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Dara slowly opened her eyes and squinted as the rays of sunlight from the window entered her eyes. She slowly lifted her gaze and was welcomed by GD's face who is peacefully sleeping beside her. A smile formed on her lips as she watched his slow, steady breath. Her eyes wandered all over his face, taking in every tiny detail. She can never get tired of staring at him. Her fingers touched his lips and traced its soft flesh. She was startled when his lips curved into a tiny smile. Her eyes automatically darted upwards, meeting his playful gaze.

"Good morning, y ahjumma", GD hoarsely said and rested his forehead against her forehead. He caressed her cheeks with his thumb and closed his eyes as they remained on that position.

"Yah, I'm not a !", Dara protested as she pulled away, consciousness creeping into her body as she remembered they are still under the sheets. 

"Yes, you are"

"No, I'm not!"

GD let out a soft chuckle as he pulled her closer. Dara gasped as she felt his bare skin brushing against her body. GD leaned down and nuzzled the crook of her neck, kissing her clavicle up to her shoulders. He rubbed her arm and gently looked at her as he slipped his arm under her head, their faces are inches apart as they stared at each other.



"I was just thinking..."

"Oh no.", GD cut her off and grinned.

"What's with the 'Oh no'?", she asked indignantly.

"Thinking is the last thing I want you to do.", he replied as he continued stroking her arm. She rolled her eyes and huffed in annoyance. 

"Cute", GD chuckled and gave her a quick peck on the lips. 

"Yah, be serious!"

"Arasso, arasso. What were you thinking?", he asked while biting his lips to control himself from devouring her. 

"Well, I....will you stop biting your lips!", she squealed and hid her face on his chest. GD's forehead creased in confusion.

"Why?", he asked and tilted his head as he looked down at her. Dara shyly looked up at him.

"You're so distracting. Don't bite your lips while I'm talking", she pouted.

"Eh? Why?"

"<*mumble mumble mumble>", she muttered.


"Aisshht!! Just don't bite your lips while I'm talking", she scowled. GD shook his head in amusement.

"Fine", he finally agreed.

"Well, I was just thinking, we haven't gone to an actual date yet", she sheepishly said.

"Hmmmm..a date", GD was lost in his own thoughts and unconsciously nibbled on his lower lip again. 

"If y-..", GD's sentence was cut off as Dara claimed his lips. He was pleasantly surprised at her boldness. He smirked and closed his eyes as he savored what her partner is doing. She and his lower lip as he tilted his head to gain better access to . His tongue darted inside hers and was welcomed by her warm tongue. They were both lost in pure bliss.

"Mmmmm", she moaned as GD deepened their kiss. As if the long night they shared was not enough to satisfy each other.

They were both gasping for air when their lips parted.

"I told you", Dara said afterwards.

"You told me what?", GD asked as he continued to kiss every part of her face.

"I told you not to bite your lips 'coz it makes me wanna kiss you", she exclaimed and covered in surprise at her embarrassing revelation. GD pulled away and stared at Dara's red cheeks. He roared in laughter when realization dawned on him.

"So that's what you were mumbling a while ago. Aigoo, you really are a y ahjumma", he winked at her, earning him a hard slap on his arms.

Dara gripped the sheets on her body and sat up but GD encircled his arms around her waist.

"Stay", he whispered, his hot breath blowing on her back making her shiver.

"But I need to prepare food.", Dara protested.

"I'll eat you instead"




"Jiyong and Dara sitting on a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

"Jiyong and Dara sitting on a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

"Jiyong and Dara sitting on a tree."

"Dara..", Jiyong's warning tone stopped me from singing. A smile broke on my face. I ran towards him and hugged him from behind.

"K-I-S-S-I-N-G! Mwah!", I kissed his shoulder and rested my face on his back while my arms are still entwined on his waist, sniffing his scent. Hmmmm..this is LIFE! zz-num-40.gif

"I'm cooking. Stop bugging me.", he sternly said. I can already imagine his eyebrows forming one line from annoyance. I ignored his warning and continued clinging to his body while he prepares our lunch. Actually, we were supposed to eat breakfast prepared by yours truly but I messed up again. That's two hours wasted and now, it's already time for lunch so Jiyong stepped in the kitchen and forbade me to pester him. Our stomachs are already growling thanks to me, but even hunger cannot dampen my high spirits. Jiyong and I made love again last night, BOOYAH!!! Goodbye ban!

"Jiyoonnnngggg", I playfully called his name, still tightly hugging him from behind. I don't know why but I just want to kiss him again. I just can't get enough of him! Now I know how those devoted fangirls of his feel. The only difference is, he's my boyfriend and I can do everything that they can only fantasize about. Mwaha-ha-ha-ha!!

I possessively tightened my hug at the thought of the millions of fangirls who probably built a G-Dragon shrine in their rooms.

"Jiyooonnggg", I cooed, rubbing my cheeks at his back. He continued chopping the vegetables and deliberately ignored me. 

A rebellious feeling welled up inside my chest. Waahhh he ignored me! After what we did last night, how can he even stand there and ignore me and..and..CHOP VEGETABLES!!! 

I knew he's still pissed off with my kitchen boo boo earlier because I almost set the entire kitchen on fire. Considering how obsessive-compulsive he is, it's really a miracle that he hasn't hurled me out of the window yet. Plus, our eyes are already turning white from hunger since my cooking turns out to be a potential hazard to our health. In my defense, I followed every step on the cookbook! Well, most of it.. 

"JiyonnnngGGG!!!!", I crinkled my nose and stomped my feet while my arms remained entwined around him. 

"Whatttt???!", he replied irritably.

I stiffened when he raised his voice and quickly withdrew my arms. I guess he's really in a bad mood.

"Nothing. Sorry"

"Tch", he clicked his tongue as I stood behind him, motionless. WAAAHHH!! He doesn't love me anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!

My face fell and my lips automatically twitched upside down, like a kid being bullied. I was just acting sweet to him, did I go overboard? Maybe I did. I silently remained immobile on my spot while following his every movement with my gaze.

I think I'm doing this boyfriend thing all wrong. I'm always getting on Jiyong's nerves. I need to practice with Minho. Speaking of that traitor, where is he? I still need to talk to him about his betrayal! How dare he associate himself with Seo Yu Hee?!

My shoulders slumped as I heaved a deep sigh. My Baby Minho betrayed me and my boyfriend is pissed off because I'm acting silly. I'm a complete failure as a human being, I need to kill myself now. I longingly looked at the knife. I then shifted my eyes on the floor and sighed again.

I'm becoming extra sensitive with the way he behaves towards me eversince he became my boyfriend. I notice evey single thing - things that I could've shrugged off when he was just my roommate. I even began monitoring Big Bang's former stages now and get jealous whenever I see a girl group member look admiringly at him! Crazy, right? I'm going insane because of him.

At times like this, I feel like he's rapidly getting tired of me. I mean, who wouldn't? I'm a nobody and a total klutz. The only accomplishment I could be proud of is winning the Jjajangmyun eating contest at our little town. My chest tightened as I lowered my head even more. Will Jiyong and I last? Or rather, how long will Jiyong be able to stand me?

This .


GD leaned at the edge of the kitchen sink with arms crossed over his chest while watching Dara who is too preoccupied staring at the floor. 

"Dara..", he softly said. Dara somberly lifted her gaze.

"S-sorry. I won't bother you anymore. I forgot to call Bom, I'll just be at the bedroom", she stuttered and hurriedly walked towards the room.

Dara stood by the window while fishing out her phone from her pocket. Her eyes are becoming misty as she dialed Bom's number. 

"Yeoboseyo?", Bom answered.

"Bommie. I think I need a new boyfriend", Dara gloomily said in a small voice.

"WHAT??! Why? Did you break up with GD?"


"Did he break up with you?"


"Dara, are you sleeptalking?"


"You're creeping me out. What really happened?"

"I think Jiyong is getting tired of me", tears started falling from Dara's eyes.

"Huh? What made you say that?", Bom worriedly asked.

"He got annoyed at me again.."


"And..that's it.", Dara pursed her lips to stifle her sobs.

"That's it? He got annoyed at you again so you assumed he's getting tired of you?", Bom asked incredulously.


"Oh Gahhhdd!!! YAAHH!!", Bom screamed at the phone. 

"BommieeeEEeeee..", Dara whined.

"Dara. Oh my gosh! Can you even hear yourself? Since when did you become that overly sensitive?", Bom muttered in irritation.

"I know...I know..I sound stupid", Dara wiped her tears and exhaled loudly. But her eyes still continued welling up.

"Dara...", Bom can't find the right words to ease her bestfriend's feelings. She knew more or less this whole drama is caused by Dara's insecurity. It actually crossed her mind before but she thought Dara won't really take it to heart considering the girl wore ahjumma clothes for half her life and never really give a damn about it.

"Bom..I think I love him too much. Even I cannot understand my mood swings anymore."

"Dara-ah. Don't you trust GD? He chose to be with you."

"I do.. I trust him.. It's just that this whole boyfriend-girlfriend thing is completely new to me. I don't know. I guess I'm really losing my mind", Dara sighed.

"Do you want to meet me? I'll ditch my date if you want my company"

"No, Bommie. I'll be fine. <*breathe in> <*breathe out> I'm fine now! Hehe! See, ahjumma power!", Dara forcibly smiled over the phone while tears continued falling from her eyes.

"Dara-ah... This is just the beginning of your relationship and you'll find more hurdles as time passes. You're being overly sensitive to whatever he does and it's normal because he's your boyfriend now. But Dara, you need to learn how to adjust. Don't expect GD to always reach out for you, you should meet him halfway."

"Don't worry Bommie, I'll be able to handle this. Hahahaha, look at me crying just because he acted cold a while ago. I'm so pathetic.", Dara wiped her tears, slowly realizing what a big fool she is.

"Aigooo, you dummy! But you know I love you, right?",

"Thanks Bommie-ah. What am I going to do without you.", Dara finally smiled.

As soon as they hang up, Dara let out a deep sigh. Her friend is right, she's being sensitive over a very miniscule thing. So this is what love does to people, huh? She was about to go out of the room when her phone rang. She frowned upon reading who the caller is.

"Jiyong?", she asked as she answered the call.

"Babe..", his voice trailed off.

"Jiyong, sorry for pestering you earlier. I promise I won't act silly anymore. I was just..It's just that..Uhmm..", Dara scratched her head and tried to come up with a reason why she's all over him a while ago. 

"No, I'm the one who should apologize. I was just ticked off when I received a text from Hyun Suk Hyung. Work-related stuff. Sorry if I'm in a bad mood earlier", GD said.

"I'm always causing you trouble. I didn't even know that you're having a problem at work", Dara sighed. 

"Come here", GD said.

Dara opened the bedroom door, her phone still pressed on her ears, and met GD's eyes. 

"I love you", GD whispered over the phone while still leaning on the edge of the kitchen sink with one hand inside his pocket. Dara smiled. He smiled back.



Oh crap, oh crap, OH CRAP!!!!!! zz-num-20.gif

It's him, AGAIN! And he's at my school! What is he doing here? Why is he waiting at the gate? Does he know someone from our school? And why am I asking a lot of questions?

No. Maybe it's not him. For Pete's sake, the guy is wearing a mask and is covered all over. He can be anyone! Why am I assuming it's the same guy as the one I accidentally kissed? Omona!! Please let it NOT be him!

I hid behind the tree and stole a glance at the gate again where he's standing. Dang, I can't get a better view.


"GAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!", Jezzsuss!! I turned around and was welcomed by the startled face of Jiyong. 

"Jiyong!", I squealed.

"Ssshhhh!!! Yah, ahjumma. I told you not to call my name in public", he said.

"Arasso ahjussi. Why are you here? Aren't you supposed to perform in Mnet Countdown?"

"We've already finished. Look at the time, it's already late. I'm here to pick you up. I'm too lazy to cook so let's just eat dinner outside. By the way, who are you looking at?", he asked and peeked at the direction I was looking.

"No one!", I jumped in front of him and blocked his view.

"Dara-ahjumma..", he said in a stern voice and stepped sideways while his eyes are locked on the gate. I turned my head and glanced sneakily. Mr. Hottie is not there anymore, yey!! Wait, did I just call him Mr. Hottie? Erase!!!

"See, I told you. I'm looking at no one"

"Ahjumma.. If I catch you cheating on me...", he slashed his throat with his hand. Aigooo, my boyfriend is so cute when jealous!

"Someone's jealoussssssss!!!", I sing-songed while he walks away. It's so fun to ! I already know what his reply is going to be. 

"You wish", he said at the same time I mouthed the same words. I knew he's going to say that again! I watched his retreating back with a big smile plastered across my face. I then walked behind him giddily.

"What-e-ver ahjussi. You're jealous. Hah!"

"What-e-ver ahjumma. I'm not and will never be. Hah!"

"But whenever I'm with Minho..."

"I'm just being protective...but not jealous", he said without even glancing back at me.


" buts", he cut me off as we reached his car. Bummer.

When my favorite dish, Jjajangmyun, was served, I was on high spirits again!! We were in the corner of the restaurant, Jiyong's back is facing all the other tables so he could eat without worrying that other people might recognize him.

I was bouncing up and down my seat at each bite. MmhhhhHmmmmmm!!! I swear, no one and nothing can make me lose my appetite over jjajangmyun and ice cream!

I slurped the noodle noisily and beamed at Jiyong.

"Aigooo, you have black sauce all over your mouth", Jiyong shook his head and chuckled softly as he wiped my face with the table napkin.

The door of the restaurant chimed as it was opened by a group of girls. It seems that the group is a regular customer here 'coz all the staff greeted them, even the owner.

"Oh you're here. I recorded Mnet Countdown earlier for you girls. Wait, let me just play it", we heard the restaurant owner say. The girls settled in a table not far from us. After placing their orders, their attention are fully directed on the TV where the recorded Mnet Countdown started playing.

"Ahjussi, ahjussi!! It's the music show where you've performed earlier, right?", I excitedly asked. I usually watch their performances on the internet since my class schedule always clash with their stage schedule.


"Omo, omo!", I clapped my hands merrily. He chuckled and pinched my cheeks.

"You're getting overly excited."

"Of course! Because my boyfriend is performing!", I proudly said as I pounded my chest with my fist twice, pointed at him and winked.

"Aigooo", he shook his head and smiled.

A pandaemonium erupted in the restaurant when Big Bang was announced by the Music Show MCs as the next performers. I joined the chaos as I cheered for them.

"It's BIG BANG!!!", I squealed, together with the other customers. He laughed at me as I continued spazzing in front of him.

I watched in awe as they flawlessly performed their new song written by none other than Jiyong. The fan chants on the TV and in the restaurant were exhilarating! When the camera focused on Jiyong's face, I literally screamed my lungs out! 

"G-DRAGONN!!!!!!!", I shrieked, cupped my face with my palms and giddily shook my body left and right! Oh gossshh!! That gorgeous and awesome AWESOME man right there is my boyfriend! zz-num-39.gif

Jiyong lazily leaned back on his seat and crossed his arms over his chest while looking at me with amusement, a smirk tugging at the side of his lips. I dreamily sighed and ignored him as I focused my whole attention on the TV.

"Open your mouth", I heard him say as he tries to feed me a forkful of noodles. I willingly obliged without breaking my gaze on their performance.

When Big Bang's stage ended, I applauded enthusiastically!

"BIG BANG!!!! WOOHOOOOO!!!!", I yelled and shot my arms up the air. The cheers in the restaurant pale in comparison to my loud voice. 

"SARANGHAE G-DRAGONNNNN!!!!!", I proudly screamed. I earned a round of laughter from the customers. 

"You go, fangirl!", they chorused. I stood up and gave each of them a 90 degree bow. Jiyong is already wearing his mask again, his eyes squinting from laughing at my crazy antics.

"Ahjussi, ahjussi!", I grabbed the sleeve of his hoodie and shook it.


"Why won't you let me see you perform live? I can at least attend Inkigayo since that's the only show that doesn't clash with my class schedule", I asked.

"I'll just be worried about you when you're there. Remember what happened the last time you went there? Besides, you do understand that we're supposed to keep our relationship hidden from the public, right? When I announced you were my friend when I went to your cafeteria, you were still Dara-ahjumma back then so the fans were not threatened. You know how possessive they can be.", he carefully said while caressing my hand.

"I know.. But I promise I'll be careful! I'll act as if I don't personally know you, I'll just be a fangirl!", I bargained.

"Ahjumma...", judging from his tone, I know he will decline.

"AhjussSSSSSiiiiiiii", I whined while shaking the sleeve of his hoodie again.


I slumped my shoulders in defeat.

"Arasso. I'll just go to the restroom", I said and trudged towards the restroom. 

I was on my way back to our table but I stopped midway when a guy called my attention.

"Excuse me, Miss?"

"Yes?", I asked.

"Weren't you the one who accompanied Lee Minho in the Awards Ceremony before? Is he your boyfriend?", the guy asked. Huh? I thought that rumor died down when Minho already cleared up everything during one of his interviews? I was about to answer when someone s an arm around my waist.

"No, he's not. I'm her boyfriend.", Jiyong simply said and glared at the poor guy before us, completely intimidating him.

"S-sorry", the guy hurriedly left.

"You...", he frowned while pointing a finger at me.

"I didn't do anything!", I raised my arms in surrender. He ushered me back to our seat.

"Yey! Hello Jjajangmyun!", I chirped as I faced my unfinished bowl. As I was eating, the rankings for the Mnet Countdown finalists were being announced. I watched and ate happily.

"Did you win?", I whispered at him. 

"Just watch", he pinched my nose as I pouted.

I focused on the TV. All the performers were now gathered behind the MCs.

"Look at GD and Yoona!", I heard one of the girls from the other table said. My ears immediately perked up at the mention of my boyfriend's name together with 'Yoona', whoever she may be. 

"Didn't GD choose her as her ideal woman in one of the variety shows?", one of the girls on the table continued. Deep creases on my forehead are starting to form. I eyed Jiyong accusingly but he was just lazily tapping his fingers on the table while his chin is rested on his palm.

A round of applause enveloped the restaurant when Big Bang was announced as the winners. I didn't join the fun. I'm too busy staring at the TV, my eyes are glued on Jiyong who was bowing his head at all the other performers on the show.

"Kyyahhh!! Omo, he shook Yoona's hand!", the girls shrieked while I stiffened. So that's who Yoona is? The one in a group of nine girls with long legs, y outfit and killer heels?

"They really look good together, don't they?", they continued.

I lost my appetite. I thought it was impossible, especially in front of the miraculous Jjajangmyun. Apparently, I'm wrong. I lowered my gaze and placed my chopsticks down. Should I just bury my head on the ground?

"What's wrong?", Jiyong kicked my foot lightly.

"Nothing. Let's go home", I gave him a lopsided smile.



As soon as we arrived home, I quickly searched 'Yoona' on the internet. My heart sank at each link I clicked. Yoona of SNSD. Apparently she's the ideal woman of almost all the boy groups in Korea. The little poor old me can't even compare to her pinky finger.

My hand hovered above the mouse as I stared blankly at the screen where Yoona's face is displayed. Then a pair of arms trapped me. I turned my head sideways and saw Jiyong resting his chin on my shoulder. 

"I knew it.", he simply said as he nuzzled my cheeks with his nose.

"Ji....Yoona is so pretty, isn't she?" zz-num-04.gif


"And she's so y and kind and adorable", I added. zz-num-04.gif

"Yup", he answered and stared at the computer screen.

I swallowed hard and held my breath, psyching myself not to cry.

"She's so talented. Both of you are from famous Kpop groups", oh gosh, why am I torturing myself?! zz-num-04.gif

"Uh-huh", he nonchalantly answered. And why the hell is my boyfriend agreeing to everything I say!! 

"She's more suited for you", I gravely said. He quizzically looked at me as I gazed down and played with the hem of my blouse. zz-num-04.gif

"Well..there's this one tiny detail about her though", he said. I looked at him.

"She's not you.", the corner of his lips tugged in a playful smirk as he pulled away and walked towards the bed. 

Damn. In a world full of sweet-talkers, Kwon Jiyong most definitely is a medalist!

I immediately ran after him and slapped his .

"OUCH! Did you just slap my tushie?", he asked incredulously. 

"That's what you get for being too adorable!", I giggled and stuck my tongue out. 

"Kyahhhhh!!!!!", I screamed in surprise as he charged towards me. I tried to run away but he swiftly caught me by the waist and we both collapsed on the bed. I tried to wiggle free but he pinned me down and planted his face on the crook of my neck. I felt something soft and moist on my neck as he simultaneously kissed and my flesh. 

"You've been very naughty", he hoarsely whispered and nibbled my earlobe.

This makes me realize what I've been missing all my life - (kidding!) zz-num-40.gif


Yang Hyun Suk, the president of YGE, furrowed his eyebrows at the head of their PR department.

"We've already implemented some damage control to suppress this, sir"

YG looked at the videos and blogs spreading all over the internet sites. He was wondering why GD is being targeted by these kinds of rumors recently. The claims were preposterous. GD was being bashed for allegedly plagiarizing foreign artist songs. A video was uploaded on various portal sites comparing GD's songs to the foreign artist's MVs. Even GD's fashion concept was said to be a rip off of some Japanese boy group. It was pure insanity.

"There's one more thing, sir", the head of the PR department shifted on his seat uncomfortably.

"What is it?", YG asked.

"The IT department confirmed that most of the offending videos came from one IP address", he answered.

"Did they track the exact location?"

"Yes sir..Uhm..The location of the IP address is from....SM Entertainment"



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