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Bom: <*blink blink> 037.gif

Okayyyy, Bom is officially out of it. She is frozen on her spot, still gawking at me. I think the news might've really shocked her. 

"Uhm. Bommie, are you alright?", I asked.

Bom: <*blink blink>

"Okay, just tell me whenever you're ready and I'll tell you the whole story", I said and opened my notes since I'm not sure until when Bom is going to be in her 'frozen state'. We were hanging out in one of the benches on the school yard while the other students were lazing around on the grass. I figured this is a good spot in case Bom starts to spazz again. At least this is an open area where the students usually unwind so even if she screams, it won't be a big deal.

"Dara, if you're sh!tting me, I will really kill you"

"I am sh!tting you not", I replied.

" means..", yep, Bom's really dumbfounded alright. 

"Yeah, Jiyong is now my boyfriend", I gave her a wide smile. I can't help it! Everytime I mention the word boyfriend, my lips automatically extends up to my ears!

hanged open while her eyes were getting rounder and rounder. Then....


Here it comes!

"Bom, people are staring at us. Tone it down", I said while darting my eyes towards the stupefied students around us. I can never get used to her ultra-explosive spazzing.

"KYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Dara-yah! I'm so happy for you!!!!!!!!!", she jumped merrily while clapping her hands then she coaxed me to stand up and gripped my shoulders while still jumping and screaming at my face. I thought I'm gonna lose my arms with her tight grip.

"I'm sooooooo happy, bestfriend!", she exclaimed and hugged me.

"I am too.", I replied. She released me and we stared at each other, then we started giggling giddily. 

"Kwon Jiyong is your boyfriend", she said softly.

"Kwon Jiyong is my boyfriend!", I repeated in a whisper.

"You now have a boyfriend!", she declared in a loud voice.

"I NOW HAVE A BOYFRIEND!!", I screamed, not caring about the curious glares casted at us. Holy effing sh!t, I really REALLY have a boyfriend!! And it's none other than G to the D!! zz-num-40.gif

"KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!", I started screaming in joy together with Bom as we jumped up and down in circles while holding each other's hands. Gahddd! I feel so elated! I never knew having a boyfriend can bring this much happiness!

We collapsed on the bench while laughing heartily. 

"Ouch...", I whimpered in pain.

"You're still sore? He's that big? Gossshhhh!!!", Bom's cheeks were flushed as she stares at me incredulously. Now she knows why I was walking weirdly a while ago.

"You better start taking birth control pills, arasso? I told you the nightie I gave you will do wonders! You're not the Miraculous Dara of Busan anymore!", she said after a while, puffing her chest with her success in her guinea pig (a.k.a. me). I sighed heavily, my smile was immediately wiped off my face as I remembered the one-week punishment.

"I think my hymen will be reborn again.", I mumbled in disappointment and told Bom about the punishment.

"Ha ha ha ha ha! Dara, I bet GD is suffering more than you do! I'm sure he blurted it out because of annoyance and I'm absolutely positive he's regretting it by now. Trust me on this", she said.

"He seemed alright with it. <*sigh> I miss him already. This is ridiculous, we've been together all day yesterday and he even drove me to school this morning but I really miss him.", I sighed and recalled what happened this morning. I was really a bundle of nerves, I can't even look at him straight in the eyes. It's really weird. I don't even know myself anymore. Sometimes I can get really touchy and afterwards, I get really shy. 

"Girl, you're in lurrrvveee", she teased. zz-num-29.gif

"Hey, why don't you call him? You already got your phone back, right?", she fumbled on my bag not waiting for my reply. Minho gave me my phone back when I told him about Jiyong. As expected, he started throwing tantrums claiming that I won't have time for him anymore. Such a baby.

"He might be on the middle of something", I said.

"Dara, he's your BOYFRIEND now. You have every right to disturb him. Just ask him how his day is or something.", she shot back and shoved the phone on my face.

"I don't know Bommie. I'm confused on how to treat him after he became my boyfriend. I mean, yes he's sweet but for the most part, he's acting like nothing's changed between us."

"CALL HIM and stop with the drama or I'll shove this to your mouth!", she sternly said.

I let out a defeated sigh and grabbed my phone.

"Put it on speaker!", my bestfriend, ladies and gentleman. The eavesdropper Bomtaro.

"Hey, it's a private conversation", I shot back.

"Aigooo, I'm gonna squeeze it from you anyway so why don't you just let me hear your convo. Pleeeaaaaaassseee", she pleaded with her signature puppy eyes. I complied eventually.

I dialed Jiyong's number and silently prayed that I will not do or say anything humiliating, which seems to be happening quite a lot recently.

"Yeoboseyo, Dara-ahjumma?", Jiyong answered. Omo! What to say?!

"Y-yeoboseyo. J-Jiyong..uhmmm"

"Dara, make it quick. Sajangnim is waiting at the studio"

"Oh, s-sorry. I just want", Oh gosh, MENTAL BLOCK, anyone? I looked at Bom who's hurriedly scribbling something on her notebook. She then showed it to me. Gosh, I even need a cue card just to talk to my boyfriend! I'm sooo pathetic! 

"I just want to check how you're doing. I guess, you're fine ha ha. Silly me. Okay, bye!", I hung up the phone and exhaled loudly. Man, I thought my heart is going to explode! That was so stupid, I shouldn't have called him! Gaaahhh!!!

"Thanks for the idiot card", I told Bom and pointed at the note she scribbled. 

"Wow. What the hell was that?", Bommie shook his head in astonishment.

"What?", I asked indignantly.

"Y-yeoboseyo. J-Jiyong..", she started imitating me and looked at me with crestfallen face.

"I'm even suffering from secondhand embarrassment, thanks to you. Why can't you carry out a normal conversation with him? You were stuttering like it's your first time talking to GD", she continued nagging and it might've continued for a long while if my phone didn't ring.

"JIYONG IS CALLING!!", I declared in horror and threw the phone at Bom's lap. zz-num-20.gif

"ANSWER IT!", I pointed at the phone and looked at Bom with panic-stricken face. She stared at me like she was about to punch my face.

"You're a big lump of shame", she muttered under gritted teeth, hit the answer button and threw it on my lap. I casted her a look of disbelief, how can she do this?! Can't she see I'm about to have an anxiety attack any moment now?!

"Yah ahjumma!", I heard Jiyong's voice since the phone is still on speaker. Bom slapped my shoulder and pointed at the phone.

"J-jiyong, sorry for disturbing you a while ago." I shyly said.

"Why did you suddenly hang up?", he asked. 

"J-jiyong, sorry for disturbing you a while ago.", I said....wait....didn't I tell him that already? I looked at Bom helplessly while my bestfriend slapped her forehead in utter frustration.

"Are you okay?", he asked worriedly.

"I'M FINE!", I replied a bit loudly. Pathetic! Dara, YOU.ARE.PATHETIC!! Bom is already cringing from secondhand humiliation. Gahhhddd!! 

"Ouch, why did you shout?! You sure you're okay? Can you calm down and tell me why you called? Do you need anything?", oh gosh, he's pissed off! He's going to break up with me now! WAAAAHHHH!!!

"I'm sorry, please don't break up with me", I thought out loud. SH!TTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh gosh! What the fck are the words that are coming out of my freaking mouth?!

My bestfriend is now pulling her hair, unable to believe how moronic I can become. Any more of this and I think she'll start digging a hole on the ground and bury me alive. I can sense she's more than embarrassed on my behalf. Hu Hu Hu! I AM TOO! I wanna kill myself now!

"Ahjumma you're not making any sense", Jiyong replied afterwards. I bit my lips and sent SOS signals to Bom. HELP ME, Bommie!!! She frantically scribbled something on her notebook and shoved it to my face. 

"Are you still there?", he asked while Bom was furiously pointing at her note.

"Y-yes", I answered, trying to read what Bom wrote but to no avail. I can't understand it, are those even Korean characters? Gosh, I think I forgot how to read due to extreme agitation!

"Calm down first and tell me what you want to say. It's just me, babe.", he softly said. Babe! Music to my ears! My heart doubled its pace. A smile crept on my lips as I gripped the phone tightly.

"I just want to know how your day was. Sorry, I didn't realize you were in the middle of something. And...Uhm...I miss you...kind of.", I said.

"You miss me..kind of? That's so cheesy!", he chuckled.

"Yah! Okay I take it back", my shoulders slumped in defeat. Just how the hell is a girlfriend supposed to act, really? Please, someone, educate me!

"I'm kidding babe."

"No, you're right. It's cheesy", I mumbled depressingly. I heard him chuckle on the other line.

"I don't mind since it's coming from you", he gently said. Aigooo, my heart! How can Jiyong do crazy things on my system by just mere words from him.

"My day was busy as usual. I'm helping Teddy hyung to mix some beats. Hyun Suk hyung is monitoring us", he explained.

"Omo, you better get back. Your sajangnim is waiting!", I exclaimed.

"Alright. And babe..."


"I miss you too...", he said. That's it, my heart officially went haywire! Bom dramatically clutched her chest and pretended to faint. 

"..kind of!", he continued and laughed loudly before hanging up.

You would've thought that would ruin my mood, but you're totally wrong. As soon as the call ended, Bom and I started screaming giddily on top of our lungs, scaring the living daylights out of the unsuspecting people around us.


Milkshake Factory

Dara looked at the sign and smiled to herself. Their classes have ended and Bom hurriedly went home to prepare for her three dates this night (after sternly reminding her to take birth control pills starting today!). How Bom manages to pack her night with more than one date is beyond her. So, she was now standing alone in front of the store, smiling like crazy, imagining the tons of delicious sweets that awaits her.

She sat on a corner and placed the food she ordered on the table. Her eyes were twinkling as she greedily looked at her strawberry ice cream, vanilla milkshake and chocolate caramel macadamia nut cheesecake. She decided to splurge and celebrate today. After all, it's her first time having a boyfriend. Yes, she's going to rub it in and repeat the word multiple times as long as she likes - boyfriend boyfriend boyfriend BOYFRIENDDDDDD!!! zz-num-40.gif

She scooped a spoonful of her strawberry ice cream and placed it on , purring in satisfaction as she tastes the sweetness. Her phone beeped and she looked at the message. Her smile widens when she saw it was Jiyong, asking where she is. She answered it and resumed eating.

A guy suddenly materialized before her, scratching his head and looking at her shyly.

"Uhm..hi", he said. 

"Hi.", Dara simply answered, looking curiously at him. 'Is he hitting on me?', she thought. This is actually not the first time that someone approaches her and asks her name and phone number. It has been happening a lot after the makeover. It still suprises her when an 'actual talking person' wants to get to know her.

The guy was lost for words when Dara smiled at him. She finds it amusing that he's acting the same way she is when she's with Jiyong. His friends huddled at the distant table were howling and whistling, cheering him on.

" the way, I'm Joon Mi Suk.", he extended his hands and Dara accepted it politely. The whistling and teasing from the other table became louder.

"You are?", he asked, anticipating to hear her name. Dara was about to open when a hooded figure with a vengeful aura towered behind the guy.

"Mine.", the hooded guy replied. 

"Pardon me?", Joon Mi Suk looked at him curiously.

"She's mine.", the guy declared, sat beside Dara and possessively swung his right arm over her. He yanked Dara's hand away from Joon Mi Suk and glared at the poor guy menacingly. Dara can already smell the impending bloodbath, so she just apologetically smiled at the retreating Joon Mi Suk who was bowing his head in shame. His friends waiting for him at the table were flabbergasted at the sudden intrusion of the hooded guy.

"Don't even try to move one millimeter away from me.", GD muttered under gritted teeth when he felt that Dara was about to inch sidewards. He adjusted his cap and mask before turning his face towards her.

"Yah ahjumma, I will get back to you on this. You dare cheat on me.", GD's eerie calmness scares her. If he snaps, he'll probably tear off that dude's head for real.

Dara's jaw dropped to the ground. Cheat on him? Good grief! What kind of sane person will cheat on G-Dragon?

"Jiyong, I just...he was..", Dara stuttered trying to explain her side.

"Eat up, your ice cream's melting", he cut her off as he released her and folded his arms over his chest while slouching lazily beside Dara. She looked at him with bewildered expression. Now he's acting nonchalant after making a scene with his 'She's mine' poetic declaration. Seriously, this guy is confusing! He can be very thoughtful and possessive, then he will abruptly act like he doesn't care about her at all.

But first things first, the delicious treats in front of her should not be ignored! 

" should dig in too", she mused.

"I don't like sweet stuff. Why did you get a lot? You might lose a leg because of too much sugar.", he warned her.

"It's just this once because I'm celebrating", Dara replied while focusing her gaze on the food, completely forgetting everything around her.

"What's the occasion?"

"I finally have a boyfriend! And my stubborn hymen has finally been broken, BOOYAH!", she gleefully answered without even thinking. It was too late when she realized what she blurted out. She was flaming red as she sloowwwwly turned her head sidewards. GD is grinning from ear to ear as apparent from his teasing eyes.

"You know how to embarrass yourself pretty well", he said and cracked up.

"Waahhhh!", Dara whined and stomped her feet in frustration. She should really start practicing how to shut !

"Arasso, let's celebrate for your success", GD continued, making Dara's cheeks redder, if that was even possible.

Dara placed her spoon down and pouted, her face already contorted from his teasings.

"Stop pouting, Dara. Those ba$tards are eyeing you again. Aiissshhhttt", GD covered Dara's face with his hand and sent murderous signals towards the group of guys.

GD heaved a deep sigh, scooped a spoonful of ice cream and fed it to her.

"Stop pouting babe. Here, eat your ice cream"

Dara happily opened and clapped. GD just shook his head in amusement as Dara hastily devoured the desserts one by one.

"Hmmmmm, yummmm!!", Dara purred again.

"Yah, stop making that sound. It's ", GD sternly said.

"Really? Too bad, I have a one-week punishment. HmmmmmmmmHHhhhhhhh YumMMMmmm!!", Dara slyly smiled at him while the spoon. For someone who had difficulty talking to GD under normal circumstances, she's doing one hell of a job when it comes to ed stuff.

"Ohhhh, you think you can win by being naughty, eh?", GD arched his brows while smirking.

"He he", Dara giggled. 

"Try some, you'll like it!", she said afterwards and her lips as she tried to feed GD a spoonful of strawberry ice cream. GD's forehead creased, took the spoon and faced sidewards while removing the sling of his mask on his right ear, making sure that his face is still covered since the sling on his left ear is keeping the mask from falling down completely. 

He held his mask on his left hand, covering his face while holding the spoon with his right hand. He opened his mouth and was about to put the spoon on his mouth but stopped halfway and gave Dara a playful smirk.

He then fed the ice cream to Dara, who opened while curiously looking at him. To Dara's utter shock, GD leaned forward and her lips, their faces hidden behind his mask which he was holding. She parted in surprise and GD darted his tongue inside , the creamy ice cream from her tongue and eventually tasting every part of . It didn't take long for Dara to close her eyes and respond to his kisses as he continued savoring her lips. She heard the collective intakes of breath of the guys on the other table, but everything already faded in the background. This treat is better than ice cream.

He abruptly stopped and stared at her teasingly. Dara's eyes snapped open as she felt the cold air on her half-opened mouth. GD chuckled and his lips while tilting his head.

"Mmmhmmm, sweet....and creamy", he huskily whispered while Dara was staring at him in awe.

He adjusted his mask and nonchalantly leaned on his seat while enjoying his sweet time marvelling over the stupefied faces of the guys at the other table.



"Someone's jealoussssssss!!!"

I rolled my eyes as Dara-ahjumma clapped her hands merrily and continued pestering me while I organize the plates on the rack. She's been bugging me since I arrived home. 

"You wish", I shot back.

"Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee, you were totally jealous back at the Milkshake Factory, admit it!", Oh Gahd! I knew it, she shouldn't have eaten those desserts. Her energy level is off the charts because of too much sugar. She was bouncing here and there while accusing me of getting jealous over that punk who was hitting on her earlier.

"Dara, be still on one spot. Stop moving around, your body is still sore and you're making me dizzy", I pointed at the chair on the dining table and continued with what I'm doing.

"Admit it!"

"Stop it."

"You're jealous!"

"I'm not."



She scampered on the chair and clamped shut. Good, peace and quiet at last. Exactly TWO SECONDS later....

"Jiyong?", I slumped my shoulders in defeat.

"You're not gonna shut up, are you?", I eyed her wearily.

"Admit first that you got jealous earlier so I can die in PEACEEEEEEEE!!", she dramatically opened her arms and closed her eyes while lifting her head up. I can already picture the impending migraine that I'm about to have if this talk continues.

"She's mine.", she lowered her voice and imitated me. It came out as a hoarse whisper, like the ones you hear in a horror movie. I shook my head in despair.

"Aigoooo, Kwon Jiyong! I almost shed tears because of such profound words!", she clutched her chest and feigned sobbing.

"No, I was NOT jealous. And you better zip it up.", I closed the faucet and sprinkled some water at her face. She wiped it off rapidly with the back of her hands like a cat. 

"YAH! You were jealous, you even kissed me in front of them!", she dipped her fingers on her glass of water by the table and sprinkled it on my face as well.

"That's because you were pretty much asking to be kissed", I continued to torment her with water.

"No I wasn't! I was just eating ice cream!", she retorted and showered me with a handful of water.

"Admit it, you're addicted to my kiss!", I splashed her face with water from the faucet. She gasped in surprise and tried to wipe her face with her hands. I chuckled, she looks so clumsy and helpless. I strided towards her, tugged the end of my shirt and wiped her face with it. 

She crinkled her nose afterwards and wiped her face on my chest, shaking her head left to right and completely messing my shirt. She looked up at me and frowned.

"You know what?", she said.


"You're the one who's addicted to my kiss", she proclaimed boastfully.

She was standing at the tip of her toes, her hands both resting on her waist in an attempt to intimidate me and her face is so close to mine while she was exaggeratedly grinding her teeth to show that she's pissed off.

I looked down at her annoyed face. I playfully inched my face closer and closer while she arched her back farther and farther to avoid me. I can't help it, she's just so cute making that angry expression.

I leaned over and gave her a peck on the cheeks. I pulled back a little, our faces are still inches away from each other, and stared at her surprised eyes. I leaned over again and gave her a peck on the lips.

I heard her sharp intake of breath as I turned around to finish up stacking the utensils on the drawers.

"Did you just kiss me?", she asked.


"See! I was right!"

"Nope, as I've said, you were pretty much asking to be kissed. ", I retorted, trying to keep a straight face. She's really hilarious, trying to win over this nonsense battle on which one of us is addicted to the kiss.

"Hmmmmm, is it because when I pout, it looks like I'm waiting to be kissed?", she asked to herself while stroking her chin with her fingers, lost in deep thought. I bit my lips to stop myself from laughing.

"So if I do that to other guys..."

"YAH!", I yelled at her before she comes up with any more of her funky ideas.

"Don't you dare....", I warned her.

She crossed her arms stubbornly and filled her cheeks with air, just like a hardheaded kid having tantrums. I glared her down, she sighed in defeat and slumped back to her seat.

"I'm bringing back the bed barricade", I exclaimed afterwards.

"What?! WHY?!!!", her nostrils flared. I smiled inwardly remembering the first time we slept in one bed when she showed me her kung-fu moves to threaten me. The situtation is now reversed. 

"Be-cause, you were practically grinding your body against mine last night. To think that the one-week punishment has just started, you can't even control yourself", I said. In reality, I wanted to bang my head on the wall for giving that kind of stupid punishment. But I can't take it back, I have my pride y'know.

"Oh and one more thing...", I continued.

"There's more???!"

"Don't eat too much sweets from now on. Your energy is sapping the soul out of me", I said.

She marched towards the bedroom, muttering under her breath, obviously pissed with the bed barricade thing. I shook my head in amusement as I followed her. Aigooo, what have I gotten myself into.


Minho browsed through the pictures, his cold eyes taking in every details. Afterwards, he put them inside the envelope and placed the envelope on top of the table. He then looked at Yu Hee. They were at a coffee shop in a deep area in Hongdae.

"So, what do you plan to do next?", he asked and sipped his coffee while eyeing her.


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