hahahaha! 

"Get up", I repeated, trying my best not to chuckle. People are already staring at us.

"Appa..fine, you win", I slumped my shoulders in defeat. He sprung to his feet and pushed me towards the ticket counter. Oh gosh! Here comes embarrassment number 1! Please keep your scoreboard with you, it's going to be one embarassing moment to another from here on.

"Uhm, excuse me", I started and looked sheepishly at the girl behind the counter.

"Destination?", she asked without even looking at me.

"Two tickets going to Busan. But...we don't have any money. May we ask for your help? We really need to go to Busan", I bit my lips in anticipation. She lifted her gaze and stared at me with annoyance. 

"What are you? Beggars? Does this look like a charity center? Move aside and stop wasting my time!", she snapped.

I was visibly taken aback. Oh this b!tch! 024.gif

"Hold my earrings, Appa! Lemme have a go at her!", I whispered, already folding the sleeves of my hooded sweater.

"Easy, Omma", Donghae pulled my hood making me step backwards. He then stepped forward and took the lead. Darn it! And I was so ready to beat the crap out of that woman! Oh well...

I was pacing back and forth not far from the ticket counter. Donghae is still talking to the girl and I don't even know if it's going smoothly 'coz I can't hear their conversation. He instructed me to stay put at a good distance.

The girl then pulled out her radio and started talking. I saw a security staff talking to the radio as well while looking at us. Then the security staff strided towards our direction. I started praying. Hell, I did. Something tells me we will find ur as$es being hurled out of the train station in record time.

You and your brilliant plan, Lee Donghae! I swear, I am going to cripple you after this!

"Mr. and Mrs. Lee? Please follow me", the security staff said.

Eh? Mr. and Mrs. Lee? I looked at Donghae in bewilderment.

"Hurry up. The train is about to leave", he held my hand and followed the security staff. So does this mean he succeeded? I looked at Donghae with a newfound respect. Whoooaahh, I guess celebrities are really good at smooth-talking, eh?

We were guided to the far end of the train. Okay, so far so good. I wonder how long our luck will last.

We arrived at our hometown after hours of travel. Donghae was able to remove his mask without fear of getting swamped by fans or being photographed by paparazzis since our town is very rural and everybody knows just about anybody, and people don't give a rat's as$ about celebrities here.

He was smiling like crazy and jumped merrily.

"FREEDOMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!", he screamed at the top of his lungs with outstretched arms.

"Hey Freedom, where to?", I asked. He pondered for a minute, his fingers rubbing his chin, and looked at me.

"We can't go to my parent's house. I'm pretty sure they're going to make a fuss and bring up that marriage thing again.", I warned him.

"Arasso. Let's go to the beach on the nearby town then", he replied.

We took the bus (after pleading to the bus driver to let us ride for free). It was full of passengers. And in our hometown, when you say the bus is full, it means the bus is reallyyyyy FULL!! Almost to the point of defying the laws of physics that matters can't occupy the same space at the same time. It's bursting with passengers, clogging up the aisle and every possible space there is!

I was being pushed left and right. Then, Donghae's arm wrapped around me and pulled me closer to him. His right hand was tightly gripping the steel bar at the bus' ceiling to prevent us from toppling over.

"Stay close to me", he sternly said. I looked up at him but he was busy guarding me against the other guys on the bus who are stealing glances at me. Memories of our middle school years flooded on my mind. I remembered him doing the exact same thing whenever we ride a bus together to go to the temples at the foot of the mountain. Even before, he was really protective. He even started a brawl inside the bus one time when a boy gripped my hand. Oh man, I thought he's gonna end up in the hospital but he actually beat that kid into a pulp! Unfortunately, his Appa found out about it since the driver knows him. He was grounded for a week. He doesn't seem to mind though but Donghae forbid me to take the bus for a week as well.

We arrived at our destination...and lo and behold, trouble is waiting for us!

"Why if it isn't Lee Donghae...", a muscular guy and his crew walked towards us while dragging a metal pipe.

I knew it! We're certainly going to end up dead in a gutter somewhere! 



"Appa..", I tugged the sleeve of Donghae's sweater worriedly but he ignored me.

"Let's run. They look like trouble", I pleaded. He raised his eyebrow and stared at me questioningly. Then a playful smile curved on his lips. 

"Relax, Omma. I got this", he answered while smirking.

Oh why thank you Lee Donghae. It's good to know you got my stupid as$ covered. This day is going horribly, horribly wrong!

"Once they're near us, scream loudly so they'll be distracted and I can take out their leader", he whispered. Okay, okay. Sounds like a plan. Scream. Just scream.

The moment the gang of thugs was near us, I screamed like no other. The muscular guy and his crew were taken aback and looked at me with surprised faces. I was still in a screaming frenzy until I realized Donghae isn't lunging at their leader. Instead, the moron was clutching his stomach while slapping his knee as he hysterically laughs at me.


The group of guys who I thought were picking a fight against Donghae broke into a fit of laughter as well.


I glanced back at Donghae, waiting for an explanation. And that explanation better be good!

"Ha ha ha ha ha!!! They're my friends way back from middle school! Don't you remember them? That's Song Soo Ru", he explained while having a marvelous time laughing at my embarrassed face.

"It's not funny!", I screamed in annoyance and kicked his leg. This crazy ba$tard!!!

"Arasso, arasso! Ha ha ha ha!!", someone please remind me to murder him later.

"It's been a while, Sandara Park", Soo Ru said and offered his hand.

"Yeah, it's been a while.", I was about to accept his handshake but Donghae grabbed my hand.

"Yah", he glared at Soo Ru, who raised both his arms in surrender while shaking his head in amusement.

"Aigooo, that's why no guys even dared court Sandara Park before", Soo Ru exclaimed.

"Tch. You blabbermouth!", he lightly punched Soo Ru's arm. 

Donghae comfortably swung his arm over my shoulder and continued chatting with his friends, making sure I'm not left out on the conversation. It was..hmm...nice? I don't know how to explain it but I felt really light. Seeing familiar faces from the past. Talking to them like we just saw each other yesterday. With Lee Donghae beside me, things felt...light.


GD's brows furrowed in anger as he browsed through the pictures one by one. They were pictures of him and Dara at the apartment door when Dara gave him a paper bag with food inside, when he poked her forehead, etc. He let out a frustrated sigh and slam the pictures down the table. He then lifted his gaze and darted his eyes between Minho and Yu Hee. They were at GD's apartment since both of them decided to reveal the truth to GD.

"Who could've done this?", he asked to no one in particular.

"Minho and I were searching for the person who sent these pictures to my agency but we already hit a dead end. Whoever did this must've thoroughly researched or know a lot about you. Probably, he thought I will use this against you since I have a lot of contacts in magazines and newspapers.", Yu Hee answered.

"How did he know about you?", GD leaned on the couch thoughtfully.

"I don't know. Do you know anyone who has grudges against you?", Yu Hee asked. He shook his head in reply.

"But whoever he is, he didn't take any further steps other than sending the pictures to Yu Hee's agency", Minho interjected.

"That's what I'm actually afraid of. It's like calm before the storm. Since I didn't reveal these pictures, he might be cooking some other plan", Yu Hee crossed her arms and was lost in deep thought. 

GD heaved a deep sigh and looked at both of them. His problems are mounting and they're pummeling his life one after another. If only Dara is by his side right now, everything will not be as heavy as they are now. His career might be on the rocks but having Dara beside him makes him feel like he can overcome anything. That somehow, everything will turn out fine.

"I really appreciate this, Minho, Yu Hee. And Yu Hee, I'm really sorry for what happened in Japan.", GD apologetically said.

"Hmph. I was really mad at you that time, you know. Be thankful to Minho, he's the one who accompanied me during those times", she shot back.

"Oh well, I'm doing this for my rabbit", Minho lazily slouched on his seat.

"Hey, just so we're clear. Your rabbit is my girlfriend.", GD retorted.

"She's my bestfriend before she became your girlfriend! Where is she, by the way? You're hiding her from me!", Minho whined.

The two guys kept bantering while Yu Hee just rolled her eyes at the childish exchange of insults between the guys who were deemed to be two of the most sought-after bachelors of Korea. 



I'm hungry....really HUNGRY. I think my large intestine already consumed half of my small intestine. zz-num-17.gif

Even the birds flying freely on the sky looks very delectable right now. This is bad, we need to EAT!

"Appa, I'm hungry. ~ ~", I complained. He rubbed my back to comfort me while his eyes roamed around the area. I'm pretty sure Donghae is on the same boat as me judging from the disturbing sounds originating from his stomach.

"Let's try that", he pointed to a small restaurant near the beach. 

"In case you forgot, we don't have any money", I reminded him. His idea of roaming around for a day without any bucks in our pockets doesn't look very promising now.

"I told you, we'll get through this", he smiled reassuringly. I sure hope so because I'm already having dual vision from hunger.

We entered the small restaurant and sat on a table at the corner. There were actually a lot of customers inside. This is making me nervous, really. Then I felt Donghae's hands on top of mine. I looked at him and he grinned at me.

"Omma, have you forgotten? This is the same place", he said and tapped his fingers on the table. I looked at the table and my eyes widen. I then darted my eyes around the restaurant. Whooahh!! This small restaurant, we've been here before! 

During one of our weekends together when we were young, Donghae and I jumped on a bus with no particular destination and ended up on a beach in a nearby town. We were having a good time by the seashore and forgot the time. It was already late and we were really hungry but we don't have money. We entered a restaurant by the beach and just stood at the entrance while looking longingly at the food. Then Donghae started crying, I also cried with him. I was crying because I was so hungry. I thought Donghae was crying for the same reason but I was wrong. The owner asked us what was wrong and I was about to answer him but Donghae beat me to it.

"I'm sad because I don't have enough money to feed my bride."

The owner laughed and let us in, he then gave us some weird food. I remembered it was a frog dish, ulk! It turns out the restaurant serves exotic dishes. He served us a new dish that he wanted to add to his menu. We were so grateful and helped in serving the customers who were all asking us if we're going to marry each other someday. Donghae proudly said yes. And before leaving, we carved our names in one of the tables.

I ran my hands on the table and lifted my gaze. It feels surreal.

"We're here again, Appa", I smiled. 

The table is now filled with carvings of other names. I looked at the other tables and found other carvings there as well.

"Ahh, those carvings. Two kids went here before and told us they're going to marry each other someday. It was so inspiring. They were the first ones to carve their names in one of the tables and somehow, it became a tradition among the couples who come to my restaurant", a voice interrupted our thoughts.

Donghae and I stared at the old man. He's the same ahjussi before. The kind man who gave us food.

"Grandpa, it's been a long time", Donghae stood up and bowed at the owner. I did the same.

"Omo, do I know you, young ones?", he asked. He obviously doesn't recognize us.

"We're the two kids who went here before. Lee Donghae and Sandara Park. We were the ones who first carved our names on your table.", Donghae scratched his head sheepishly.

"OMO!!!", the owner trapped both of us in a bear hug and scrutinized our faces.

"Hi Grandpa. Thanks for feeding us that time", I smiled.

"OMO! Omo!! Look at both of you now! Omo! You've both grown to be a fine man and lady", he cheerfully said.

"Sit down, sit down. What do you want to eat? It's on me", he continued. Yey! That solves our problem right there! Free food! <*throws confetti!!!>

"We'll eat anything grandpa. Just like before. If you want us to try a new dish that you're experimenting, we'll gladly accept it", Donghae said. I nodded in agreement. And I regretted it shortly afterwards.

I was salivating when the waiter arrived with a tray of two steaming bowls. But when he served it......






















EEEeekkk!! Wh-WHAT on earth is this SH!T! zz-num-20.gif

"It's a bat", the waiter told us, as if reading my mind.


I almost jumped out of my seat! GAHHH!! What is WRONG with these people?! 

B-Bat? zz-num-32.gif

"Ha ha ha", I let out an obvious fake laugh and snapped my head towards Donghae.

"Appa..", I called.

"Neh, Omma?"

"It's a BAT", I repeated under gritted teeth while glaring at him with blazing fury that will hopefully burn him alive! This idiot! 

"Come on let's eat", he chirped. OMIGOSHHHHH!!!!!! Did he NOT hear what I just said?

"It's a bat. A bat! You know, the nocturnal animal? Batman, the caped crusader? Vampires turning to bats?", I repeated incredulously. I even tried flapping my arms for added effect. Is there any other word for BAT? Please tell me! Doesn't he know what a BAT is? 

"Yes, I know", he smiled.

Oh, isn't that lovely? He knew, yet he is going to EAT this lump of black thing! GAHDDD!! I can't even....<*faintssss>

"Enjoy your meal", the waiter nonchalantly said like what he served us is but a normal part of human diet. I'm already hyperventilating by just looking at it.

Oh well. Beggars can't be choosers.

<*breathe in>

<*breathe out>

I am going to have nightmares after this!



After eating and helping out at the restaurant, we bade our farewell to the kind old man. We headed to the beach and just like kids, we played by the seashore.

The fine breeze, the setting sun, the sea. It really uplifts my spirit. I lied down by the sand watching the sky and Donghae did the same.

"Thank you", I muttered. The soft wind caresses my cheeks as I continued staring at the sky.

"Whenever you wanted to forget something painful, it really helps to reminisce the happy memories you had. And doing some crazy stuffs isn't bad either", he said. I just smiled. Then I felt his hand enveloping mine. I turned sideways and our eyes met. It's as if he's trying to tell me something by the way he looked at me. But he didn't say anything, he just continued staring at me. Somehow, I understood.

"Donghae-ah, listen. The thing is.."

"Stop.", he cut me off before I can explain my whole predicament.

"Just..let me continue treating you like the Sandara Park I knew. Please", Donghae sat up, dusted his clothes and stretched his arms.

"AAAHHH!! This feels good!", he screamed then abruptly ran.

"YAH!", I immediately stood up and ran after him.

"YAH! Where are you going?"

He waved his arms at me while running backwards.

"Follow me, Omma!", he yelled.

We continued running until we reached the end of the shore where there is a low cliff. It seemed that this is a prominent diving spot by the locals as apparent from the foot marks on the edges and there is even a changing room at the foot of the cliff. I peeked at the sea and it's quite high from my vantage point.

"Ready?", Donghae playfully asked. My head automatically bolted on his direction. 

What in the fcking hell does he mean by that?!

"What?", I asked incredulously?

"READY?!!", he screamed and pointed at the cliff while jumping continuously on his spot.

Ready to die? Sorry, no. I'm not ready. I started to walk away.

"Let's go!", he pulled me by the waist towards the edge of the cliff. I freaked out like crazy! OMG! Does he even know things like...I don't know...mortality?!! 

"LEE DONGHAE!!! Don't you even dare!"

"Come on, Sandara Park!"


"I got you, Omma!"

The next thing I knew, we were already airborne, free-falling towards the sea below us.

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! LEE DONGHAEEEEEEEE!!!!!!", the hell, I screamed my lungs out. My voice echoed all over the place followed by a loud splash as we hit the waters. I will freaking rip his arms apart after this!!

"<*cough cough> LEE DONGHAE!!! You moron!", I think I gulped down a good amount of sea water. Aigoo! 

I felt his arms around my waist as he turned me around to face him.

"YAH!", I yelled at him and hit his arm as he continued laughing at me. He's CRAZY!! Arrghh!!

A water fight ensues. We splashed water at each other until we reached the shore. We were laughing and making a fool of ourselves. When we got tired, we walked towards the changing room at the bottom of the cliff to see if there are anything that we can use there to dry ourselves.

We were halfway there when we heard a hissing sound. Donghae's brows furrowed.

"What was that?", I asked and scanned the area. When I glanced back at Donghae he was frozen on his spot, his eyes glued on one spot.

"Oh....FCK", he muttered. I looked at the direction where he was staring. Snakes?!!!

Oh no. 

Oh no.



We ran towards the changing room like our as$es are on fire!

"Slam that damn door shut!"

We were screaming like a pair of retards while climbing on the table in the room. And mind you, his is louder than mine. OMO, he's so funny! 

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!", I was slapping my knee while pointing at him.

"YAH! Why are you laughing? You know we both hate snakes", he said in a defensive tone.

"Yes..mmphh..ha ha ha scream like a girl!", I blurted out and was lost in a fit of hysterical laughter again.



To get a train ticket from Busan to Seoul, Donghae and Dara had to clean the toilets first. Dara almost gagged at the sight of what she was about to clean. Brown stains were all over what used to be a white toilet. She half-expected some weird thing to pop out of it and grabbed her wrist, but that's just her imagination getting weird again. If the ladies' restroom is that horrible, how much more is the men's restroom? She cringed at the thought. Poor Donghae.

Fortunately, the two retards managed to get back to Seoul unscathed. It's amazing the things they did to get through the day without any money. 

They were laughing and elbowing each other as they walked towards Dara's hostel. They passed by a hooded man standing at the corner. When they were already a good distance away from the guy, he called out her name.

"Dara", their laughter was interrupted by his voice. Dara's head snapped back to the guy. She would recognize that voice anywhere.

"Ji..uhm. How did you find me?", she walked towards GD while Donghae remained on his spot. 

"Searched all the hotels and hostels in Seoul", he wearily replied. He looked at her longingly and touched the healed scratches on her cheeks.

"Let's go home", GD pleaded. Dara swallowed hard and met his gaze.

"Not now.", she answered. Pain is apparent in his eyes. His chest is already burning from jealousy by just seeing her with another guy. And she even declined going home with him?

"Why? Is it because of that guy, huh?", his voice is laced with anguish. 

"He's the guy who saved my life, Ji. Don't drag him to our own problem", Dara retorted. GD was taken aback. He didn't know what to make out of the situation anymore. 

"Dara, what's happening to us?"

"Just give me time. Please", Dara took a step backwards but GD grabbed her arm. He can't handle this anymore. His chest is about to explode, he's slowly losing his mind.

"Dammit Dara, I'm your boyfriend! Have you forgotten that?"

"No Ji, but you certainly didn't make me feel like I'm your girlfriend when you scurried out of the restaurant and when you didn't even listen to me", his features softened as soon as she snapped.

"Let's go?", Donghae stretched his arm and opened his palm while his other hand is inside his sweater's pocket. He stood there, waiting for her to take his hand. Dara felt GD's grip tightened on her wrist.

"Don't do this..", he was almost begging. 

She willed herself not to look at him when she wiggled free from his grasp and took Donghae's hand.

"Ahjumma, please...", she heard him whisper. Dara stopped on her tracks momentarily...and continued walking.



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I am with team moving out. But I am not with team Donghae anymore. I want Dara to move out of Jiyong's apartment for her to grow as a person and for her to be able to be confident of Jiyong's love for her. I am not wishing for them to break up nor for Jiyong to be in pain, what I am asking for is for Jiyong to let go of Dara just this once since Dara seems to be not growing as herself but instead being more of a shadow or a follower of Jiyong's liking. 

Right now. Dara go for the gold. Jiyong beware. 


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