MY CELEBRITY ROOMMATE - fanfic by huntress
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My heart is still pounding when I hung up. 

I miss his voice. I swallowed hard and inhaled deeply to stop myself from crying. Then I turned my attention to Minho, who is locking his drawer where he hid my phone. A while ago, I found the phone in his closet and I can't fight the urge to call Jiyong. Unfortunately, Minho walked in the bedroom and found me sitting in front of his open closet, holding the phone on my ear. He ordered me to hang up and snatched the phone away from me.

After this, I vow to memorize every possible phone number that is connected to Jiyong!

"DaRabbit, come on. Stop pouting. We're doing this for you. We just want Jiyong to realize how important you are to his life", Minho rubbed my back, trying to comfort me. My eyes are completely glued to the floor while hugging my knees as I remain seated in front of his open closet.

But my mind is still filled with Jiyong's pleading voice. I can't explain it but I felt very warm when I heard him begged for me to talk to him. 

"Just one more week and he'll be back.", Minho assured me. I whipped my head sideways and looked at him menacingly. I then placed my whole open palm on his face, digging his flesh as I try to crumple his face like a piece of paper. 

"OUCCCCCCCHH!!!! DARAAAA!!!!!", he yelled while he wiggled free from my claws.

"Seriously, are you trying to kill me? The plan is obviously working judging by the number of calls and texts on your phone.", he said while nursing his face.

"Here's the thing about Dara and your plan. Dara hates it!", I said annoyingly. zz-num-08.gif

"Oh, are we speaking in third person now? Well, Minho, who is adorable, handsome and so very hot, thinks that the plan is working so the miraculous Dara should stick with it!", he exclaimed as he dodged my deadly punch.

"What will we tell him when he gets back?! Oh gosh, he will tie our legs together and hang us upside down once he learns of your evil plot!", I threatened him. zz-num-12.gif

"Uhm, about that. We haven't thought about what to tell him yet", he answered and gave me his most charming smile.

"WHHHAATTT??!!", I yelled at his face. OMG, we're in deep DEEP deep sh!t! zz-num-23.gif

"Well, Bom and I talked about it but we weren't able to come up with any logical reason to explain to Jiyong why we forbid you to call him. Ermm, just tell him that we were helping him realize his feelings for you, neh?", he said.

Oh gosh, goodluck with that. 



Two weeks and two days. I looked at the calendar hanging on the wall of the school cafeteria. So there are five more days left until Jiyong's return.

"Dara, look! Jiyong's on TV!", Bom elbowed me and pointed at the LCD. The other students were also looking at me and smiling when they saw Jiyong on the screen. Being known as GD's friend really has its perks.

I stared longingly at the screen, just like how I stare at the laptop back on the apartment whenever I watch Big Bang's videos (and by whenever, I meant every single day).

In five days I'll see him again. I get giddy everytime I imagine myself hugging him while we sleep. Kyahh!!!

I focused on the TV while resting my chin on my palms propped on my elbows and watched his every move - the way he speaks, the way he bows his head, the way he bites his lips <*siggghhhhhhhhhhh>. 

I don't have a clue what they're talking about since it's a Japanese show but Jiyong was asked to stand beside another guy from the other boy band. Then the host placed his hand on Jiyong's shoulders and the audience raised their hands; he did the same to the other guy. It's like they're voting or something? So, his contender is that other guy from the other boy band?

I am so sorry but Jiyong is way cooler than him! I think Jiyong is even way cooler than the badass vigilante with utility belt (fogive me Batman fans)! I mean, c'mon look at him! He's insanely handsome, and oh so hot! zz-num-39.gif

I think Jiyong won the mini-poll since the Big Bang members were jumping in the background. Then Jiyong bowed and went to the audience and shook hands with some of them. Hey!! Jiyong, you flirt!! Stop shaking hands with them!!!! Hmph!! 

The bell rang but I chose to ignore it. My eagle eyes are in full alert as the fangirls were already going crazy over Jiyong who is still shaking hands with the audience. 

"Let's go! We're going to be late! Don't worry, Jiyong will come back to you", Bom had to drag me out of the cafeteria since I just cannot take my eyes off the screen.

After our classes, Minho called me and asked me to go to his apartment. He said I need to watch something. He even whispered the word 'watch' like it's the most shameful word one could utter. Alarm bells on my head were immediately set off. 

And lo and behold, a huge collection of y movies awaits me. 

"LEE MINHOOO!!!!!!", I screamed, the veins on my neck almost popping. zz-num-31.gif

"These are not p0rn, dummy. They're y movies. P0rn is just pure , these movies show the beauty of lovemaking", he defensively said.

"Whatever! Why are you asking me to watch those?!!", I exclaimed incredulously, with bulging eyes and exaggerated hand movements.

"You need to learn some moves, if yah know what I mean", he answered and winked at me. OMG, I wanna clobber him!

"Okay, just watch one. And stop staring at me like I'm the most sinful guy in the world. I bet Jiyong also has some tucked somewhere. You might wanna check his laptop and look for folders with seemingly innocent file names, you'll be surprised at what you'll find.", he said.


"Nothing! Shut up and start watching.", he prepared the movie and pulled me on the couch. I can't believe this! Why are my two bestfriends so united in one cause - to contaminate my innocent mind! (<*cough>not so innocent mind<*cough>)

Two hours later....

"NOOOOOOO!", Minho screamed with a petrified face while struggling to get away from my embrace, pushing my face away.

"Come onnnnn!!! Lemme just try, 'kay?", I tried to convince him once more. Aiisshhhhtt! He's the one who wants me to learn some moves and when I asked if I could practice, he's pushing me away? I mean, I just want to give him a hickey, is that a big deal? zz-num-06.gif


What an uneventful day....<*sigh>

I opened the apartment and darkness greeted me. I didn't bother opening the lights in the living room. I'm still suffering from Jiyong Withdrawal Syndrome and the darkness of the apartment is just appropriate to reflect my sorrow. Five days before I can finally see him again? It feels like ages.

I weakly opened the bedroom door then I opened the bedside lamp, giving a faint yellow light all over the room. 

I took a quick shower and wore the silk nightie that Bom gave me for some bizarre reason. I went out of the bathroom and was walking towards the bed when somebody hugged me from behind!! OH MY GOSH!! I was about to scream but he covered my mouth with his hands! My eyes are stinging as I imagine the worse possible thing that can happen to me.

"Dara, it's me", he whispered on my ear.

My knees almost buckled as I realized who it is. His familiar scent sending my body in turmoil. My eyes became misty as I touched his arms wrapped tightly around my waist. God, I missed him! I wish time would stop right at this moment. He turned me around to face him. 

"Jiyong..", I whispered as I met his eyes.



Her glistening eyes stared directly at me. As I looked at her, it felt like I was able to breathe again after suffocating for a long time.

"Jiyong...", she whispered. 

God, I missed her! Her voice, her touch, her scent... I cupped her face as I rested my forehead on her forehead, our noses almost touching. We stayed like that for a while, breathing on each other. I inhaled deeply as I nuzzled her cheek with my nose, memorizing her scent. Then I brushed my lips on her cheek, on her nose, her forehead. I planted small kisses all over her face, I just can't get enough of her.

My heart is beating crazily as I tightly hugged her. She rested her face on my chest and wrapped her arms around my waist. I pulled her closer, almost crushing her on my body.

"I missed you..", I huskily said afterwards, caressing her back.

Dara looked up and stared at me. I pecked her lips and pulled out a little, half-parted, the tips of our noses are touching. I tilted my head to claim her lips but before I did, I heard her mumble.

"I missed you, too, Ji", she said.

I crushed my lips on hers, caressing the back of her neck, urging her to part . She complied and I slid my tongue on hers while she ran her fingers through my hair. We both tasted each other hungrily, our tongues dancing, wandering, probing. I nipped her lips and it, completely savoring it. She moaned and my lower lip. I deepened the kiss, not mindng if our lungs are about to explode due to lack of air. I missed her! I missed kissing her, I missed tasting her!

We were both panting with our eyes closed as our lips parted. When she opened her eyes, realization dawned on her. With flushed face, she tried to wriggle free from my arms but I tightened my hold.

"Oh no..Jiyong, let me go", she said in panic. My heart sank as she tries to get away from me. 

"Why, Dara? Why are you pushing me away? Why didn't you contact me while I was in Japan? Why were you not answering my calls?"

"We shouldn't be doing this!", she exclaimed. I felt my heart crumbling as she looked down and avoided my gaze. Is she fed up? I thought we're fine with what we have. Is she going to leave me? A searing pain on my chest made my breathing labored. I swallowed hard. I can't imagine a life without her. 

"Please...stay", I heard myself say. My heart is pounding as I stared at her, pleading.

My hand slided down her arm, I reached for her hand and brought it near my face. I planted a kiss on it as I met her eyes and gave her a quick peck on her lips. 

"Please stay. Don't leave me.", I whispered softly, I almost choked as I felt a lump on my throat. My face felt warm as we both held each other gazes. 

Her eyes widened. Then...she smiled and poked my cheeks.

"YOU'RE BLUSHING!!!! YIHEEEEEEE!!!", she screamed while jumping merrily.

AISSSHHHHTT!! Expect Dara-ahjumma to ruin the moment, aigoooo!


GD rolled his eyes and collapsed on the bed. He placed his arm on his forehead as he stared at the ceiling.

"Jiyong, I'm sorry! I won't tease you anymore! Can you repeat what you said, pleeaasee?", Dara lied beside him and s her arms around his waist. She's too giddy at what GD said and she wants to hear it again.

"Forget it.", GD grumpily answered. It took him a lot of courage to say that and she just made fun of him! He's hella pissed.

He was still supposed to stay in Japan but he cut his trip short because of her and even begged his manager and President Yang Hyun Suk to let him go home ahead of the other Big Bang members. Of course they declined, but GD insisted that he hasn't taken any proper rest yet since he's the one in charge of almost all the things behind Big Bang's new album. s backed him up and in the end, Yang Hyun Suk granted his request.

He sighed heavily and moved his arm from his forehead to his eyes. He almost jerked back when he felt something wet and warm on his neck. He gazed down and saw Dara busily nuzzling the crook of his neck while snuggling him. A smile crept on his lips as he wrapped his other arm around Dara's waist.

"What are you doing?", he asked.

"Mmmmmhh, I dunno.", Dara said and the sensitive spot of GD's neck. GD groaned and pulled her closer to his body. Dara planted a soft kiss at the crook of his neck and rested her chin on GD's shoulder, her face near his as she stared directly at him. 

"Please repeat what you said a while ago, I won't tease you, I promise.", she pleaded. She doesn't know where she got the boldness of acting that way to GD, it just felt so nice to hold and kiss him. Or maybe the movie that she watched with Minho earlier should be the one to blame.

"Hmph", GD stubbornly turned his face away from her. Instead of asking him again, Dara pecked his cheeks repeatedly and slowly, showering him with kisses. She then began kissing his jawline. GD gasped in surprise. He felt a stirring in his loins but tried to control himself.

"Jiyong, repeat it please", she whispered in between kisses while sliding her hand on his chest downwards.

GD caught her hand and looked at her, stunned. He can already feel bulging inside his pants.

"Dara, do you really NOT know what you're doing?"

"Huh?", she asked innocently.

"Oh man...", GD sighed frustratedly and rolled on his stomach. He was lying facedown trying to calm his nerves, he folded his arms and rested his face on it. GD shut his eyes firmly, a few minutes more and he would've drilled her down.

"Jiyong...", Dara called him. He didn't answer. Dara sat on the bed and worriedly looked at him, thinking that he's tired. Is he mad at her? She missed him badly and she wasn't able to control herself from touching and kissing him. Thinking back at what she was doing earlier, the kissing and all, Dara blushed. 

'OMG, I can't believe I did that!!!', she thought as she bit her nails. But she defended herself by thinking that GD did the same to her. 

She bit her lips as she stared at him. She can't help but feel giddy thinking that they can comfortably kiss and hold each other. 

"Jiyong?", she called him again. Still no answer. Dara d his back thinking that he dozed off. But to her surprise, GD straightened up and sat at the edge of the bed, burying his face on his palms.

"Jiyong, are you alright? Sorry, I won't ask anymore.", she sadly said. She rubbed his back to comfort him. GD groaned frustratedly, pulled Dara on top of his lap and glared at her as he placed his hands on her waist.

Dara can feel her heart going up . She can hardly breathe. She can feel GD's bulge in between her legs. 

"You're living with a man, Dara. Stop testing me."

GD cupped her and pushed her forward, causing her legs to spread apart, grinding her core to his . She gasped and bit her lips as she placed her hands on GD's shoulders for support.

"Look at me Dara..", GD said, but Dara was still biting her lips, looking downwards.

"Babe, look at me", he cooed and lightly brushed her face.

Before his inhibitions can get the better of him, he blurted out the words that has been screaming on his entire being. The words that shouldn't have left unsaid.

"I love you.", he said while looking directly at her. Dara's heart made a temporary pause, her eyes became misty as she stared back at him.

"Did you hear it clearly now?", he asked. She nodded. GD felt like a big burden was lifted off his shoulders. It feels so light. 

"I missed you so much that I'm having a hard time controlling myself. I understand you're not ready for this kind of...thing yet..So, when I let you go, I will close my eyes and you must run to the living room. Don't enter the bedroom until I say so, arasso?", he instructed. His whole body is protesting but she doesn't want to scare her. And he knew it'll be her first time so he has to endure until she's ready.

"Ji, I..Okay, I understand", Dara replied.

GD lets go of his hold on her waist while Dara stood up and tried to support her weight with her wobbly knees. GD firmly shuts his eyes and turned his face away from her. Dara watched him as he clenched his fist tightly and she can't help but smile. It looks like she's not the only idiot in this apartment. Dara leaned forward and whispered something to GD's ears.

"I love you too, Jiyong", Dara said and pecked his lips. She then turned around and started walking.


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"Oh God, Jiyong stop! Fine, I'll repeat what I said!", she pleaded. She tried to wriggle free from GD's firm grasp of her wrists to cover her exposed peak but he won't let her.

GD then lifted his gaze and looked at her expectantly.

"I love you too. There, I said it. You can release me now", Dara squirmed as GD smiled at her, his face still dangerously close to her now erect . To her utter shock, GD placed her peak in his mouth, gently it, doing wonders with his tongue.

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