MY CELEBRITY ROOMMATE - fanfic by huntress
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My eyes darted interchangeably between Bom and Minho. zz-num-08.gif

"If you tell me I should practice doing the deed with Minho, I swear I will call the nearest asylum and have them fetch you", I warned them.

"Aigoo, Dara I know you're itching to have a bite of this body but please, we've established that we're not going to cross the line", Minho shot back.

"We're going to confiscate your phone.", Bom said.

I looked at both of them in disbelief. These two are NUTS!

"Yah, stop joking around. Give me back my phone. Jiyong is going to call soon. He went to Japan and.."

"We know", they said, cutting me off. My brows furrowed in confusion. How did they know?

"I found your phone on my bedside table and I charged it. I thought it was mine since we have the same phone model. I read Jiyong's message saying he'll be in Japan for three weeks, plus tons of reminders. Man, he sure worries for you a lot!", Minho exclaimed, his smile extending up to his ears.

"You read the messages on my phone??!! I am so going to kill you!", I yelled.

"Not all, only that one. He's been calling and texting you since last night. Then, my brilliant mind thought of something! So I contacted Bom this morning and we talked about it", he continued.

"Lee Minho! Give me back my phone! I still have to prepare for my classes. I don't have time for any of your jokes", I sternly said.

"We're not joking Dara.", Bom said as she entered the apartment followed by Minho. Then Bom pulled the landline phone, my eyes grew wide in astonishment. Dammit, they ARE serious!

"Bommie, come on. Whatever you two are plotting, leave me out of it", I pleaded.

"Just trust us. Jiyong and you are just going on circles. As much as we enjoy seeing you two torture yourselves, the Tragic Tale of Dara and her Stubborn Hymen needs to end.", she said. zz-num-29.gif

"BOMMIE!!", I screamed. I can't believe they're doing this for me to get laid! My gosh, what kind of friends are they?!

"What the hell is the connection between my innocent hymen and those phones?!", I can't believe we're really arguing about my freaking hymen, of all the topics in the world! zz-num-12.gif

They just laughed at my flushed face. 

"DaRabbit, just trust us okay? Don't contact Jiyong within those three weeks that he's in Japan. We'll just teach him a little lesson. He's such a hard nut to crack. No wonder he's the Big Bang leader", Minho said as he slung his arm on my shoulder.

"You don't know Jiyong! He'll just be mad at me and scold me from head to toe if he can't contact me!", I reasoned out but the two geniuses just looked at each other knowingly.

"Let him get mad at you, that's what we want", Bom countered. I looked at her like she has forsaken me.

"Yes DaRabbit. We know what we're doing. Aren't you glad you have friends like us?", Minho wiggled his eyebrows.

"You two are such a delight to be with", I sarcastically said as I try to snatch my phone.

"Dara, do you want Jiyong to be your boyfriend or do you want him to just take you for granted and lose interest in you? The problem with both of you is that you're both used to having each other. You always obey whatever he says and he's used to always having you around, he doesn't feel threatened that you'll leave him. So, you need to disappear from his life for three weeks.", Bom explained.

I scoffed at the idea. 

"This is ridiculous", I said to no one in particular.

"Trust us on this one Dara", Minho nudged me.

"Why do I find it reallyyyy hard to do that", I said, not hiding my annoyance. zz-num-22.gif

"Believe me, after this, he'll be on the palm of your hands. You whistle, he'll come running!", he dramatically countered. What the hell! 

"I whistle, he'll come running? He'll come running to kick my as$, you dimwit!", I shot back.

"Aigooo, Dara-yah! Shut up and prepare for school! We're going to be late!", Bom complained.

"By the way, here's your temporary phone. I copied all your contacts there and I also forwarded the calls from your phone to that phone except all of Big Bang's numbers", Minho handed me the phone and I grudgingly took it.

"Can I just talk to Jiyong now, please? Just this once.", I pleaded. 

"No", they sternly said as Bom pushed me to the bedroom to prepare for school. 

"Just three weeks, Dara. Bear with it", I heard Minho called out.

"You must promise me that you won't contact him", Bom added.

"Alright, I promise!"

My gut feeling tells me that the three of us is going to regret the aftermath of this foolishness. zz-num-23.gif



Come on, pick up! Pick up! Pick up! Pick up! ARRRGGHHH!!! DARA ANSWER THE FREAKING PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!

I already lost count of the number of times I called and texted her. I've been trying to contact her since the day of our departure to Japan. It's been four days but I still haven't talked to her nor have I received any messages from her!

To cut the long story short, I am going to skin her alive when I get back! 

Sh!t! She's going to pay one hell of a price for driving me insane. My eyes darted to the staffs busily preparing our stage and to the Big Bang members who are practicing our choreography. If I had a choice, I would've flown back to Korea days ago to see her.

I sighed heavily as I heard the recorded message telling me that her voicemail inbox is already full. Yes, I was the one to be blamed for that. I've been leaving her voice messages every chance I get.

I clenched my fist tightly as I ended the call. Where could she be? What happened to her? Is she safe? Is she really mad at me because of what I did? The clawing feeling on my chest is back again. I'm really really worried now. 

I bit my lips as I stared at nowhere in particular. 

'Gosh Dara, please contact me. I'm going crazy here.', I thought as I ran my fingers on my hair and exhaled.



It's been a week since Jiyong left and I'm feeling more and more depressed as days pass by. Going to school is helping me a bit since there was a drastic change after the Univ Ball. 

When Bom and I went to school after the Univ Ball, I couldn't believe my eyes as we entered the gates! Waiting at the school ground is my very own fanclub! OMG! When they saw me, it was pure chaos! They were giving me gifts, taking pictures of me, etc.

Even my classmates are behaving differently now. The guys are always declaring their undying love for me while the girls surprisingly apologized for all the bullying they've done.

So my school life became tolerable. But thinking that I still have to endure two more weeks without talking to Jiyong makes me want to cry again. 

I was waiting for Bom at the school cafeteria, my energy is still at its lowest. I looked at the group of guys approaching me, the one in the middle holding a bouquet of roses and a teddy bear looks like he's about to pee in his pants due to nervousness. He met my eyes and I thought he's going to collapse, he tried to escape but his friends firmly held his arms.

"Hwaiting!", I heard one of his friends said as they pushed him to my direction.

"A-Annyeonghaseyo Sandara-sshi, I-I'm Kim Kyuwon p-please accept t-these...these simple gifts as a symbol of my devotion to you. <*inhale> <*exhale> <*inhale>", he said in between gasping for air and croaking like a frog. 

I smiled at him and politely declined to accept the gifts. But, just like the other guys who have confessed to me, he insisted and told me it's enough for him just to see me smile. Then to my utter shock, he and his friends started serenading me at the freaking school cafeteria! Oh my gosh! I begged them to stop before they can embarrass themselves but they were so absorbed with their pseudo-performance.

"Dara, oh Dara!! Saranghaeyo Dara!! Oh Dara", they sang. 

OH GOSSSHHH!! Please don't mention my name in such an awful AWFUL song!! I looked around and people are already gathering around us. Oh my goodness. zz-num-20.gif

After the mini-commotion, I was finally left alone in peace. Sweet heavens, it was beyond embarrassing! 

The attention that I'm getting now is amusing, and I must admit that I kinda like it. But thinking back on the days that I was unpopular, I'm happier because I got Jiyong's full attention, that's enough for me. If he was the one who serenaded me, I would've cried a river. Actually, Jiyong doesn't have to do anything. He can just stand at the corner and I would've applauded him with tears in my eyes. 

Shucks, I'm hopeless! zz-num-05.gif



"Jiyooonnngggggg!!!! Jiyooonnnggg!!! JIYOONNNGGGGG!!!!~ ~"

"YAH!", Bom's irritated voice shut me up. We were on my place, Bom was sitting at the couch watching TV. I, on the other hand, was lying on the floor rolling from one end of the living room to the other while tightly hugging Jiyong's pillow. I miss his scent so freaking much! I miss him!!!!

It's been more than a week already! Read my lips - MORE THAN A WEEK WITHOUT MY JIYONG!! WAAAHH!!! Jiyonngggg!! zz-num-26.gif

"Bommie!! Please let me call my Jiyong!!!", I pleaded on bended knees, with my hands clasped together. 

"YOUR Jiyong??!! Dara, you're being more ridiculous every passing day!", she stood up and placed her hands on her waist, which means there is more nagging to come.

"May I just remind you that he's not your boyfriend yet. You've been acting like an abandoned wife. Seriously, if I hear another ranting from you, I will slap your face so hard you'll end up in Guatemala!", Bom scowled at me and marched towards the kitchen. I stopped moving....thinking where the hell Guatemala is.

Then I collapsed on the floor and curled myself in a ball, trying to appeal to Bom's compassionate side by showing how miserable I am. When she went back to the living room holding a bag of chips, she just coldly looked at me and nonchalantly stepped over my curled body. She then settled on the couch and continued watching TV.

"I'm so pitiful!", I exclaimed to catch her attention.

"Yeah yeah, I get it, you're miserable. You can stop acting now. It won't work on me.", she didn't even glance at me as she continued munching.

I let out a defeated sigh and crawled over to the couch, dragging my body, as my last attempt to appear pitiful. As expected, Bom didn't buy it. I sat beside her and unwillingly watched TV as well. 

I pouted my lips and glanced at Bom. I was surprised to see her smiling at me mischievously, wearing her 'i-know-something-that-you-don't-know' expression.

"What?", I snapped. 

"Nothing", she answered.

"You're becoming less and less adorable Bommie.", I said annoyingly, still bummed by the fact that she won't let me contact Jiyong. 

"Oh, I think I will be the most adorable creature in your eyes in about five minutes", she mysteriously said. I just looked at her, highly doubting that anything she plans to do will make me change my opinion.

After five minutes, she flipped the channel. I rolled my eyes dramatically.

"So, this is the big surprise? Flipping the channel to a Japanese music program that both of us don't understand?", I sarcastically said.

Wait..Japanese music program? My head snapped back to the TV as I heard the familiar music of the group that is about to perform.

"Who's adorable now, huh?", she arrogantly asked. I was almost in tears as I looked at her. Oh my cute and adorable bestfriend!

Then, both of us squealed when Big Bang appeared on the stage!!! 


OMIGOOOSSSHHHHHH!!! I'm worst than all VIP fangirls combined, I almost lost my tonsils while screaming endlessly! I was spazzing my hearts out! MY JIYONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! zz-num-39.gif

Is that....Yes, it's the pink scarf that I made for him!!!!!! KYAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

My eyes are glued to the screen as I drooled over the hotness of Jiyong. How can he be so freaking cool?!! My eyes followed him everywhere he goes even if it's not his turn to sing. My heart was beating erratically as I watched him. Oh gosh, I really REALLY miss him...

I did a sharp intake of breath when the camera spans closely to his face. God, I wanna hold him.. My eyes became misty as I stared at his face. 

"Jiyong, please come back", I whispered. 




The rest of the Big Bang members jumped in surprise to my sudden outburst.

"Sorry", I mumbled and handed Daesung's phone back. I've been borrowing their phones and calling Dara but she's still not answering. I even bought a new phone here in Japan just to contact her but she's not answering either! I've created numerous me2day accounts just to leave a message at her me2day but she's not updating! It's been two weeks already! TWO FREAKING WEEKS WITHOUT HEARING ANYTHING FROM HER!!!

"Fck this life", I muttered under my breath as I gulped down another shot of sake (Japanese rice wine). It's almost midnight and we were hanging out at TOP hyung's apartment, drinking our night away. 

I was about to pour another shot but Youngbae grabbed my arm to stop me. I frowned at him. 

"Hey man, are you trying to get yourself drunk?", he asked.

"Hyung, you've been acting weird since we left Korea. If you have a problem, you can share it with us y'know", Seungri chimed in.

I heaved a deep sigh as I wriggled free from Youngbae's grasp, poured another shot, drank it and banged the glass loudly on the table. All their eyes are on me. Aiisshhttt!!

"Problem? Ha! I don't have any problem! She's the one who's going to have a problem once I get back! She better prepare herself, I'm going to fcking slice her in half! That girl, sshhheezzzz!! Can you believe she doesn't even try to contact me for two weeks? TWO FCKING WEEKS! I bet she's hanging out with that ba$tard again!"

<*breathe in>

<*breathe out>

"I told her not to get too touchy with that Lee Minho! I told her to behave!! Does she even realize what guys can do to her?! Huh? Huh?! And don't even get me started with that bar where she works! She's so tiny anyone can just grab her! Even if I already pulled some strings to convince the bar owner to attach a mouthpiece on their uniforms so they can easily call the security when needed, what if the bouncers don't arrive in time?! What will happen to her?!"

"Jiyong, wai-"

"I've been calling and texting her every fcking minute! When I called the landline phone, it just kept on ringing! I'm already losing my mind just thinking about the possible reasons why I haven't heard from her!!"

"Who's 'her'?", Yu Hee asked while standing on the door, obviously stunned by my flare-up. Great, just what I needed. A big pain in the as$.

"Why didn't you lock your door?", I hissed at TOP hyung. But like the other Big Bang members, he's too shocked by my outpour of complaints and revelations.

"Why are you in Japan? How'd you know we're here?", I decided to ask Yu Hee since my groupmates are still not functioning and are still eyeing me in awe. 

"It's that club waitress again, right? Right, Jiyong?! Why do you care so much about that girl?! For all you know, she's Lee Minho's girlfriend!", Yu Hee shot back.

"SHE'S NOT HIS GIRLFRIEND DAMN IT! AND YOU'RE NOT MY GIRLFRIEND, SO STOP ACTING LIKE ONE!", I really lost it, my temper got the better of me upon hearing that Dara is that ba$tard's girlfriend. I just can't accept it.

Yu Hee was beyond shocked when I yelled at her. She strided towards me and was about to slap me but I was able to catch her arm. My groupmates gasped as they pulled Yu Hee away from me and TOP hyung patted my shoulder to let go of her arm.

"I've tolerated you for a long time, Yu Hee. I thought I can make you go back to your old self. But you're getting worse.", I muttered while eyeing her threateningly. Her tears flowed as she met my stare.

"You're the reason why I changed! I always mold myself to the ideal woman you wanted! But why won't you ever look at me? Why, Jiyong?!", she said in between sobs.

"I've made it clear from the very start that I only see you as my younger sister. But you're too stubborn to accept it. To the point that you even used your money and status in pushing away every woman that gets close to me. Now, you're even wondering why I'm always giving you a cold shoulder? Try asking yourself that. People even lost their jobs because you're too jealous, so you drove them away. If I find out that you're the reason why Dara is not calling me, I swear I will be your worst nightmare Yu Hee.", I poured another shot and gulped it down as the members tried to comfort her.

"Daesung, Youngbae, Seungri, take Yu Hee to her hotel. I'll stay here with Jiyong.", TOP hyung calmly said.

When hyung and I was left, an eerie silence enveloped us. He just sat there and accompanied me. I'm really grateful that he just kept his mouth shut allowing me to think through things.

"Action speaks louder than words, huh?", he suddenly blurted out. Okay, I take back what I just said. He should've just left me alone. 

"You don't even understand that Dara needs to hear your feelings so she'll feel secure. Well, not unless she's a freaking mind-reader then you're good to go. Look at the mess you're in right now. If you think your actions are enough for her to stay by your side, then you're too full of yourself Jiyong.", TOP hyung wiped the side of his lips as he drank a shot.

His words pierced through me painfully. I thought confessing my feelings to her is not important since we both understood each other. And we're actually fine with what we have right now. I don't want to enter in a relationship yet since my life as G-Dragon is open for public scrutiny and I don't want to drag her into it. But I'm becoming too greedy and possessive of Dara. Crap, I must really REALLY be in love with her. I haven't felt this way even with my past girlfriends.

Mannnn...Why am I getting all dramatic.

TOP hyung was just watching every change in my facial expressions.

"Oh man, you're screwed. You really fell for her DEEP.", he teased. I groaned in frustration.

I was startled when my phone suddenly rang. Dang, it's probably our manager checking on us again. I lazily picked up the phone to confirm who the caller is. When I saw the name registered on the screen, I felt the blood drain from my face! It's Dara! Dara finally called me! I almost missed the answer button and almost hung up the call because my fingers are trembling.

"DARA!", I shouted merrily while TOP hyung gasped in surprise.

But my excitement and happiness are short-lived as I heard the voice from the other line.

"Dara, if you don't hang up the phone, I will never talk to you again", I heard a voice from afar and I'm absolutely sure that's Lee Minho.

I stiffened. I suddenly find it hard to breathe.

"DARA, TALK TO ME! I'M BEGGING YOU!", I desperately shouted. The dreadful feeling of not talking to her almost pushed me to the brink of tears. I was gripping the phone firmly, praying that she'll not succumb to that ba$tard's threat.


"Take care Jiyong", she whispered softly and hung up. 

It was too much for me to take. I felt my heart beating erratically as my mind slowly processed what just happened. The pain in my chest is unbearable that I just had to scream. Oh God, is she saying goodbye? Is she going to leave me? Please NO!

My body shook as I felt the bitter taste of despair. I bit my lips hard, a surge of emotions is building up inside me.

I threw the bottle of alcohol at the wall and collapsed on my knees, burying my face on my palms. The newly arrived Big Bang members as well as TOP hyung were fussing over me as they tried to drag me to the couch.

LEE MINHO, that ba$tard! I knew I should've strangled him when I had the chance!





He sighed heavily and moved his arm from his forehead to his eyes. He almost jerked back when he felt something wet and warm on his neck. He gazed down and saw Dara busily nuzzling the crook of his neck while snuggling him. A smile crept on his lips as he wrapped his other arm around Dara's waist.

"What are you doing?", he asked.

"Mmmmmhh, I dunno.", Dara said and the sensitive spot of GD's neck. GD groaned and pulled her closer to his body. Dara planted a soft kiss at the crook of his neck and rested her chin on GD's shoulder, her face near his as she stared directly at him. 

(Writer's note: the next chap is actually almost finished. ALMOST. then laziness hit me again. =) bleh!

To P4ndaQ of AFF and to others who don't like R scenes, you can just skip the section. I'll put a mark or something. )

Lotsa Love
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