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"Jiyong...", she whispered, searching the streets for a trace of him. Pain shot through her system as she noticed her hands dripping with blood. But that is nothing compared to what she's feeling right now. Her heart tightened and her breathing became labored. 

He left me?

"Jiyong...", she mumbled. Her vision became blurry as tears were threatening to fall from her eyes. She started to walk aimlessly. 

He left me...

She was in an unfamiliar area and there are no cabs in sight. Her hands up to her wrist are already numb, blood continued dripping as she walks. People are already staring at her but nobody dared to interfere. She looks like a mess. 

Dara bit her lips painfully, the heaviness on her heart is becoming unbearable at each passing minute. She needed to go home. She badly needed to go home. It's too exhausting to even think.

Seeing a cab at the other side of the street, she dashed and crossed without glancing at either side - too preoccupied with the thought of finally getting home.

A blinding light, screeching tires and a loud horn. Dara rigidly stood there even though her mind knew what's about to come. Is this really happening to her? Why her?

She was scared. Multitude of thoughts ran through her mind. A hundred visions flashed before her eyes. A variety of emotions filled her entire being. Regret. Above everything else, she felt it. Her heart raced erratically and painfully. Tears freely flowed from her eyes as she waited for the car to collide on her body. It's surreal that all these happened in a span of milliseconds. So this is how it felt before a possible death, huh?

She heard a loud thud as her body slid on the concrete pavement. She grimaced in pain as her arms and a part of her face grated the ground. Another loud thud and a grunt. Someone grunted, and it's definitely not her. Dara was sprawled on the pavement face-down. She blinked twice as loud shrieks from the bystanders on the other side of the street filled her ears. She then realized she's not in the middle of the road anymore. 

She's safe? No, it's not just that. She recalled the last seconds before the car was about to hit her. Somebodypushed her. 

"S-Sandara Park"

Dara stiffened. She turned her head sideways and saw him, his face contorted in pain. He was also lying face-down, his arm draped across the back of her waist.

"You", Dara was dumbfounded as he recognized the hooded guy.

"Are you alright?"

She sat up and stared at him with wide eyes, her face was still flushed and trace of tears coupled with dirt were visible from her cheeks. When she saw the big bruise on his leg and a big scrape on his face and arms, she frantically cradled his head on her lap as he flipped over to lie comfortably at the side of the road. Panic enveloped her once again. Unable to say anything, she started crying while darting her eyes at the bystanders across the street who were pointing at them.

"Hi", the stranger said and smiled at her despite the pain he's experiencing.

"H-Hi", she replied without thinking.

Silence followed afterwards as Dara racked her brain for the next thing to do. Hospital! She needs to take him to the hospital. She needs to hail a cab! Or call an ambulance! But she doesn't know the number of any hospital. Something. She needs to do something. The stranger started chuckling. She looked at him with panic-stricken face.

"This is the first time you didn't run away from me." 

"Don't talk! I'll call for help, just hang in there", she blurted rapidly while rummaging her backpack for her phone. She quickly dialed GD's number, completely forgetting everything that went between them a while ago. GD will know what to do. She's sure he has a number of a hospital.

She was sweating profusely and somehow her vision is getting blurry and her body felt really cold. She heard the ringing on the other line but GD is not picking up.

"You're bleeding", the hooded guy worriedly said when his gaze fell on her hands and wrist. He tried to get up but Dara pushed him back and draped her bloody arm over his chest.

"Don't move", her hands were already trembling as blood kept gushing on her deep cut. The blood is not clotting.

She's already feeling lightheaded and she's having difficulty breathing.

"The cut is deep! We have to get you to the hospital", he pressed his fingers on her wrist to apply pressure. Dara gave him a lopsided smile. It's always like this. She always ends up getting help from others, always a nuisance to others. She can't blame GD for getting tired of her. Because she's tired of herself as well.

Another ring and the line went dead. He didn't answer her call. Dara dialed his number again. Two rings, then she ran out of battery. Tears started falling from her eyes.

She was losing hope when she heard the ambulance coming their way; the people pointed at their direction. A feeling of relief washed over her. Thankfully, those who've seen the accident called for an ambulance immediately.

"You're safe now. Thanks for saving me, stranger", Dara beamed at him. He chuckled and adjusted his mask just when the paramedics jumped out.

"Stranger? Yeah, I guess I am, Sandara Park. I guess I am"

She felt lethargic, then everything turns black.


GD was mad as hell. His grip on the steering wheel tightened as he recalled the immature behaviour of his girlfriend in front of Yoona. 

He must admit, he should've told Dara who he's meeting with and why. But he has a reason for keeping her in the dark. GD doesn't want to worry Dara about his work-related problems. He's quite sure Dara will get out of her way just to help him in any way possible but honestly, she can't do anything regarding the whole situation.

Yoona messaged him about a secret visit made by YG to SM Entertainment and asked him if he wanted to meet her to talk about it. In their industry, there is camaraderie among KPop artists and it's not unusual for someone to lend a hand on a co-idol even if they're from rival companies. They all knew the sweat, tears and blood they had invested in getting to where they are now. They protect each other, especially from scandals and rumors. 

Being a part of Big Bang, they've interacted with SNSD for more than once in their career. They might not be considered as close friends, but they respect and admire each other's works. Yoona happened to catch some parts of the conversation between Lee Soo Man, CEO of SM and Yang Hyun Suk, CEO of YG when she passed by the conference room since she practiced late. She wanted to meet up with GD to talk about it and if she can be of any help.

GD sighed heavily and furrowed his eyebrows. What Yoona told him is really bothering. Apparently, most of the plagiarism accusations, the videos uploaded comparing GD's songs to foreign artists' songs, the blogs, and even the leaked video of the MV they made with Yu Hee came from an IP address that belongs to SM Entertainment. YG and SM Entertainment were rival companies, but it's a healthy competition between the two. He's worried that this new development might sever the good relationship that YG and SM has.

"Don't worry about our Sajangnims, they won't let this kind of thing get in their way. What I'm more concerned about is the person behind this. Whoever he is, he's tarnishing the reputation of our company and the SM artists as well.", Yoona said as if reading GD's mind. 

"Thanks Yoona. This whole thing is getting out of hand. I think someone really wants to destroy me. It's beyond the works of an anti-fan.", GD muttered.

"Just let me know if I can do anything", she said.

"You've done more than enough, Yoona. I really appreciate that you told me about this. I guess I'll just have a talk with Hyun SUk Hyung", GD smiled at her, then his phone rang.

Judging from the ringtone, he knew it was Dara. He deliberately ignored it while Yoona eyed him curiously.

"Aren't you going to answer it? It might be Dara-ssi. I'm worried because we left her back at the restaurant", she asked. 

"Nah, she's fine. Minho's probably waiting for her outside the restaurant."

"Oh. So, they're really together?"

"NO!!! I, they're not. They're just friends. We're all...just friends", GD shifted uncomfortably on his seat as he waited for the traffic light to turn green. He probably would never be used to the idea of Lee Minho being Dara's bestfriend. His phone rang again, but it was cut-off after two rings. He frowned, pulled out his phone and was about to dial Dara's number but he stopped himself. Remembering her childish acts, he became furious again. He just can't face Dara tonight. What she did is totally embarrassing and uncalled for. 

"Aisshhtt..That girl, seriously!", GD muttered under his breath. 

"Yoona, I'm really sorry for what Dara did back there.", he apologized once again. He didn't even bother giving excuses since he can't think of any to justify Dara's behaviour.

"It's fine, really.", she smiled at him.

GD was lost in his own thoughts while driving when an ambulance drove past them.



White ceiling? 

I scowled as I felt enormous pain. I looked at my sides where my arms are rested and saw my heavily bandaged hands. The strong smell of the hospital filled my nose as I roamed my eyes around the room. 

I sat up, propping my elbows on the bed, when the doctor and a nurse entered.

"Oh, you're awake. Good evening", he said.

"The guy...accident..", I weakly mumbled. I'm still feeling a bit lightheaded and my throat felt so dry.

"He's fine. He had some bruises and sustained a grade 1 ankle sprain. He'll be able to return to his normal activities within 1- 2 weeks. He's resting at room 5032, next to yours", he replied.

"How long have I been unconscious?", I asked.

"Just a couple of hours.", he answered and looked at the chart handed by the nurse.

"Omo! I need to go home. I don't have any money for the hospital bills!", I blurted and immediately got on my feet.

"You don't have to worry about that Miss Park. Everything has been taken care of by the same guy who saved you. You'll be discharged tomorrow afternoon.", the doctor smiled at me and instructed me to stay on the bed.

"Please take this antibiotic. This will help heal your wound", the nurse handed me a small plastic cup containing a capsule. 

They stayed for a couple of minutes and briefed me with my condition. They informed me that the deep cut on my wrist was sutured. I had to explain to them that the cut was actually caused by an accident that occurred in the restaurant and that I didn't really inflict it upon myself. 

As soon as they left, I immediately dialed our apartment's number using the hospital phone since my mobile phone is already out of battery. Jiyong must be really mad by now. I still have to apologize for my antics earlier.

"Yeoboseyo?", my heart constricted as I heard his voice. I wanted to ask him about a lot of things but I guess it's not the right time for that yet. Minho was right, I was being unreasonable. I need to trust Jiyong and I need to straighten my acts. I should not expect him to adjust and understand every single mistake that I do. 

"Jiyong, I know you're mad at me. I'm really really sorry.", I said.

"You're sorry? And then what? I'll forgive you and wait for another jealous fit again? Dara... It's getting old.", he sighed exasperatedly. 

"I'm really sorry. That's why I apologized to Yoona-ssi. When I saw you two at the restaurant, I don't know what's gotten into me. I was-"

"Do you think it's funny? The way you acted back there. Do you think it's funny, huh? Do you think you're cute by doing that? You've embarrassed me. Yoona was just trying to help me but what did you do? You disrespected her.", he shot back.

I opened my mouth but no words came out. 

"I tried to understand you. But you don't seem to be doing the same for me. I'm trying really hard for our relationship to work, Dara.", every word pierces through my heart. I'm not good with this kind of situation. I don't even have any witty remarks to say. 

I bit my lips and looked up, focusing my eyes on the ceiling to stop my tears from falling. 

"I'm sorry", I croaked and covered the mouthpiece. I heard him clicked his tongue at the other end of the line. 

"I'm so disappointed with you, Dara"

"I'm sorry", I repeated. He didn't answer. My eyes immediately welled up and tears started falling at the side of my face. 

"A-are you getting tired? Of us? Of me?", I asked, dreading for what he's about to say.

"I'm getting tired of a lot of things", he replied vaguely. My heart sank. I wish I'm as smart as Minho or Bom. This whole talk is driving me insane. 

"Do you want us to stop?", I stifled my sobs by sinking my face on the pillow that I was cradling on my lap. Oh God, please don't do this to me. I don't know how to pick up myself after falling for him.

"I can't talk to you tonight, Dara. I'm really furious right now. I'll just grab some things here and stay over at YG Building. I know you're probably hiding at Minho's place or Bom's. Just get back here, I'm about to leave now so you won't see me. We'll talk when we both calmed down"



I sobbed bitterly as the busy tone on the phone resonated on my ears. 



Dara remained immobile, her face resting on the pillow as tears continued pouring from her eyes. She can't blame GD for his outbursts. It's actually amazing that GD was able to put up with her the entire time. What has she done for him? Nothing. The least she could do for GD is to understand and be there for him. To trust him and not cause any troubles. But she totally messed it up.

Will GD end everything when they get to talk again? Can she handle it? Dara clutched her chest as she felt the burning feeling again. She didn't imagine it would be this painful. Just the thought of GD giving up on her almost drives her insane. But she has to accept whatever his decision is.

Dara exhaled loudly and drank a glass of water to calm herself. She shouldn't jump into conclusions and should start having faith on their relationship. She still has some things to take care of right now, like properly thanking the guy who saved her life.

She wiped her tears and got off the bed. Dara looked at the mirror and grimaced as she saw the scrapes on her face which were treated with yellowish ointment. She went outside and was about to proceed to room 5032 but there were a couple of securities in dark suits guarding the door.

"Uhm..Excuse me. I just want to check how the guy in room 5032 is doing.", she meekly said.

"I'm sorry, ma'am. Strictly no visitors allowed", one of the guards answered.

"Is there any way I can thank him for saving my life? Can I just give you a letter then you can pass it to him?"

"Are you Miss Sandara Park?", the guards looked at her curiously.

"Yes, I am"

"Oh, sorry ma'am. You may enter"

Dara was surprised at the sudden change of treatment but decided to ignore it. As soon as she entered, she noticed the elevated right leg of the guy. He has a large bruise on his leg and scrapes on his arms and face.

"Hi, Sandara Park", he smiled at her.

"Hi..uhm...just call me Dara. Sandara Park is a bit long. And thanks for saving me. I owe you my life", Dara sat on the chair beside the bed and smiled at him. He chuckled and stared at her.

"How are you feeling?", she asked afterwards.

"I'm quite fine. No worries. These are just minor injuries", he shrugged.

"What's your name? And why were you there on the same street? How do you know my name?", she threw him a rapid succession of questions. 


"Sorry..I was just curious", she blushed which made him laugh more.

"I read your name tag before that's why I know your name. I just happened to be in the area and was about to cross the street when I saw you. As for my name, hmmmm... I'll give you one day to find it out.", his eyes twinkled playfully as Dara's brows furrowed in confusion.

"Hey, that's unfair! You know my whole name"

"Don't you really know who I am?", he asked.

"Should I?", she creased her forehead. The guy chuckled at her reaction.

"I'll tell you my name tomorrow. It's fun to keep a little mystery"

Dara huffed and pouted.

"Gotcha!", the guy exclaimed and clamped Dara's lips with his thumb on her lower lip and forefinger on her upper lip. Dara was taken aback. His action just now compelled a sense of deja vu. She knew this happened before.

"Oooppss, sorry", he sheepishly said afterwards.

"Deja vu"

The stranger's smile grew even wider.


Dara was discharged in the afternoon after giving her a list of medicine she should buy and after reminding her the things she should do for her wound. She immediately went to Room 5032 to inform the stranger that she's just going to pick up some things in her apartment and that she'll come back to take care of him.

"I asked the admission desk what your name is but they won't give it to me.", she whined.

"Arasso, I'll tell you my name when you get back here", the guy patted her head.

When Dara arrived in the apartment, she heard a voice in the bedroom. The door was slightly ajar and she saw GD's back facing her. Her heart raced. Is he still mad at her? He was talking to someone on the phone.

She was about to enter but GD's phone conversation stopped her on her tracks.

"Dara? I don't even want to see her right now."

She immediately retraced her steps and hid behind the wall.

"If you were there last night, you'll agree with me that she went overboard."

Her eyes were glued on the floor. Each word from GD feels like a knife stabbing her heart.

"I don't know, hyung. Maybe she's just not ready for this kind of relationship. We were fine when we were just roommates"

Dara bit her lips. Her eyes started stinging. 

"Yeah, you're right. I'll confront her and...."

She hurriedly scampered out of the apartment, unable to take any more of the painful things that he has to say.

"....and we'll try to work things out"


Writer's Note: I'll use parallel scenes on this part. This means the italicized statements happened or are happening on the same day but in a different location or with a different set of characters.

Tears were falling from her eyes as she stuffed some clothes in her backpack. She just grabs whatever she lay her hands on and put it inside, not even bothering to look.

Unable to take the emotional blow, she hugged her knees and cried her eyes out. As much as her body hurts, her heart is in a more miserable state. She didn't even realize it's already night time when she started moving. She can't bear to stay in the silence of the apartment anymore. She wrote a note and placed it on top of their bed.

It was as if she was in a trance. The next thing she knew, she's already in Room 5032 staring blankly at the guy who saved her life.

"Sandara Park", the guy furrowed his eyebrows and looked at her with scrutinizing eyes.

"Hi stranger", she replied.

"What happened to you? Are you alright?"

Dara heaved a deep sigh and sat at the corner of the bed.

"Can I lie down beside you?"

The guy nodded and scooted to give her space. Dara lied down on the hospital bed with her back facing the stranger.

"Thanks for saving my life, stranger."

Silence filled the room. Only their breathing can be heard.

"Sandara Park, you're creeping me out. What happened to you?"

She laughed bitterly.

"Who are you? What's your name?", Dara asked.

GD stared at Dara's selca wallpaper on his phone. Maybe he's being too hard on her. With various problems pummeling his career, his temper has been over the edge lately. 

He dialed Dara's number but he was directed to her voicemail. His forehead creased as he dialed again. He still wasn't able to contact her.

"Jiyong, what's the name of the restaurant you went to last night?", TOP asked while staring at the computer.

"Teumsae Restaurant", he answered.

"I thought so. Fanaccounts of Yoona 'sightings' were all over the internet.", TOP chuckled. GD sat beside him and looked at what he's reading. His heart skipped a beat when GD read a particular line on the fanaccount.

fanaccount: 'I just hope the lady in hooded black sweater and pants is fine. I didn't mean to push her, I was also being pushed at that time. She was bleeding. And I heard she got hit by a car afterwards. I hope that's not true'

The color drained from his face. His heart constricted and black spots started forming on his vision. He immediately dashed out of the studio, ignoring the shouts of s calling him.

"I'll give you a hint. I belong to a KPop boy band named Super Junior"

"Tch. So you're a celebrity? I'm not very familiar with the names of celebrities", Dara admitted.

GD arrived at Teumsae Restaurant in record time. He immediately inquired about the incident last night and pointed at the table they occupied.

"Oh, yes I remember", the waiter said.

"The girl in black hooded sweater and pants. What happened to her?", he can barely breathe. He won't be able to forgive himself if something happened to Dara.

"I think she was taken to the nearest hospital. She fell on the glass shards then crossed the street in a daze when a car...", GD didn't even hear the other details. His heart was pounding loudly as he curled his fists in a tight ball.

"I'll just search you on the internet, then", Dara softly said.

"No, don't do that. I want you to recall my name", he said.

"But I don't know the names of Super Junior members"

"You know me even before I became a Super Junior member."

He was at his wit's end. He quickly drove to the nearest hospital in panic and immediately ran to the admission desk.

"Sandara Park. Is there a patient named Sandara Park who was admitted here last night?", he panted. His chest was about to explode from worry.

"Yes, she was discharged this afternoon"

"Discharged? Shouldn't she be staying here? Wasn't she hit by a car?"

"No, somebody saved her. She just sustained some scrapes. The deep cut on her wrist was sutured. Aside from that, there's no notable injuries"

GD's knees almost buckled upon hearing that Dara is safe. He exhaled loudly and ran his hands over his face in relief.

"But..I don't remember you. I'm sorry. Where did we meet?", her back is still facing him. Her forehead creased as she tries to recall anyone that resembles him in her past.

"Okay, I'll give you another hint..", he smirked.

GD was like a ping-pong ball going from one location to the next. He has been calling her endlessly but to no avail, he was always directed to her voicemail. He barged in their apartment and worriedly called her name.

"DARA!", he yelled.

He entered the bedroom and found the note she left on top of the bed.

"Jiyong, I have to take care of the stranger who saved me. I know you wanted to talk to me. I'm sorry, I just can't face you right now. I'm too scared to face you and hear what you had to say. Give me a few days to prepare myself and I promise, I'll accept whatever decision you come up with. Dara"

GD crumpled the paper and punched the wall.

"You stupid ahjumma! What are you saying?! Where the fck are you!", GD sighed heavily and sat on the edge of the bed. He raked his hair with his fingers and pounded his thigh in frustration.

"You better come back to me, stupid ahjumma", he whispered.

"Tam Tam", the guy said.

Dara's eyes widen in disbelief. She rolled over to her side and faced the stranger.

"Donghae?! Lee Donghae?", she asked incredulously.

"You finally recognized your fiance, Sandara Park"























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