MY CELEBRITY ROOMMATE - fanfic by huntress
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Writer's Note: Please read this before reading this chapter. This is where I got the idea from.

"Okay, I'll give you another hint..", he smirked.

"Tam Tam", the guy said.

Dara's eyes widen in disbelief. She rolled over to her side and faced the stranger.

"Donghae?! Lee Donghae?", she asked incredulously.

"You finally recognized your fiance, Sandara Park"

Dara took a sharp intake of breath and stared at his face. That smirk. Those eyes. Why didn't she recognize him before??! OH NO!!!!!





















She slapped her forehead in annoyance. Damn these boys and their insane ability to turn into a gorgeous hunk after bridging puberty! Well, he's cute even before. But holy guacamole, he sure became one HOT guy. 

His eyes lit up in amusement as she watched her dumbfounded face.

"When I saw you in Itaewon Bar, I wasn't sure if it was you. Good thing I was able to read your name tag", he confessed.


"Omma, say something", Donghae inched closer. Dara woke up from her trance as soon as she realized his face is dangerously near hers.

"YAH!", Dara abruptly sat up and kicked his waist, completely forgetting about his injury.

"Ouch! Aigoo! YAH!", Donghae shot back.

"YAH!", she pointed at him accusingly, glaring menacingly at him, unable to find the right words to say.


"Don't you Omma, Omma me! And what 'fiance' are you talking about?! I won't marry you!"

"Whatever", Donghae lazily looked at her, then fixed his gaze on the ceiling.

Dara's lips twitched in annoyance. Lee Donghae. Stubborn as before. 

"You didn't sign it, did you?", her heart raced in anxiousness. 

He snickered at her cute, yet crumpled face.

"DID YOU?!!!", she half-yelled, almost on the verge of a full-blown panic attack. 

"Oh, the Marriage Registry Form? Yeah I did. I just had to file it to make us legally married. So now you see, I am your FIANCE.", he nonchalantly answered while taking his sweet time marveling her petrified face.


Dara swallowed hard to calm herself. It suddenly became very hard to breathe. Oxygen is thinning. Vision is becoming blurry. It's official. SHE'S GOING TO DIE. 

"I'm joking"

Oxygen is coming back. Vision is clearing. It's official. SHE HAS BEEN REVIVED. But Donghae's life is in pure danger of being brutally murdered by an enraged Dara-ahjumma.

"I hate you", she declared with burning passion. She curled her fist in a tight ball and clenched her jaw. Donghae couldn't help but snicker at her.

"I really really hate you!", she yelled.

"No, you don't. You even signed the Marriage Registry Form"

"GAAAAAHHHH!! Burn that damn form! Omma tricked me to sign it. And YOU! It's your fault!", Dara was almost hysterical as she grabbed on Donghae's shirt.


It was on a summer vacation of Dara's third year in college. She went home to Busan to spend time with her family. And just like her previous summer vacations, her parents bugged her about her non-existent love life.

But this time, it was different. Her parents are acting reallyyyyy strange.

"Omma, I told you, I don't have a boyfriend.", she sighed and slumped on their couch.

"Noona, don't..mmmpphh", Sanghyun's eyes bulged out when their father covered his mouth and dragged him out of the living room.

"What's with Sanghyun?", she frowned and looked at their mother who quickly averted her gaze.

"Don't mind him. Anyway, so you don't have a boyfriend? Good, good", her mother sat on the couch near her and pulled out a brown envelope from the coffee table.

"Good? That's weird. You usually nag me to find myself a good man since 'I'm not getting any yonger'.", she looked at her mom with scrutinizing eyes.

"Oh that. Don't worry about it. I bet a good man will come to you soon. Say, do you still have that blue bunny rag doll?"

"Yes. Why?", she asked suspiciously. What's with the sudden change of topic?

"Why are you so attached to it?"

"You know it was given to me by my playmate during my seventh birthday", Dara furrowed her eyebrows. Just where is this conversation going?

"Oh. Lee Donghae, is it? That young fine man. Do you know that his father saved your father's life when they were little? And that's how they became bestfriends?", her mother shuffled over some documents from the brown envelope without looking at her. 

Dara heaved a deep sigh and rested her head on the couch. Of course she knew that. Her father has been repeating the same story over and over again when she was a child. She was sternly reminded by her parents to be nice to his son, Donghae. Donghae and Dara are of the same age and they've been playmates as far as she can remember. They were inseparable when they were kids to the point that they both promised to marry each other when they grow up. Donghae's parents really adores Dara and the same can be said for Dara's parents. 

But just like any other puppy love, they grew apart as they started to grow older. They went to the same Middle School but they barely acknowledge each other in the campus. He's the Mr. Popular Guy while she, on the other hand, looms in the shadows and prefers to be by herself.

At home though, it's completely different. Donghae will constantly pop up in their house every night and annoy her. They tend to bicker at the most random things at night and at school, they ignore each other. It became their routine - annoying each other at night and acting like complete strangers at daytime. 

Tam Tam, the blue bunny rag doll, plays a huge role on both Dara and Donghae's life. They regarded Tam Tam as their child. Donghae calls Dara 'Omma' and Dara calls Donghae 'Appa' when it's just the two of them.

Sometimes, Donghae will just drag Dara to the nearby park in the middle of the night and they will sit at the swing in complete silence. Whoever opens up the conversation first has the right to rant for the rest of the night while the other will just listen. But more often than not, Donghae is the one that pour her hearts out and rant about the simplest things about school, about his friends, about girls, about their teachers. And Dara will always end up listening while trying her hardest not to fall in a deep coma since Donghae tends to talk and talk and talk until he lets everything out.

"Omma, where's our child?", Donghae asked after ranting.

"At my room, sleeping.", Dara answered while swinging slowly. Both of them are staring at the night sky.

"Appa, we're about to enter Junior High. After that, we're going to college. Do you already know what course you want to take?", she asked afterwards.

"I want to be a dancer", he said.

"A dancer??", she pouted.

"Gotcha!", Donghae exlaimed and clamped Dara's lips with his thumb on her lower lip and forefinger on her upper lip. 

"YAH! Stop doing that"

Donghae chuckled and stared at the sky again.

"I want to be in the entertainment business. I want to be famous like the ones we see on the music programs. Then you can tell people - Lee Donghae is Tam Tam's Appa", he seriously answered. Dara glanced at him and smiled.

It was a beautiful friendship. A friendship that no one from their school are aware of. 

But it ended during the middle of their first year in Junior High when Donghae and his parents had to move to Mokpo. The night before they were about to leave, Donghae's parents went to their house to bid farewell to Dara's family but Donghae wasn't with them. His parents said that Donghae wanted to say goodbye to them but he was caught up at a friend's house. Dara asked them to tell Donghae that she'll wait for him at the park.

Midnight struck and still, Dara was still alone sitting on the swing at the park. She waited..and waited...but Donghae was nowhere to be found. She went to his house but his parents told her that Donghae is already sleeping and that he told them to tell her to wait for him at the park in the morning. 

Morning came. Dara immediately went to the park but instead of finding Donghae, she found a rose at the swing where she usually sits. She grabbed the rose and ran as fast as she can to his house but it's already empty. Donghae didn't even bade goodbye to her. She didn't cry. She felt betrayed. She was really mad. She threw the rose on the ground and stomped on it repeatedly until sweat started forming on her forehead. After that, she never looked back. Completely erasing Lee Donghae from her life. She was at her lowest. Fortunately, that's the time when she met Bom.

"Sign this form", the voice of her mother cut her train of thoughts.

"Huh?", Dara didn't even bother to move.

"Just sign it!", her mother snapped.

"Arasso! What is this anyways?", Dara picked up the pen and started signing the folded paper showing only her name at the bottom. 

"Omma, what is this document? Health Insurance? Why won't you let me read the contents?", she asked again but continued signing. Just then, Sanghyun and Durami barged in the living room while panting. Their father was running after them but he was too late. 

"NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!", they both screamed with outstretched arms.

"Yah! What's with you two?", Dara gave the form back to their mother who is now smiling weirdly.

"Unnie! Do you know what you just signed?", Durami shrieked.

"I dunno. Health Insurance Form?", she answered with a confused expression. 

"That's a Marriage Registry Form!", Sanghyun screamed before their father can even cover his mouth.

"WHATTTTTTTTTTTTT?!!!!!!!!!", Dara's blood pressure shoots up to the ceiling. She stared at their mother who is still grinning triumphantly while securely clutching the brown envelope where the document is placed.

"What the hell is going on here?", she asked in a hysterical voice.

"Noona, Donghae hyung's parents visited us a week before you came home. I overheard them talking about your marriage with Donghae hyung. Appa and Omma agreed to it. Then the four of them signed the Marriage Registry Form. Omma and Appa promised them that they'll make you agree to sign the paper. Now, Donghae hyung is the only signature missing on that form and if he signs and file it to the National Registry Office, you'll be legally married to him!", Sanghyun explained while running around the living room trying to dodge the death blows from their father. 

"APPA!", Dara yelled in annoyance. Her father stopped running after Sanghyun and scratched his head while looking at her guiltily.

"OMMA!", she screamed and looked at her surprised mother.

"ARE YOU CRAZY?! How can you do this to me?", she stomped her feet and tried to grab the brown envelope from her mother but to no avail. 

On that summer, the Park residence turned out to be a war zone between the Park siblings and the Park parents as Dara, Durami and Sanghyun tried to retrieve the offending form while their parents defended the document with their lives.


"Burn it! Or give it back to me!", Dara demanded.


Dara irritably sighed and rolled her eyes. 

"Why not? You're obviously against the arranged marriage too that's why you haven't signed it. Besides, it's preposterous! We haven't even seen each other since...", her voice trailed off.

"Since we left Busan and moved to Mokpo", Donghae finished her sentence.

"Omma..I'm sorry", he said while staring gently at Dara.

"Stop it."

"My father.."

"I said stop it!", Dara screamed.

"My father is dead", Donghae's eyes are glued to the ceiling. Dara was lost for words as she covered in shock.

"We moved to Mokpo to be with Appa's family because we discovered he's at the early stage of cancer. For years, he has been under constant treatment. I purposely didn't tell you and my parents didn't tell your parents as well because we don't want you to be worried. Your father will surely go out of his way to help Appa and Appa doesn't want to be a bother to him. I wasn't able to say goodbye to you..because I can't.", Donghae exhaled loudly and faced Dara.

"When we left Busan, I decided to leave everything behind and face life head on. I was in a rush to grow up and be a capable man to shoulder the responsibilities for my family. I didn't even have the time to look back, I was impatient to move forward. After high school, I started pursuing my dream and moved to Seoul. Fortunately, luck was on my side and I was able to enter SM Entertainment."

"Last summer, I didn't know that my parents visited your parents. When I went home during one of my breaks from work, Appa was admitted in the hospital again. He gave me the Marriage Registry Form. He told me that the decision is still ours but he would really love it if you're the one I'm going to marry. I told him I'll meet up with you and talk things out. The next day, he died. Peacefully. Without any pains, like he was just sleeping"

"Donghae-ah, I'm really sorry", Dara bit her lips and clasped Donghae's hand with her bandaged hands. She started crying as memories of Donghae's father flooded her. 

"Everything's alright now, Omma.", Donghae wiped her tears and guided her head to his chest.

"You idiot, you should have contacted me when you moved to Mokpo. How dare you cut me off your life like that?", she sobbed.

"I'm really sorry. My mind was filled with worries for my father all throughout the years", he reasoned.

"Where's our child?", he asked afterwards.

Dara pulled Tam Tam out of her backpack and showed it to him. Donghae patted the empty side of his bed. Dara carefully lied beside him again while they both held Tam Tam's arms. 

"Tam Tamie, Appa is here. I finally found your Omma. She's been very bad, neh? Completely forgetting about Appa", he complained.

"Tam Tamie! Don't listen to this man! Appa abandoned us!", Dara retorted.

"Yah! How can you say that to our child?", Donghae nudged her. Dara clicked her tongue and elbowed him back. Amused by her actions, he shook his head while chuckling.

"I didn't abandon you, silly. I even remember our vows", he teased.

"No. NO!! Don't even mention that stupid STUPID vow!"

He goofily smiled at Dara, obviously enjoying tormenting her, and recited their promise when they were 7 years old.

"I, Lee Donghae,..."

"GAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! DONGHAE! I'm warning you!"

"...promise to marry..."


"I, Lee Donghae, promise to marry Sandara Park when I become stronger, taller and when my hands become bigger", the 7-year-old Donghae declared with a very serious face while holding the tiny hands of 7-year-old Sandara Park.

"Eh? What kind of promise is that!", Dara whined and pulled her hands.

"Fine, I take it back.", he rolled his eyes and crossed his arms.

"Yah!", Dara pouted.

"Gotcha!", the guy exclaimed and clamped Dara's lips with his fingers.

"Be serious! It's our marriage we're talking about here", she slapped his arm and blew some air.

"I am serious! I can only marry you when I'm as tall and strong as my Appa!"

"Then what about having big hands?", Dara asked with innocent eyes.

"Ah! It's because I asked your Appa if I can marry you. He told me I can if my hands become bigger than his.", he answered, completely beaming with excitement.

"That means, Appa agreed to our marriage?", Dara clasped both of his hands. Donghae smiled and nodded.

"BOOYAH!", she shot her fist up in the air and jumped merrily in front of her 'fiance'.

"Neh, neh. Do you think you'll be taller tomorrow? Do you think your hands will grow bigger tomorrow?", she asked afterwards.

"Hmmm....I don't know. I think my hands already grew bigger. It wasn't this big this morning.", Donghae contemplated while staring at his hands.

"Wait, I brought a birthday gift for you. I made this by myself. Uhm, well, Omma help a little. But that doesn't count because she's my Omma. So I made it by myself!", Donghae pulled out a blue bunny rag doll from his bag and gave it to her.

"Ohhhhhh....", Dara took it and hugged it with her little arms.

"Happy Birthday!", he smiled.

"Tam Tam! I'll call her Tam Tam!" she yelled afterwards.

"What a weird name", Donghae frowned.

"Yah! What kind of Appa are you? Our child can hear you, you know", Dara folded the bunny's ears.

"Appa??", he asked incredulously. 

"We're Tam Tam's parents. You're the Appa. I'm the Omma", she lifted her chin up and dared him to disagree.

"Arasso, arasso.", he smirked at Dara's cuteness.

"Yah, you should also promise to marry me.", Donghae complained and extended his right hand. Dara took it with her left hand while cradling Tam Tam with her right arm.

"What should I say?", she asked.

"I dunno. Just promise me that you'll marry me"

Donghae stared at her as she recited her vow while nodding her head at each phrase.

"I, Sandara Park, promise to marry Lee Donghae if he gives me many many many manyyyyyy roses that I won't be able to count"


Dara groaned and rubbed her arms as she cringed at their childhood memory.

"See. I'm your fiance with or without the Marriage Registry Form, Omma. Stop denying it", he wiggled his eyebrows while playing with the bunny rag doll.

"I was young...AND STUPID. You were my only playmate then that's why I thought it's normal that I would marry you", she reasoned.

"Remember when we found out that it will take a lot of years before we can marry each other?", he recalled. She stole a glance at him and smiled inwardly.

"Yeah. Our science teacher really hated us, don't you think? He was the one who burst our fantasy bubble. I really cried a lot that day. On second thought, YOU really cried a lot.", Dara wiggled her brows at him.



"Sandara Park!"

She softly laughed and grabbed Tam Tam.

"Yah, start calling me Appa like we used to", Donghae whined.


"Okay, I would have to play the hero card here. I saved your life. And I want you to call me Appa again.", he smiled wickedly.

"That's blackmail", she shot back.

"Yes it is. Start calling me Appa!", he chuckled.

"Appa...", she called. Donghae smiled and stared at her.

"Neh, Omma?"

"You disappeared. I was really mad at you.", Dara lowered her gaze while fiddling the blue bunny doll. 

"I told you I can't say goodbye", he studied her face as she continued playing with Tam Tam.

"Why not?"

"Maybe because saying goodbye means the end. I want you to remember me and our childish promise."

"The rose? I threw it away", Dara recalled.

"You bad girl. That's one of the many many many roses that you've requested and you threw away the first one?", he retorted.


"Aigoo, this girl."

"Appa, you're too late now. Omma has a boyfriend", Dara wiggled Tam Tam in front of Donghae's face.

"I know. I saw you two when I was waiting for you at the school gate. I didn't get to see his face though."

"So, that was you? How'd you know my university?"

"I asked around Itaewon Bar", he simply answered and grabbed Tam Tam from her grasp.

"I've already lost you once, Sandara Park. I won't lose you again.", Donghae proclaimed as he fiddled with the rag doll.



Ahjumma, where are you?

With a defeated sigh, I lied on the bed with the phone on my hand. I've been calling and texting her nonstop since last night but I still can't contact her. My mind is already spinning with worries and I really hate this feeling of being helpless. Bom doesn't know where she is either. I even have to call that ba$tard Lee Minho but even him doesn't know her whereabouts.

Where could she possibly be? Even if the nurse from the hospital assured me she's fine, I still want to make sure and see for myself. Why isn't she coming back? 

I want to see her. I badly want to see her. Dara, where the hell are you?

Sunlight started entering the windows as I stared blankly at nothing in particular. I wasn't even able to sleep, driving around Seoul like a madman the entire night hoping to find her. 

I felt a pang of pain in my chest just imagining what could possibly have happened if Dara was indeed hit by a car. I would totally lose it. I would rather stab myself than see Dara lying unconscious in the hospital bed. I won't be able to handle it. 

Fck! Why did I leave her at the restaurant? I should've checked first if Minho was really waiting outside before speeding off with Yoona. It didn't even cross my mind that he might've left already since he needed to go somewhere else. 

I clenched my fists and shut my eyes firmly. I'm really angry at myself. 



"Mmmmhhmm", I snuggled closer to the warmth of his body and was about to resume my sleep when I heard voices. Hmmm, did Jiyong left the TV on? 

"Sshhh. Guys, stop it.", I heard him say. Eh? That's not my Jiyong's voice. Where have I heard it before?

"Aiisshht, get away from her", he said and I felt his arm pulling me closer. That voice. It's deeper now but I can still remember it from my childhood up to my early teens. 

That's right. Tam Tam's Appa.

"Appa?", I asked sleepily. My body isn't fully awake and my mind is still in dreamland. I still can't distinguish if this is real or if I'm still dreaming.

"Ssshhh. Go back to sleep, Omma", he said and I felt something warm on my forehead.

"Gaahh, she called him, Appa!!", a guy shrieked. Wait, why is there another voice. And where am I? Where's Jiyong?

"Hyung, she's frowning. Look, look!", and another voice.

"You lucky ba$tard! I'm older than you, I should be the one with a girl", and another voice.

"Omo omo omo! She's so cute! Donghae-ah, I'll be cheering for you!", and another voice. Just how many are they?!

Slowly, I forced my eyes to open. I squinted but the images are blurry. I blinked a couple of times and squinted again. When my vision cleared, I saw 12 heads hovering around me. 

"KKYAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!", all of us jumped in fright as I screamed my head off. Who are they? Where the hell am I?!


"Huh?", I spun my head sidewards and saw Donghae smiling brightly. Oh, right. I dozed off when Donghae and I were catching up last night. But who are these people? 

"Annyeonghaseyo, we're Super.... Junior!", they chorused while stretching their right arms with open palms...some hand gesture..something. I almost jerked back with their powerful greeting. So these are Donghae's group members? Gahhh! Why so many? 

I just hope they won't introduce themselves one by one 'coz...

"Hi, I'm Heechul"

"Annyeonghaseyo, I'm Lee Teuk"

"Hello pretty noona, I'm Kyuhyun"

Gaahhhdd!! I need a pen and paper! Pen and Paper! 

"I'm Eunhyuk! I'm Eunhyuk! I'm Eunhyuk! EUNHYUK!"

Okay him, I'll certainly remember. 

After all of them introduced themselves, the room became rowdy as each of them engaged in mini-fights. I feel like I'm watching a variety show, it's really amusing.

"Sorry. This is what happens when 13 guys are thrown in one room", Donghae said.

"It's okay. They're really energetic, aren't they?", I replied.

"Yeah, they are"

"Guys, zip it up!", all of them stopped talking.

"That's our leader, Lee Teuk hyung", Donghae whispered. I remember him, he's the same guy who stopped them from teasing us back at the Itaewon Bar. Yeah, he sure gives out a leader aura.



I sighed heavily. The familiar pain in my heart is coming back again. I still can't go back to the apartment, I can't face Jiyong. I wonder if he already came up with a decision. Is he going to end everything between us? My chest tightened just by thinking about it. I need some space and a bit more time to think and to prepare myself.

The door opened and an ahjussi, which I think is their manager, entered.

"Time to leave, guys", he announced.

"I'll leave as well.", I said.

"Eh?! Come with us! Ommaaaa!!!!!", Donghae whined.

"Aigoo, I'll just visit you again. I still need to go to school and file my Sick Leave. You better rest and get well soon", I told him.

"It was nice meeting you all", I bowed at the other members.

Again, the entire room became one hell of a mess as all the other 12 members started to speak simultaneously. OMG! They're like wild monkeys in a cage! I can just imagine the hardships the leader has to face to control them!

"In case you forgot, I'm Yesung", one of them said, reached for my hand and kissed it after winking at me.

"YAH!", Donghae and Lee Teuk-ssi chorused.

"I'm sorry, Dara-ssi. These guys are really crazy. It was really nice meeting you and we hope to see you again.", Lee Teuk-ssi said.

"Omma, give me your phone number", Donghae said. I saved my number on his phone and bowed at the Super Junior members.

They were all pushing each other as they try to shake my hands again. My head is about to explode because of their rowdiness. GAHHHH!!!



I looked around the room and laid on the bed. This hostel is quite comfortable.

I closed my eyes and memories of the other night came crushing through my mind forcefully.

Do you think it's funny? The way you acted back there. Do you think it's funny, huh? Do you think you're cute by doing that? You've embarrassed me. Yoona was just trying to help me but what did you do? You disrespected her.

Jiyong...I'm deeply sorry for what I did. I have faith in you but my self-esteem can't keep up with my trust. I will always be a nobody and you'll always be at a level that I can't reach. I will always be scared that you'll find someone else. Because you know what, Jiyong? You deserve someone better. Not a nobody like me.

I tried to understand you. But you don't seem to be doing the same for me. I'm trying really hard for our relationship to work, Dara.

I'm trying as well. God knows I am. I may act goofy and happy around you but if you just look closely, you'll see fear in my eyes. This is my first relationship and I'm exerting probably ten times the effort you are exerting. I am trying my best to understand everything as well. Do you think I don't feel hurt whenever you say you're single and you currently don't have anyone special during interviews? Do you really think I don't get jealous whenever you attend the music shows and you're surrounded by a bunch of y girl groups? Do you think it's fine with me not to be able to tell people that Kwon Jiyong is mine? When someone asks me if I have a boyfriend, I wanted to proudly say yes and I want to say your name. But I can't. Please don't accuse me of not trying to understand you, Jiyong. Being your girlfriend in the shadows takes more than an ounce of understanding on my part.

I'm so disappointed with you, Dara

Damn these tears. Why do they keep on falling? I thought my tear ducts are already dry from all the drama yesterday. I breathed deeply as I remembered the conversation of Jiyong over the phone with someone, whom I assume is probably Tabi.

Dara? I don't even want to see her right now.

I don't know, hyung. Maybe she's just not ready for this kind of relationship. We were fine when we were just roommates

I sobbed bitterly.

Maybe you're right. Maybe I'm just not ready for this kind of relationship. But how can you exactly say if someone is ready? How about you, Jiyong? Are you sure YOU are ready for our relationship?

I used to think that once I have a boyfriend, everything will be fine. That all the happiness in the world will pale in comparison to what I'm feeling. That I will always be a ball of sunshine. That nothing or no one would be able to go between us because heck, we love each other! Simple as that. 

I scoffed at the thought. Simple as that? Then why am I holed up in some hostel while my boyfriend is still probably pissed off at me.

I was really naive. I didn't know being with the one you love can cause so much pain that will make you think if you should still hold on to your relationship.

Jiyong, you said everything will be alright. You lied.



I don't know how many hours I've been standing here at the university's gate but it doesn't matter.

I stretched my neck and tried to scan the faces of each student leaving the campus. Still nothing. I'm already in the brink of insanity. If I can only turn back time, I wouldn't have gone to that fcking restaurant.

I slumped at the corner and fished out my phone. I dialed her number endlessly. Her voicemail is already full from the messages I left. 

"FCK!!!", I loudly exclaimed. Frightened gazes were directed at me. I adjusted my mask and went back to my car. Once inside, I tiredly leaned on the backrest and exhaled heavily. 

It's getting dark again. Where is she sleeping? I've called the nearby hotels but I couldn't find her. I just want to be assured that she's fine. That's all. I'm terribly worried.


Jiyong and Dara sitting on a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

I snorted and shook my head. Aishhtt, that ed ahjumma, really. 


Loud as ever. She just wouldn't pick a place. She's the only girl who can behave like that in front of her boyfriend. Not that I'm complaining. It's one of her many adorable traits that I've come to love.

Ahjussi, ahjussi!

Aigooo. Whenever she does that, my heart melts. She calls me that whenever she needs something, and I'm like an idiot wanting to give everything to her.

Someone's jealoussssssss!!!

You wish! I will never admit that I get jealous. Hah! A smirk tugged at the corner of my lips when I remembered her disappointed reaction. Dara-ahjumma, don't you know how cute you are that it drives me insane whenever guys look at you? And those freaking ba$tards that got to kiss you! GAAHHDD! I swear, Lee Minho, Imma kill you one of these days!

I'm really sorry. That's why I apologized to Yoona-ssi. When I saw you two at the restaurant, I don't know what's gotten into me

My face fell upon remembering our conversation. I should've listened to her. But I was blinded by anger.


When I told you I love you, do you know how much I've thought ahead in our future? Do you know I'm risking my all with just those 3 words? I'm fully aware of the problems that we'll have to face the moment we started our relationship - the insecurities, the jealousy, the misunderstandings. I told myself we'll get over that. You're Dara-ahjumma after all. And this ahjussi will always be beside you.

Do you know you're the only girl whom I've personally confessed those 3 words with? I can already picture you puffing your chest if I told you that.

We were fine when we were roommates. But I just can't control my feelings anymore. So, despite everything, I decided to tell you how I feel. And I never regretted my deicision. 

But Dara. Relationships are like this. We will always have our ups and downs. If I'm tired, I expect you to hold me tighter. If you're tired, I'll be the one behind you, supporting you. This way, we'll both be able to hold on to each other despite the bad times. And continue moving forward.

I told you everything will be alright. That was the truth. Because I love you. And you love me. And we're strong like this.


"Don't you dare cry", Dara wagged her finger in front of Bom.

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!", Bom started bawling in front of the Admission Office. Dara quickly hugged her bestfriend and tried to hush her. She just finished filing her Sick Leave at school. 

"Aigoo, I told you I'm fine. Nothing bad happened"

"'re hurt..And you almost got hit by a car...WAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!", Bom inspected Dara's heavily bandaged hands once again. Then she looked at the scrapes on her face and arms. She was sniffing loudly while tears continued pouring from her eyes.


Bom threw her arms around Dara and sobbed uncontrollably. Dara couldn't help but smile as she pats her bestfriend's back.

"I need to go", Dara said afterwards.

"Huh? Why? Where are you staying? Just stay with me!", Bom whined.

"I just need some time for myself Bommie", she apologetically smiled. Bom already knew everything that went through between him and GD but Dara didn't tell her about Donghae yet. She just told her that she was saved by a man who happens to be crossing the street and saw her.

"Arasso. But please turn on your phone. We've been calling you. Jiyong has been trying to find you ever since he heard of the accident."

"He knew?"

"Yes, he's the one who told us. He was driving around Seoul to find you. Dara-ah, talk to him. Straighten things out", Bom pleaded.

"I will. But not now. I'm too confused...and hurt."

Bom sighed. 


Writer's Note: I need to use parallel scenes again on this part. This means the italicized statements happened or are happening on the same day but in a different location or with a different set of characters.

Dara, please call me. I'm really sorry, babe. Please. I'm begging you

If you don't want to talk to me, just text me. I'm going nuts, Dara.

Where are you? Please come back. Come back to me

Dara played the voicemail messages left by GD over and over again. Several days passed but she still hasn't contacted him. She needs space. And she's certain GD needs it too. They both need time away from each other. 

She has been a constant visitor at Super Junior's dorm taking care of Donghae. He has been recovering pretty fast and can now walk slowly without the crutches. Plus, Dara was now able to memorize the other 12 members' names. 

Just like old times, Donghae and Dara usually spends time at night on the nearby park, sitting on the swings in silence until one of them started talking. Dara was always comfortable with him. He understands her and she understands him. It has always been like this with Donghae - blissful like there are no worries in the world waiting for them. Maybe because they've known each other as far as she can remember. That's why it feels so light.

Dara sighed heavily and decided to leave her hostel to walk around. The sky is turning orange as the sun begins to set. 

During the past days, she was able to think about a lot of things. Her feelings. His feelings.

"Omma!", a familiar voice called her. she turned around and saw Donghae quickly walking towards her.

"Aigoo. When the doctor said you should rest, he MEANS it! You're as stubborn as before!", Dara ran towards him and stopped him from walking fast.

"Arasso, arasso", he grabbed her hand and entwined it with his.

"Yah!", Dara tried to pull away but Donghae clicked his tongue and stomped his injured foot in annoyance so Dara conceded.

"You're such a child", she complained. Admittedly, he's quite cute when acting like a child.

He just chuckled as they walked hand in hand. 

I, Lee Donghae, promise to marry Sandara Park when I become stronger, taller and when my hands become bigger

Dara shook her head and smiled inwardly at the thought. Stronger? He IS stronger, he actually protected her and saved her life. Dara started walking at the tip of her toes to gauge his height. Yeah, and he's gotten taller. She looked at their entwined hands. Hmmmm, his hands become bigger, alright. She snickered to herself.

"What is it, Omma?"

"Nothing", she diverted her gaze innocently.

"You're checking me out"

"No, I'M NOT!", she shrieked, absolutely mortified.

"Yes, you are", he said with a teasing voice making Dara blush.

"You know what, let's walk separately from here", Dara declared and tried to pull away her hand.

"Aigoo, arasso. I won't tease you. Just let me be with you, okay?", he looked at her with puppy eyes and she could swear, no human soul can say no when Donghae does that!

They continued walking until they reached the mall. They sat at the concrete bench near the fountain and stared at the sky.

GD was staring at the same orange sky. Another day is about to pass. Another day without Dara. He always thought Seoul is small. Not until he started searching for Dara and failed multiple times. How can Seoul be this big? He can't even find his girlfriend even if they're on the same city. He heaved a deep sigh and passed by the fountain before entering the mall. If he would only glance at the fountain benches, he would've spotted her.

"Appa", Donghae smiled as she called him by their pet names.

"Neh, Omma?"

"I'm hungry, go buy food"

Donghae's shoulders slumped exaggeratedly.

"I should've known. You need something that's why you're calling me that"

"That's not true, Appa", Dara blinked at him innocently. Too INNOCENT.

"Aiishhtt. I know what you're doing. No, you're not allowed to eat greasy food. I'll go buy a sandwich or something. No greasy food, according to your doctor"

"APPAAAAAA!!!!", Donghae marched out before Dara can work her charms on him.

Dara was left alone by the fountain. She stared at the sky once again.


She fished out her cellphone and began typing a message.

I'm fine. My wounds are starting to heal. I'm really sorry about Yoona. I'll come back when I'm ready. By then, I will accept whatever you're decision is. I'll understand if you don't want to continue our relationship anymore. Dara

There was a brief moment of hesitation before she was able to press the Send button. Only a few seconds passed and her phone started ringing. She stiffened.

His hands were trembling as soon as he read her message. Without wasting any time, he dialed her number while silently praying for her to answer.

'Come on, babe! Pick up the phone. Just please, pick up the phone.', he thought.

Two rings. Three. Four rings.

"Dammit Dara, pick up the fcking phone!", he yelled, startling the people near him. GD adjusted his mask and bowed apologetically at the bystanders.

He slumped on the corner of the mall by the glass wall, facing the fountain.

Dara stared at her ringing phone. Should she answer it? Remembering her last conversation with GD plus his phone conversation with TOP which she overheard, doubt started to crawl on her system. 

You've embarrassed me. Yoona was just trying to help me but what did you do? You disrespected her.

I'm so disappointed with you, Dara

I'm getting tired of a lot of things

It makes her chest burn. Just remembering what he said pains her immeasurably. Her heartache is nothing in comparison to the wounds in her hands. Her phone kept on ringing. She lifted her gaze and exhaled loudly. That's when a familiar hooded figure at the glass wall of the mall caught her eyes. 

"Jiyong...", she whispered. She missed him. She terribly missed him. She stood up and walked towards the mall but she stopped in her tracks. 

GD sighed for the nth time as the ringing sound resonated on his ears once again. He pressed the phone firmly on his ears, as if that would help him convince her to pick the phone up.

"Ji..", her soft voice filled his ears. GD froze upon hearing her voice.

"Where are you?!", GD blurted out.


"Babe. Dara.", GD was almost begging.

She just stared at Jiyong by the glass wall whose back is now facing her. She was hiding behind the pillar, stealing a glance, afraid that he might see her.

"Dara, please answer me."

Dara didn't move from her spot. She tightly gripped her phone on her ears. She didn't even speak. She can't. The lump on prevented her from answering. 

"Dara...", she missed his voice. She missed his touch. She missed him.

"You hurt me", she wasn't able to control her sobs anymore.

"I didn't mean to. I'm so sorry", he replied.

Silence enveloped them again.

"I want to see you", GD said afterwards.

"Give me some time, Jiyong. I need to gather myself before I can face you again"

"Why? Why do you need to be away from me? Dara, I don't plan on breaking up with you. Not ever. So please, stop saying that you need to preprare yourself if I don't want to continue our relationship anymore. I won't let you go. I can't.", GD's pleading voice crumbled her heart. But the way things are, by the way reality struck her, Dara can't just bring herself to run towards him and accept things like nothing happened. 

She still needs a bit of space, to pick the broken pieces of her - to be able to resume being GD's girlfriend again....with confidence. And without being paranoid every single minute that he doesn't love her anymore. That he's getting tired of her. 

"Just give me some time, Ji. I just need to think.", Dara softly said after a while.

"Even just a glance. I won't go near you. Just please..let me look at you. Even just a glance", GD begged like his life depended on it. Dara felt a pinch on her heart hearing GD like this.

"Go inside the elevator", Dara said. GD furrowed her eyebrows.

"Dara, are you near me right now?", he asked.

"Just go inside the elevator and pressed the highest floor", she repeated.

GD quickly ran towards the elevator and closed it. Luckily no one is inside. He pressed the button for highest floor.

"Turn around Jiyong and look down. At the pillar, in front of the fountain", she said.

GD quickly complied and his eyes soften as he saw her standing beside the pillar. Her hands were bandaged and there were a few scrapes on her face and arms. Pain shot through his system seeing her current state. If only he could ask her to give him her wounds, he would gladly accept it. His vision of her was getting smaller as the elevator continued moving.

"Dara...I miss you so much. Please come back to me."

"I miss you too", she replied and hung up.


"And Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun started whispering in front of me! Gahd, you know I hate it when people whisper in front of me, right?", Donghae continued as they were walking with entwined hands towards the ice skating rink.

"Uh-huh", she answered weakly.

"Then, I asked them what they were talking about and they kept telling me it was nothing.", he said.


Donghae frowned and looked at Dara's lifeless eyes.

"Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall", Donghae seriously recited the nursery rhyme.

"Uh-huh", she answered.

"Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after"


His eyes lit up in amusement.

"Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are..."

"Uh-huh..wait..What?", Dara spun her head sideways and looked at Donghae questioningly. He chuckled softly and stared at her.

"Omma, you've been walking like a zombie since we left the fountain. Did something happen?", he asked. 

"Nah. Why are we going to the ice skating rink? You're not fully healed yet", she diverted her gaze.

"Don't worry, we're not going to skate for too long. And I'm just going to stand", he mysteriously said.

"Then what's the use of going there? Let's just go home"

"Aisshht, just follow me", Donghae tugged her towards the rink while Dara was busily darting her eyes around, afraid that they might bump into GD. Fortunately, the ice skating rink is at the other side of the street. If GD is looking for her, he must've still been in the mall.

"Walk slowly", Dara reminded him but Donghae was too consumed with excitement. Of what, she didn't know.

"Appa, walk SLOWLY", she repeated in a stern voice. Only then did Donghae listen to her.

GD was running around the mall like a madman. He was circling the fountain multiple times and even roamed around the vicinity hoping to see Dara again. 

His eyes are darting left and right, twirling around on his spot. People are already staring at him. He wiped his sweat on his forehead and sighed heavily.

He then crossed the street and started walking aimlessly. How long does he have to wait for her to come back to him? 

Donghae was tightly gripping Dara's hand as they slowly skate towards the center of the ice rink. Then they stood there, staring at each other. 

"I really don't think we should be doing this. You need to rest", Dara said.

"Stop worrying. We're just standing here. I promise I won't move around", he replied.

"What are we doing here anyway", she asked.

"Just wait..", Donghae glanced at his watch.

"This ice skating rink is open until 9PM only. People are already leaving. See? It's going to close soon. Come on", Dara tried to tug Donghae but he stood firm.

"Just wait a bit, please", he said. Donghae clasped both Dara's hands with his. They were standing at the middle of the ice skating rink, holding each other's hand. Only the two of them were at the rink, all the people already left. Dara is becoming uneasy but she chose to stay quiet.

Then suddenly...the lighting changed. The whole ice skating rink became dim and was illuminated with yellow lights from the trees like teardrops. The upbeat music was replaced by a slow, sweet music. 

"Do you know what date today is?", Donghae asked.

Dara can't even open to answer. She was beyond shocked. Did he prepare all this?

"Today is the date when we promised that we would marry each other.", he pulled Tam Tam which he has been hiding in his jacket and handed it to her. He stepped closer, his hands entwining hers and placed them on his chest.


















"I, Lee Donghae, promise to marry Sandara Park when I become stronger, taller and when my hands become bigger", he recited, his eyes never leaving hers.

Then a rain of roses and petals started pouring on them. Dara's mouth gaped open as she stared at the magical scene before her. She then remembered her promise to him.

I, Sandara Park, promise to marry Lee Donghae if he gives me many many many manyyyyyy roses that I won't be able to count

She looked at the man in front of her with amazement.

"Appa..", she whispered. Donghae smiled at her.

"Start counting, Sandara Park"

GD was frozen on his spot, unable to believe what is unfolding before his eyes. His heart mercilessly pounded on his chest as he looked at Dara with another man, in the middle of the ice skating rink being showered with roses and petals. 

"Dara..", his voice was almost choking.

It's as if air has been knocked out of his chest. He gripped the steel railing firmly as he stared at the two figures in the middle of the rink.



"Is that Kiko? The Japanese model?"

Kiko adjusted her shades and quickened her pace. She can't wait to get out of the airport and arrive at her hotel. After staying in Japan to settle some business, she's finally given a break. At last, she's already in Korea. 





















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