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"Remember, do not breathe a word to anyone about me having a girlfriend", GD wagged his index finger at the Big Bang members.

YG was in a foul mood a while ago and he sternly reminded each of the Big Bang members to not be involved with anyone as much as possible at the moment. They already have their hands full in the damage control they had to deal with because of a mysterious anti-campaign going on against GD. He doesn't want any other problems to add up to what they have now.

"Hyung, I think you should worry more about this fuss going on in the internet about you.", Daesung interjected.

"I am. But you know that I don't have anything I can do besides keeping quiet and letting Sajangnim handle this issue", GD slumped on the couch between TOP and Seungri.

"I have this odd feeling that Sajangnim is not telling us the whole story. He seemed more agitated now even if we had dealt with this kind of rumor before", Youngbae said.

"Well, in my opinion, it's better if we focus our minds on different things other than this. This will die down eventually", TOP exclaimed.

"Yeah, I hope so.", GD stared blankly at nothing in particular. His mind is still preoccupied with the meeting they had with YG. It's really odd that YG seems to be more disturbed with this current problem even though he should've just let the PR department handle this.

"I really have a bad feeling about this", Seungri, who was usually hyperactive, uttered a word for the first time. He was silent all throughout the meeting.

"Hyung, do you think this is done by someone you might've probably offended recently?", Seungri carefully asked and immediately clamped his mouth shut when he saw TOP discreetly shaking his head.

"Seungri, if you're pertaining to Yu Hee, then no. I don't think she'll go overboard if she plans on getting back at me. Actually, I'm more worried for Dara if Yu Hee is plotting something", GD sighed heavily. He rested his arms on his thighs and fidgeted with his fingers.

"Hey man, you know we're behind you.", Youngbae lightly kicked his foot.

"We're the BOSS, remember?", TOP slapped GD's shoulder.

"Hyung, I'll let you borrow my KDrama collection", Daesung said. All of them bolted their head at Daesung with stupefied faces.

"What?", he asked.

"Daesung-ah, please don't be like that. I feel like I'm about to die since you're willingly offering your holy collection.", a smile broke on GD's lips. All of them snickered as Daesung rolled his eyes and flipped his imaginary long hair. 

But Seungri remained silent. He knew he's forgetting a very important detail. He just can't put his finger into it.



How did she talk me into this?!

I checked my reflection by the glass wall of the store at our right. I wouldn't be surprised if a police car pull over and hurl our sorry as$es behind jailbars. We look really suspicious! Dara and I are both wearing black hoodies, sunglasses, and black caps. We looked like we're about to launch a terrorist attack or start a murder rampage.

We were hiding behind a tree while she's busily peeking over the entrance of the restaurant. It's already 9PM and we're already earning more than curious glances from the passing people.

"That's it, I'm going home", I announced. 

"Don't you dare! You still owe me for hanging out with my archnemesis!", she threatened.

"I told you, we just talked about acting related stuffs because she wanted to try being an actress!"

"And now you're lying to me", Dara gloomily looked at me. Aisshhtt, tch. I wearily diverted my gaze.

"Look they're entering the restaurant!", I pointed at the entrance to distract her. She quickly turned around and peeked. I watched her back as she painstakingly stretched her neck to catch a glimpse of where GD and the girl he's with are going to sit.

Yep, we're on a mission here - which is the reason for the eccentric getup. I was about to eat dinner alone in my apartment when Dara barged in. I was really happy to see her since she spends less and less time hanging out with me eversince she and GD became a couple. I should've known that she brings with her yet another trouble. 

She said she's a woman with a mission. That's exactly her words right there. She then asked me to wear the same outfit that she's wearing. I became an unsuspecting accomplice. I was bored and I wanted to hang out with her so I complied - no questions asked.

When we were in my car, that's when she began unfolding her brilliant plan. A very brilliant plan that might get me and her killed. 

Minho and Dara's mission for tonight <*drumrolls> - stalk GD. Yes, ladies and gentleman, you heard me right. I automatically slammed on the brakes and gave her the deadliest death glare I could muster when I heard about our so-called mission. I was about to make a U-turn to get us back to the safety of my apartment but she started accusing me of being a traitor and prying on the subject I most wanted to avoid - the reason why I'm always together with Yu Hee recently.

I told her all the excuses in my artillery but she's not buying any of it. When I was about to turn the car around, she dramatically clutched her chest and looked at me with glassy eyes.

"I thought you love me. You said you're my soulmate, that we're more than friends but less than lovers. You told me I'll always have a special place in your heart!", she somberly said, her words becoming more and more inaudible at each sentence. Oh my, she's good! What a drama queen.


"No. Just pull over and drop me off here. I'll stalk Jiyong alone. I just wanted to find out why he acted strangely when he received a text from this girl who is asking to meet him at this hour.", she gloomily said. 

To cut the long story short, we're here standing stupidly behind a tree while stalking GD and this girl that he has to meet at this hour of night.

"Rabbit, aren't you being unreasonable?", I asked.

"Baby, I wouldn't have to do this if Jiyong didn't act weird when he received that text. He became nervous and his tongue slipped that he's meeting a girl. Normally, he would just say he's going out for a while because of work. But a while ago, he was really fidgety and was perplexed when I asked him who he's going to meet", she explained.

"Thus the birth of this pink panther mission?", I rolled my eyes in frustration. She twitched her lips upside down and recited her infamous lines..

"I thought you love me. You said you're my soulmate, that we're more than.."

"Alright, alright!", I cut her off. Gahd, I'm going bald because of her! 

"So, what's your plan?", I asked. She rummaged on the pieces of junk inside her backpack while I looked at her wearily. I got a glimpse of a flashlight, matches, a glass(?), candles(??), a piece of cloth (???).. What the hell??! Heaven forbid, she might camp in front of the restaurant!

She finally found what she was looking for, which is a pair of binoculars. She peeked through it, furrowed her eyebrows and peeked again.

"We're going in", she announced and marched towards the restaurant.

"! Dara!", Oh gosh. I am starting to fear for my life. 

"YAH! Dara! DARAAAahhhhh!!", I stomped my feet repeatedly. She retraced her steps and grabbed my arm.

"Shut up and come with me!"

She chose a seat where GD's table is directly on her line of sight. I sat in front of her, making sure that I was not blocking her view in fear of being flamed alive.

Dara glared at the girl accompanying GD with burning passion. If she can, she would've incinerated her with bolts of lightning. I think that's exactly what she's trying to do until the waiter disrupted her powers.

She glared dangerously at the innocent waiter so I just told the waiter that we're still deciding what to order so she can continue summoning the powers of heaven and earth to punish the girl.

I sneakily glanced at GD's table to have a look at the girl she's with. My eyes almost fell out when I recognized who she is.

"Omo, isn't that Yoona from SNSD?", I blurted out. I saw Dara's color drain from her face. Oh no, she knew Yoona from SNSD? This is not good. Not good AT ALL.

"Yoona from SNSD?", she asked in disbelief and shook her head in denial. 

"YOONA FROM SNSD???!!!", she exclaimed with full hatred. 

"Yoona from SNSDDDDDD...", she sadly said. 

"Yoona from SNSD", she sighed and slumped her shoulder in acceptance. 

The complete cycle of depression is happening in full speed before my eyes!

"Dara, please don't faint. I don't want to drag an unconscious body out of the restaurant", I pleaded. This is NOT funny, I am completely freaking out here.

"What should I do?!", she stared at me like I know all the answers in the world, including the location of the holy grail.

"I don't know.", I shrugged my shoulders for added effect. 

"Just do nothing, I guess", I continued. Dara hissed at me, I thought she's going to tear my head off. Seriously, what is she going to do? Aim a dagger on Yoona's ? 

"Hmmmm...", she placed her thumb and forefinger on her chin, indicating that she's THINKING - which is not a good sign!

"Why don't I interfere and annoy them?", an evil smirk formed on her lips. O-M-G, she's losing it.

To my utter shock and horror, she stood up and started striding towards GD's table!!! For the love of all that's holy, somebody help me!

I quickly blocked her way but she shoved me aside. I blocked her way again and tried to push her back to her seat. She wiggled free and tried to get pass me. Imagine this - two people wearing an all-black outfit shoving each other in the middle of a restaurant. Uh-huh, we were a sight. I can already hear the murmurs from the neighboring tables. 

"Stop it!", I hissed while entrapping her with my arms.

"You stop it", she tried to peel my arms and wiggled her body to loosen my grip.

"They're going to see us if you don't stop!", I whispered.

"That's exactly what I want!! VRROOOMMMMM!!!", I felt a shower of spit all over my face as she vibrated her lips, UGGGHH!!! EWWWW!!!

I was wiping my face while running after her. She reached GD's table, I could already smell the freshly brewing disaster.

"Hey Ji! Sorry we're late", she nonchalantly said as I stood behind her. Yoona was dumbfounded. GD was beyond mortified. Then his eyes became tiny slits as they darted between me and Dara. His sharp stare almost cut through my flesh. I thought I saw steam coming out of his ears. 

"And we're leaving...", I said and grabbed the back of Dara's sweater, tugging her. My survival instinct tells me that we should get as far away as possible from GD right this instant.

"Oh but Jiyong invited us here, didn't you Jiyong?", Dara casted a dark look at GD.

"Really? Funny, I don't remember doing that", GD muttered under gritted teeth. 

"You seem to forget a lot of things recently", oh mannnnn... DaRabbit's days are numbered, I tell you. She better prepare herself after this whole fiasco.

A staring battle commenced between the two and Yoona is looking out of place. I shut my eyes firmly and heaved a deep sigh. Dammit! 

"Yoona-ssi, would you mind seating beside Jiyong?", I asked and smiled at her.

"Huh? Oh, not at all. Sure.", she stood up and sat at the unoccupied seat beside GD. Dara and I sat beside each other. She was facing Yoona while I was facing GD.

<*crickets crickets>

Wellllllll, isn't this amazing.... We're just staring at each other like complete fools. 

<*crickets crickets>


<*crickets crickets>

"Aren't you going to introduce us to your friend, Jiyong?", Dara asked, with full emphasis on the word friend. GD's mouth twitched in irritation. Crap, I would choose the eerie silence we had a while ago over this awkward AWKWARD moment.

"Yoona, these are my friends<*cough> Dara and, I believe you already know Minho", he mumbled. I bowed and kicked Dara's foot, urging her to do the same. Thankfully she complied.

"Nice to meet you. Aren't you...Minho-ssi's date in the Awards Ceremony? So the rumors are true after all, you two are a couple?", she curiously asked.

"Oh no no", I shook my head while waving my arms.

"Well, Minho asked me if I could be his girlfriend. I'm still thinking about it", Dara boastfully replied. 

<*GASP!> My jaw dropped, my eyes popped out, and my mind was literally screaming 'WHAT THE FCK ARE YOU SAYING??????????????????'

I slowwwwwly turned my head towards GD (aka Dara's boyfriend). I can feel his blazing death glare mercilessly slashing my body. It's official. GD will most definitely drop an axe on my skull after this.

"Ha ha ha. She's joking!", I swung my arm over her and squeezed her shoulder FIRMLY. 

"Yoona, let's order our food", GD butted in.

"I think I better leave you three. I might be interrupting something.", Yoona shyly looked at us.

"No, I insist"

"Yoona-ssi, please don't mind us. Dara and I are about to leave anyway, right Dara?", I glared at the rabbit whose full attention is directed at Yoona.

"But we're already here. So why don't we all just eat dinner. Is it okay, Yoona-ssi?", Dara sweetly smiled.

"Uhm..o-of course. But, I'll just leave-"

"No. Let's eat first then I'll take you to your dorm", GD said. I felt Dara stiffened so I held her hand. GD is deliberately ignoring her and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why Dara is showing her claws and acting like a nutcase tonight. Jealousy spares no one, even my DaRabbit.

Dara exhaled audibly and judging from her facial expression, I just knew her gameplan of annoying GD and Yoona is far from over.

And I was right. In fact, she took it to a whole different level.



I buried my face on my palms and shut my eyes firmly. Please tell me this is NOT happening!

As soon as the food was served, Dara started acting like an actual inmate of an asylum. Her lunacy is beyond words! 

She pulled out 2 candles from her backpack and placed it in the topmost corners of her placemat. She then began chanting as she lit the candles one by one. Heaven knows what she's mumbling. Her half-opened eyes were rolling upwards while continually muttering random words; her open palms facing upward. The three of us we're stupefied as we watched the insanity unfolding before our very eyes. 

GD, Yoona and I adjusted our masks in fear of being recognized by the curious customers staring at our table and most importantly, in SHAME of being associated with the retard beside me.

"DARA!", GD is clearly pissed off with what her girlfriend is doing.

"Rabbit, please stop. I'M BEGGING YOU!", I whispered.

That whole fuss lasted only a few minutes but my energy was already drained. Dara blew the candles, making sure a good amount of smoke is directed towards Yoona. 

"I was just praying before I eat, Jeez", she mumbled. Gahhddd!! She's crazy!

"With candles???", I asked incredulously. I felt a shot of pain on my waist as she pinched me.

The entire meal was torture. Dara was guarding her plate with a fork and knife like she's going to slice anyone who reaches for it. And whenever Yoona reaches for a side dish (i.e. kimchi), Dara deliberately beats her to it - as if it's some kind of competition. It was ridiculous! How she manages to act like that without wanting to kill herself afterwards is mind-boggling. Seriously, my toes are curling from embarrassment just by watching her childish acts. 

And I can tell GD is nowhere near amused, the guy is reaching his boiling point. I already drafted multiple escape routes in my mind just in case the need to abandon Dara surfaces.

I thought it will just end there; that she doesn't have any other upcoming cray cray attacks. I was wrong.

"So, Yoona-ssi...", Dara started. GD and I were immediately on high alert.

"How are you coping up with your busy schedule?", Dara smiled. GD and I heaved a sigh of relief. I think Yoona is the most relieved since this is the first NORMAL thing that Dara did since we crashed on their table.

"Well, it wasn't easy at first. We had a lot of rehearsals and trainings. But the rest of the members support each other"

"Uh-huh", Dara nodded and started yawning.

"And our managers make sure that...", Yoona stopped in midsentence and stared at Dara with bewilderment. I bolted my head sidewards and almost choked when I saw Dara slumped on her seat, SNORING! I smiled apologetically at Yoona and elbowed Dara. Damn it! If GD won't kill her, I WILL!

"Huh? Oh sorry. You were saying?", Dara stretched her arms like she has just woken up. She's obviously faking it!!

"Uhmm..Well, our managers.."


My jaw literally dropped when Dara closed her eyes and started snoring again the moment Yoona started talking.


"A-ha-ha-ha. Sorry Yoona, she's just really tired", I shook Dara vigorously.

"Huh?", Dara opened her eyes. I glared at her and kicked her foot. Then my phone started to beep, I have never been so thankful for the timely disturbance! I flipped my phone and read the message. It was Yu Hee.

"I need to go. I'll take care of the bill", I said.

"No, I got it. Just...take Dara home", GD did not even glance at Dara. 

"Yoona-ssi, it was nice meeting you. We're really sorry for intruding", I bowed, thanked them both and dragged Dara who's still not giving up on annoying the two.

As soon as we are out of the restaurant, I can't help but nag at her.

"I'm really disappointed with you", I stopped walking and faced Dara.

"What?! I wouldn't have acted that way if Jiyong didn't sneak on my back and meet with that girl!"

"You didn't even know why Jiyong have to meet her. And besides, they're not doing anything wrong. You also always hang out with me even if Jiyong is obviously against it"

"That's different! You're my bestfriend. Yoona is...."

"Jiyong's world does not solely revolve around you Dara. He has his set of friends, he has his work, an image to protect, he has his music. You're being narrow-minded because you're blinded by jealousy. You should apologize to Jiyong and Yoona. The way you acted back there, that's definitely not the Dara I know"

"I-I was just..But..<*groansss> You're right, I'm sorry.", she mumbled and casted her eyes downwards.

"Good rabbit", I patted her head and smiled at her. She threw her arms at me and let out a sigh.

"Saranghae Baby Minho. Sorry I embarrassed you again", she muttered.

"I'm used to it", I rubbed her back and kissed her temple.

"Go ahead. I'll just go back and apologize to Jiyong and Yoona. You still have to go somewhere else, right?"

"I can just wait for you and drop you off in the apartment"

"No, it's okay. I'll just ride with Jiyong"

"Arasso. Where's my kiss?", she puckered her lips and planted a kiss on my cheeks. She beamed at me and hugged me again.

"Thank you...for tolerating me", she softly said. 

"Dara, when the time comes that you need to move out of Jiyong's apartment, just tell me, okay?", I heard myself say.

"YAH! What do you mean by that?! That's not gonna happen! Aiisshtt!!", she kicked my leg.

"Hehe, just kidding."

She stuck her tongue out and sprinted towards the restaurant. I turned around and dialed Yu Hee's number.


GD and Yoona are preparing to leave when Dara stood before them.

"Dara-ssi, did you forget something?", Yoona asked while GD is completely ignoring her.

"Uhm..I just..want to apologize for my behaviour a while ago. I'm sorry, Yoona-ssi. I a foul mood and acting crazy. I'm really really sorry", Dara bowed her head.

"Oh, no no. You don't have to apologize. You did nothing wrong", Yoona waved her hands in front of her while shaking her head.


"Let's go Yoona", GD did not even cast her a second glance. 

"Jiyong...", Dara bit her lips and tried to call him once again. But GD just continued walking while Yoona stood frozen on her spot, darting her eyes between Dara and GD.

"Jiyong, you should at least hear her out"

GD spun around and looked at Yoona, still not acknowledging Dara's presence.

"It's getting late. Your manager might be looking for you by now."

Yoona was about to say something when someone from the next table shrieked and pointed at her. She didn't realize her hoodie already fell and the only thing covering her face which is her white mask fell off at the left side.


What happened next was a blur. In a blink of an eye, the organized restaurant was thrown in complete disarray as all the customers stood up and tried to crowd Yoona. GD cursed under his breath and strided towards her, grabbing her wrist and making a run for it while Dara was left amidst the flock of bodies going on her direction. Dara stared at GD and Yoona's retreating back.

"Ji-....AHJUSSI!", Dara shouted, knowing full well that she can't shout Jiyong's name especially in this case. Her body was thrown back and forth by the unsuspecting customers who thought that Yoona is still within the premises.

"AHJUSSI!!!", she yelled desperately. 

The plates shattered on the floor, it was pure chaos. Dara was pushed aside and she toppled on the ground. She extended her arms to break her fall but unfortunately, the shards of glass on the floor pierced her palms and a big broken glass deeply cut the side of her wrist.

Due to adrenaline rush, she just grimaced and quickly stood up. She then pushed her way towards the door as the restaurant staff tried to control the crowd.

"Jiyong...", she whispered, searching the streets for a trace of him. Pain shot through her system as she noticed her hands dripping with blood. But that is nothing compared to what she's feeling right now. Her heart tightened and her breathing became labored. 

He left me?

"Jiyong...", she mumbled. Her vision became blurry as tears were threatening to fall from her eyes. She started to walk aimlessly. 

He left me...

She was in an unfamiliar area and there are no cabs in sight. Her hands up to her wrist are already numb, blood continued dripping as she walks. People are already staring at her but nobody dared to interfere. She looks like a mess. 

Dara bit her lips painfully, the heaviness on her heart is becoming unbearable at each passing minute. She needed to go home. She badly needed to go home. It's too exhausting to even think.

Seeing a cab at the other side of the street, she dashed and crossed without glancing at either side - too preoccupied with the thought of finally getting home.

A blinding light, screeching tires and a loud horn. Dara rigidly stood there even though her mind knew what's about to come. Is this really happening to her? Why her?




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